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Our offered Product range includes ceramic frit glass, Glass Tempering and Bending Lines machine, Tilting cutting table, Double Edging Machine and washing and transport roller shafts.

ceramic frit glass

Ceramic frit glass is produced by silk-screen (or roller) printing ceramic frit paints onto glass followed by drying and heat-treating to form a permanent coating. With a variety of durable colors and patterns, ceramic frit glass has optimal concealing and solar control performance in addition to decoration, and has been widely used in building decoration industry etc. While progressively stressing low carbon and environment protection, building materials need to be environment-friendly. Monitored by experienced frit experts and engineers, and following the world advanced standard, the ceramic frit glass has assured quality for durability, consistency and so on. Applications of the new environment-friendly ceramic frit glass together with high performance low-e glass exhibit combined effect of the natural color of frit with the dynamic reflective color of low-e coating, not only creating added aesthetic effect to building facade but also improving solar control performance, which are surely additional options for architectural design of green buildings

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Glass Tempering and Bending Lines machine

Solutions for the flat and bent tempered glass products to meet the demands in architectures, furniture, household appliances, automobiles and solar energy industries. There are different series of equipments and over one thousand kinds of specifications and types. The machines have enjoyed great popularity in dozens of countries and regions in Europe, north and south America, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East

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Tilting cutting table

Tilting cutting table with 3 interpolated axes for straight and shaped cutting of flat glass plates with thickness from 2 to 25 mm. Fixed cutting table with glass transport belts, 3 interpolated axes for cutting panes of straight and shaped flat glass with thickness from 3 to 19 mm, normally in line with loader and cut off bench

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Double Edging Machine

Double Edging Machine is suitable for grinding two straight-line edges of furniture glass, and electrical appliance glass and so on. It has characters of rapid speed and high brightness , The machine adopts high precision transmission structure with two linear guiding bars and two ball bearing guide screws. It is equipped with PLC system and superior HMI screen to guarantee convenient and comfortable operation Lā€ Shape Automatic Production Line ā€“ Lifting Structure Composition: Two Double Edging Machines and One L-shape Automatic Transfer Table; the structure is simple and stable, also it is for floor area saving. It can process the four sides at one time. The automatic transfer table takes lifting structure, it is widely used for all types of glass, big or small, thick or thin, and takes advantages of high transferring efficiency and flexible con figuration.

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washing and transport roller shafts

This washing machine is an easy-to-use machine. Carefully conceived and designed for those who need a machine for efficient washing and drying with practically no maintenance costs. All parts in contact with water, including the washing and transport roller shafts, are made of stainless steel ensuring this machine a quality and duration which is clearly superior to the competitive machines of the same range The vertical washing machine can be used in stand-alone, in line with other machines like straight-line edgers or sandblasting machines or it can be installed in double-glazing production lines with low productivity. Horizontal washing machine also used stand-alone before tempering, in line with double edger or screen printing lines or lamination line.

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Insulation Glass Production Lines

It is with numerical control, driven by brushless motors and ball screws for fast and precise cycles, offering high level performances. The press can be opened in order to facilitate maintenance. Double / Triple panels can be done

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drilling milling machine

Milling: Working center with three axes for automatic execution ofmilling and grinding of notches. It is featured by the ease of use, quick programming, and the benefit is the speed and the precision of the processes. Its simple and solid conception requires very low maintenance.

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Heating Soak Test Furnace

The Heating Soak Test Furnace was designed and manufactured according to European safety performance test standard of toughened glass, energization and electricity stoppage of heater achieved by PLC controlling the solid state relay; technological parameter and program control use computer memory saving and intelligent control, temperature adjustment mode is automatically accomplished by PLC control system; automatic storage of temperature curve and print test report of every furnace; there are altogether 12 sets blowers to form forced convection circulation system of hot wind, in addition, fitted with 3 sets inverter blower used for automatic control of cooling rate of unit; 22 sets of thermocouples dispersed in heating furnace used for supervising temperature status of different regions, computer interface display at right time

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Ultra-Clear Float Glass

Ultra clear float glass is low-iron glass with high light transmittance higher than 91%. It is a new kind of high quality material which has super physical, mechanical and optical performance, such as lower self-destruction rate after tempered

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Clear Float Glass

High-quality float glass with various colors and thickness between 2 mm and 22 mm. These products are widely used in architecture, automobile, optics, microelectronics and information technology

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Tinted Float Glass

Tinted glass has the character of lower UV transmittance rate and better sunshade efficiency. Based on gorgeous colors, with good adornment effect, it can be widely applied in internal and external building decoration, mirrors, furniture, bathrooms, etc

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solar reflective glass

Solar reflective glass is produced by coating one or more layers of metal or compound thin film on float glass by way of vacuum magnetron sputtering

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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made by adding PVB membrane between glass plies and then heating in autoclave.

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