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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of windscreen wiper blades, Grease, Fully Synthetic Swiftec Engine Oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid and Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 05W40

windscreen wiper blades

Specifications Windscreen Wipers Global Auto Parts are a range of Automotive Aftermarket spare parts for Japanese and Korean vehicles offering quality after market parts for all makes and models of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and trailers. Wiper blade type: Universal Size in Inches : 21 Size in mm : 530

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SWIFTEC multi purpose grease is formulated from high quality base oils and lithium-12 hydroxystearate soap. Benefits It is suitable for a wide range of applications It has very good mechanical and excellent oxidation stability It provides a high film strength, good rust protection and long service life It forms an excellent seal against contamination by dirt or other damaging materials

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Fully Synthetic Swiftec Engine Oil

  • Type Lubricants
  • Brand Name SWIFTEC
  • Supply Ability 100 Carton/Cartons per Day
  • Weight 4L

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Automatic Transmission Fluid

  • Volume 208 Lit

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Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 05W40

USD 175 - USD 225 / Carton
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Carton
  • Type Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Application Automobiles
  • Feature Durable, Good For Engine Life, Long Life
  • oil type Synthetic
  • Packaging Size 1ltr, 200ltr, 20ltr
  • Brand Name Lubricants
  • Country of Origin UAE

Benefits Highly effective detergents and dispersants keep the engines clean to highest possible level Increased thermal and oxidation stability, reduces sludge and varnish formations Higher resistance to oil film breakdown provides optimum lubrication even under extreme conditions Optimum lubrication controls the engine wear effectively and maintains the performance Swiftec oil lubrication controls vaporization and consumption even at extreme conditions Improved viscometric properties ensure performance both in cold and hot conditions Application SWIFTEC is recommended for use virtually in all recent ultra high output and high speed engines of cars, vans , trucks and other vehicles running on gasoline, diesel & LPG fuel . It can also be used with confidence in other four stroke heavy duty gasoline engines.

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Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

10W30, 10W40 (API : SL / CI4) SWIFTEC is a superior quality  motor oil produced from selected synthetic and highly refined base oils blended with modern high technology additives to meet the stringent lubricant specifications of recent high speed  and high output engines. •  Highly effective detergents and dispersants keep the engines clean to highest       possible level •  Oil film is highly stable even at higher temperature and severe operating conditions •  Optimum lubrication controls the engine wear effectively and maintains the      performance •  Higher oxidation stability improves operation and extends oil change intervals •  Improved viscometric  properties ensure higher performance while engine is      cold or hot •  Environmentally friendly and do not adversely effect catalytic converters Application SWIFTEC is recommended for use in recent high output and high speed engines of cars, vans , trucks and other vehicle running on gasoline, LPG and diesel fuel. It can also be used in other four stroke gasoline engines.

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Hydraulic Oil

32, 46, 68 SWIFTEC hydraulic transmission oils are blended with highly refined HVI paraffinic and synthetic base oils and performance additives for use in transmission systems of heavy duty machinery and other equipments working under conditions of wide tempearture range and extreme conditions. Benefits •  Excellent viscometric and low temperature flow properties  •  Very good wear protection of transmission system  •  Good thermal and oxidation stability, keeps the system clean  •  Good protection against rusting and corrosion  •  Very good seal compatibility  Application SWIFTEC are special tranmission oils to be used in hydraulic systems of machinery and services equipment operating under severe conditions of temperature change from very low to high ambient temperatures. They may also be used as general purpose lubricant.

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monograde engine oil

SAE 30, 40, 50 SWIFTEC is premium quality monograde oils blended with highly refined solvent extracted hydrofinished paraffinic oils and performance package additives to meet the API standard for lubrication. Benefits  Premium grade detergent and dispersant oils bringing economy and quality together •  Perfect lubrication minimizes wear, prolongs engines life and reduces maintenace cost •  Does not form sludge and deposits, do not foam and oil loss is minimum •  Steady lubricanting film even at high loads and higher temperatures, improves effiency •  Effectively controls all kind of rusting and corrosion of the engines parts •  Selection of viscosity grade as per manufacturers recommendation is enough Application Premium grade motor oil for turbocharged and normally aspirated diesel and gasoline engines working under severe conditions either on-road like construction and mining or other applications like power generation using moderate to high sulfur fuel and also where a superior quality monograde oil is recommended by manufacturers.

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mineral engine oil

20W50, 10W40, 15W40 (API : SL / CH4) SWIFTEC is ultra high performance engine oil produced from selected highly refined base oils blended with advanced technology additives, specially to meet the lubrication requirements of ultra high performance engine running on gasoline, diesel and LPG, operating under severe conditions and climate. Highly effectively detergents and dispersants keep engine clean to the highest possible      level •  Oil film is highly stable, even at higher temperature and severe operating conditions •  Optimum lubrication minimizes the wear effectively and increase the engine life •  Higher thermal and oxidation stability helps to sustain high performance and economy •  Improved viscometric properties ensure higher performance even under severe      conditions •  Environment friendly and do not effect adversely on exhaust catalytic converters Application SWIFTEC mineral oils are recommended for recent ultra high output and high speed engine of cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles either turbo-charged or naturally aspirated, running on diesel, gasoline and LPG fuel. These oils are also recommended for four stroke high performance engines used in mode construction and mining machine parks.

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Coolant Antifreeze

Premixed Swiftec  Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant is the ideal solution to help your engine last longer. Fortified with new technology improves and extends engine life. Swiftec prevents corrosion and helps keep your cooling system running more efficiently. Keep your entire cooling system, including your radiator and water pump, free from the damaging effects of worn-out antifreeze. Use Swiftec, the antifreeze specifically designed for the sophisticated engines in today's cars and light duty trucks.     Benefits   Swiftec Coolant / Antifreeze provides the below benefits   Swiftec Coolant Antifreeze is recommended and formulated for use in all vehciles as well as other cars and light duty trucks with aluminium radiators using extended life coolant.   Swiftec installation instructions: Drain - Draining removes loose rust and sediments from the radiator Flush - Flushing the system cleans  the engine block Fill -  Fill the Swiftec Coolant Antifreeze for best results  

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  • Application New
  • Brand Name STP
  • Type Fuel Saver
  • Supply Ability 100 Piece/Pieces per Day
  • Weight 354ml

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auto genuine spare parts

  • Brand Name Infiniti
  • Supply Ability 100 Piece/Pieces per Quarter
  • Infiniti Motors
  • Model All

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Rust Remover

  • Brand Name WD
  • Material Rust Remover
  • Usage Rust Remover
  • Packaging Details Bottle shaped.
  • Model Number WD-40

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  • Brand Name STP
  • Type Car Washer
  • Supply Ability 100 Piece/Pieces per Day
  • Size 623g

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