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We offer a complete product range of Runway End Identification Light, PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator, Solar Helipad Flood Light, EMS Helipad Kit and Inset Helipad Light

Runway End Identification Light

  • Specifications Peak Intensity (cd)
  • 3000cd daytime/300cd night Operating Voltage (V)
  • 24V Battery Capacity (Ah)
  • 220 Warranty
  • 1 Year Optional
  • Monitoring is available  
Solar LED Runway End Identification Light AV-REIL FAA ICAO

Avlite’s REIL (Runway End Identification Light) is a low powered, energy efficient LED light used to identify the runway threshold during an approach. The solar REIL installs in minutes with no trenching, cabling, or mains power required, and can be easily and quickly relocated.


The Runway End Identification Light (REIL) system is used to identify the threshold (approach end) of a visual or instrument non-precision runway and provides guidance to pilots during approach for landing. The Runway End Identification Light consists of two unidirectional simultaneous flashing lights. A light is located at each side of the runway threshold. The lights have a beam coverage of 10° vertically and 30° horizontally with a flash rate of two flashes per second. The REIL meets the photometric beam requirements for MALSR, SSALR and ALSF-I/II.

The integrated solar module and battery system offers considerable savings in power and installation costs. The solar module can be angled to maximise solar collection to charge the battery. Contact your Avlite representative to determine the solar system suitable for your location.

  • Long LED life

  • Low Power Draw – entire system draws less than 40 Watts

  • Improved safety – low voltage 24 VDC model

  • Nominal intensity – 15, 000 effective candelas

  • Beam Coverage – 10° vertically, 30° horizontally

  • Flash rate: two flashes per second

  • Separation: Control unit can be mounted in excess of 500 feet from flash head

  • Remote Control: ON/OFF, 3-step intensities

  • Meets photometric beam requirements for MALSR, SSALR, and ALSF-I / II

  • Voltage-powered- 24VDC solar powered


  • Flash monitoring

  • Elapsed time meter

  • Error code LED display

Avlite Systems strives to be environmentally responsible by providing clean, green, renewable energy sources with a minimal environmental footprint.

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PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator

The Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) system consists of four LHAs and a PCU located at the side of the runway adjacent to the origin of the glide path or on both sides of the runway.

Avlite Systems is a world-class aviation lighting systems manufacturer with a proven reputation for rapid, innovative, and agile technology solutions designed specifically for defense, government, civil and humanitarian aid operations in the most remote, toughest environments.

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Solar Helipad Flood Light

  • Specification Light Source
  • LED Available Colour (s)
  • White (Other colours on request) Operation Voltage (V)
  • 12 Battery Capacity (Ah)
  • 18 Warranty
  • 3 Years Options Available
Solar Helipad Flood Light AV-FL-RF-SOL

Avlite’s Radio Controlled Solar Helipad Flood Light AV-FL-RF-SOL has been specifically designed for helipads to provide uniform surface lighting where the TLOF and FATO lights need to be supplemented with floodlighting. It offers a solar-powered, LED based solution to the ICAO touchdown and lift-off area perimeter floodlights.


  • High intensity, energy efficient LEDs

  • Solar powered for autonomous operation

  • Low profile to suit industry requirements

  • Custom lens optic designed specifically for helipad operations

  • Angle of tilt of the luminaire is easily adjusted to maximise helipad illumination

  • Worldwide 2.4GHz Encrypted RF Radio Control

  • Weather resistant enclosure

  • User-replaceable battery

  • External battery charging port

  • All fixtures, including the floodlight, can be wirelessly operated independently of each other or controlled as a single group.

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EMS Helipad Kit


Avlite’s EMS Helipad Kit is ideal for medevac and other emergency situations where a temporary lit landing area is needed and can be easily configured and deployed to suit local requirements during natural disasters, emergency rescue missions, humanitarian operations,   or any other emergency situation.

The kit is available in two configurations. The AV-HP-EMSKIT-5 consists of:

  • 4 x steady-on green with IR helipad lights

  • 1 x flashing white with IR helipad light

  • 5 x steel mounting plates

  • Storage case

The AV-HP-EMSKIT-9 consists of:

  • 8 x steady-on green with IR helipad lights

  • 1 x flashing white with IR helipad light

  • 5 x steel mounting plates

  • Storage case

  • Minimum range of 2 miles (4km)

  • Autonomy >750 hours

  • Easy to configure & deploy

  • Long-life, user-replaceable battery

  • Ultra-high intensity LEDs

  • Magnetic bases hold the lights securely in place

  • Easy-to-handle case

  • Robust, high impact & lightweight construction

  • IP67 waterproof rating

  • ON/OFF switch for easy activation

  • Flashing white light with integrated IR (infrared) provides NVG signature

  • Available in other colours and quantities making the kit suitable for other visual signal applications

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Inset Helipad Light

  • Specification Light Source
  • LED Available Colour (s)
  • White (Other colours on request) Operation Voltage (V)
  • 10 – 30 Current Draw
  • @ 12V: 1.7 Warranty
  • 3 Years Waterproof
  • IP68  

Avlite’s LED inset helipad light can be used as visual aid for helipads. Avlite’s inset helipad lights are an excellent choice for locations where elevated lights are not suitable or can cause interference to passing aircraft and maintenance vehicles.


  • Optimized light output due to patented optics concept

  • Compact and low propulsion

  • Optimized for integration in elevated Helipads

  • Maximum resistance against liquid and dust intrusion and mechanical shocks due to fully sealed optics and electronics

  • Safety Extra Low Voltage compliant

  • Corrosion resistant anodised aluminium housing

  • Compatible with existing infrastructure

  • Low power consumption

  • Built in surge protection


  • Flight Path Alignment Lights

  • Final Approach and Take Off Areas (FATO)

  • Touch Down and Lift Off Areas (TLOF)

  • Flight Path Alignment Guidance Lights

  • Aim Point Light

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