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Gait Training & Evaluation System

Technical Parameters & Functional Features

Operation platform: 14 inches laptop with Win7 and dikaryon

Human-computer interface: double displayers which the laptop displayer is used for therapist operation and the projector displayer is used for patients virtual training

Virtualscene training: training scene makes patient feel himself on the scene. Game training reduces the treatment baldness the most. Virtual scene can be updated freely.

Walking mode: simulate human physiological gait which including initial velocity, acceleration and deceleration.

Driven devices: 4 Panasonic servo motors which control each joints motion angle and walking speed accurately.

Training speed range: 180 step/min

Hip angle range: 3050

Knee angle range: 5080 Training modes: Active and passive training. Driven force is soft, continuous and adjustable.

Gait modes: simulate human physiological gait which including initial velocity, acceleration and deceleration. The gait offset can be adjusted basing on patients gait feature.

Spasm detection function: medical treadmill and mechanical leg stop synchronously to guarantee patients safety.

Patient database records patient treatment information and treatment program which is adjustable.

Tracking and evaluation function: 2D gait analysis curve shows leg myodynamia and hip, knee motion range in real time. And the curve also shows the related moment which helps therapist to adjust the treatment program.

Gait analysis function: muscular exertion is showed in real time which will encourage patient to exert actively. At the same time, the system evaluates patients exerting direction which helps patient correct wrong exerting direction. Thus, the training effect will be improved.

Body weight supporting system: static supporting and dynamic supporting are available.

Static supporting is used for lifting patient vertically which makes it easier for patient to stand up from wheel chair.

Dynamic supporting is used for adjusting the supporting weight during gait term.

Synchronous treadmill: The speed is synchronous which is adjusted in real time basing on robots walking speed. Min speed is 0.1KM/H which is suitable for rehabilitation training. Buffering runway protects knee and ligament.

Emergency stop device: Pressing emergency stop switch will stop the robot leg and treadmill safely.Power input: AC220V, 50Hz

Rated power: 500VA

Protective tube specification: 3.15A /250V

Patient height200cm

Patient weight135 Kg

Leg length adjustable range: thighbone rotor to knee: 3446cm

Knee to ankle: 3040cm Joint motion range:

hip: 3050

knee: 5080

Driven force setting: 1%100%

Training speed: 0.13.5KM/h

Treatment time: 199 minutes

Spasm sensitivity: low, middle, high

Gait offset: 10 degrees for adjusting

23 inches liquid crystal displayer

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Osteopro Master Bone Densitometer

More Accurate

Using WHO's diagnostic standard parameter, OsteoPro provides reliable diagnostic results.

OsteoPro uses oil medium. It is not affected by temperature changes, reduces diagnostic errors and improves the reproducibility.

T-score Precision : Less than 0.1 percent More Economical

One of the strong points of OsteoPro is the balloon with durable material.

The balloon is permanent, so it has no risk of the balloon blowout.

No replacement balloon, so saves costs More Convenient

There is a main board of PC under the foot support so it saves space.

It doesn't need calibration regularly.

Any PC beginner can operate this QUS BDM (Quantitative Ultra sound Bone Densitometer) easily because of supporting the external keyboard and mouse.

More Extensive

Using the USB port, it is very simple to use the portable memory disk for the data upload and download and connect the printer cable.

The BDM can be connected with other PCs on-line by LAN.

User friendly software

Convenient user interface (Window 98/XP)

Automatic storage function of Patient Data


Class typeB-type


Ultrasound parametersBUA(Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation)

SOS(Speed of Sound)OI(Osteoporosis Index)

Measurements BUA, SOS

Diagnosing ParameterOI, T-Score, Z-Score

Methods and Transducers Coupled, Pulse-echo & through-transmission, Broadband single element,

Center Frequency0.5MHz

Patient Report(optional)

In case of using internal Printer Thermal printout

In case of using external Printer Color printout

Measurement Time15 seconds

PrecisionOI - in vivo

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Active-K CPM Therapy Unit


Lightweight (17 kg) robust design, able to withstand +/-30 kg of force

Designed to ensure anatomically correct movements are maintained

Can be secured to a treatment table or bed using the fold-out stabilization supports and/or optional straps

Integral footplate sensor enables exercise forces to be measured

Computer controlled motor for CAM and coordination therapies

Fully adjustable to suit different patient sizes and heights

Advanced, interactive hand controller incorporating a full color LED screen for instant patient feedback

Controller features an easy to use icon based menu system

Patient Chip Card for storage of therapy data

A range of pre-programmed protocols for specific Indications

Optional Accessories

0.0040.100 Active-K strap set (4 straps)

2.0040.175-S Chattanooga Patient chip card set including:

2.0040.175 Chattanooga Patient chip card (10x)

0.0031.006 Marker pen for patient chip card (2x)

5001558 Eraser for patient chip card (2x)

2.0037.024 Connection cable for muscle stimulator

80.00.056 Transport trolley

TK-001 Transport box


Mains Power: 100240 V, 50/60 Hz, 85-90 VA

Tolerance -15% up to +10% Stand-by Current Consumption: 5VA

Weight: 17 kg

Shipping Weight (inc. all accessories): 23 kg

Dimensions*: 96 x 38 x max. 57 cm

Shipping Dimensions*: 106 x 42 x 42.5 cm

Electrical Safety Class: Class 2, Type B MDD IIa Safety Tests:

Standards Compliance: 93/42/ECC (2007/47/EG)IEC

60601-1:2005, IEC 60601-1-2:2007,

IEC 60601-1-6:2006, IEC 60601-1-

9:2007, IEC 60601-1-11:2010, IEC

62366:2007, IEC 62304:2006, EN ISO

14971:2007, ANSI AAMI ES 60601-1,

CAN CSA 22.2 No. 60601-1-08, EN ISO

13485:2003+AC:2009, CE-0297

Range Of Motion(ROM): -10 extension up to 120 flexion

Adjustment ranges (min/max)

Femur range: approx. 31 to 49 cm

Lower leg range: approx. 38 to 58 cm

Max. load on carriage: 30 kg

Max. Patient Weight: 275 kg

Additional Therapeutic Benefits for Patients

Enhancement of joint metabolism

Prevention of joint stiffness

Promotion and regeneration of cartilage and damaged ligaments

Faster hematoma / re-absorption

Improved blood & lymph circulation

Prophylaxis for thrombus and embolism syndromes

Bridging the gap from Passive motion to Active training with resistive therapy duringrehabilitation

Expedites coordination & sensory perceptionfollowing surgery





The Active-K has the capacity to allow clinicians to perform therapeutic strengthening exercises by allowing muscular

contractions using the following methods:

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Elbow CPM Unit


Artromot E2 Compact Elbow CPM provides anatomical motion for the elbow and enhances patient comfort and compliance. The Artromot Elbow CPM addresses full range of motion capabilities Phonation/ Supination and Flexion/Extension.


Fully synchronized motors allow treatment parameters to be customized to meet patients specific therapy protocols

Easy-to-use hand control capable of storing treatment data on memory chip card

True physiological movements with the greatest range of motion

Anatomically correct adjustments

Easy to transport

Lightweight 35 lbs (16 kg)

Two-year limited warranty


Extension/Flexion: -5 - 140

Pronation/Supination: -90 - 90

(Manual Setup)

Motor Control: On/Off

Pauses: 0 - 30 sec.

Speed: 0 - 100%

Timer: 1 - 300 min.

Warm-up Mode: 50% of Programmed ROM

Synchronization: On/Off

Reverse-on-load: 1 - 25

Therapy Run Time: h : m , Display Contrast: New Patient Data Storage:

Unit Weight: 35.2 lbs (16 kg)

Shipping Weight: 54 lbs (24.5 kg)

Dimensions: 30.7 - 40.9 x 23.6 x 31.5 (84 - 104 cm x 60 cm x 80 cm)

Safety Tests: CSA 601-0-M90, UL 2601-1


2038 Artromot E2 Compact Elbow CPM Unit

20723 Elbow Patient Kit

20661 Patient Data Chip Card (1x)

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Monark Exercise Rehab Trainer Machine

Monark Exercise AB 881E Rehab Trainer Arm or leg ergometer designed for upper- or lower-body rehabilitation

Pair of crank arms adjusts both vertically and horizontally

Includes accessory handles for the hands and pedals for the feet

Electronic display shows RPM, total pedal revolutions, and time

Measures 18.5 x 21.6 x 21.2 inches (W x H x D)

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Active Passive Arm Trainer

Active Passive Arm Trainer

It's a kind of fixing arm & leg exercise equipment for the muscle reconstruction, joint motion recovery, force of muscles strengthen and etc for the rehabilitation. It's an electronic motion exerciser by active exercise by patient's own power or passive exercise by motor power to train of upper and limb parts. It can set speed, resistance rate, time, direction.


7 inch touch screen & easy to use

Automatic program saved so don't need to reset again after power on

Can check the current exercise method, information during operation

User can set and check speed, exercise resistance and direction

Effective exercise by various movements

Compact designed for easy movement and storage

Designed for easy of maintenance

Easy to use the passive exercise by motor power and active exercise by patient power

At active exercise for lower train, can lead to balance of left and right movement


Kinds of exercise

passive exercise Its working by outside force or mechanism, not by own muscles contraction.

Active exercise It make movement the active muscles contraction by himself by external assistance or machinery help or active exercise movement against external or mechanicals resistance.



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Cold Therapy Colpac Chilling Unit

ColPac Chilling Unit.

Large capacity and fast chilling time means your patients will never have to wait for a ColPac. The ColPac Chilling Units help you keep pace throughout a busy day. No plumbing required, simply plug into a standard electrical outlet.

Closed-cell foam insulation for efficiency

Heavy-duty compressor for more efficient cooling

Specially designed interior chilling coils cool packs faster

3" (8 cm) swivel-type rubber casters for silent, friction-free movement of mobile units

Drain valve for easy cleaning and defrosting

One-year warranty

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Cold Therapy Aircast Ankle Cuff


  • Anatomic cuff design for complete coverage of affected area
  • Measured compression for patient comfort
  • Controlled cold eliminates the risk of tissue damage
  • Detachable cooler allows for uninterrupted treatment
  • Sizes for both adult and pediatric patients


  • Trauma Post-op treatment
  • Rehabilitation
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Hot Therapy Multi-Skin Paraffin Wax

Paraffin Wax Bath


Used low noise, high volume air pump

Various massage programs (Auto/Manual)

Improve the blood circulation

Remote control included

Voltage rating : 230V/50Hz/30W

Product size : 190x230x130mm

Weight : 2.3kg


UPB-300 Multi-Skin Paraffin Bath

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Hydrotherapy Butterfly Habbard Tank

Is recommended for treatment of upper and lower extremities permitting patients full body immersion, room for body motion, and exercise. This Hubbard style tank with butterfly configuration allows therapists easy access to assure patient comfort.

Tank Capacity is 1620 liters (425 gallons)

Hubbard Tankfigure butterfly configuration is overall 270 cm L x 196 cm W x 56 cm D. Tank is seamless welded construction, fabricated from heavy gage, type 304, stainless steel, polished to a satin finish. Tank bottom is a rounded coved design to minimize bacteria buildup. Tank has a reinforced stainless steel base supported by adjustable stainless steel legs.

Turbine Raising and Lowering Devicepermits adjustment of desired height and direction of water agitation towards the area of the body to be treated. It is spring balanced and provided with a locking device.

Twin Turbine Assembliesare mounted on carriages with automatic counter balance. Assemblies may be moved along the tank length for the most advantageous treatment position. Each assembly is equipped with FDA and CE approved 1/2 HP jet pump motor protected with powder painted shell, an automatic thermal overload protector, and lifetime-sealed bearings. All parts contacting the water are stain- less steel, chrome plated brass or bronze.

Thermometeris provided and a stem that inserts into a retainer to prevent rattle during whirlpool agitation.



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Hydrotherapy Hydro Swim Spa Bath Tub


SIZE: 570022001300mm

1) Material: USA Acrylic + fiberglass reinforcement

2) High Quality Computer Control system with lock: 2 pcs

3) Energy-saving system

4) Energy-saving control system with optional setting filtration period within 24-hour

5) Anti-freezing system

6) Auto-protect system for circulation pump and heater when lack of water

7) High-efficient filter system: 3pcs

8) Phototherapy system: 1 pc

9) Water pump for Swimming 2250W/220V/50Hz 60Hz: 3 pcswater pump for Massage1500W/220V/50Hz 60Hz: 2 pcs .Circulation water pump: 750W/220V/50Hz 60Hz 1 pc

10) Air pump: 650W/220V/50Hz 60Hz 1 pc (Optional)

11) Heater 3KW/220V/50Hz 60Hz Protection against dry heating : 1pc

12) Ozone generator 200mg/h : 1 pc

13) Big underwater LED light: 2 pcs

14) Total jets: 65 pcsSpecial Super size Swimming jet: 3 pcs

5 Hydro massage jet: 2 pcs

3.5 Hydro massage jet: 5 pcs

2 Hydro massage jet 48: pcs

2 Air bubble jet: 7 pcs(Optional)

15) Radio function (option if choose balboa system) 1 pc

16) Inbuilt receiving system for RF remote: 1 pc

17) Headrest pillow: 2 pcs

18) Water regulator: 3pcs

19) Air regulator for adding air into the water jets: 3 pcs

20) Recycle water device 5: 8 pcs

21) Side drainage 1.5: 1 pc

22) Canadian imported Hemlock skirt: 1 pc

23) High quality Round speaker at each coner of Pool surface: 4 pcs

24) Sun umbrella shape led light for decoration: 1 pc

25) High efficient Cartridge filters: 2 pcs

26) Canadian imported Hemlock skirt: 1 pc

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Hydrotherapy Underwater And Whirling Massage

The HUBBARD Bath is used for therapeutic massage of the whole human body or its parts. The underwater massage can be applied either as a pressure one using the hose massage nozzle or as a whirlpool massage with whirling water stream by switching it into the hydrotherapy water jets nozzles.

Rated voltage: 3 x 400 V

Rated frequency: 50 Hz Rated power input:

1500 VA Useful tub capacity: 700 Liters

Max. tub capacity: 1235 Liters

Protection against electrical accident: Class l.

Ingress protection rating: IP 54

Weight: 220 KG

Dimensions (L x W x H ) 2700 x 1930 x 980 mm

Massage hose water pressure : 0 - 0.4 MPa

Max. pump water flow: 235 Liters/min

Standard Equipment

12 water massage jets with performance control

Massage hose with performance control

Air addition into massage jets and hose with performance control

Sanitary shower integrated in the massage hose

Optional Equipment

Two-stage steps Back rest Leg rest

Chromo therapy: 32 lights, 7 colors

Built-in bubble grid: 60 jets

Connection to recycling system

Electromagnetic incrust stopper

Two-stage steps with handrail



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Hydrotherapy Lastura Hobby Hydro Bath


Whirling bath for lower and upper extremities

Whirling bath LASTURA HOBBY is designed mainly for medical or relaxing massage of lower and upper extremities using water massage jets. LASTURA HOBBY is mobile and height adjustable in range of 600 mm and can be easily set up for upper or lower extremities massage.


Rated voltage 230 V

Rated frequency 50 Hz

Rated power input 800 VA

Maximal bath tub capacity 48 Lit.

Useful bath tub capacity 40 Lit.

Filling time: useful capacity 1.5 min

Drainage time: floor sink 3.5 min

Drainage time: washbasin sink 4.3 min.

Protection against electrical accident Class l.

Ingress protection rating IP 54

Weight 71 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1060 x 660 x 848-1448 mm , Travel 600 mm

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Hydrotherapy Hydro Spa Bath Tub


Size: 2300*2200*950MM

Material: Acrylic (Fiberglass Reinforcement)

Seats: 1 person Lover

seat: 2persons Lover Lounge: 2 persons

Total jets: 52pcs 5" hydro jets: 2PCS 3.5"

hydro jets: 9PCS 1"

spa jets: 31PCS

Air jets: 10 PCS


Control system: 1pc

Water pump: 2pc*2HP Circulation pump (pc): 1pc*0.4KW

Air blower: 1pc*1.0HP

Ozonizer: 1pc Heater: 1pc*3kw Underwater light: 1pc*5

Filter system: 1pcs Air diverter: 1pc

Water diverter: 2*2pc

Suctions: 4pcs Ball

valves: 4pcs Drain valve: 1pc Waterfall: 1 pc

Headrest pillow: 4pcs

Speaker: 2pcs Radio: 1pc

Wooden skirt (Hemlock): 1pc

Stainless steel frame: 1pc

Fountain with LED light: 3pcs (Special feature)

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Orthopedics Neoprene Lumbar Brace


A top quality neoprene double pull lumbar

Brace offering both compression and support to

Theabdominaland lower back muscles.


Provides warmth

Supports the lower back

Allows lower back to move flexibly


OS85Small57 - 70cm

OS90Medium72 - 86cm

OS95Large89 - 102cm

OS100X-Large104 - 118cm

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Cold Therapy Waist Belt


Hot & Cold Therapy Waist Belt

Neoprene /Hot & Cold Gel Pack


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Orthopedics Professional Deluxe Hernia Belt

Professional Deluxe Hernia Belt


Provides relief for those with reducible inguinal hernias

Foam compression pads provide adjustable and comfortable pressure to the hernia

Can be used for double or single hernias

(Simply remove one of the pads)


OS130Small76 -89cm

OS135Medium89 -104cm

OS140Large104 - 116cm

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Fitness Equipments NORDIC TRAINER SL

Versatile application in the Fitness-Field and supports Nordic Walking. This in German manufactured slat belt treadmill with its new running surface, the sap Sprintex shock absorbing profile, is joint-carefully, and it supports with its isokinetic system, synchronized with the speed of the treadmill the simulation of the Nordic-Walking movements.




Dimension:L: 172 cm W: 101 cm H: 180 cm

Running surface:L: 172 cm W: 60 cm

(Usable Surface:L:155 cm x B: 60 cm)

T-slat system: sapsprintex shock absorbing profile

Height of running surface:26.5 cm

Runner weight:250 kg

Speed:0 km/h bis17 km/h, stufenlos regular

Gradient:continuous, electronically adjustable from 0 to 15%

Nordic-sticks:Adjustable from 94 cm to 145 cm

Pulse measure system:Chest strap with radio transmission

Hand rail:Both sides

Drive:Four quadrant control with 1, 3 KW direct current motor

Voltage:230 V, 50/60 Hz

Current:5 Ampere

Noise level:

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Fitness Equipments Ergomedic Cycle

Ergomedic Cycle

The world's best-selling exercise bicycle for fitness testing and field trials.Easy to calibrate and check thanks to the unique shuttle system.Much appreciated by athletes and scientists, thanks to food safety and bike feeling.Operation and load safe.

FactsLarge well-balanced flywheel 20 kg.Adjustable seat height.Adjustable handlebar with quick-release lever.Stable frame steel tube.Powder coated.Wheels for easy transport. Chest belt and PC software included.

Electronic displaypedal revolutions per minute (RPM) Heart Rate in beats per minute (HR), time in minutes and seconds (TIME), cycling speed in miles per hour (SPEED) distance covered in km (DISTANCE).In addition, the braking power can be set, giving a reading of calorie consumption (CAL) and power in watts (WATT).

Technical SpecificationWidth 530 mm at the government.Width 460 mm at the legs.Length 1120 mm.Height 890-1130 mm in the rule.Height 800-1120 mm at seat.Weight 52 kg.Max user weight 250 kg.

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Fitness Equipments Leg Extension


Training to secure the force off Femoral muscle acting as a dynamic stabilized of walking among lower limb muscles.

Target muscle:Femoral Muscle

Exercise Effect:Training for secure the force of femoral muscle acting as a dynamic stabilizer of walking among lower limb muscles.

Loading Method:Pneumatic, Low noise air compressor is builtseparatelyin each equipment.

Adjustment Unit for exercise weight:0.5kg ( Unit is adjustable in 0.2kg5kg)

Measurement:Range of Motion ( ROM ) & Maximum Muscular Strength (1RM) can be available, Both exercise and measuring can be possible with a single equipment

Seat Control :Seat location is adjusted by exercisers body condition-Automatic Chair adjustment

GUI Screen:Korean, English, Japanese available(other languages are available on customers request)

Communication Method :WI-FI Connection(standard option)

RFID Function:by RFID Card, or manual input on Lcd monitor screen(ID number of 4 digits).

Isotonic & Isometric Function: Equal tensions throughout all operating section & same dimensionsthroughout 10 degree joint ranges setting load cell and EMG(Electromyography).

Records management:All data are recorded and managed in connection with the results of the body composition analyzer and the physical changes of user can be monitored in real time


Non-membership:one time exercise(Hard to manage exercise record)

Smart Mode:Automatically control of exercise

User Interface:Guides various exercises with videos on LCD Touch Screen(Korean, English).

Emergency Stop:Emergency stop function available during exercise, Zero weight initialization on scientific data.

Rehabilitation program:Function of loading control onspecific position by prescription of expert (doctor, exercise trainer, etc)


Air Compressor & Electric Cylinder

Accurate regulator for constant pressure and Air cylinder


User range : The general public & disabled

Maximum output : 43.1kg

Weight: 190kg

Unit Size : 1135 X 905 X 1400 (mm)

Input: AC 220V-550W(60Hz) )


Leg Extension Main Part 1Each

Embedded Computer(7Color LCD Monitor)

OS: Windows Embedded CE 6.0H/W: CPU(ARM1179JZF), RAM(256MB)

Manuals for usage



Smart Mode

12 Weeks' exercise program

Rehabilitation Program

Membership Management Program & Exercise Database management system

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Fitness Equipments Hip Machine

Hip Machine

Direct drive of the load Resistance adjusted by push buttons.

Resistance change from seated position. Adjustable seat and foot rests.

Pictograms (muscles and movements)

Hand sewn upholstery : choice of colors M1 quality

3mm thick steel frame

Soft movement

Takes minimum space

DIMENSIONS: 750 x 70 x 150 cm

WARRANTY: 3 years on frame

Requires a compressor to runsmoothly.

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General Exercise Corner Step


The Med-Fit adjustable corner steps have carpeted steps and Rigid adjustable handrails to a maximum height of 85cm

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General Exercise Floor Mounted Parallel Bars

Floor Mounted Marallel Bars

Parallel bars are designed to fit your clinic or departments needs. Available as folding or floor standing units. Parallel

bars are all height adjustable, in order to easily adapt from patient to patient. Durable and corrosion resistant.


Unbolts to clinic floor using heavy duty bracing and plates to secure uprights


Quick-lock device safely speeds adjustment of height and width

Height Adjusts 26 - 35 (66-99cm)

Width Adjusts 16 - 24 (40.5-61cm)

Overall Length:210cm

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General Exercise Soft Massage Ball


Soft PVC massage palate ball with the addition of small nodules for deeper tissue stimulation.


AB2841-10 Blue 25cm

AB2841-8 Green 20cm

AB2841-6 Yellow 15cm

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General Exercise Soft Weight Ball


The soft Med-ball is made of a durable outer shell with filler.

The ball incorporates into aerobic classes, yoga and Pilates, or

Use in rehabilitation



MD1010 Pink1 lb

MD1020 Yellow 2 lb

MD1030 Silver 3 lb

MD1040 Green4 lb

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General Exercise Therapy Putty


A range of color coded therapy putty whichoffer a complete range of resistance levelsrequired for hand exercise programmes.

Available in (2ozs) 50grms pots or (1lb)

450grms pots.


PUT10 Yellow Soft 2oz/50grms

PUT15 Red Med/Soft 2oz/50grms

PUT20 Green Med 2oz/50grms

PUT25 Blue Firm 2oz/50grms

PUT30 Flesh Regular 2oz/50grms


PUT50 Yellow Soft 1 lb/450grms

PUT55 Red Med/Soft 1 lb/450grms

PUT60 Green Med 1lb/450grms

PUT65 Blue Firm 1 lb/450grms

PUT70 Flesh Regular 1 lb/450grms

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General Exercise Digi Flex


Develops isolated finger strength, Flexibility and co-ordination as it. Builds hand and forearm strength.

Use each button independently, to exercise fingers or compress the entire unit for complete hand and

Forearm strengthening.


DF015 Yellow 1.5 lbs

DF003 Red 3 lbs

DF005 Green 5 lbs

DF007 Blue 7 lbs

DF009 Black 9 lbs

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General Exercise Wall Bar

Wall Bar

Polished Wood Wall Bars Available In Single Section Units.

Supplied with full fitting Accessories

Dimension: W-85cm x D-15cm x H-270cm (single section)


SL 100 Single section wall bar

SL 300 Two section wall bar

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General Exercise Posture Correction Mirror

Posture correction mirror

Allow the patient to make appropriate adjustment on gesture

while rehabilitation treatment.

Complete Unit in Timber

60cmL x 35cmW x 180cmH.

Timber frame base with 4 casters.

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General Exercise Balance Pod


These non-slip balance pots combine balance training and motor skill development. Just put them in any pattern and step one to another, use either flat side up for basic training and pebble side up for more challenge


AB751007 7 Balance pod Blue

AB751020 7 Balance pod Purple

AB751005 7 Balance pod Green

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Rehabilitation Air Cushion


The balance disc will enhance your awareness, coordination and strength by sitting, standing andlying on the unit. It can be served as a waist support while seated as a great way for rehabilitation.

There are 2 textured surfaces for functional training exercises.

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Walkers & Rollators Lightweight Tri-Wheel Walker

Availability: Pre-Order
Model: SL-2340
Manufacturer: Slims Healthcare Technologies
Average Rating: Not Rated

Model No. 2340 Height 86-99cm
Depth 59cm Weight 4kg
Width 64cm Maximum User Weight 127kg
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Walkers & Rollators Paediatric Rollator

  • Model Number 2243
  • Height 41-53cm
  • Weight 6kg
  • Depth 47cm
  • Maximum Width 42cm
  • Maximum User Weight 75kg
Availability: 1
Model: SL-2243
Manufacturer: Slims Healthcare Technologies
Average Rating: Not Rated
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Models & Charts Deluxe Hand Painted Skelton

Deluxe Hand Painted Skelton with Ligament Joints

The skull Movements at the neck joints can be demonstrated. The skull, Right arm and Legs are detachable. The left half of the Model features elastic shoulder, elbow, hip and knee joint ligaments. Muscle origins (Red) insertions (Blue). H.185cm Weight 10kg.

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Stainless Steel Scale Digital Goniometers

Goniometer 180 Digit

The plastic and stainless steel 180 scale digit goniometers require the use of only one hand to measure 110 flexion and 40 hyperextensions in 5 increments. The linear scale has inches and centimeters.

Availability: Pre-Order
Model: 43118
Manufacturer: Chattanooga
Average Rating: Not Rated

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Bariatric Bed - TITAN Bed & Side Tables

Bariatric Bed - TITAN

The combination of X-ray cassette, special functions, higher loading capacity and optimal patient area width makes TITAN bed A mobile unit for bariatric patients which minimizes the necessity of patient transfer from bed to bed and makes the work of medical staff easier. The bed offers fully electrically operated functions: reversible lateral inclination, Trendelenburg, Antitrendelenburg, extension of the loading area, cardiac chair, anti-shock position and many more. A great advantage of the bed is the easy exit function, which enables the patient to leave the bed directly without the necessity of further rotation at the loading area.

The bed is equipped with a special anti-decubitus mattress with function of an automatic adjustment to the length of the loading area. The patient's and staff's safety ensures a robust steel structure, which gives to the bed capacity of 500 kg (1100 lbs.).Bariatric beds of TITAN series are, thanks to their characteristics, suitable for all hospital departments.

Bed TITAN is equipped with special anti-deceits mattress with automatic adjustment for the length of the mattress platform. Due to the fact that bariatric patients are extremely susceptible to pressure sores, we have in our offer two types of special passive mattresses, different by its maximum anti-decubitus effect.The first type is suitable for patients with body weight up to 250 kg, the second type is designed for patients with body weight up to 450 kg.

The height of the both mattresses is 15 cm.


Mattress platform Dia: L200 x W100-120cm

Working Load up to : 500Kgs

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Finger Goniometer Stainless Steel Diagnostics & Measurement

Finger Goniometer Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel Finger and Small Joint Goniometer measures the range of motion of finger joints (metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal) and other small joints including toes. The head has two opposing 180 scales which are marked in 5 increments. The easy to use goniometer allows the therapist to use only one hand to measure 110 flexion and 40 hyperextension. The linear scale has inches and centimeters.

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Bed Side Cabinet

Bed Side Cabinet

Size: L460W460H760mm(No shoe shelf)

Material:Cabinet body, drawer, tray, layer board, door and the base are made of 0.7mm zinc-plated steel with epoxy polyester powder coated.

Cabinet top and bottom are made of ABS.

2 towel hangers on the 2 sides of cabinet

40casters design

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Hand Dynamometer Digital

Digital Hand Dynamometer

The Baseline Digital Hand Dynamometer is a deluxe evaluation tool that is standard for many occupational or physical therapists. Contains a digital readout, this dynamometer provides everything necessary to record strength and rehab progress. The Baseline Digital Hand Dynamometer includes a heavy duty carrying case with shock-resistance foam padding, easy to read LCD screen, 2 AAA batteries and a comprehensive instruction manual.

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Pinch Guage - Mechanical

Pinch Guage - Mechanical

Measures tip, key and palmar pinch strength of healthy hands. Results are consistent with the published Mathiowetz studies. Indicator remains at the subjects maximum reading until reset. Strength readings are in pounds and kilograms. Lightweight anodized aluminum with wrist strap. Registers up to 14 kg (30 pounds.).

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Hand Evaluation Set Diagnostics

Hand Evaluation Set - 7pcs

All the instruments needed for a full evaluation. In addition to the hydraulic hand dynamometer, other instruments included are stainless steel goniometer, 2-point discriminator with 3rd point, Wartenburg pinwheel, finger circumference gauge and functional finger motion gauge. Sets available with dial or digital gauge dynamometers.

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Anesthesia Trolley


Aluminum alloy frame, artificial marble tabletop. Include a set of label box on the tabletop.

Five drawers., Equipped a inductive dirt basket in the left.

Working table: 671mm454mm975mm

Overall Dimension:742.5mm503mm1573mm

Net Weight: 70kg

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Instrument Cabinet

Instrument cabinet


SL-9502 Patient Cabinet


Length : 850mm

Width : 450mm

Height : 1800mm

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