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We offer the best product range of Baltic Ear Defender, Aegean Ear Defender, Lenzing FR, protection uniform and protection equipments.

Baltic Ear Defender

  • Model Number Baltic Ear Defender - S41CE
  • Feature General purpose economy ear defender suitable for most requirements.
  • Details SNR = 25dB, H = 29dB, M - 22dB, L = 15dB
  • Spare Hygiene Kit available S44
  • Quality Best
  • Use Ear Safety

The company has come up as a major Importer and Supplier of Baltic Ear Defenders. The Baltic Ear Defenders, offered by the company, are general purpose economy ear defenders suitable for most requirements. The company procures the Baltic Ear Defender from the leading vendors and offers it at the best prices.

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Aegean Ear Defender

  • Model Number Aegean Ear Defender - S42CE
  • Feature Especially for high frequencies
  • Use Excellent Noise Protection
  • Details SNR = 30dB, H = 34dB, M = 27dB, L = 20dB
  • Spare Hygiene Kit available S73
  • Quality Best

The company is known as a highly renowned Importer and Supplier of Aegean Ear Defender. The Aegean Ear Defenders, offered by the company, are known for the excellent protection they provide from noise, especially for the high frequencies. The company offers the best Aegean Ear Defenders at the best prices on a timely basis.

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Lenzing FR

About Lenzing FR, facts :
  • Lenzing is a 80 year old company with HO in Austria and 7 plants all over world
  • Lenzing FR (Flame Resistance) is technology which has been now around for 30 years
  • Lenzing FR is made from BEECH wood pulp, only Natural Man-Made FR Fibre
  • Lenzing FR is made from Beech wood, in a fully managed green production system, LFR is the only Biobased FR (Green) fibre in the world;
  • More than 16 Million garment are produced every year having end users include Military, Fire Fighting, Oil & Gas, Electrical, Metal Smelters and so on
  • Lenzing FR Fabric blends are made to suit end users needs, and so New light wt fabric are produced keeping in mind for the wearer comfort level particularly in hot climatic areas

Advantages of Lenzing FR
  • Being Made from Beech Wood Pulp, Lenzing FR is breathable like cotton Nomex is a synthetic fibre.
  • Provides Comfort to wearer due to its property, a study was conducted at University of Graz and Lenzing FR was found to be most comfortable among all others known FR fabrics/ Treated Cotton
  • Inherent FR property so will not wash away in Laundry
  • Have better color fastness as compared to other FR Fabrics, so less fading during Sun exposure
  • OKO-TEK100 approved Lenzing FR Fiber
  • EN469 - NFPA70E - NFPA 2112 - EN ISO1612 approvals, and so supersedes old standard EN 531 which is no more in use

Lenzing FR End Use
Lenzing fabric blends are made to suit end users needs, and it is now being supplied to almost all sectors
  • For Oil and Gas Sectors
  • For Electricity/ Utility
  • For Petrochemicals
  • For Smelters Steel and Aluminum
  • For Fire Fighting Suits, TOG
  • For Military
  • For Police / Riot Police
  • For Formula One etc Racers
  • For Airlines etc.
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