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Facial Tissue

  • Queenex Classic Facial Tissue
  • Traditional Facial tissue
  • Economy Facial Tissue
  • Queenex Harir Extra Softness Facial Tissue
  • Queenex Mamlaka Facial Tissue
  • Modern Queenex Facial Tissue
  • Queenex Natural Facial Tissue
  • Plain Queenex Facial Tissue
  • Queenex Classy Facial Tissue
  • Queenex Life Facial Tissue
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A-Tork Tissue Paper

Queenex A-Tork is soft and absorbent, non -abrasive providing protection for delicate surface yet sturdy enough to pick up virtually any spill. A-Tork is solvent resistant and long lasting providing faster and more effective wiping. Its XL size making it the number one recommended product for industrial use.

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Mini T-Tork

Queenex Mini T-Tork, is a soft and absorbent jumbo sized toilet roll, ideally used for bathrooms with high capacity, such as public facilities. Queenex Mini- T-Tork comes in white bleached pure
virgin pulp with double side embossing and availabel in three perforated sizes to help reduce consumption level.

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Queenex Maxi Paper Roll

Queenex Maxi Roll, are tailored to deliver premium quality and absorbency in a jumbo roll to reduced janitorial time by its capacity. Queenex maxi roll, are commonly used in areas where more absorbency is required. Queenex Maxi Roll comes in white bleached pure virgin pulp, with various sizes and features, such as embossed or non-embossed, perforated or none perforated and shrink wrapped or non-shrink-wrapped.

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Kitchen Towel

QUEENEX all- purpose kitchen towel is strong and quick absorting , yet soft for hand and kitchen ware drying. Recommedned to use in kitchen in replacement oj cloth towels to eliminate cross contamination by maintaining personal hygine.

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Twin Roll

Queenex Twin Roll offers the same premium quality as Maxi Roll in two mini size rolls. Designed primarily for hand drying and uniquely sized to fit washrooms limited by space.

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Toilet Roll

Queenex Toilet roll usedfor personal hygiene come in embossed or non-embossed rolls. All Queenex toilet rolls are soft, strong and absorbent, disintegrates in water, never clogs the toilets and hypoallergenic. There are a wide ranges of toilet rolls to choose from QUEENEX, HELLO, ECONOMY, LUXURY and CLASSIC recommendedfor household use.

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Hospital Bed Sheet

Queenex Coach Rolls are made from high quality white 100% virgin pulp tissue. Each roll comes with easy to tear perforation and shrink-wrapped for hygienic benefits. Ideally used for coach beds used in hospitals, clinics, health, and beauty centers.

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Designed with its unique INTERFOLD lock each sheet of tissue will popup systematically one after the other. This is to keep the moisture of our wet hands from transferring to the other sheets.
Queenex Interfold is perfect for home or office use, each towel is embossed and absorbent for quick hand drying. The other unique feature is its packing; each individual pack come with an
easy tear slid making it convent and hygienic to use without a dispenser.

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Queenex Paper Napkin are sturdy and elegant comes in pure white, single fold or double fold, printed or non-printed for personalized tissue. Ideally used by caterers-banquets or hotels in events of wedding, parties, birthdays and graduations. Its recomended in replacement of traditional cloth napkin. Its also used with beverages as coasters

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C-Fold Hand Towel

Queenex C-Fold hand towel, are single folded to give independent towels a reliable quality of performance. C-Fold hand towel come in white bleached pure virgin pulp, embossed with superb
absorbency that has the drying strength to reduce consumption. Ideally used for government and public facilities, office building, lodging and restaurants.

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