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Our Complete range of products are TRANSPORTATION VEHICLES (TRANSIT MIXERS), concrete pumps, placing booms, Ice Flake Machines and Water Chillers.


QMB has a modern fleet of 151 Transit Mixers which have drum capacities of 7m3, 9m3, 10m3, and 12m3. The cars are designed with due consideration of the Middle East climatic conditions whereby each mixer is coated on the outside with reflective paint to control the concrete temperature rise during transportation.

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concrete pumps

The company owns 25 high performance SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps that include various boom lengths of 34mtr, 36mtr, and 42mtr. The pumping capacity ranges from 90m3/hr to 163m3/hr. All the pumps are handled by highly skilled operating staff with extensive experience. In addition, QMB has 8 SCHWING stationary pumps (SP 4000, SP 4800 and SP 8800) for pumping concrete to high rise buildings. These pumps can bring concrete up to 440 meter height.

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placing booms

For the effective placement/pouring of concrete on high rise towers, QMB has 20 placing booms which will be erected at the construction site as per the requirement of the contractors.

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Ice Flake Machines

Ice flakes are used to effectively control the temperature of concrete. QMB has 5 Ice Flake Machines by KTI-Germany, which can produce 310 tons of flake ice per day and can store up to 400 tons of flake ice in the refrigerated storage compartments.

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Water Chillers

Chilled water is also used to control concrete temperature. QMB has installed 7 Water Chiller Plants which can produce 1200m3/day at 1º C. These chillers are made by KTI –Germany and CARRIER-USA

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7 generators are installed at the plants to meet the requirement Of power supply directly or as stand-by units. With a power capacity in the 350 - 725 KVA range, these generators are from reputable brands; CATERPILLAR, MARAPCO, and PERKINS.

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cement bulkers

To facilitate the transportation of cement from the factories directly to the plant sites QMB has 13 cement bulkers, each of it is capable of transporting 50 tons of cement per trip. The cement is directly pumped into the air tight cement silos to keep the quality of fresh cement intact.

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water tankers

On a daily basis, QMB operates its own 5 water tankers for the transportation of potable water from ADWEA Distribution centers to the plant sites. The tankers can carry total Quantity of 41, 000 gallons of water/trip.

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For loading aggregates and cleaning purposes, QMB has provided 22 shovels at the different plants sites. These shovels are made by KOBELCO, KOMATSU, KAWASAKI, CATERPILLAR, and CHANGLEN.

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We are using US made latest technology based machine (READY JET) which uses high pressure water instead of manual chipping of hardened concrete from the Transit Mixer Drums. This reduces exposure to silica dust; keep the drums in shape and increase drum life, helps proper agitation of the loaded concrete.

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waste water recycling

Waste water from the washing yard is recycled by using RGF Environmental systems (US make) which can recycle 600 gallons per hour. This water is being used for mixer cleaning and for the use of washing aggregate at the recycler. 

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Concrete Batching Plant

At Musaffa industrial area Sector 39, consists one concrete batching plant. ARBAU- (Germany) with a production capacity of 100 m3/hour. The system is capable of filling a 9 m3 car within 5 minutes. With 5 compartment Aggregate Bin, 3 Cement silos with capacity of 350 ton and 1 Micro silica silo with 75 ton, 4 compartment Automatic Chemical Dispenser, Stand by Generator, fully automatic KTI PLERSCH German made computerized ice plant, capable of producing 42 ton of ice /day and storage capacity of 50 ton in insulated container to ensure the supply of concrete at temperature below 30 degree Celsius during hot weather, In addition to the ice plant the company has installed " KTI PLERSCH " German made water chiller to produce 186 m3 of chilled water per hour at 1 degree Celsius during peak summer season.

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concrete recycling plant

We recycle the waste concrete to reuse the aggregates using Italian made recycler which wash, clean and aggregate the aggregate and these recycled aggregates are used to produce low strength non-durable type concrete.

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