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Our product range comtains a wide range of Metal Punching Machines, ENGRAVING AND DOT PEEN MARKING MACHINE, Shear Connectors, CNC AND NC PIPE BENDERS and CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

Metal Punching Machines in UAE

MARKATOR Germany specialises in the long-term and cost-effective labelling of industrial items to assist prevent forgery. For more than 25 years, we've been developing and manufacturing high-quality machines for dot peen marking, scribe marking, and conventional marking. We can meet our clients' needs individually and accurately by maintaining a regular communication with them and their applications, which helps us keep our product range developing, optimising, and innovating.  

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MARKATOR Germany experts in durable and economic marking of industrial parts to help eliminate forgery. We have been developing and manufacturing high-quality machines for dot peen marking, scribe marking and conventional marking for over 25 years. We can meet our customers’ needs individually and precisely by constant dialogue with them and their applications which help us maintain a continual development, optimization and innovations within our product range. Our marking machines is broadly classified in to Hand-held marking machines Table marking machines Hand-held marking machines 1. Electro-magnetically driven hand-held marking machines Our electro-magnetically hand-held marking machines are 100% mobile and with this portable. Thanks to the use of powerful Lithium-Ion-Batteries, no cables. A. Flymarker Mini The already fourth generation of the mobile dot peen marker can be described as a new milestone in the history of the battery operated hand-held marking units.The new FlyMarker® mini builds on the strengths of the proven previous models and convinces with its light weight and its compact design as well as also due its unique introduction price. • Weights only 2.4 kg • Marking area of 65 x 30 can be used completely B. Flymarker PRO Compact and 100% portable hand-held marking machine without cables Marking area (x/y) 75 x 25 mm, 75 x 45 mm, 120 x 25 mm or 120 x 45 mm Powerful Lithium-Ion battery High resolution LC-colour display and control unit in break-proof housing Integrated keyboard Interfaces: USB-A, USB-B und Ethernet High quality, double guided linear guides for precise marking results Latest software technology 2. Electro-pneumatically driven hand-held marking machines- MV5 M50/M80/M120 Our electro-pneumatically and with this wired hand-held marking machines are particularly suitable when extremely deep markings are required . Ideal partner for self-independent markings of heavy, bulky and stationary work pieces on site Very space-saving and handy by compact construction and ergonomic design High speed marking due to latest control technologies Low moving masses due to compact design Solid mechanics with high quality, double guided linear guides in x- and y-direction Perfect power transmission into the material to be marked High repeat accuracy Extremely precise and warp-free marking result Can be used in any position Available marking areas: Marking area (x/y) 50 x 25 mm (MV5 M50/25) Marking area (x/y) 50 x 45 mm (MV5 M50/45) Marking area (x/y) 80 x 25 mm (MV5 M80/25) Marking area (x/y) 80 x 45 mm (MV5 M80/45) Marking area (x/y) 120 x 25 mm (MV5 M120/25) Marking area (x/y) 120 x 45 mm (MV5 M120/45)

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Shear Connectors

Shear connectors on the top flanges of the steel girders provide the means to achieve composite action between the slab and the girders, thus increasing both stiffness and strength.  Shear Studs are designed to tie the concrete slab with the steel beams and steel deck. This weld studs shear connectors can resist shear forces and increase shear loading capacity in steel buildings. Mainly applied for through steel deck stud welding in composite construction project. Like high-rise steel-framed structures, industrial buildings, steel bridges construction welding, transportation facilities and other types of steel structures projects. Shear stud manufactured in our factory are strictly produce with high quality and are regularly weld tested can be welded by reputed brands of stud welder without any problem. ISO13918:2008, AWSD 1.1, BS5400 etc. standards are all available. All Shear Studs are supplied with ceramic ferrules. The Ceramic ferrules are made of cordierite and able to withstand heat shock as well as high temperatures without melting or breaking

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Shuz Tung  established in 1978, has been dedicated to manufacturing of various machinery and automation equipment and are specialists in pipe bending machines. More than 30 years, Shuz Tung has accumulated advanced and professional techniques for superior production quality on practical and solid ground. The efforts and achievement are high recognized by all the customers. Outstanding capabilities of techniques and engineering, excellent working team, all of these firmly shape great competitiveness for Shuz Tung. Shuz Tung specialize in tube processing, manufacturing of tube bending machines, turn-key equipment for bicycles, tubes for furniture, electronic equipments, etc. The product range consists of more than 1, 000 models which are sold around the world. To meet the ever-changing bending demands, Shuz Tung have developed a broad line of pipe bending machines, such as auto pipe bender, semi auto pipe bender and special customer pipe benders. The Pipe Bending Machinery has been making relentless efforts on superior technology and engineering to enhance the performance of the pipe bender Based on the long experience in pipe bender field, it has won the great confidence from customers who count on the precision and effectiveness the pipe and tubing benders deliver. We at Rockwood are proud to be in partnership with Shuz Tung to serve the Middle East with Pipe Bending Machines.

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CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

Watts  specialties offers economical pipe cutting equipment with two or four axis control. The Watts W-244 offers four axis computer controls for maximum control and flexibility. The W-242 offers an even more economical machine with 2 axis control and a manually fixed bevel axis. Either machine will easily triple your production and allow you to minimize labor costs and scrap. You can make cuts that would take hours to lay out by hand, including two, three and four pipe intersections. All of the cuts can be easily taken from a drawing and entered with the simple menu.

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The “Peiping” is a professional manufacturer of tools, cutters, drills grinding machines  Drill Grinder Tool Grinder -Produced by PEIPING PRECISION and was established in 1980. “Simple to set-up, easy to operate, grinding fast and high accuracy” are our purpose. Our machine had got the Gold Medal Winner at Geneva Invention and have many kinds of patents. The quality of our machines are trustworthy by the customers and enjoy a high reputation in the market. Please send us your enquiry and our sales team will get in touch with you. Main Product UNIVERSAL CUTTER GRINDER Grinding Size: Dia.2mm ~ Dia.32mm(straight or taper shank). Grinding Capacity: drills, step drills, NC drills, taps, counter sink drills, end mill lips, round bars. Specifications: Longitudinal travel of table: 120mm Cross travel of saddle: 135mm Rotary angle of wheel head: 360° Point angle: 90° ~ 180° Size of wheel: 125 x 50 x 31.75mm Speed of wheel: 3, 600 RPM Motor: 3/4 HP, 110V / 220V / 380V W. / G.W.: 95kgs / 120kgs Size of packing (L x W x H): 800 x 550 x 670mm Features: Double wheels. Only to rotate the motor when want to grind the tool with different materials. It can increase the safety & save the time for replacing & repairing the grinding wheel. Adopts precise 6 pawl self-centering chuck, clipping one time and can grind th blade of drills and do the  repairing of drills abdomen. The angle of drill both sides and the length of blade are same after grinding. It can keep the accuracy of the center without off center. Unique cam-replacement-free. Simple to set up. Easy to operate. Grinding fast and high accuracy. Universal Drill & Tap Grinder Grinding Size:PP-60N: Dia.2 ~ Dia.60mm (straight or taper shank) PP-80N: Dia.4 ~ Dia.80mm (straight or taper shank) PP-100: Dia.5 ~ Dia.100mm (straight or taper shank) Grinding Capacity: Drills, Step Drills, Counter sink drills, taps, end mills, round bars…etc. Specifications: Longitudinal travel of table: 250mm Cross travel of saddle: 180mm Vertical adjustment of wheel head: 165mm Rotary angle of wheel head: 360° Clearance angle: 0° ~ 18° Point angle: 40° ~ 180° Size of wheel: 180 x 32 x 31.75mm 180 x 19 x 31.75mm

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insulation pins

Insulation pins – mechanical fixing of insulation Rockwool Insulation pins are used to mechanically fix and install insulation material that can be pierced by metal spindles. It is also referred as ‘hanger pins’ or Insulation Pins, are either stud-wieldable, or designed to be bonded with adhesive for non-welded systems. Non-wieldable pins are designed with the spindle mounted to a perforated metal base. The metal base is available with a ready-to-use ‘peel and stick’ backing, or a perforated base to be bonded with suitable adhesive. A self-locking washer (clip or dome) is applied over the protruding spindle to retain the insulation. Rockwood supplies a variety of pins and self-locking washers that are available in a range of metals such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, mild steel copper coated and nylon to suit various surf aces and different fixing methods. Applications Marine engine rooms Bus and truck engine bays Compressor enclosures HVAC ducting Buildings Features Can be used to retain any type of insulation (pierced by the pin) Pins available for different fixing methods: welding (Includes bimetallic stud welding), self adhesive (pressure-sensitive adhesive), or using suitable adhesive One type of pin can be used to hang multiple types of insulation Simple and easy to apply Reduced inventory needs Available in stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and mild steel copper coated

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Pile Drivers

Pauselli SRL Italy producing a complete range of pile-driving machines for the installation of highway guard-rails, and a great variety of accessories required for guard-rail installation.In addition to the well-proven pile drivers we build, the Pauselli Company can design and realize other machinery – from project engineering through physical production – according to your needs. The Pauselli machines are chosen worldwide for the following reasons   QUALITY – All machines are 100% MADE IN ITALY CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE -Efficient after-sales service and consulting for any type of problem. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES – we are always up to date on the latest technology The most common models are Self propelled pile driver MOD. 700 Pile driver machine Mod. 700 is stable, compact and quick in its movements, specially designed for road safety barriers installation. The machine can be used also for wooden piles and photovoltaic installation. Pile driving machine mod.700 standard can install piles of a maximum height of 3 meters. On request the machine can be supplied with an extension column, in order to install piles up to 3, 50 meters. TRUCK MOUNTED MODEL : 500SX Pile driving machine MOD. 500SX Truck-mounted pile-driver equipment mod. 500SX can be easily installed in any kind of truck and is very suitable for road maintenance work . It is able to operate autonomously thanks to the independent hydraulic power unit and does not need to be powered from the truck.

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Portable Band Saw Machine

YCM TAIWAN produces economical Portable bandsaws with best quality. These smaller models are easier to carry and can be used in the factory as well as at site. Depending on your job requirements, we have wide range of models available from basic to completely automatic models and please get in touch with your sales team to select the model which suits your requirement.

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Fillet Horizontal Carriage Our multi-functional welding carriage and digitally controlled welding auto carriage capable of horizontal and vertical welding helps your  professional welder in maintaining a safe and high quality weld. Auto Welding Carriage helps to automate welding jobs thus reducing time and manpower. We have wide range of  fillet and butt welding carriages with and without oscillating function  for horizontal and vertical welding is available to suit your job requirements and please get in touch with our sales team to get the suitable quote for right model.

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Tapping Machine

Maho is specialized in manufacturing Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Electric Tapping machines and relative accessories including tap holder and quick change tapping chuck from over 20 years. There are different models available in all 3 versions (electric , pneumatic and hydraulic)on basis of the hole dia possible, the max reach , speed etc. Our pneumatic version has different models that can tap hole dia ranging from M2 to M30. The electric version has models that can tap hole dia ranging from M3 to M32 and the hydraulic version has models that goes from M3 to M60. The models have different reach within a Rmin of 200 mm to Rmax of 1900 mm. Please send us details of your job and our sales team will advise you the suitable model .

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Stainless steel weld cleaning system     We represent represents Ensitech the world’s premium stain less steel weld cleaning system from Australia. Offered in the brand name of “ TIG Brush weld cleaning system ” creates a unique combination of electricity, heat and chemistry to deliver superior results in weld cleaning and metal surface finishing. Its main features : No more pickling paste Works on all thicknesses 110V/240V auto-switching Low running costs Flexible & robust 100% duty cycle How does it work? The TIG Brush comprises a brush through which an electric current is passed. The brush is dipped into a cleaning fluid and then applied to the areas to be cleaned. The fluid is designed to remove the iron oxide marks which result from welding. The brush is designed to convert the electric current to high temperatures, especially at the end of the bristles. While the fluid is quite benign at room temperatures, the brush heats the fluid to an elevated temperature, when it becomes much more re-active. This results in an accelerated chemical action at the surface of the Stainless Steel. Unlike Pickling Paste, the active ingredients of the cleaning fluid are not inherently dangerous to operator health, and if used correctly the fluid is non-toxic to the environment. The Chemical Action The blue and brown marks which result from welding are ferrous and ferric oxides of iron. Iron oxide layers are quite weak, and the temperature at which the TIG Brush operates quickly breaks down the iron oxides. The resulting ferric ions enter into solution in the fluid, where they are sequestered (held so they cannot form oxides again). When the TIG Brush is removed from the work and the fluid wiped away, the surface of the stainless steel is left free from ferric ions and oxides. Surface Improvement (passivation) Iron Oxides are not very good at protecting the metal surface from contamination, and for this reason any dis-coloured areas start to corrode soon after welding, even after they have been cleaned. To stop this corrosion the metal surface needs to be “passivated”. When the TIG Brush removes the iron oxide layer, chromium rich metal underneath is exposed. The high temperature of the TIG Brush causes the chromium to rapidly oxidize, forming a Chromium Oxide layer in the place of the Iron Oxide layer. The process of forming the Chromium Oxide layer is called “passivation”. Chromium Oxide is very good at protecting the underlying metal from contamination, and will limit corrosion and rusting. The Chromium Oxide layer is clear, so the original surface texture and appearance of the metal is maintained.

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