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Our Complete range of products are aluminum tile, smelting, PRIMARY NICKLE, art sets and Mica.

Aluminum Scrap


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Copper Rod

With its uniform high electrical conductivity, COPPER ROD ensures the highest possible efficiency in converting and transmitting electrical power and signals. The basis of these characteristic features of our rod is its high chemical purity, a result of usingcathodes that fulfill the LME Grade A standard.

Our rod has outstanding drawability, uniform recrystallization behavior and excellent surfaces, therefore fulfilling the requirements for use in advanced processing methods and applications.

ROYAL METALS COPPER ROD the preliminary product for sophisticated applications

ROYAL METALS COPPER RODis the ideal starting product for further processing and can be drawn or rolled into individual wires, braids, cable, enameled wire, flat wire and profiles.

The very good qualities of our rod ease our customers processing significantly. The uniformly high quality and purity mean that our rod is much sought after for demanding applications. Whether in electrical engineering, infrastructure, energy technology, automotive engineering or aviation:ROYAL METALS COPPERROD has gained an outstanding reputation in nearly all applications over the last decade.

In copper products, Royal Metals Trading Co. is dealing in,

1- Copper ingots 97%

2- Copper ingots 99%

3- Copper rod 99.99%

4-copper cathodes from primary raw material

for further information please contact us

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Shall consist of miscellaneous old zinc base diecastings, with or without iron and other foreign attachments. Must be free of borings, turnings, dross pieces, chunks, melted pieces and skimmings.

All unmeltables, dirt, foreign attachments, and volatile substances (such as rubber, cork, plastic, grease, etc.) are deductible. Material containing in excess of 30% iron will not constitute good delivery.

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Brass is any alloy of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses, each of which has unique properties[1]. Note that in comparison bronze is principally an alloy of copper and tin.[2]. Despite this distinction, some types of brasses are called bronzes. Brass is a substitution alloy. It is mainly used for decoration, plumbing and electrical applications, rifle and pistol ammunition, and extensively in musical instruments

1- brass honey
2- brass ocean
3- brass ebony
4- brass ingots 70/30
5-brass ingots 60/40
6-brass billets
7-brass bars
8-brass pipes
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Stainless Steel Scrap

World consumption of stainless steel has been tracing a steady upward curve for many years thanks to increasing use in a broad range of sectors, including the construction, automotive, health, environmental and transport industries, as well as household and catering products such as kitchen including a high strength-to-weight ratio, good aesthetics, and extreme resistance to corrosion, wear and heat.
As far as hug demand of stainless steel scrap were Supplying up to 500 metric tones of stainless steel scrap per month. We are offering solid stainless steel in both format of briquette and loose by grade as below:
Our Stainless Steel Products

1- stainless steel 304
2- stainless steel 316
3- stainless steel billets
5-nickel scrap
6- carbon content scrap

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Mineral Ore/Concentrate/Ash/Stone/slag/Dust

ROYAL METALS TRADING CO. LTD. explores Iranian mines and trades minerals ore/ash/concentrate/stone/slag to all over the world. The main minerals we work with are Chrome Ore, Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, Quartz, Lead, , Iron, Magnesium, Cobalt, Zinc and Bauxite ore which our capacity to trade is approximately over 5000 Mt for each item.

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CRGO Transformer Cores

Royal Metals co. ltd. is based on the criteria of satisfying the needs of quantity and quality CRGO transformer cores to its customers. Our investment planning is designed in such a way that it will ensure our service in future.

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Royal is the main trader and supplier in all kind of petroleum products such as; mazut, naphtha, bitumen (Tar 60-70, 80-100, 40, 50, 90-15)from Iran to all over the world.

At present time; Royal traders purchases its products direct from Iran, Iraq, and Russian refineries, or acts as direct seller mandate.Our company is ready for an open dialogue at top-level in all fields concerning bitumen.



Fuel oil

Mazut (Tar), M40, M100, MC250, MC300

Bitumen 60-70, 80-100, 40, 50, 90-15


Polymeric Bitumen

White Spirit

Long Oil 1113x70%(Alkyd Resin)

Bitumen : Tar 60/70

Bitumen is a black , sticky and highly viscous liquid or semi solid comes from petroleum . Also the primary use of asphalt/bitumen is in road construction, where it is used as the glue or binder mixed with aggregate particles to create asphalt concrete.

With a variety of Petroleum products to choose from, were sure youll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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The first stage in production of zinc strips is melting 99.9% pure metal, obtained from cathodes during electrolysis. An automated loading system is used to place the cathodes in the induction furnace, and the molten alloy is prepared in the same furnace or in others by controlled addition of alloying agents. Once the zinc has melted, it is transferred to casting machines where the different commercial forms of zinc and zinc alloys required by the market are produced.

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Heavy Melting Steel Scrap

Heavy Melting Steel (HMS) is iron scrap: recyclable steel or wrought iron. HMS consists of small pieces and is divided into two categories: HMS 1, which is not galvanized or blackened, and HMS 2.

Royal metals Group operates internationally and trades worldwide in used ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Our extensive experience, reliability and environmentally conscious approach make us a preferred supplier and business partner for many clients. Ferrous scrap is a valuable material. Royal Metals Group believes in sharing this value opportunity at a mutually profitable rate. Thanks to extensive experience with this material, our intimate knowledge of market prices and our lean organization, we are able to trade HMS at optimal prices.

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Aluminum Tile


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Steel Pipe

Steel pipes are made with metal alloys of iron and other metal like aluminum/ manganese etc. and has greater strength and durability than iron pipes. They are either seamless or welded along the length of the pipe and galvanized by coating it with a layer of zinc in a hot zinc bath or by an electroplating process. Zinc is non-toxic to humans and hence is an ideal metal for coating water pipes.

While steel pipes are durable, this material is difficult to work with because of the need for threading. However; it is still used for replacing or repairing existing steel pipelines. Steel is durable, but overtime, it is prone to corrosion from the inside as a result of zinc erosion. This occurs to the layer of zinc inside the pipe due to constant exposure to water, leading to buildup of corrosion byproducts. The average lifespan of steel pipes is about 50 years

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Stainless Steel 316

Stainless steel type 316 is a molybdenum bearing grade, giving it better corrosion and resistance properties. For this reason it is often selected for use in marine atmospheres.

It is highly resistant to sulphur compounds and resists chloride attack. As with any Stainless Steel, it is a strong, durable material which serves well for a variety of uses.

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Smelting is a form of extractive metallurgy; its main use is to produce a metal from its ore. This includes production of silver, iron, copper and other base metals from their ores. Smelting uses heat and a chemical reducing agent to decompose the ore, driving off other elements as gasses or slag and leaving just the metal behind. The reducing agent is commonly a source of carbon such as coke, or in earlier times charcoal. The carbon (or carbon monoxide derived from it) removes oxygen from the ore, leaving behind elemental metal. The carbon is thus oxidized in two stages, producing first carbon monoxide and then carbon dioxide. As most ores are impure, it is often necessary to use flux, such as limestone, to remove the accompanying rock gangue as slag.

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Copper Cathode

A cathode a 50 to 80 kg copper square is produced when pure copper separates from unwrought copper in an electrolytic refining process.

Copper cathodes with specific maximum impurity levels are also registered and traded on the London Metal Exchange and the Comex. High-quality copper is distinguished by low impurity levels, as even the smallest amounts of selenium, bismuth or antimony in the ppm range can strongly influence conductivity.

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Lead Cable

Lead wire resistance is put in series to gage resistance. The resistance changes under different temperatures and shifts sensitivity and zero balance, thereby considerably affecting measurement. Use a 3-wire cable under temperature-changing environment.

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Plastics And Polymers/PP

We are a recyclingcompanybased in Iran. We are regular seller ofPETbottle scrap and pc cd clear whole disc granule, pc cd clear whole, pp royal blue, pet bottle wastes, washed flakes, unwashed flakes, pet lumps, asbestos, polyester staple fibres. we have large quantity ofpetclear bottles for sale and deliver to buyer destinations.





LLDPE (Prime)

P, P

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Brass Coil

Brass is probably the most well-known of all copper alloys. Varying the composition of copper and zinc creates different types of material which are specifically geared to meeting particular demands. At Metalcenter Group, brass products are offered in a wide variety of alloys.

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Aluminum Talon

Shall consist of new, clean, unalloyed aluminum wire or cable free from hair wire, ACSR, wire screen, Iron, insulation and other non-metallic items

Backed by a rich industrial experience, we are engaged in offering a commendable array ofAluminium Talon

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Stainless Steel Billets

We have marked a divergent position in the market by providing high qualityStainless Steel Billets. These steel billets are made with the latest tools & machinery along with finest steel. We examine these steel billets on quality factors for deliver a fault free range to customers end. Moreover, our customers can take these steel billets from us without compromising with the quality at very reasonable rates.

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Copper Anode

The basic material used for copper anodes is always high purity electrolytically refined cathode copper having a purity of more than 99, 98 %. Maximum impurities are given in the table alongside.

Our anodes are of excellent homogeneity, with grain sizes of approx. 0.1 - 0.5mm. Its fine grain structure ensures very even dissolution in the plating bath and thus a sound, uniformly dense cathode deposit.

In cooperation with our suppliers our quality has been developed as a special grade for use in acid copper sulphate baths. The material develops a typical adherent dark brown film during electrolysis, acting as a diaphragm and thus preventing the formation of sludge. The film is achieved by the addition of phosphorus, which is but one of the additives used.

Selection of the correct grade of anode depends on the precise specification.

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Aluminum UBC

Aluminum UBC is a container for packaging made primarily of aluminum, such as common carbonated soda cans, juice cans, tea cans, or vegetable juice cans, sports drink cans, and beer cans.

These cans must be relatively, if not thoroughly, cleaned, dried and free from excessive dirt, liquid and other outthrows. Should be free of other scrap metals, foil, tin cans, plastic bottles, paper, glass, and other non-metallic items.

Aluminum beverage cans are highly recyclable, and can be reproduced continuously, have high reuse and economic value.

They are lightweight and can be squeezed in the hands, also have features of seamless can body, watertight, airtight, unbreakable, high pressure resistant, and light-tight, can protect the destruction of food nutrition from the harmful UV radiations.

After being surface treated, they can have better corrosion resistance, and can be suitable for outdoor use and some extreme circumstance use.

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Pure Aluminum


BILLETS 6063-7075



LM1 LM2- LM4


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We do trading in all grade of stainless steel products according to international standards , worldwide and offering stainless steel include 200 series , 300 series, 400 series which are sorted in below groups:






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Copper Wire

We can supply copper scrap/copper wire/copper rode/copper anode/copper slag/copper ore/copper ingots/copper scrap mill berry /copper birch cliff & pure copper cathode , etc which produced from Iranian mine for export to all over the world .

General Information for Copper Scrap:

Shall consist of No. 1bare, uncoated, uncoated copper wire , not smaller than No. 16B & S wire gauge
Shall consist of clean, untinned , uncoated, unalloyed copper wire and cable , not smaller than No. 16B & S wire gauge , free of burnt wire which is brittle. CandyNo.1HEAVY COPPER
Shall consist of clean, unalloyed, uncoated copper clippings, inching, bus bars, commutator segments, and wire not less than 1/16 of an inch thick, free of burnt ire which is brittle; but may include clean copper tubing,
CliffNo 2 COPPER:Shall consist of miscellaneous, unalloyed copper scrap having a normal 96%copper content(min.94% as determined by electrolytic assay. Should be free of the following: Excessively leaded, tinned, soldered copper scrap; copper tubing with other than copper connections or with sediment; burnt wire which is brittle; and should be reasonable free of ash.

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In the mid 18thcentury, primary nickel was first isolated as a separate metal. Prior to this, it was found in copper mines and thought to be an unmeltable copper ore. Primary nickel can resist corrosion and maintains its physical and mechanical properties even when placed under extreme temperatures. When these properties were recognized, the development of primary nickel began. It was found that by combining primary nickel with steel, even in small quantities, the durability and strength of the steel increased significantly as did its resistance to corrosion. This partnership has remained and the production of stainless steel is now the single largest consumer of primary nickel today. This highly useful metal is also used in the production of many different metal alloys for specialized use.

NICKEL CATHODES: 4X4 50mmX50mm 60X60
PLATING CHIPS: nickel anode material for multipurpose nickel plating applications
NICKEL SULFATE and Nickel Chloride

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Titanium Tubes

  • Grades Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr5, Gr.7(Ti-0.2Pb), Gr.9(Ti-3Al-2.5V), Gr.12(Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni)
  • Specifications ASTM B338, ASME SB338, ASTM B861, ASTM SB86
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