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On Grid Inverters


The sun is a sustainable source of renewable energy that can be efficiently harnessed with the right technologies. Solar panels can gather light energy from the sun for storage and use for commercial or residential purposes.

However, before this renewable energy can be used, it must first be converted into the type of electricity that can be utilized in a conventional electric grid. This is where solar inverters play a critical role.

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Enphase Micro Inverter

Meet the fourth-generation Enphase microinverter family. Together, they represent the worlds most advanced inverter technology and deliver high-performance solar solutions at any scale, from homes to schools to large commercial projects. Bringing you design flexibility, unmatched quality, easy installation, and better performance, Enphase microinverters are the smart choice.

Enphase M215 Microinverter

The M215 is the basic building block for 208/240V systems. Like all of our fourth-generation microinverters, it delivers higher energy production, greater efficiency, and more rigorous quality standards than anything else out there. Designed for modules up to 270W, the M215 also brings your customers unmatched design flexibility.

  • Output Power: 215W AC

  • Recommended max input power: 270W

  • MPPT Range: 27 39 V

  • Best-in-class 96.5% CEC efficiency

  • Integrated Ground, eliminating the need for a copper grounding wire or WEEB

  • CSA Listed Per UL 1741/IEEE1547

Enphase M250 Microinverter

Using higher powered modules in a 208/240V system? Go big with the M250. It offers all the advantages of the M215, but optimized for high power solar modules of up to 300W. Backed by a 25-year warranty and one million hours of product testing, the M250 gives reliability a whole new meaning.

  • Output Power: 250W AC

  • Recommended max input power: 300W

  • MPPT Range: 27 39 V

  • Best-in-class 96.5% CEC efficiency

  • Integrated Gound, eliminating the need for a copper grounding wire or WEEBCSA Listed per UL 1741/IEEE1547

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Solar Panels

Energy prices keep fluctuating around the country and the electricity bills reach the sky, this is the time when solar panels bring back the light in an affordable price. Increasingly being installed by companies and homeowners all over the United Arab Emirate, they provide greener and safer energy. The resource of sun is infinitely abundant and long lasting. The heat of Dubai beats you down, it is a right time to make the most of it and ease the cost of utility bills. The experts at Sunergy Solar are busy at converting this natural blessing into a useful and beneficial form that can be utilized by everyone. Our photovoltaic solutions in UAE convert the eternal sunshine into usable electricity. Take a look at our products and head with us to the new era.

Buy Solar Panels in Dubai and the UAE

We use top notch production techniques of international standards with meticulous design to ensure a long term and high yield performance of every unit we bring in the market. With an affordable price these modules are ideal for commercial and residential purpose. We promote sustainable living and our interest lies in eco friendly alternative energy solution. All of our products go through the process of in house testing and rigorous quality control. Once you decide to buy solar panels in Dubai and UAE, our experts will provide you necessary guidance and can manage the hassle-free installation for you.

We offer

  • Affordability
  • High Quality
  • Low profile design
  • No visible hardware
We are one of the largest solar panels suppliers in Dubai and UAE with the widest variety of solutions

If you own a plenty of space at roof top, a large number of cheaper panels installation with average efficiency could be economical. Use as much as you need. The modules get less efficient as they get warmer; this is the reason why Sunergy Solar provides high temperature tolerance products for our hot climate. Dont take the installation for granted, as it is necessary to place them in a way that air keeps circulating beneath them to keep the panel cooler.

  • Monocrystalline panels

Most of the time black in color with higher efficiency as compare to the polycrystalline models, they have amazing temperature tolerance. The professional team at Sunergy Solar is producing high tech products with a clear advantage of lesser degradation rate and efficient conversion of sunlight containing infrared into usable electricity. High transmission glass is mounted to create next generation solar panels in Dubai.

Our Mono Crystalline panels feature:

As per the datasheet attached.

  • Mono-crystalline panels

Achieving a high performance & excellent level of efficiency, these modules used widely across UAE for businesses, home and large scale power plants. Offering minimum installation cost and maximum kWh output, these solar panels deliver above average yield of energy.

As per the datasheet attached.

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Charge Controllers

  • Battery state-of-charge indication by means of 3 LEDs
  • Load disconnect prewarning by acoustic signal
  • Three-stage PWM charging algorithm with (integrated) temperature compensation (boost, equalization, and float charging)
  • Automatic 12/24 V detection
  • Large terminals: up to 16 mm2 cable
  • SOC- and voltage-controlled LVD
  • Fully electronically protected

Phocos solar-powered charge controllers can be used to provide reliable energy supply in street lights, SCADA systems, RVs, boats and many other applications such as telecommunications and heavy-industry operations. The CML charge controllers are equipped with a number of outstanding features like status display, warning, and protection functions.
The temperature-compensated three-stage PWM charging algorithm (boost-equalization-float) is adjustable to sealed and vented lead-acid batteries. The CML series also allows either SOC- or voltage-controlled low-voltage disconnect function.
The battery status is clearly indicated by three LEDs. This was the first controller in its price class available on the market to incorporate an alarm signal for low-voltage disconnect.

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Mounting Structure

  • Unique structure properties for Hat profiles where the modules are installed directly.
  • Corrosion resistance performance up to 10 times better than galvanized steel.
  • 25 years anti-corrosion warranty.
  • The best suited protection to withstand harsh environments.
  • Self repairing protection for cut edges.
  • Customized designs to fit your applications.
  • Compatible with all types of modules
  • Reliable
  • High-quality
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-effective
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DEKA Batteries


Advanced high tech procedures, innovative computer aided modern design and international standard manufacturing techniques are used to make Deka Solar batteries. They are the energy reservoir of your alternative energy producing power systems. It is of high concern to select the appropriate type and size based on capacity and performance. UAE is a place of surplus sunlight and it is always bright. Due to high consumption and low temperature tolerance, customers face the issue of worn out batteries in short span of time.

The team at Sunergy Solar put meticulous efforts and rigorous quality control to provide products which benefit you for long term. We present utmost quality from the import of raw material to the development of comprehensive units.

Offering Deka Solar Batteries in Dubai and across the UAE at Affordable Prices

The revolutionary technology and custom integration with energy management system of Deka Solar Batteries have several advantages including:

  • Maintenance free
  • No need of watering
  • Eliminates corrosive fumes and spills of acid
  • No requirements of equalization charging
  • Stratify free electrolytes
  • Faster recharge
  • Deep cycle ability
  • Little deterioration less than 2%
  • Optimum voltage matching between cells
  • No need of special containers
  • Reliable performance
  • No leakage
  • Individual plate formation
A Commitment to Excellence to Customers in Dubai and throughout the UAE

In addition to our world-class products, we are also deeply invested in ensuring that our customers benefit from smooth and seamless transactions. Our team will ensure that customers get what they order, in the fastest way possible. In any scenario, our customer support personnel will always be available to address the concerns of our customers and provide quick and exact solutions.

Holding a long history of reliable and on time delivery, Sunergy Solar has a team of professionals who are dedicated to supply solar batteries in UAE.

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Solar Street Light

  • Good heat dissipation: Using high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy as the main heat dissipation, good heat dissipation performance.
  • Light distribution: Using unique reflector, high luminous efficiency, distribution uniformity
  • LED sources: Applied with the highest-level CREE/SSC/OSRAM LED, low brightness attenuation and lifespan is over 50000hrs
  • Optional multi-input voltage: Wide-voltage design AC input voltage, adapt to different voltage range; offer 12/24VDC input volt for solar system
  • Environmental protection : Green light source, all materials are complied with ROHS requirements
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