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  • Canopies

    TGAC have executed many architectural canopies in different type of projects. Hotels, residential buildings, office buildings, hospitals and malls. Types of canopies: a- Canopies with Cladding b- Canopies with St.Steel c- Canopies with ...

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  • cutting line

    We, in TGAC have 4 cutting lines in Dubai and Qatar. The machines are from MS LISEC Austria and MS BOTTERO Italy with a total capacity of 800m² of cutting glass per 24hrs production. We can cut sizes of 6000 x 3000mm. Moreover, those machines have online edge deletion facilities and ...

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  • Doors & Windows

    Technical Glass associated with the most internationally recognized aluminum system suppliers such as: 1- Schuco System (Germany) 2- Technal System ( France ) Tender Drawings, Shop drawings and fabrication drawings are done by T.G.A.C engineering ...

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  • Handrails RAILING

    Handrails and balustrades that are mostly used in residential & commercial buildings are mainly designed for safety. Presently, balustrades are designed to give emphasis to a certain part of a building that enhances the visual aesthetics. a) Aluminum Handrail b) Glass ...

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  • heat soaked glass

    TGAC can conduct heat soak testing on tempered glass if required. Heat soaking is a destructive test which heats the glass for several hours at approximate 280°C. This process speeds up the Alpha to Beta transformation of Nickel Sulphide (NIS) should it be present. This reduces ...

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  • Heat Treated Glass

    The cut to size glass sheets are fed from the loading conveyor into the furnace where it moves back & forth on ceramic rollers until it reaches a top of approximate 620°C. Progressing from the furnace, the glass moves into the quench section where it is rapidly cooled by blasting both top ...

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  • Insulated Glass Units

    By nature, a single piece of glass has little resistance to either heat gain or heat loss because it is a good conductor and poor insulator. By adding a second panel of glass separated by air, the insulating property of glass will be improved. We, in Technical Glass (UAE & Qatar) Factories ...

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  • Laminated Glass

    Laminated glass is safety glass used mainly in shop fronts to protect from vandalism & robbery. Moreover, it has very high acoustical values. We do the PVB laminates as well as resin laminates. This technology will assure that no delamination will happen with time to the glass. One point ...

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  • metal cladding

    Cladding is used as a decoration of external and internal walls, canopies, balconies, ceiling, platforms and columns. Cladding does not have a standard size and it can be fabricated and folded easily using the CNC router machine and CNC punching machines to fits exactly with the architectural ...

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  • partitions

    Types of Partitions: a- Linear Glazing b- Steel Framing c- Ceramic Frit Partitions d- Frameless Partitions e- Aluminum – Wood Partitions f- Switchable Glass Partitions

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  • Skylights

    Skylight is an architectural product that provides lighting using the natural day light. Skylight has good transparent effect and a beautiful exterior effect of glass with a low cost to maintain and clean. Skylight can be divided into many types: a- Aluminum ...

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