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Dates Cleaning Machine

A/ Elevator 1. Dimension: L-3mtr, W-0.5mtr, H-2.2mtr 2. Runs by variable speed gearbox motor- (1hp.380V.50Hz) B/ Vibrator 1. Dimension: L-1.5mtr, W-0.8mtr, H-2mtr 2. Runs by Two Electrical Vibrator Motor (380V, 340W, 50Hz, 1500Rpm) C/ Cleaning Device 1. Dimension: L-3mtr, W-1.2mtr, H-1.7mtr 2. Runs by Two Variable Speed gearbox motor-(1hp, 380V, 50Hz)

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Fumigation Chamber

Specifications of capacity 14tons: 1. Dimension of chamber: length= 13.1m, inside width= 2.85m, inside height= 2m. 2. The walls of the device made of carbon steel ( 6 mm thickness) and to be strengthen to withstand discharge procedure (-0.5 bar) 3. Two Vacuum pump fix outside of fumigation to make vacuum inside fumigation type “BUSCH” technical data. • Nominal displacement: 300 m3/hr • Ultimate pressure: 0.5 bar. • Nominal motor rating: 5.5 Kw, 50Hz. • Sound Level: 74 dB (A) • Oil filling: 6.5 L • Weight: 195 Kg 4. Methyl bromide equipments use to distribute gas inside device. 5. All valves open and close automatically. 6. Holes for entry and exit of air are opening and closing automatically. 7. Loading and of loading by conveyer rollers: Length = 13.1m, 2nos Length = 13.7m, 2nos Length = 14.2m, 2nos

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Palm Leaves Crusher

Specifications of no: 3   1. The machine designed to grinding palm fibers and all types of small shrubs. 2. The total capacity of machine 150-200kg per hour depends of feeding. 3. The machine is driven by electric motor 30hp, 380v, 3000rpm, 50 Hz. 4. The dimension of product container is 500mm, in diameter and 250mm in width. 5. Suction air fan fixed with machine to discharge the products. 6. Feeding is machine manually. 7. The grinding knifes are made from tool steel. 8. The machine is fixe on a trolley and can be easily move

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pollen extractor

Electric motor (4hp, 380v, 3000rpm) 2. Electric motor, with gearbox ((1hp, 380v, 100rpm) 3. Cyclone is use to separate pollen from the air 4. Extraction fan -3000cfm 5.Cntaniner for collection pollen. 6. Filter preventing air pollution in working area. 7. Stainless Steel frame to hold together the different parts 8. All parts contact with pollen are made from stainless steel. 9. The total weight 250 kg.

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Date seeds grinding machine

Date seeds grinding  Specifications: 1. Total Capacity: 150-200Kg /hr 2. Dimensions: Length1.15m, width1.14m, height 1.5m 3. The machine runs by electric motor 380V, 15Kw, 50Hz. 4. The grinder knifes are made of tool steel high hardness. 5. The grinder contains movable mesh holes size 5mm. 6. The grinder fixes on the heavy frame to allow high speed of grinder. 7. The date seeds inters to the grinder by screw feeder 1hp, 380v. 8. The grinder made from carbon steel which coated by the high temperature paint.   9. Approximately weight 750kg.

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This equipment extracts 98% of the pollen from the date flowers. Pollen atomizer Machine is use to carry pollen to the top of the date palm tree. It can pollinate between 200 to 300 date palm trees. Maximum reach 10m, with extra extension pipe. It is easy to pollinate 250 trees within 8 hours by one man. It can easily carry on the top of the trees. This machine is use in the Ministry of Environment and Water, many large and small farms in United Arab Emirates and Gulf region. Pollen Atomizer machine 25 kg • Dimension: length =95cm, width=85cm, height=110cm • Petrol engine capacity: 3.5hp • Air compressor pump capacity: 100L/min • Stainless steel air container capacity: 10L, • Stainless steel powder container capacity: 25Kg. • Air hose pipe length 3 meters. • Powder hose pipe length 3 meters. • Metal pipe length: 4m (Two-piece) • Stainless steel base to carry equipments • Maximum height of reach is 12-10meters. • All parts of machine are made of stainless steel.  • Total weight of the machine 130kg

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washing drying machine

LINE OF WASHING, DRYING AND SORTING 1. ELEVATOR 2. Washing Vibrator 3. Water removal vibrator. 4. Dryer. 5. Sorting.    

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