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Table Tennis

  • Product Name: Table Tennis
  • Art No: EM-8001
  • Gross Weight: 93kg
  • Table Size: 2740*1525*760mm
  • Top Thikness: 18mm
  • Top color: Blue
  • Frame Size: 25*50mm
  • Leg Size: 50*50mm
  • Packing Size: 1600*1480*170mm
  • Net Weight: 93Kg
  • Gross Weight: 98Kg
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  • Product Name: Commercial Treadmill
  • Art No: EM-1237

Motor: AC 2.5Hp

Capacity: 150Kg

Belt Size: 510x2800MM

Speed: 1.0-22Km

Auto Incline: 1-20%

Gross Weight: 108Kg

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Exercise Bikes

  • Product Name: Magnetic Bike
  • Art No: EM-1202
  • Size Of Carton: 100CM*60CM*43.5CM
  • Container: 106PCS/20FT 260PCS/40HQ
  • Gross Weight: 26.3KG
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Air Fan And Tower Fan


bladeless fan more and more popular, why would a city that once the best-selling! The author found bladeless fan best-selling because it has many traditions fan, no YeFeng without a little fan advantages as follows:

A, safety: no leaf blade, without a fan of the child still the pet are there is no danger. This is a lot of children, family consider for kids and family that without any dangerous products, welcome more with everybody.

Second, energy-saving: no leaf electric power consumption only 50% of ordinary fan, power saving by 50%. This more than traditional fan saving energy and environmental protection, wind speed stronger and more comfortable.

Three, comfortable: no leaf fan smooth, soft wind, let you enjoy is the feeling of natural wind. bladeless fan without wind leaf, blow out the wind more comfortable, more gently, with natural wind alike, so the more popular!

Four, inexpensive: bladeless fan price and traditional fan is air conditioning yielding around one tenth of the price. Like traditional fan price almost, more cost-effective and more cost-effective than air conditioning are much cheaper, and now people pay more attention to environmental protection and energy saving, now the country's electricity in jeopardy, and also for social save the energy, the more suitable for modern people.

Five, convenient cleaning: avoid remove cleaning cloth to wipe, can, a few seconds can be completed, convenient and save time and efficient. No wind leaf will not have to dissect cleaning wind leaf, more environmental sanitation.

Six, quiet: noiseless and bring you is delicate, smooth and quiet feeling, no vibration sense.

Seven, ideal: use infinitely variable speed regulator, optional regulation size and strength, air more idealistic, humanization.

Eight, fashion: different colour, different styles, the appearance of new fashion design, no matter is put in the home or the office, as handicraft, more the spirit of The Times. Is now home to enjoy another realm!

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Head Massager

  • Product Name: Head Massager
  • Art No: EM-9250

1. Manual massager programmes2. Relaxation music3. Soothing heat4. Built-in timer5. Ergonomic design for a perfect fit6. Control at your fingertips7. Comprehensive range of benefits

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Massage Pillow

  • Product Name: Massage Pillow
  • Art No: EM-6019
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Massage Chair

  • Product Name: Office Massage Chair
  • Art No: EM-7301
  • Packing 1SET/CTN
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Shoes Polish

  • Product Name: Portable Shoe Polisher
  • Art No: EM-9121
  • Packing: 4SET/CTN
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Portable Massage Hammer

  • Product Name: Double Head Massager
  • Art No: EM-4154
  • Packing: 12PCS/CTN
  • Size Of Carton: 61.5CM*46.5CM*46CM
  • Container: 20 FTC: 2700PCS 40 FTC: 5500PCS :40 FTC (high): 6240PCS
  • Gross Weight: 19.6KG

1. Fashionable appearance, convenient operation and a smart-designed handle.2. The well-designed huge dual massage head simulates to massage like a human hand in any parts of your body with evenly-distributed strength.3. Replaceable dual massage heads and plates of different models are available for you to purchase. Prepare for new massage experience.4. The infrared light release from the top and bottom of this massage could provide comfortable warmth to stimulate your meridian points, relieve stress in you mussels and promote the metabolism.5. This product helps improve immunity by offering both soothing and strong percussion upon human meridian points, enhancing blood circulation and increasing vitality.6. This massager brings you not only comprehensive relief from muscle tension but also effectively enhanced blood circulation.7. Two-speed setting is designed for you to choose. The low speed offers soothing and comfortable massage to abate muscular pain while the high speed delivers vigorous and deep penetrating action to stretch muscle. You may choose either of them according to what your body needs.8. The simple but convenient, smart and durable switch gives you two options of massage power intensities: The strong one and the low one.9. It is safe and friendly to the environments with little consumption of electricity.

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Gym Fitness Bench

  • Product Name: Bench
  • Art No: EM-1525
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Slimming Belt And Sauna Belt

  • Product Name: Slimming Belt With Heating
  • Art No: EM-3163
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Dumbbell And Barbell

  • Product Name: 50KGS Dumbbell & Barbell Set
  • Art No: EM-9221-50
  • Price: AED
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Massage Cushion

  • Product Name: Massage Cushion
  • Art No: EM-5225
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Feet And Leg Massager

  • Product Name: Programe Leg Massager
  • Art No: EM-2134
  • Size Of Carton: 58X52X52CM
  • Container: 20'/40'HQ:174/460SET

The legs massager combines the mechanics theory with electronic technology perfectly, which is similar to the massage that somebody else do for you. It kneads the legs and feet, roll massager to the sole. The personally design, comfortable intensity, humanly massage style, which achieves to the comfort to each part of the legs, makes you enjoy the life every day.

Kneading massager on the legs and feet: Which eliminate the tiredness of legs, feet and ache of muscle, promote he blood circulation.

Roll massage to the feel: Which stimulate the reflex points of the feet, promote metabolism.

Double automatic programs: Which acsign the massage style of knead & roll and the intensity in different time, to make you enjoyable pleasure.

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Healthy Figure Trimmer

  • Product Name: Healthy Figure Trimmer
  • Art No: EM-9207
  • Packing: 20PCS/CTN
  • Size Of Carton: 44CM*29CM*58.5CM

1. massage2. magnetic therapy3. vigorous graceful4. shape body

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Push Up Bars

  • Product Name: Push Up Bars
  • Art No: EM-9225
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Mini Triple Ball Massager

  • Product Name: Mini Triple Ball Massager
  • Art No: EM-9169
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