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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Auditorium Acoustics, theater acoustics, home theater acoustics, HARD WOODS FLOORING and Rubber Flooring.

Auditorium Acoustics

Auditorium acoustics needs to be perfect. There should be no unwanted reflections within the room. Quality auditorium acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling tiles coupled with Top- Surface state of the art solutions are used for making the auditorium free from unwanted reverberations. Poor acoustics in the hall or auditorium space can lead to undesirable ambience with lower quality sounds and reflected sound coming from all directions and it gets difficult to follow and understand. To satisfy the unique demands of auditorium acoustics which range from theatrical performances, concerts, speeches, assemblies and public gatherings a well implemented solution has to be provided. We at TOP SURFACE, understand the customer needs and provide auditorium architects, facilities managers and technical directors the right acoustic products to shape and design spaces for optimal acoustical performance of the auditorium. And all this at the most economic rates that bring you value for money and complete peace of mind.

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theater acoustics

THEATER ACOUSTICS At TOP SURFACE we are one of the most skilled theatre  acoustic  suppliers and providers in GCC. We provide you soundproof wall panels with noise reduction panels to reduce the outrage noise and echoes. We enrich your corporate appearance to your workspace with Soundproof ceiling tiles and sound absorbing panels for office to absorb noise and to give silent atmosphere to your theater rooms. If you are looking to match your current room decor with soundproof wall panels or noise reduction panels from reducing noise barriers, Top-Surface has got your back. We offer you, a full line of acoustical foam for ceiling and wall applications, sound control tiles and acoustic ceiling to soundproof ceiling tiles for the ultimate experience in theater acoustics  that one can get.

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home theater acoustics

Acoustics for Home theatres and commercial treater spaces are generally a very tedious work to achieve, hence we recommend you TOP SURFACE sourced solutions well known for Theaters, Home theaters, Restaurants, Auditoriums and Studies. Acoustic Solutions  not only provide the largest selection of high quality, eco-friendly products at affordable prices, but provide customers with a professional design to help you achieve a quality acoustic space and total peace of mind. TOP SURFACE is a pioneer and leading supplier of sound absorbing products and materials for Home Theater applications. Our products consist of acoustic wall panels, wall and acoustic ceiling covering solutions and sound absorbing design objects to enhance the sound clarity as well as design of the architecture. With over 3 decades of experience, we continue to provide acoustic comfort solutions for offices, libraries, restaurants, recording studios, Theatre, Home Theatre, auditorium, etc., The product range offered includes Fabric & Wooden Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceiling, False Ceiling We are committed to provide excellent craftsmanship, exceptional product selection and customer contentment all at competitive prices. We provide you acoustic ceiling  ,   soundproof wall panels that give you   sound proofingservices that absorb echo, reduce noise, reverberation sounds within the space and restore a room to premium sound quality. They are robust, custom cut to any size, easy to self-install, and available in multiple color options. Music room;

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If your next project is fueled by passion, the zeal for innovation or simply a desire for change, your floor will be one of the first items on your checklist. It is figuratively the basis of your indoors. With this in mind, TOP SURFACE brings you the best products and solutions in hardwood floorings from premium European styles and unyielding quality assurance. When thinking about investing in a new floor, people face a choice between different kinds of  hardwood floorings . Prized for their natural beauty, our hardwood floors come in numerous colors and styles to help you transform your home, office, restaurant, hotel, boutique, farm-house or any other residential of commercial establishment. TOP SURFACE is a provider of the finest imported and exotic hardwood flooring solutions which gives durability you can depend on for a lifetime. We, at TOP SURFACE, provide a variety of hardwood floorings like solid wooden flooring, engineered wooden flooring, laminated wooden flooring & sports wooden flooring. TOP SURFACE has a vision of creating a perfect flooring solution for our customers. TOP SURFACE is a leading flooring provider in Dubai, and the rest of GCC countries offering a wide selection of flooring to our customers. We provide a vast range of good high quality floorings at affordable prices and you will definitely find what you need at TOP SURFACE. We supply a wide range of flooring products, and have assisted many clients to find the  best flooring for their indoors

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Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring comes with a variety of inherent advantages that make it a highly popular flooring option for commercial as well as high-footfall environments. Rubber possesses a host of qualities that makes it a great material for use as outdoor rubber flooring as well. Outdoor areas such as patios, decks, playgrounds, and other such places that need superior levels of comfort and protection are primarily catered to by our premium rubber flooring solutions. The main function of outdoor rubber flooring is to prevent any physical damage to existing surfaces since, rubber is a great barrier between heavy weights and sensitive surfaces. This alternative is also finding its way into residential interior and exterior applications. Most commonly, people associate rubber flooring with indoor applications such as gyms and garages. Rubber flooring for gym applications can also help provide enhanced levels of comfort and traction for high intensity workouts. Commercial  rubber flooring  is now being installed worldwide in hundreds of stadiums and arenas, sports and entertainment facilities, schools and universities, government and military sites, as well as in healthcare, industrial, justice and correctional, museum, commercial, office, retail and transportation facilities. Outdoor flooring, made of rubber, is a cost-effective method of preventing further expensive repair costs. Rubber tiles are a versatile flooring option for many areas of any home or business. The specific advantages being: Durability Easy maintenance Water-resistance Quiet ambience With TOP SURFACE, you get a wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures in rubber flooring. We offer a diverse line of gym rubber flooring products that provide the necessary floor protection against abrasions from heavy objects. We provide the best in commercial rubber flooring and installation. Our commercial grade rubber  flooring  is slip-retardant and provides safety, durablity, and requires less maintenance than most other types of hard surface flooring. Our rubber tiles are designed to be used in gyms, playgrounds and other outdoor spaces. All of our tiles are easy to install and maintain and are backed by industry leading warranties. Outdoor rubber tiles are great for outdoor patios, decks, and stables. Our expertise in rubber flooring installation and other related flooring products are designed to meet the high demands of any small to large sized company or facility.

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Raised Access Floor

Raised access floorings are basically as a structure of panels and supports that create a raised floor above the original structural floor. It is done to raise the floor up, and create a space in between the raised floor and the building structural floor where various items like wiring for power, voice, and data can be planted or plumbing lines can be located. As a result, raised floors with underfloor service distribution have become standard solutions in commercial and in many cases residential constructions today. TOP SURFACE supplied Raised Access Floor systems provide an effective solution to these type of requirements, while delivering the best performance and  benefits in improving the indoor environment.Our products and solutions provide you complete peace of mind and sustainable returns by reduction in energy consumption and material use, and at the same time prove highly cost effective in comparison to traditional construction material. Raised access flooring can be very easy to take care of in terms of maintenance. Let our tailor-made solutions take care of your project and offer you the bliss of quality product at the most cost-effective rates.

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Engineered for superior sound absorption and balanced acoustic design. Top Surface Acoustic Panel is a premium sound solution for wall and ceiling applications. Utilising the latest technology, any image or design can be recreated as a unique acoustic detail, custom panel or artwork. An ideal alternative to fabric wrapped frames. Top Surface Acoustic Panel is light-weight, semi-rigid, impact resistant and incredibly durable, allowing interior designers to explore new horizons and break established boundaries, whilst achieving high levels of sound absorption.   Top Surface Acoustic Panel is supplied to site in sheet form that can be cut-in and framed on-site eliminating issues with on-site variations in wall size and shape that have traditionally posed problems for fabric wrapped panels manufactured and finished off-site. Top Surface Acoustic Panel is made from 100% recyclable polyester and manufactured under Autex’s ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System. Top Surface Acoustic Panel contains a minimum of 45% post-consumer recycled material (PET bottle-flake). Applying a sound absorbing layer to large flat surfaces can work wonders to redress any number of acoustic problems in any type of space, especially where ceiling space utilization is restricted. Hence, in order to reduce noise and control sound in any room, today, acoustic panels are put up in the walls and vertical spaces. Walls have proved to be a convenient surface on which to apply acoustic panels and products. Wall panels are also ideal for an environment where noise contamination is undesirable; in such places, sound absorbing acoustic panels absorb sound waves to limit noise, improve speech clarity and reduce reverberation in walls. Using acoustic panels essentially cleans a room of unnecessary sound debris that makes it difficult to hear a lecturer speak, enjoy beautiful music or record something clearly and accurately. TOP SURFACE acoustic wall panels that come in a large variety of sizes, types and colors to meet your design, budget, and durability requirements, are the obvious choice for a crisp, neat and flexible system that will satisfy the design and acoustic goals for your project. We have panels suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Our acoustical wall panel systems can be availed as a complete site installed solution or as pre-fabricated panels. Besides, sound absorbing panels tend to be comparatively lighter and effective than other products and solutions. Regardless of whether you need soundproofing or sound-absorbing panels, we recommend you to consult with our acoustical panel specialists; whereby you can become aware of a large assortment of soundproofing and sound-absorbing panels for any application and get the best solution for your acoustic needs.

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acoustic ceiling panels

Ceiling panels are great at absorbing sound, rather than blocking it. Sound absorption is a critical component of any room that is occupied by people and, while our lightweight, modular ceilings are not effective at blocking sound – they are, in fact, very good at absorbing it. With optimized gaps between partitions that separate rooms, the system is effective at preventing noise transfer between the adjacent spaces.  When acoustics is essential for noise and sound control, our wide range of premium  acoustic ceilings  and acoustical ceiling tiles provide the solution you are looking for. To soundproof between floors we recommend TOP SURFACE acoustic panels. Large noisy areas, such as gymnasiums, Auditorium, Cafeteria, Office floor, BPO Floor and work floors can now be effectively controlled with soundproof ceilings and acoustical wall panels, made of premium quality material that control noise and give you the quality acoustic experience that you desire.  Acoustic panels are a very cost-effective means of providing fantastic sound absorption in the room across a whole ceiling area. We provide you the expertise in optimizing your acoustic and aesthetic designs with a  sound proofing  solution. Our services and solutions are most keenly developed to provide you complete peace of mind at the most reasonable prices. We supply the best quality acoustic ceiling tiles so that you not only achieve an attractive finish but you also gain the benefits of fantastic sound absorption, which works efficiently to reduce noise generated by ceiling interfaces, such as ventilation and air-conditioning. Ranging from cool laminates and warm woods to bold colors and bright whites, our broad portfolio of acoustic and noise proofing solutions coupled with the finest quality of material, offers you the flexibility and performance you need for designing your commercial and/or residential space giving you the perfect solution for your acoustic needs.

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Carpet Tiles

    When we think of affordability, carpet is one of the most economical flooring products to have installed. Carpet provides an anti-slip surface that is safe underfoot and gives a cushion effect to prevent breakage when delicate items are accidentally dropped. Its cushioned surface also absorbs sound and is less noisy to walk on than any hard surface flooring.  Additionally, the insulating properties provide additional warmth underfoot during winters. Moreover these carpets are usually treated with static, stain and soil resistant treatments, making them easy to clean and maintain. At TOP SURFACE, we supply a variety of carpet styles, patterns and colors to choose from to satisfy any style and match any décor. Our wide range of commercial and residential carpets flooring solutions, sourced from imported brands, give you the niche European look and feel for your projects. We have the world’s best-selling carpet floors for you to choose from so you can be sure to get the most unique selection of products to provide the best  carpet flooring options for homes in your area If you’re looking for outstanding designs along with impeccable performance and a reliable customer service, you are at the right place. Contact us now to get a price or sample. We have the widest range of carpet styles and colors to fit all your needs. Our expertise in the supply and installation of carpet and flooring products are designed to meet all sorts of demands, ranging from the smallest to any large sized requirement.   Design : Tufted Fiber : 100% Olefin Face : 1/10th Type : Loop Type Size : 50 x 50 cms Stitch Rate/Inch : 15 (+60/10cms) Pile Height : 3mm (+0.2mm) Primary Backing : None Woven (PES/PA) Pile Weight : 550 gsm/m² (+5%) Total Weight : + 4500 gsm/m² (+5%)   Secondary Backing : Glass Fiber Reinforced PVC Backing

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wood plastic composite

Water and Termite Resistance Slip Resistance – whether wet or dry Fungal & Rot resistance UV Resistance and Long Life No cracking / splitting and easier maintenance Shock Resistance & Electrical Insulation Thermal insulation Doesn’t require painting Sound absorbing, outstanding performance in energy-saving etc. Environment Friendly & 100% Recyclable With TOP SURFACE, these floorings are available in a wide variety of alluring colors to meet your specific requirements. We are an established brand, which is engaged in trading, importing and supplying WPC   Deck Flooring. We offer superlative products to stay much ahead of competition. TOP SURFACE works with a philosophy of product innovation and the commitment to offer a wide range of profiles that complement the client’s design and fit appropriately with any application. We recommend you to choose TOP SURFACE as your preferred supplier, so we can facilitate you to choose the right products and solutions to create lasting beautiful indoor / outdoor spaces.

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solid wooden flooring

Solid wood flooring does not get dusty. It has some unique features such as stain and scratch resistance. Solid wood provides natural warmth making it suitable for indoors. It is easy to maintain and clean. TOP SURFACE’s solid wood range offers woods in its natural colors and species giving you a wide collection of wooden floors for your dream home!  

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Engineered Wooden Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is even more versatile representing all the traditional aesthetics of solid hardwood, with an innovation in designs. TOP SURFACE allows you to install your chosen color, cut, finish and surface texture in the engineered hardwood. The product allows easy maintenance and is ideally suited for a house and office. The way it is constructed makes engineered wood flooring less prone to changes caused by a room’s temperature or humidity.  

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sports wooden flooring

TOP SURFACE is a leading indoor sports flooring provider. Our sports flooring is used for many kinds of indoor sports flooring around the world. We deliver a wide range of sports wooden surfaces with uncompromising quality standards. We install your sports wooden floors that stay for life and help you maintain it too.                 We, at TOP SURFACE, take the lead initiative when it comes to supplying hardwood flooring in Dubai, for parquet flooring needs. When you are getting your office/ home ready or renovating it for a make-over, try our hardwood interior facilities that not only possess the benefits of longevity and protection, but also add new charm and charismatic appeal to your home. When the flooring needs to be attractive, install the geometric designs form a nice pattern in the rich wood outlay. One such practice is the use of hardwood flooring. Such flooring is also called parquet flooring and these wooden tiles are called parquet wood tiles. TOP SURFACE brings an extensive range of hardwood floors that become a great replacement for marble or ceramic tiles. All of our tile varieties have been approved by experts for their hard-wearing and sturdy nature. The hardwood flooring is preferred for spaces with more activity and higher foot-fall on the flooring. Areas like children’s rooms, kitchen and dining areas that are more prone to such continuous activities, hence, need to have hardwood flooring installed there. For areas with lesser activities like the study or the living area, can do with comparatively finer version of hardwood to maintain the aesthetic appeal but with lower costs. Even with these preferences there are no thumb rules however, with our expert installers at TOP SURFACE, you can always expect correct guidance in terms of what to choose and how to choose for any hardwood flooring installation. Engineered hardwood flooring is the processed version of a regular hardwood flooring made by binding together one or more different layers of wooden material. The processing helps eliminate some of the misdemeanors of natural hardwood flooring while making it sturdier and more durable. Engineered hardwood flooring cost in Dubai is very competitive, thanks to TOP SURFACE supplied premium range of products at affordable prices and it can get more economical for you with our new innovations and solutions. Enjoy the warmth and beauty of hardwood floors. You can select from our wide range of hardwood flooring options which are suitable and tested for our every climate. We have supplied and installed thousands of wooden floors, both in residential and commercial properties. Contact us to get more Info on Hardwood Flooring . Hardwood Flooring, by definition, is any flooring product manufacture from timber. It is basically wood, designed structurally and aesthetically to serve as flooring material. Wood is a common choice as a flooring material due to its benign environmental profile, durability and restorability. Hardwood comes from dicotyledonous angiosperm trees, which are located in tropical and sub-tropical regions. The flooring wood is supplied by milling the planks from a single piece of timber. Hardwood floors supplied by TOP SURFACE are very popular and common in Dubai, as these have a thicker wear surface and have a multitude of other advantages. They add warmth and beauty to any space. Hardwood floor substantially enhances the value of your home. Hardwood improves with age as it goes on acquiring grace, hence is one of the longest lasting flooring solutions that TOP SURFACE installs for its projects. A good quality hardwood floor could come with a higher price tag, but it is inversely proportionate to the cost of maintenance; and at TOPSURFACE, we put before you, the idea of a new age flooring, at the most genuine pricing so as to add stars to your installations. We are committed by our mission to provide you flooring solutions par excellence which not only help you to make better choices but also make you proud when your family, friends and yourself appreciate it even years after. Our solutions are not limited to mere display of options but also include end to end supply and installation; we make sure you have the apt guidance, the perfect material and satisfactory service from our end. The advancements in the processing techniques are yielding innovative variations like Engineered hardwood floorings, which are more resilient and cost much lower. Engineered hardwood flooring is also considered to be comparatively eco-friendlier due to lesser use of natural wood. At TOPSURFACE, there are many shades and varieties available in this flooring category for you to pick and choose from. It is also another solution for home owners who want to have high-end and international looks for their homes. It is highly durable and is able to withstand intense variations of moisture and temperature fluctuations. Engineered hardwood flooring costs depends on the quality and thickness of the plank. But TOPSURFACE supplied engineered hardwood brings you complete peace of mind at the most reasonable prices. Without a doubt, our hardwood floors evoke the timeless elegance of traditional solid wood flooring, but in an environmentally responsible way. Among other benefits of this floor, one is that it is more stable than solid wood floors; two it is extremely useful and provides a perfect fit every time, so you don’t have to worry about contraction or expansion over the years. We at TOPSURFACE have a wide variety of widths, grades and colors, thus providing you complete control over the final look of your floor.

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Laminated Wooden Flooring

Laminated wooden flooring, a floor that combines design and long-lasting durability like no other. These are made to withstand years of use and still look beautiful. Laminate flooring allows you to enjoy a wood-like floor. It is the best option for someone wanting a durable floor for a fraction of the price and installation time of a hardwood floor, but with the attractiveness of real hardwood. Laminate flooring is easy to maintain as it doesn’t require any detergents, abrasive cleaner or polishes. Browse our laminate flooring collections and choose the latest laminate colors, styles and textures featuring complete waterproof protection on select floors. Fulfil your dream floor designs with us.

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