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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of LED TRIPROOF LIGHTS.

Solar Led Street Lights

Truelite Capabilities in Solar Street Lighting:

Truelite offers a complete concept to delivery turnkey solutions in solar led street lighting. Our technical team can inspect your site and recommend the right lighting solutions to achieve the Lux requirement for the street area. The findings then analysed and presented with advance software for better understanding of the decision makers.Truelite uses advanced Cree Led for our Solar Street Lighting Solutions and offers 5 yrs of Unmatched Warranty for the lights.

The idea behind this solution is to provide a clean and reliable energy source to a day to day as well a cruciallightingapplication. With Solar powered LED Street lights even the remote locations, where there is no power, once can illuminate the roads with the help of such solutions.

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The Combiner Box is an electrical distribution box where the DC circuit breakers are installed. The Combiner Box combines the multiple DC inputs coming from theSolar Moduleswhich in turn converts these into one DC output. The output of the combiner box is connected to thecharge controlleror the inverter, depending on the type of system installed.

In order to choose the correct combiner box, it is necessary to determine the number of strings of solar panels, since a breaker is needed for each string. It is also required to determine the breakers size that is needed based on the arrays current (I) and voltage (V) .

Truelite offers combiner boxes in 6 ways ( connecting 6 arrays together) , 12 ways (connecting 12 arrays together), 18ways (connecting 18 arrays together) or even more if required.

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The LED RGB amplifier is a basic component that is needed to run a good length of LEDs. Majorly these are used in the application ofLED StripLighting.

Truelite LED Strip comes in a standard size of 5m (1 roll) with variants in watts ranging from 12 72W in one roll. While in application where in more than oneLED Stripis to be run and operated by a single Remote, LED RGN Amplifiers come in handy.

Practically one amplifier can connect twoLED Stripswith one and other and to add more number ofLED Stripsthe same number of LED RGB Amplifiers are required.

Truelite RGB Amplifiers are available for both Waterproof and None waterproof applications and are suited for bothindoorandoutdoorapplication.

With the help of RGB Amplifier a good length ofLED Strips can be run and operated by a single remote.

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Led Tunnel Lights

  • Warranty 5 years
  • Rated Power 40W
  • Operating Voltage AC 100-277V
  • Power Factor >0.9
  • Base Type Surface/Wall Mount
  • Color Temp 2700K – 6500K
  • CRI: >70
  • Beam angle 100°
  • Luminous Flux 4000(max)
  • IP Grade IP65
  • Working Environment -40°C to +50°C
  • Life >50, 000 Working hours

Truelite LED tunnel lights are used in tunnels for lighting large areas. LED tunnel light feature the high lighting efficiency, good stability and long working hours. Due to the fast moving traffic, high quality of light is required in the tunnels. Keeping in mind the safety of drivers, transportation andinfrastructure, Truelite LED Tunnel light is the best suited lighting option for such application. Not only this, due to theenergy-savingand safety, the LED tunnel lighting has become amajorlightingapplication.Our LED tunnel lights are with highly reliableenvironment-friendlymaterial casing, the transparent part is stainless steel strengthened glass, the whole LED lamp is waterproof and dust proof, it is also antiseptic and anti-rust. It can work fine in the environment that many cars passed by it, and the LED tunnel lights can work in high temperature or damp environment.

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LED Flood Lights

  • Power Consumption 40W
  • Beam Angle 50°/100°/120°
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Model No TLFLB-40
  • Operating Voltage AC 120-277V
  • Base Type Surface/Wall Mount
  • Color Temp 3000K – 5500K
  • Optical lens optional T1 / T2 / T3 / T4 / T5
  • Life >50, 000 Working hours
  • Working Environment -20C to +60C
  • IP Grade IP67
  • Luminous Efficacy 143lm/W
  • Luminous flux 5720lm

Truelite GALA series LED Flood Lights are an advanced area lighting solution made for specific applications.Truelite GALA series LED Flood Lights are available in many mounting options includes, U brackets, pole mounted for shoe box type replacements, ceiling mount for high bay applications, combined with a yoke mount. GALA-U & GALA-UR Series are versatile led lighting solutions that provide highly-optimized target illumination performance and the flexibility needed for demanding applications. Featuring advanced LED optical design, offers illumination performance to meet your precise lighting requirements while significantly reducing maintenance cost. More than 15 light distributions are available for virtually any application.

The Gala Series Flood lights are certified with all standards testing requirements for any project applictions and also comes with 5 year warranty and an optional 10 year extendable warranty . Also these lights can work with motion sensor, photocell communication system, DALI and 1-10 dimming option.

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  • Warranty 3 year
  • Power consumption 2.16W.
  • Operating Voltage DC 12/24V.
  • IP GGrade IP68.
  • CRI >75.
  • Luminous flux 185lm.
  • Base Type Surface mount.
  • Color Temp WW/CW/RGB/Y.
  • Beam angle 120°-180°
  • Dimension (LxBXH) 216×27.9×16.2mm.
  • Working Environment -20C to +55C.
  • Life >50, 000 Working hours.
  • Fire proof class V-0.
  • Certifications CE, RoHS.
Led aluminium light bars & strips for cove lighting

Led Aluminium Light Bars & Strips Cove Lightingare perfect replacement forcove lighting projects especially in hospitality industry and home use. Led aluminium light bar integrates high quality aluminium with high power led light source to provide a unique solution. Truelite led aluminium bars are one of the most popular led lighting products on the market these days, with a large spectrum of applications for personal and commercial use, both for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Energy saving solution for hospitality industry

The low voltage makes this lighting ideal for a wide range of applications for commercial lighting especially in the hospitality industry where the extensive lighting is required 247. The variety of moods or atmospheres that can be created with aluminium lights is incredibly large and a lot depends on the accessories you use with them, like dimmers or controllers.

Wide applications

ITP Building, TECOM, Dubai by Truelite

Designed for the lighting professional, this lighting can be used for architectural lighting, sign letters, concealed lighting, perimeter lighting and many other applications. Led strips are fixed in high quality and stylish aluminium bar for better heat dissipation and decorative appearance.

ITP Building at TECOM, Dubai designed and executed by Truelite is an example of the many optionsLed Aluminium Light Bars & Strips can cater.

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  • Power consumption 3W
  • Operating Voltage AC 90-265V
  • Base Type E27, E14
  • Color Temp. WARM/COOL WHITE
  • Beam angle 360°
  • CRI >70
  • Led 3014
  • Luminous Flux 170-210lm
  • Working Environment -20C to +40C
  • Life >50, 000 Working hours
  • Dimension E14-Ø37*123 mm, E27- Ø37*130 mm
  • Warranty 2 years

Truelite Candle Lights and Tip Lights are one of the unique products in the Lighting sector. Since these have many applications ranging fromresidential, commercialandHospitalitybeing majorly using these lights. these are easy to use and the best replacement for conventional candle lights. With a reduction of 60 80% of the power consumptioncomparedto conventionalincandescent bulbs, LED Candle and Tip Light has become a hot product in UAE and other Tourist Destination. Our Lights are in line with the lighting requirements of thehospitalityenvironment with range of the color temperature between 2600k 3000k and at the same time withreduced power consumption, more number of lights can be used to enhance such ambiance.

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Led Down Lights

  • Shape Round
  • Color White
  • Rated power 5W.
  • Operating Voltage AC 110-240V
  • Dimming Non dimmable
  • LED Bridgelux
  • Color Temp. 2700K ñ 6500K
  • Beam angle 60∞
  • IP Grade IP44
  • Luminous flux 450lm
  • Life >50, 000 Working hours.
  • Cut out :ÿ60mm
  • Working Environment -10C to +60C.
  • Luminaire Fixing: Recess mount
  • Warranty 3 year

TrueliteLED Down Lightis a high-grade indoor lighting for illumination and decoration, using Cree LED as light source. With aluminum alloy body case made by precise CNC machines, soft light and uniform luminance, thisis the best green light option for home and commerciallighting application. Few of the advantages of ourDown-lightsare; Instant Switch on, no noise, no flickering, work steadily, Low power consumption, no pollution and long life.

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Led High Bay Light

  • Power Factor >0.95
  • CRI Ra>70
  • Beam Angle 80°/115°
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Model No TLBLD40
  • Rated power 40W
  • Operating Voltage AC 90-305V
  • THD <15%
  • Optic (IESNA) T5R Reflector
  • Color Temp 4000K ñ 5000K.
  • Efficacy 92 lm/w
  • Luminous flux 3742lm
  • Life >50, 000 Working hours
  • Working Environment: -40C to +50C.
  • Product Finish Grey color
  • IP Grade IP65

Truelite VIVID Series combines unique optic solutions with traditional bell shaped appearance, which performs much better than traditional high bay lights and conventional COB LED bay lights.

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LED Par Lights

  • Rated power 12W
  • Input Voltage AC 90V~ 265 VAC
  • Power factor >0.5
  • Driver Efficency >80
  • Lamp Shape PAR30
  • Base Type E27
  • CCT 2700-5000K
  • Beam Angle 45°
  • Working Temperature -40°CTo +50°C
  • Lamp Efficacy 80-90lm/w
  • Luminous Flux 765-861lm
  • Rated Life (hrs) 50, 000

Truelite PAR lights are use power led as light source, so high lumen output.LED PAR lamps are the most popular replacements for the Down light application. With its wider reflector PAR light is the best option for covering a wider area for any of the commercial or residential down lighting application. The other advantage of LED PAR lights is its low power consumption mechanism. Due to advance technology of LED, the LED based PAR30 and PAR38 can give same light output as compared to a conventional light which may be consuming 3-4 times high power to generate similar light.Also it is suitable for club, party mobile DJ etc.

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Led Spot Light

  • Rated power 2W
  • Operating Voltage DC 12V
  • Base Type MR11
  • Beam angle 38°
  • Dimming Status Non Dimming
  • Luminous flux: 150-180lm
  • CRI >75
  • Color Temp 2600K – 6500K
  • Working Environment -20C to +45C
  • Life >50, 000 Working hours
  • Dimension Ø35*36.5mm(DxH)
  • Warranty 3 years

The aerodynamic guide fin design deals with the sink center hot spot and so no airflow convection issue and also it enhances the totalthermal performance. Our LED Spot Lights are2/3 times lighter than other similar products. We use Aluminumalloy as our heat sinks to make them more durable and effective, the results of using such heat sinks are, high moisture proof rating, distributes heat evenly, low thermal resistance, longer life, low attenuation and small package.

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Led Strip Lights

  • Warranty 2 years
  • Power consumption 12W
  • Operating Voltage DC 12V
  • LED 3528
  • Luminous flux 550lm
  • Base Type Surface mount
  • Color Temp WW, CW & RGB
  • Dimension 5m
  • Working Environment -15C to +40C
  • Life >50, 000 Working hours

Truelite LED strips are light weight and ultra thin making it easier for transportation and installation. The LED strips can be used for various applications, such asindoorandoutdoorlighting, diffused lighting, lighting at the areas where the available space for installing lights is very less. Also since these strips are flexible one can easily use them decorative as well as customized designed lighting applications. Our LED Strip lights are available in single color andRGBoptions. These lights are available in Waterproof and none waterproof variants. With full silicon tube as outside cover the lights have better heat sinking and can with stand to bad weather conditions. Few advantages of these light are longer lifespan, stable quality, anti-UV, wear-resisting, energy savingandenvironment friendly.

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Led Track Lights

  • Warranty 3 years
  • Rated Power 10W
  • Operating Voltage AC 100-277V
  • Power Factor >0.9
  • Mount Surface/Wall/ceiling
  • Color Temp :2700K – 6500K
  • Beam angle 50°
  • CRI >85
  • Luminous Flux: 700lm
  • Working Environment -20°C to +50°C
  • Life >50, 000 Working hours
  • Dimension 207 X 120 X 80 mm
LED Track Lights Replacement for Halogens

Truelite offers complete track lighting solutions for different application.Track lighting is quite versatile and commonly used in galleries, retail stores and offices. Our LED track series select high brightness COB LEDs as light source, it s designed to use aluminum reflector cup with multiple reflecting function. Our products are with good thermal performance, low power dissipation, energy saving and long lifespan. The color temperature of light source has pure white, warm white and more others for choice. Using the suitable inside constant current power supply, it s easy to install and use.

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Led Tube Lights

  • Power Consumption 6W
  • Power Factor >0.9
  • Dimension 604X15mm
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Diffuser Clear/frosted
  • Operating Voltage AC 100-277V
  • Base Type T5
  • Color Temp 2600K – 6500K
  • Color Rendering Index >75
  • Life >50, 000 Working hours
  • Luminous Flux: 600/520lm
  • Efficacy (lm/W) >100lm/W
  • Working Environment -20C to +50C

Truelite LED Tube Light is newenvironmental friendlyproduct, using high efficacy and high color rendering index LED as light source, working under low voltage and temperature, safe and reliable. LED tube light is same with traditional fluorescent in appearance and size, while much moreenergy saving, environmental friendly and longer lifespan. Normal working hour of LED tube light is over 50, 000. It is easy for installation, can directly replace the traditional tubes, cost effective and convenient to use.

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  • Power Consumption 16W
  • Beam Angle 140°
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Diffuser Clear
  • Operating Voltage AC 100-277V
  • Power factor >0.9
  • Luminous Flux 1600lm
  • Color Temp 2600K – 6500K
  • Color Rendering Index >75
  • IP Grade IP65
  • Working Environment -20C to +50C
  • Dimension(L x W x H) 654X158X106mm
  • Life Span >50, 000 Working hours

Truelite LED Triproof Light is specially designed for water proof, dust proof & corrosion proof high light transmittance PC cover, our triproof fixtures are also of high quality and durable due to Nano coating and sealing treatment on to them to prevent the entrance of water and dust. All connector and plugs are double insulated to make sure the safety and reliability. Fewadvantagesare more than 60%energy savingover traditional lamp, our fixture come with high quality PMMA housing, Truelite LED Triproof Light can be used in weather conditions with high humidity and corrosion.

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  • Luminous Flux 600/200lm
  • IP Rating IP65
  • Warranty 2 year
  • Power 5W
  • Working Hour >10Hr(Full load), >30Hr(Power saving mode)
  • Solar panel 12W
  • Battery 5.2AH
  • CRI >70
  • CCT 5000-6000K
  • Beam angle 120°/120°x60
  • LED Cree
  • Dimming Yes(PIR motion sensor)
  • Working Environment -20C to +60C
  • Product Finish Silver
  • Life >50, 000 Working hours
  • Mounting 60-90mm Dia Pole mounting
Truelite Smart Solar LED Street Light One fixture, many components

Truelite Smart Solar LED Street Light integrates the green energy solar panel, LED lamp and the battery into a single Solar street light. With human intelligence Panasonic infrared motion sensor system for extended energy saving mode for long-time, high-luminance and free maintenance lighting with Zero utility bills, makes this solar street light a unique one. Truelite Smart Solar Street Light is an excellent replacement for path way lighting, Parks lighting, courtyard lighting.

Unmatched Battery Management

The Smart Solar Street Light has a built in dual battery management system with advanced Li Fe cells to provide one of the most efficient battery life in a solar street lighting. Truelite Smart Solar LED Street Light is a revolutionary product in its 3rd generation with extensive product development has gone into the product evolution including testing in very extreme temperature conditions in Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas.

Unique Design and Built

A unique design with aluminum alloy mold adds to the aesthetics of the product making it a perfect lighting solution for home gardens and courtyards.

Truelite Smart Solar Street Light is convenient for handling, shipment and installation.

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  • Type 12-AGM
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Operating Voltage 12V
  • Capacity 20 hr rate 140AH
  • Energy kWh 100 hr rate 1.72
  • Terminal type 13 IT
  • Working Environment -20C to +50C

Battery is a very essential component of any solar off-grid system, It is very important to choose and size the right batteries to enhance the efficiency and durability of the system. That is why we offer the broadest portfolio of high-quality, deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel products available for a wide range ofrenewable energyand backup power applications. With our broad portfolio ofrenewable energyProducts, youll find our offered batteries perfectly suited to your application.

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  • Warranty 2 years
  • Power capacity 500W
  • Max Charge Current 10/20/30/40/60A
  • Input voltage range 12/24/45V dc
  • Conversion efficiency ≥90%
  • Output Voltage Range 220V ac
  • Working Environment -20⁰C~+40⁰C
  • Efficiency 96%

Truelite offers Pure Sine Wave Inverters (Grid as well as Off Grid) to convert theDirect Current (DC)to Alternative Current (AC). Our inverters can offer a maximum efficiency up to 97.5% (Grid Connected) and power factor 1. We also offer the inverter range where in theMPPT controllersare inbuilt. This enhances the inverters performance and at the same time reduces an additional component to the solutions by minimizing the loses during the actual performance of the power solution. Truelite can also offer Indoor and Waterproof outdoor applications.

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Solar Modules

  • Operating Voltage 17.6V
  • Operating Current 2.28A
  • Open Circuit Voltage 21.9V
  • Short Circuit Current: 2.46A
  • Operating Temperature :-40⁰C to +85⁰C
  • Power Tolerance ±5%
  • Warranty 25 years

Truelite is one the major supplier of Solar Modules in UAE. With energy partners such as Canadian Solar and Hareon Solar, we provide the world class solar modules with 20-25 years of warranty. Truelite can offer modules that are required forsolar solutionsapplicable toResidential, Commercial, Industrialand Utility sectors. Not only this but we can also offer a complete power solutions throughSolar Home Powerand SolarPower Back up systems.

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LED Dimmer is one of the great innovations of the technology. Changing your On/Off Switch to a Dimmer is a smart thing to do

So what exactly are the advantages of dimmers over regular switches?A dimmer can be used to achieve variable lighting. By using dimmer switches, you can adjust the brightness in a room to suit the mood and occasion. Whether you want a soothing and calm atmosphere in your living room or you need good illumination in the kitchen, dimmable LED lightingprovides instant results at the turn of a switch.

And there areenergy-saving benefitstoo. Dimmable lights dont just use less electricity, they also lengthen the bulbs life. The American Lighting Association suggests lights account for 25% of a homeowners electricity bill. Installing dimmable switches is just one of a number of ways tosave energy on lightingin the home. And it goes without saying youllsavemoney in the process!

Dimmable switches enhance the existing energy-saving benefits of LED lighting. LEDs run on a low wattage and require a constant current. This is great when it comes to your electricity bill So, changing toLED-compatible dimmer switches might be the solution, and an excellent range is now available.

This means you can have smooth dimmable lighting throughout your home. So dont just dim some of your lighting enjoy the benefits of dimmable LED, lighting your life according to your need.

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