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  • industrial computer control system

    PLC is an industrial computer control system that continuously monitors the state of input devices and makes decisions based upon a custom program to control the state of output devices.Almost any production line, machine function, or process can be greatly ...

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  • human machine interfaces

    An HMI is a software application that presents information to an operator or user about the state of a process, and to accept and implement the operators control instructions. Typically information is displayed in a graphic format. Human machine interfaces ...

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  • Field Instruments devices

    Field instruments are devices that measures a physical quantity such as flow, temperature, level, distance, angle, or pressure. Instruments are often part of a control system in refineries, factories, and vehicles. The control of processes is one of the main branches of applied ...

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  • Variable Frequency Drive

    A Variable Frequency Drive is a type of motor controller that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor. VFDs allow to match the speed of the motor-driven equipment to the load requirement.A VFD is used for ...

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  • panel components

    Panel components Control panel is a cabinet which contains electrical components to control various types of devices. Components include contactors, relays, circuit breakers, fuses, isolators, indication ...

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  • power supply units

    DC power supply provides the required level of DC power to the load using an AC supply at the input. Input transformer is used to transform the incoming line voltage down to the required level for the power supply. Typically the input transformer provides a step down function. 

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  • Double Skin Tank Leak Detector

    Class I (EN 13160-1:2003) leak detector, high vacuum based, for use with double-skinned tanks and single-skinned tanks with internal lining.The unit is designed for monitoring above ground and underground tanks containing inflammable liquids of danger class A III as well as ...

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  • OSA Oil Separator Alarm

    The OSA Oil Separator Alarm monitors the level of the separated liquid in oil/petrol separators and generates an alarm signal when it is necessary to empty the separator.   It consists of an alarm unit and an ES4 capacitance sensor for detecting the layer level. The ...

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  • Pressurized Double Skin Pipe Leak Detector

    The LAD-R pressure type leak detector contains the following elements in an impact-resistant housing display elements and controls, a printed circuit board with the electronic components for processing the output signal and connections for the remote pressure gauge with two switching ...

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  • Solar Powered Oil Separator Alarm

    The SOL 3000 has been designed to monitor hydrocarbon levels in oil separators and interceptors in locations where mains power is unavailable.The system comprises of an IP65 rated enclosure containing an ATEX approved oil separator alarm, solar panel, battery ...

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  • Float Switch with 5m cable and tank adaptor

    Adjustable Float Switch with 5m connecting cable and 1" BSP tank adaptor. Float adjustable for close on liquid rise/open on liquid fall or close on liquid fall/open on liquid rise.    

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  • Magnetic Float Level Switch

    The NIVOMAG MK-200 series magnetic float level switches are used for point level detection of liquids in all types of vessels. Operation without external power, side or top mounting, wide temperature ranges, various process connections, stainless steel wetted ...

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  • Paddle Switch

    The MLS 10 is a low cost Paddle Level Switch, suitable for use on hoppers, bins and silos containing free-flowing granular and powdered materials such as sand, grain, animal feed stuffs, plastic granules or powders, etc. In standard form the MLS 10 is suitable for side ...

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  • Adjustable Flexible Probe Level Switch

    The ENT7 Capacitance Level Switch is intended for high or low level detection of free-flowing powders and granular materials in silos and hoppers etc.The instrument is completely self-contained, requiring only a supply voltage and having a set of independent ...

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  • Conductivity Level Switch

    The ELT68C is a self contained, all-in-one, conductivity level switch designed for the detection of  conducting liquids and is capable of differentiating between dense layers of foam and the actual liquid surface.The adjustment range of the ELT68C renders the ...

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  • Adjustable Scale Float Operated Gauge

    MT-Profil R - 1½" universal.Mechanical tank contents gauge with plastic planetary gear.Scaled in cm. Connection thread G1½".Adjustable scale 0-250cm.For rectangular or cylindrical tanks to 2500mm high or diameter.

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  • Mild Steel Internal Transmitter

    Tankmate® hydrostatic tank contents gauge featuring capsule type movement for remote contents indication to 100m.Accuracy of measurement ±2% FSD.Zero correction and overpressure device.For tanks between 600mm and ...

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  • Pneumatic Tank Contents Gauge

    Unitop, universal pneumatic tank contents gauge featuring capsule type movement for remote contents indication to 50m.  Accuracy of measurement ±3% FSD.Zero correction and overpressure device. Fully adjustable for tank ...

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