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Our offered Product range includes Aggregates, Feldspar, Gypsum Powder, Gypsum Board and Chrome Ore.


AGGREGATES   We utilize our own  AGGREGATE  mine by producing rich and high quality  AGGREGATES . We incorporate the utilization of most advanced production lines, sizing and washing equipment in manufacturing and supplying of  AGGREGATES  to our valued customers as per requirements. As of today, we have three production lines for crushing and sizing of  AGGREGATES . ADVANTAGES : It is highly resistant to pressure and does not break easily. It provides the road with protection from the weather It provides drainage, protects pipes, and provides hard surfaces APPLICATIONS : As roadway base course In Portland Cement Concrete In asphalt concrete In railroad ballast In erosion control In water filtration and sewage treatment processes In foundations, walls, floors, roofs and partitions of buildings TYPES : Sand size 0-4 mm, size 0-6 mm, washed sand, double washed sand, & mortar sand Aggregate size 06-15 mm and 15-25 mm Base and sub base aggregate Rock core, rock filter, armor rock, rubble, and rock-field Mixed mountain rock, mixed river rock  

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FELDSPAR   We are engaged in mining  FELDSPAR  from our own mines which is generally a clean white mineral that sources sodium, alumina and silica along with some potassium and calcium. It is widely used in industrial applications for their alumina and alkali content. It can also be used in vitrified tile, ceramic glazes, polymers and plastic compounding, and as fillers in the paint, plastic, rubber and adhesive industries.  We are manufacturing it in different sizes using our updated machineries and production lines. Our company is offering it in affordable prices. APPLICATIONS : In glass making In ceramics production

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Gypsum Powder

GYPSUM POWDER     We produce high quality  GYPSUM POWDER  with finest and high whiteness qualities in our own  GYPSUM FACTORY  using our best  GYPSUM ROCKS  from our own mine. We utilize our own  GYPSUM ROCKS  through implementation of different procedures using our latest technology and equipments in conformity with international standard. With this, we are manufacturing it in two sizes: 100 and 200 mesh, respectively. All of our  GYPSUM POWDER  production sizes are uniform and 100% guaranteed. It is also properly packed using high quality material and available in plain or branded bags. ADVANTAGES : High strength High whiteness Low moisture absorption No screening needed Suitable setting time APPLICATIONS : Use to manufacture gypsum panel or building plasters Use to make gypsum mold or statutes As grout of marble, clay and ceiling tiles As a color additive Act as additive to other products TYPES : Super Micronized Gypsum Powder Facade Rendering Gypsum PACKAGING : 25 kg Bag 30 kg Bag 50 kg Bag 1 ton jumbo bag 1.5 tons jumbo bag 2 tons jumbo bag

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Gypsum Board

Our  GYPSUM FACTORY  is manufacturing  GYPSUM BOARD  composed primarily of gypsum, and paper surfacing on the face and back ends. We offer our GYPMSUM BOARD  in different types and sizes.  GYPSUM BOARD  is often called drywall, wallboard, or plasterboard. It is also use to provide smooth finishes and as substitute to plaster. 1. REGULAR (RG) – USED FOR NORMAL APPLICATIONS 2500 * 1200 * 9.5 mm 2500 * 1200 * 12.5 mm 2. FIRE WALL (FR) – IT IS PARTICULARLY USED IN KITCHENS THAT NEED TO WITHSTAND FIRE 2500 * 1200 * 9.5 mm 2500 * 1200 * 12.5 mm 3. MOISTURE RESISTANT (MR) – IT IS USED IN AREAS THAT ARE EXPECTED TO EXPERIENCE HIGH LEVEL OF HUMIDITY SUCH AS WASHROOMS 2500 * 1200 * 9.5 mm 2500 * 1200 * 12.5 mm ADVANTAGES : Lightweight Easy to install Cost effective Provides acoustic and thermal insulation Environment friendly Excellent protection Suitable for internal construction Moisture resistant Fire resistant APPLICATIONS : As interior decoration As ceiling, partition and wall linings As base for the application of ceramic or plastic tile on walls or ceilings PACKAGING : One pallet has  90 GYPSUM BOARD  pieces with 9.5 mm thickness One pallet has  80 GYPSUM BOARD  pieces with 12.5 mm thickness

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Chrome Ore

CHROME ORE CHROMITE  is an Iron Chromium Oxide (FeCr2O4) and the mineral name for  CHROME ORE  . The uses are in refractories and ferrochrome production. Chromite sand, which is a by-product of the ferrochrome production, is mainly used in foundries and for glass production.  WASIT GROUP  is delivering high quality CHROME ORE  in timely shipment with consideration to our customer’s specifications. APPLICATIONS: Pigment in paint Refractory and foundry applications Production of Ferrochrome ADVANTAGES: High density Good for chilling casting Prevent hot tears    

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KAOLIN WASIT GROUP  is producing  KAOLIN  in its finest as well as in different sizes. It is distinguished from other industrial clays based on its fine particle size and pure coloring. It is also called china clay, soft white clay that is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of china and porcelain and is widely used in the making of paper, rubber, paint, and many other products. APPLICATIONS: Paint Industry as Paint Extenders Ceramics Industry Vitrified Tile manufacturing Paper Industry as filler Fiber Glass as filler Refractories ADVANTAGES: Good Plasticity Reduces water absorption High Refractory Stable at high temperatures Controls gloss Adjusts viscosity Improves film strength Increases abrasion resistance Improves inter-coat adhesion Reinforces and toughens coating    

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Bauxite Ore

BAUXITE   Our company is offering  BAUXITE ORE  , the world’s primary source of aluminum. It is primarily comprised of aluminum oxide compounds (alumina), silica, iron oxides and titanium dioxide.  WASIT GROUP  offers it in different sizes depending upon customers’ requirements. APPLICATIONS: Alumina for metallurgical purposes Abrasives Cement Chemical applications Blast Furnaces Iron/Steel Ladles Torpedo Cars Electric Arc furnaces Tundishes Soaking Pits Reheat/Soaking Pits Open Hearth Cement Aluminum

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White Cement

WHITE CEMENT WASIT GROUP  is supplying high quality  WHITE CEMENT  and its prime uses are aesthetic and high strength purposes. This can be used in combination with other materials for construction projects, decorative and repair works. It acts as tinting base and suitable for use with pigments to give consistent color results. WHITE CEMENT  is available in jumbo bags, 50 kg bags or as per customer requirement. APPLICATIONS: Decoration works Architectural finishing works Not to be used in reinforced concrete works ADVANTAGES: High fineness Suitable setting time It gives good final comprehensive strength        

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Gypsum Rocks

GYPSUM ROCKS   WASIT GROUP  is one of the credible miners, suppliers and exporters of the best quality  GYPSUM ROCKS . We source our  GYPSUM ROCKS  directly from our mine that is geographically located near the port. Our highly consistent  GYPSUM ROCKS  are chemically tested to assure quality and efficiency as well as it is available in various sizes in bulk. We also have wide range of updated machineries and equipment to meet our customers’ different requirements. GRINDED GYPSUM  is also supplied and exported by our company and available in 300 mesh size. APPLICATIONS : Use to manufacture gypsum panel or building plasters Use to manufacture cement Use to manufacture cement Use as fertilizer Use by chemical factories

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Our company holds expertise in mining, supplying and exporting high quality  LIMESTONE ROCKS  in huge quantity. Our  LIMESTONE  mine is using several production lines and advanced machineries to meet our customers’ requirements in cement and steel factories. Our  LIMESTONE  can be used in mining, paper and paper pulp production, water treatment and purification, and in wastewater treatment. Our  LIMESTONE  mine is also geographically located and very accessible to the port that provides easy facilitation of shifting cargoes from mine to port. We also have wide range of equipment and facilities for land transportation and exportation of our  LIMESTONE  product. ADVANTAGES :   Easy to cut into shape Widely available Can be polished to a smooth shiny surface With long life span Fire resistant APPLICATIONS :   Steel manufacturing Cement manufacturing Glass manufacturing As road ballast As agricultural lime In road and traditional building constructions In paints manufacturing In power plant smokestacks

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Marble Chips

MARBLE CHIPS     Our company is producing high quality  MARBLE CHIPS  for so many years that undergo high process using optimum grade stones that are carefully selected and tested. We are providing it in different sizes with affordable prices. ADVANTAGES : High whiteness High purity APPLICATIONS : In making Calcium Carbonate that can be used in color, paper, paint and chemical factories As decorative stones and landscaping stones As counter tops As building material In sculpture

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Calcium Carbonate

CALCIUM CARBONATE   CALCIUM CARBONATE  is a chemical compound with the formula CaCO3. The main use of  CALCIUM CARBONATE  is in the construction industry. CALCIUM CARBONATE  is one of the products that  WASIT GROUP  is supplying in the local and international markets. We are using high quality raw materials to produce high quality CaCO3 powder and sizing. We are also developing more value added solutions for our clients to ensure high quality, consistent and reliable source of  CALCIUM CARBONATE  products. APPLICATIONS : As primary substance for building materials As an ingredient of cement In the purification of iron from iron ore in a blast furnace In the oil industry As filter cake-sealing agent As weighting material Major component of blackboard chalk As a filler in paper and plastics, adhesives, sealants, paints and coating industries As an extender in paints As a stabilizer along with fluxes In glass and paper making In the production of rubber and plastics In ceramics/glazing applications To neutralize acidic conditions in both soil and water In medicine and dietary supplement Animal feed and agricultural lime for soil As ingredient in toothpaste

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Iron Ore (hematite)

IRON ORE (HEMATITE)   Our company,   WASIT GROUP,  is highly engaged in supplying and exporting of highly demanded  IRON ORE (HEMATITE) . We can facilitate large order quantities of  IRON ORE  lumps and powder. Our  IRON ORE (HEMATITE)  products are available in different sizes and weights. The sizes we offer are  0-50 mm and 325 Mesh. We offer our 325 mesh  IRON ORE (HEMATITE) POWDER  in different grades and specifications to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. It is a stable compound and is packed using tamper proof material. Considering our vast experience in this field and dedicated employees, we are able to provide high standard of service in delivering our own  IRON ORE (HEMATITE)  to our customers in high quality and competitive price. With that, we developed strong relationships with our customers and they have been regularly procuring our goods and services. APPLICATIONS : In steel industries In cement production In paint factories ADVANTAGES : Great stability Durable Industry leading price Different purities Different sizing  

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Barite Powder

  BARITE  is a mineral composed of Barium Sulfate (BaSO4). The high specific gravity of  BARITE  makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial, medical, and manufacturing uses.  BARITE  also serves as the principal ore of Barium. WASIT GROUP  is now engage in supplying  BARITE  in local and international markets. We have an expert team that will handle our material production including its delivery. Our  BARITE POWDER  is noted for its high specific gravity and is used as a filler and weighting agent. The  BARITE POWDER  that we offer is usually sold as an aggregate or fine powder.   APPLICATIONS :   Major source of Barium As a weighting agent in drilling muds, oil and natural gas drilling (all types of drilling fluids) As a pigment for paper, textiles, cosmetics, ceramics and paints In paper and rubber industries; As a filler or extender in cloth, ink, paint, and plastics products In preparation of heavy cement and concrete In radiation shielding cements and glass ceramics As lubricant for anode rotors in X-ray tubes In medical science for special X-ray tests - in radiography ("barium milkshake"); In diagnostic medical tests/medical applications For sound reduction in various engine compartments Making smooth and corrosion resistant coat of trucks and automobiles. In the production of so-called "lead" crystal or "leaded" glass As a flux in glass making To make special containers used to store radioactive materials In the production of brake pads and clutches for cars and trucks (friction products for automobiles and trucks) sound reduction in engine compartments As getter (scavenger) alloys in vacuum tubes; Spark-plug alloys Deoxidizer for copper To control formation pressure To stabilize the borehole In preparation of solids-laden plugs for well control application   ADVANTAGES:   Chemically inert Cost - effective weighting agent [BaSO4]

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Our company is one of the biggest  INDUSTRIAL SALT (ROCK SALT)  producers in the region and has been engaged in local and international markets. Our INDUSTRIAL SALT (ROCK SALT)  mine has a rich reservoir and we are also maintaining special yard for depositing and loading our own products including but not limited to  INDUSTRIAL SALT (ROCK SALT) . Consequently, in our salt production, we are using wide range of updated machineries and production lines; sizing and packing equipment in meeting all of our customers’ demands. We are also capable of delivering large orders of salt and consignments in bulk. APPLICATIONS : Chlorine manufacturing In petrochemical manufacturing Rubber manufacturing Caustic Soda manufacturing In animal feed In curing of hides Soap and detergent manufacturing As water softeners In highway or road deicing In textile industries In paper and pulp industries In drilling   PACKAGING :   35 kg per bag 50 kg per bag 1 ton jumbo bag 1.5 tons jumbo bag 2 tons jumbo bag

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Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

GYPSUM CEILING TILES   We produce  GYPSUM CEILING TILE  laminated with PVC on its surface and aluminum foil on its back. It has many numerous construction applications featuring its flawless finish. Considerably, we offer our high quality  GYPSUM CEILING TILE  with different patterns. It is carefully crafted in alluring designs and shapes to suit all preferences of our valued customers. We also offer it in affordable prices. ADVANTAGES : Quick and easy mounting and assembling Different pattern designs Without the need of painting Moisture resistant Strip protected edge APPLICATION : As interior decoration PATTERN DIMENSION :   600x600 mm

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