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We offer the best product range of FIRE PUMPS AND FIRE HOSE REELS, CO2 & Foam Systems, PORTABLE AND MOBILE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS, Water & Foam Sprinkler System and DRY POWDER & WATER MIST SYSTEMS.


We undertake supply, installation and maintenance of wet and dry riser fire hydrant systems, hose reel systems and sprinkler systems. Fire hydrant and hose reel system provides a ready means by which a powerful jet of water is delivered to any part of the building in the unfortunate event of a fire break out.

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CO2 & Foam Systems

Foam systems is used as an agent to prevent, control or extinguish fire caused by flammable liquid in tanks or other processing areas. Formed by aqueous solutions with a lower density than any flammable liquid, it controls fire by excluding air and cooling the fuel.    

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Yas supply all kinds of fire extinguishers including Water Extinguishers, Foam Extinguishers, CO2 Extinguishers, Powder Extinguishers, Automatic Extinguishers and Wet Chemical Extinguishers. We also provide refilling and servicing for all kinds of fire extinguishers.  

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Water & Foam Sprinkler System

We provide and install automatic fire sprinkler systems in commercial, industrial or public buildings. Foam sprinklers are very effective in fire protection as it readily detects fire or smoke and reduce the heat caused by it.  

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The traditional water mist system extinguishes fire by forcing water through micro nozzles at very high pressure. It suppresses heat and provides maximum cooling by converting the water into steam.    

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Deluge & Kitchen Hood Systems

We supply exhaust hood or kitchen hood device in commercial kitchens which filters out smoke, fumes, combustion, heat etc. using a mechanical fan fitted in the device. Combined with fire suppression devices, the exhaust hoods vent out fumes of grease fire and thoroughly put out fire to avoid any outbreak.  

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Wet and Dry Risers

We supply both dry risers and wet risers used mainly for firefighting operations. A dry riser pipe is maintained empty to distribute water in different segments of a building or structure in case of fire. On the other hand, wet riser pipes are kept full of water for manual or automatic fire suppression.    

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FM-200 Gas Extinguishing System

FM-200 is a non-toxic colorless gas; an effective medium for fire extinguishing that requires minimal space for installation. They are stored in cylinders in the form of liquid. The cylinder consists of a nozzle that discharges the agent into the hazard area as gas.  

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Conventional & Addressable Fire alarm system

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