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After Coolers

AIR-COOLED AFTER COOLER WITH MOISTURE SEPARATOR OMI – ITALY BLASTLINE – UK Atmospheric air entering a compressor contains water vapor. The compression process concentrates these water vapors. Once the air travels downstream, the vapor cools and condenses into liquid. If not removed, it contaminates the entire compressed air system and causes corrosion. This corrosion in turn leads to air leaks, pressure drop and scale formation. Products and processes are ruined, resulting in lost production time. Air-Cooled After Coolers  provide economical cooling by utilizing ambient air to cool the hot compressed air from an air compressor. Discharge air from an air compressor is generally 180°F – 350°F, depending on the type of compressor. With a properly sized after cooler, as much as 60% of the water in compressed air can be removed. Categories: Blasting,  Speciality Equipments

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WITH AIR COOLER SCHMIDT – USA This System effectively provide cooler, cleaner and drier air to your blasting system while maintaining negligible drop in pressure. Wet air causes flash rusting, clogs blast pots with damp abrasives, damages control systems and reduces productivity. Drier air reduces wear, downtime and maintenance, saving time and money. Compact, vertical air flow design for improved efficiency. Skid mounted with forklift pockets and full-load lifting eyes for portability; Stationary, Portable and custom systems available Protective bar grating over radiator Pneumatic fan motor standard; Electric fan motor available Choice of system type to meet your specific application requirements: After cooler (ACS) or Air Dryer (ADS) Air Dryer Systems units use deliquescent; therefore the vessels are hot dipped galvanized to protect your investment. Categories: Blasting,  Speciality Equipments

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2 fully equipped units for sand blasting/shot blasting work. Mobile and easy to use, BL 200 (6m) and BL 400 (12m) containers enable sand blasting / shot blasting / shot peening in a closed and secured environment meeting existing standards. Safe and waterproof, the containers can be installed inside and outside as well. Categories: Blasting,  Capital Equipments

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BLASTLINE –  EDUCT-O-MATIC  Clemco’s closed-circuit suction blast tool for spot cleaning, removing weld spatter, and deburring cut metal edges. Special attachments let you blast inside and outside corners, and on rough surfaces. Categories: Blasting,  BLASTING TOOLS

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HOLLO BLAST In the factory or on site, now you can clean the insides of pipes upto 36″ ID Easy to set up All use standard pressure blast machine No need to rotate pipe or tubing Fast, economical, efficient pipe cleaning The Hollo-Blast cleans the full 360 degree inside diameter of pipe to white metal finish. The Hollo-Blast will accommodate pipes from 2 inch to 12 inch I.D and length up to 40 feet. Any abrasive (except aluminum oxide or silicon carbide) 20 mesh or finer may be used. In operation, the proper model is attached to a pipe lance and connected to blast hose. Hollo-Blast tools feature tungsten carbide nozzles with tungsten carbide deflector tips to distribute a uniform blast inside small diameter pipe. ROTO BLAST / SPIN BLAST The Spin-Blast cleans pipe at rates unobtainable by any other means. The Spin-Blast comes in different sizes: for pipes 8-inch ID to 36-inch ID, with the standard nozzle head. Adjustable carriage are used to fit the tool to the pipe diameter size. These Spin-Blast models are productivity tools, best used in a controlled environment, where they can be maintained as needed for the production schedule. Spin-Blast mounts two venturi blast nozzles in a spinning head to blast large diameter pipe. Centering carriages help ensure uniform coverage. Categories: Blasting,  BLASTING TOOLS

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Portable Cooler

When the temperature rises, keep workers cool and working at their best with our evaporative coolers. Using the process of evaporation, the single speed portable evaporative cooler can easily reduce the temperature in all your hard-to-cool areas. A comfortable work site is a productive work site. Large airflow, auto pump shut-off and easy roll casters make this cooling monster seems like gliding on air. It cools a huge 4000 sq. ft. area using just tap water and 115V. Categories: Blasting,  Speciality Equipments

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BRISTLE BLASTER – ELECTRIC & PNEUMATIC The MBX Bristle Blaster offers distinct advantages over the conventional surface preparation methods and will yield superior results with far less time and effort. Bristle Blasting is a new, simple maintenance solution that removes corrosion and generates an anchor profile in a single step. It is suitable for spot repairs as well as larger areas where other processes are prohibitive – does not use/produce environmentally unsafe or hazardous material. ADVANTAGES AND PERFORMANCE OF THE BRISTLE BLASTER TECHNOLOGY Removes corrosion, mill scale and protective coatings Surface cleanliness with Near White/White Metal appearance – no grinding or polishing during operation Creates a 2.5 – 3.3 mil surface texture/anchor profile Benchmark steel is API 5L pipeline steel – profile will vary with hardness of substrate. Improves integrity of treated surfaces Generates compressive residual stress along treated surfaces providing crack growth resistance, improved fatigue live and improved corrosion resistance Negligible heat generation Treated surfaces free of thermal damage and/or heat markings Cleans and profiles quickly and economically Using long lasting, safe Bristle Blaster Belts eliminates the need for costly abrasive blast equipment Categories: Blasting,  BLASTING TOOLS

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Rugged, cast aluminum housing and fan blades make these fans ideal for hazardous locations and demanding ventilation projects. The RF design utilizes action-reaction principles; compressed air is discharged through nozzles located at the tip of the fan blades providing extremely efficient, high-volume, low maintenance air movers. For 20 inch (50.8 cm) to 24 inch (60.96 cm) tank man ways 11, 000 to 16, 900 cfm (18, 689 to 28, 713 m 3 /h) at 80 psig Use for fresh air supply or fume exhaust Can be carried or rolled to job site Spark resistant cast aluminum housing and fan blade Permanently lubricated bearings Flanges mate with 20-inch (508mm) and 24-inch (610mm) API tank opening Categories: Blasting,  Speciality Equipments

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JAFE SANDBLASTER – SPAIN   Special sandblasting machine for small precision works in decoration, wood or metal industry. Portable : Equipped with wheels and adjustable handle for comfortable safe use. Safe : Automatic depressurization when releasing the trigger of the gun. Ergonomic Spray Gun : Equipped with sand dosing valve. Categories: Blasting,  Blasting Machines

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