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Protective Bellow



Light weight portable blower 127 cc Briggs & Stratton motor (Approx. 4 HP) 8″ intake & exhaust Aluminum non-sparking blower wheel Polyethylene fan housing & safety guards Powder coated tubular steel frame, dual handles Meets EPA and CAL/OSHA emission standards 5 foot remote flexible steel exhaust hose with custom gas-tight muffler To prevent intake of CO exhaust Weight : 57 lbs. with muffler Categories: Blasting,  Speciality Equipments

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AIR SYSTEMS – USA Custom blowers could be designed to meet most demanding requirements at steel mills, shipbuilding companies and power generating stations. These are available in wide variety and style of inlet & outlet flange size. The blower shown here is a 15 HP electric with a 14″ inlet and outlet flange set on a 4-way steel fork lift skid and designed to deliver high static pressure and high cfm output for maximum lengths of ducting. 8500 cfm free flow 9″ W.G. static pressure @ 4200 cfm output TEFC 15HP motor Sealed NEMA 4 on/off switch box 230/460 VAC, 3-phase motor User wired per NEC requirements 14″ intake and exhaust flange Welded steel safety guards on inlet and exhaust Adjustable flow control gate Forklift guide on all four sides plus sling hooks Custom variations available Categories: Blasting,  Speciality Equipments

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BLASTLINE The Venturi-style pneumatic air blower has a galvanized steel housing and cast aluminum base, and uses compressed air or steam to ventilate vapors and fumes from underground storage tanks or other below-ground locations. It has no moving parts and hence low maintenance. The housing is made from galvanized steel for corrosion resistance and can be replaced when it shows signs of wear. The base is made from lightweight cast aluminum and comes in standard base sizes. The blower comes with a static grounding lug to dissipate static electricity and prevent accidental ignition of vapors or fumes. It has a built-in steel handle for carrying. The air blower can operate at pressures up to 140 psi. Venturi-style blowers, also known as Air Horns or Eductors, use the principles of the Venturi effect to vent hazardous vapors and fumes from below-ground sources. The base of the blower is connected to the underground tank or source where the fumes and vapors are present, and compressed air or steam is brought into the blower through a nozzle. Its narrow base constricts the compressed air or steam, which increases its velocity as it moves toward the vent at the top of the horn. This decreases the ambient pressure in the horn and creates a partial vacuum, drawing fumes up through the base and out through the vent. Categories: Blasting,  Speciality Equipments

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