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We offer a complete product range of Sandwish Panel Anchor System, Lifting Insert With Cross Hole, lifting loop, Swivel Lifting Device and Connecting Loop

Sandwish Panel Anchor System

PHILIPP Sandwish Panel Anchor System has several advantages: Reduction of mounting and planning effort Minimal thermal bridge through the fastening system Use of high quality stainless steel in anchor for lasting corrosion resistance Uniform load transfer in thin-walled elements through load balancing between several support anchors Simple system adjustment even for geometrically complicated elements Insulating layer thickness up to 20cm possible Connector pins can be used without further calculation under observation of the default boundary conditions Structural standard accounts for wind load as well as stress from temperature changes and shrinkage The inspected system does not restrict the progress of the construction work Comprehensible and simple installation of anchors and pins

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Lifting Insert With Cross Hole

PHILIPP Lifting Insert is a lifting insert with cross hole with threads on both sides. Once used, attention must be paid to the general instruction for installation and use. PHILIPP Lifting Inserts are used for transport of precast concrete units. The insert may only be used with PHILIPP devices.

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lifting loop

PHILIPP Lifting Loops are only permissible for axial tension and diagonal tension up to 45°.Incorrect applications regarding the load direction lead to damage at rope or thread. PHILIPP Lifting Loops consist of special steel wire rope in galvanized quality. The threaded part is made of bright precision steel. PHILIPP Lifting Loops are used as lifting devices with PHILIPP threaded anchor systems and can be turned in or out of the threaded anchor like a standard screw. The PHILIPP Lifting Loop must be screwed in completely. PHILIPP Lifting Loops are available with metric thread or with special RD-thread (with metric pitch) 

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Swivel Lifting Device

PHILIPP Swivel Lifting Device consists of a forged ring bolt with a chain link and a bottom part made of special hardened steel. The inside construction consists of a bearing inlay. The use of PHILIPP Swivel Lifting Device in a sunk position with nailing plates with too small diameters is inadmissible. Because of its ball-bearing, the hanger moves after achievement of the nominal load bearing itself into the right force direction without removing the bottom part of the Philipp Swivel Lifting Device.

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Connecting Loop

PHILIPP Connecting Loops are used for structural connections of precast units loaded by primarily static shear forces. The loops transfer shear forces where no approval is required. PHILIPP Connecting Loops are very flexible and form a connection due to the overlapping of the loops. Therefore, it is possible to easily realize even complicated connections. PHILIPP Connecting Loops can be used without additional proofs. The simple installation ensures practical application. PHILIPP Connecting Loop is a connecting element for the form closed connection of precast units. The flexible loops have the advantage that no “reverse bending” is required and hence the installation of precast units between columns is realizable. PHILIPP Connecting Loop consists of a plastic or galvanized steel recess former and is suitable for reinforced concrete and light weight concrete.

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Hole Anchor System

PHILIPP Hole Anchor System consists of a steel component insert into the concrete (the anchor) and a lifting component (the ring clutch). The precast unit is lifted and transported by means of a ring clutch, which is locked to the anchor cast into concrete. The design and shape of the ring clutch and anchor enable the lifting of the load in almost any load direction. The ring clutch can be unlocked either manually, direct at the clutch head, or by remote release

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