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RTS Pipeline Milking Systems

Our RTS Pipeline Milking Systems significantly improve operator efficiency and milking rate.

Round-the-barn pipeline milking systems are designed to allow the milking to take place in the barn and to deliver the milk directly to the bulk tank. Working time is reduced compared to other tie-stall milking solutions, as the emptying operation is not necessary. We offer RTS pipeline Milking Systems suitable for new or for: milking, vacuum, cleaning and cooling. Our milk and vacuum lines, RTS milking units and clusters significantly increase operator efficiency and milking rate.Our efficient automatic cleaning system and rapid milk cooling will help ensure that your milk is top-quality.


  • Stainless steel milk pipelines, properly sized.
  • Special milk/vacuum taps for easier and faster cluster take-on.
  • High-capacity claws for better milk flow.
  • Wide range of glass or stainless steel receiver units.
  • Our automatic cleaning machine to provide RTS facilities with efficient cleaning.
    • Stainless steel milk pipelines, properly sized.
    • Special milk/vacuum taps for easier and faster cluster take-on.
    • High-capacity claws for better milk flow.
    • Wide range of glass or stainless steel receiver units.
    • Our automatic cleaning machine to provide RTS facilities with efficient cleaning.
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Graphite Crucibles

We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of best quality of graphite crucibles. With a goal to launch a world class product variety so as to satisfy diverse needs of buyer, we present the high quality graphite crucibles.
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Gold Refining Static PMR

  • Compact, space-saving, modular system series. Capacity: 3 to 100 kg precious metal within 8 hours.
  • Easy to expand due to modular design.
  • Without corrosive/toxic gases/vapours.
  • Including agitator motors, heating, condensers, solvent containers in SCHOTT glass, precipitation and filter units, reservoir.
  • Dissolving medium aqua regia ( HNO3 +HCL).
  • The complete unit is located under an exhaust hood and in a drain tray.
  • Acids and solutions are not conveyed through pressing but by suction (vacuum).

PMR 3 PMR 6 PMR 12 PMR 32 PMR 100
Power supply single-phase three-phase three-phase three-phase three-phase
Power consumption 1 kW 2,5 kW 5 kW 8 kW 14 kW
Quantity refinable every 8hrs 3 kg 6 kg 12 kg 32 kg 100 kg
Dimensions (mm) 1200 x 700 x 2000 1300 x 700 x 2000 1500 x 700 x 2200 1500 x 700 x 2200 1600 x 700 x 2200
Weight 70 kg 210 kg 250 kg 270 kg 340 kg
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Disc Finishing Machines

Disc finishing machines delivers faster processing speed, lower noise, and economical operating cost in compact, efficient machine design. This is 15 time faster than convention mass finishing system
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Gold Refining Tumbler

Technological leader in the field of recycling systems

  • Compact, space-saving, modular recycling series.
  • Capacity: 2.5 -120 kg precious metal within 8 hours.
  • Easily extendable through modular design.
  • The dissolving tank angled at 30 rotates. This realises an excellent mixing process with the precious metal granules continually grinding against each other. This process serves to remove the silver chloride from the alloy surface and then finally dissolves it.
  • Heating is not required.
  • Condenser in SCHOTT glass.
  • Dissolving medium aqua regia ( HNO3 +HCL).
  • The complete unit is located under an exhaust hood and in a drain tray.
  • Acids and solvents are not conveyed through pressing but by suction (vacuum).
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Magnetic Pins For Magnetic Polisher

The Workpieces are polished in Magnetic polisher before wet processing. It is the first polishing process among all the polishing processes.
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Our Milk Meters guarantee precision milking and improved herd management.

Monitoring the milking performance of your animals at each milking provides you with full control over the health status and profitability of your herd. We offer accurate and precise milk metering technologies to optimise herd management for increased productivity and efficiency of your herd. Our milk metering devices can be combined with the whole range of our milking control units, and data collected during milking can be transferred to the herd management software to enhance daily herd management.


  • High accuracy and precision.
  • Compact and solid design.
  • Easy to install and to calibrate.
  • Compatible with the whole range of our milking control units.
  • Data can be transferred to the herd management software.
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We offer automatic cluster removers (ACRs) that have been specifically designed to fit new or existing Milking Parlours and are durable and reliable. Our ACRs reduce operator workload so focus can be put on the milking process.Take-off functions are adjustable according to the specific needs of your animals, to ensure a milking process that fully respects udder health. The autostart function further reduces operator workload: simply lift the milking cluster and the milking starts.Combined with Our milk meters, they provide accurate end-of-milking identification and minimal vacuum drop during milking.


  • Compact and robust design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reduced and easy maintenance.
  • Controlled by our milking control units or Master Controller.
  • 'Autostart' function: lift the milking cluster and the milking starts.
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Milk Pumps

Our stainless steel centrifugal Milk Pumps ensure optimal treatment of the milk.

Milk Pumps enable milk transfer from the receiver to the milk tank. Milk transfer has to be swift and gentle so that no bio-chemical alterations occur within the milk, altering the quality of the product. We offer a complete range of centrifugal milk pumps, entirely made of high-grade stainless steel and available in several sizes and configurations to suit any milking plant. Our milk pumps ensure gentle and smooth transportation without agitating the milk from the receiver to the milk tank. We suggest combining them with our milk pump controller VARIOSPEED, which adjusts milk pump rotation speed according to the actual requirements of the milking plant.


  • Compact and robust design.
  • Milk pumps range from 0.55 to 1.5 kW.
  • Single or three-phase models available (230400 V).
  • With or without cleaning nipples for the sanitary trap.
  • Can be combined with the our milk pump controller VARIOSPEED.
    • In-parlour feeding.
    • Electrical signals to dump feed at right moment.
    • Back gate.
    • Stainless steel carpentry.
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Rubber Liners

  • Mouthpiece type Round
  • Mouthpiece lip diameter 20 ÷ 25 mm
  • Total length 287 ÷ 320 mm
  • Short milk tube diameter 8 ÷ 11 mm
  • Outer diameter 17 ÷ 20 mm

Our original rubber liners are designed to be extremely adaptable, avoiding liner slippage and guaranteeing vacuum stability. A wide range of models are available to best meet your herd requirements.

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  • Full assortment of various materials and sizes.
  • Extremely resistant to fat, water, detergents and atmospheric agents.
  • Smooth inner and outer surface.
  • Wide range of our milk and pulsation original tubes.
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Cooling Tanks

Delmer offers a wide range of cooling tank variants and capacities to best suit your milk yield and your farm space. Cooling tanks are insulated with high-density CFC-free polyurethane foam, making them environmentally friendly and avoiding energy losses. Non-icing cooling is guaranteed even with low filling milk levels to ensure optimal milk storage in any conditions. The inner tank and outer casing are made of AISI 304 stainless steel with perfectly smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and maximum hygiene. You can choose from simple and basic solutions to the most advanced with controller systems to automatically manage both cooling operations and the cleaning process.


  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Vertical tanks or cylindrical shape, closed or open.
  • Volumes ranging from 100 to 16.000 litres.
  • Solutions with advanced control technology and alarms.
  • Automatic cleaning system available.
We care also for small-size dairy farms

The bucket milking system is made of a suited-caiptya vacuum pump, vacuum regulating valve and adapter for vacuum tubing. The mechanic washing device, simplifying and rednugc ci leaning time is a useful optional for bucket milking system.

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Hydraulic Draw Bench 30000 Kg

TRI30 is the ideal draw bench to process tubes and bars with circular cross section or with complex profile, capable to ensure high quality standards and accuracy of the finished product.
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Weigh Bridge

  • Platform Dimensions: 3X14
  • Maximum Capacity: 60 t
  • Minimum Division: 10 kg up to 40 t, 20 kg up to 60 t dual range
  • Height of the structure: 270 mm
  • Platform Dimensions: 3X18
  • Maximum Capacity: 80 t
  • Minimum Division: 10 kg up to 40 t, 20 kg up to 80 t dual range

Features: New concept modular weighbridge designed for installations with above-ground platform and then subjected only to the longitudinal transit of vehicles and work vehicles. It differs from traditional weighers because it adopts two transit lanes, particularly robust, made up of 8 HEA 200 beams with wide wings connected for each lane, oversized structure in the street lane of the vehicle axles. The inspection of the platform, cleaning and recycling of air is guaranteed by the central lane. Load cells are placed inside the crossbars, protected from external agents (silt, mud, ice). The work of foundation is very small and relocation is (for dismantling and replacement) fast.

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Cows yield highest amounts of milk when given proper rest and comfort.

A typical day of a cow can be categorized as below:21% Eating13% Milking50% Lying

While it spends major part of its time lying, it is important to provide good comfort. It should be insulated from the surface of the floor to insulate it from cold or heat. Also its movements of getting up from floor and again lying down, give jerks to their knees which can lead to injury.

  • Each unit of 125 cm is composed as follows:
  • NR 1 Eco-Lattex platecm 120180 for 5 or 7 cm height
  • NR 1 polypropylene bag as protection
  • Cm127 of sheet yellow-black or yellow-black coated
  • NR 10 nylon dowels + SS screw + washer for fixing
  • NR 2 rubber bars 123x4x1.9 to fix front and back
  • 180x120x50 cm delivered on pallets 180120 cm
  • On each pallet are packed 48 Lattex with cm 5 thickness, or 34 lattex with cm 7 of thickness.
  • The weight of the mattress is 16-20 kg.
  • The Delmer cubicles mattresses can be covered with a yellow/black coated cover which is equipped with a layer of rubber underneath for a better insulation.
  • The yellow/black cover is cm 218 high and has a coated surface of cm 180 on height.
  • The cover can be customized delivered as per requirements
  • On rolls or on pallets cm 180x120x50
    • The DELMER Baby cow mattress is the traditional mat composed of six cells filled with shavings rubber and rubber certified by Fokus Test 5615F DLG Germany & Fokus Test 09-076 DLG Switzerland
    • 10 cm high, compact and very flexible, it is ideal for installation in cubicles plain concrete
    • It enhances the rest position of cows by reducing stress on body, jerks on knees while movement, risk of scratches, bruises and trauma.
    • It is comfortable and non-slippery reducing the risk of slips on cows
    • In 2007 against international competitors, DELMER was declared the best mattress in the test conducted by Dansk Landbrugs Farm Test.
    • Dimensions available : 125x175x10 cm
    • Weight: 90 kg
    • Covered with a yellow/black coated cover which is equipped with a layer of rubber underneath for a better insulation.
    • This mattress is created after years of research and inputs from farmers to suit the cows requirement
    • It is a rubber-cell structure that allows the use of sand on a cubicle with no problems of leakage or depressions caused by natural digging activity of cows
    • Made of sand forms a uniform base of inorganic material, chemically inert, soft and dry. It is inalterable from physical and chemical point of view. It avoids formation of hollow due to the animals, so the bunk remains comfortable and clean
    • DELMER Cow-mattress tradition is easily installable with dowels on the floor thus making it pocket friendly
    • Is resistant to insects and scooter electric microbes
    • Does not accumulate static charge and prevent the interaction between materials
    • Is highly resistant to acids, it does not rot and its characteristics remain unchanged over time
    • Its 100% recyclable
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Rubber Mats

Being a leading manufacturer of stall mats and dairy flooring, DELMER manufactures fully vulcanized rubber which is

1. Non-toxic & safe 2. Recyclable & reusable 3. Fire-resistant

They are non deformable, long lasting, high quality and environmentally sustainable most suitable for walking areas, milking parlor, reception areas and corridors & small gardens. Most useful in the areas where cows walk and move around to reduce jerks and impacts on their knees and legs.The Delmer Rubber Mats are certified by Fokus Test 08-376 for abrasion and slipping.


  • 4 SIDES STRAIGHT: 1860x1210x19 or 23 mm
  • PUZZLE: 1807, 501188, 0 x19 or 23 mm
  • WEIGHT: 49 kg each mat
  • PACKAGING: on pallet of 120 x 180. We usually load 30 mats with a maximum weight of 1.470 kg. It is possible to overlap max 2 pallets
  • The mats are fixed to the concrete floor with 6 special dowels that can be ordered separately (not included in the price)
  • We vouch for 100% IN-HOUSE PRODUCTION with utmost care and quality.
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  • One of the exclusive makes of DELMER is calf hutches made of recyclable plastic. It conists of modular cubicles made up of steel and environment friendly plastic which can tolerate extreme weather conditions.
  • They are easy to clean so that dirt can be drained off the hutches.
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Milking Trolleys

  • Chassis With or without flexible support arms for milking clusters
  • Wheels Plastic or rubber tires
  • Milking bucket Plastic: 30-litre bucket; stainless steel: 25-litre bucket
  • No. of milking clusters One or two cows/buffaloes; two or four sheep/goats
  • Pulsator Pneumatic or electronic
  • Vacuum tank 14 litres, 15 litres, 22 litres
  • Vacuum regulator Spring-operated
  • Vacuum pump Fully equipped with lever switch and electric wire
  • Empty tank indicator Analogue pressure gauge
  • Power supply 230 V electric motor, internal combustion motor

Easy to handle, compact and reliable solutions for quick and easy milking.

Our Milking Trolleys are among the simplest automatic milking solutions: a wheel-supported chassis is equipped with a complete milking system. Our milking trolleys are easy to handle and transport, ensuring optimal comfort for both animals and operators during milking. You can automatically milk more animals at the same time, without requiring further assistance. Entirely made in Italy for maximum strength, resistance and durability. You can choose among a wide range of configurations to find the best solution to fit your needs.


  • Suitable for large or small, pasture or stall rearing.
  • Entirely designed and produced by us.
  • Made in Italy: high-quality and durable components
  • Easy handling and cleaning.
  • Available for cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats.
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Check Weigher

  • Automatic zero tracking.
  • Flexible adjustment, applicable to products of multi specification range.
  • VFD adopted to adjust speed continuously with large regulating range.
  • Resolution up to 16 bit weight measurement with 0.05% high accuracy.
  • The fast measurement time can be selected between 20ms (50HZ) or 33ms (60HZ) to adapt to different power frequency.
  • More powerful storage and analysis capabilities. 99 product-sorting parameters can be preset and called out. Statistical analysis by easy query mode for up to 1, 500 production records.
  • Equipped with high precision HBM digital load cell for fast and accurate sampling.
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Graphite Flux Tube

Different graphite materials are available for graphite tubes for different applications. Extruded, Vibrated, Reused, Impregnated and Oxidation resistant graphite tubes are available. Graphite tubes can be manufactured and graphite materials can be selected as per your requirements or working conditions.
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LASER Welder OD 100 Joule

Technical details-color touch screen display100 storable programsbinocular microscope 10x by leica.
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LASER Welder OD 130 Joule

Technical details-color touch screen display100 storable programsbinocular microscope 10x by leica.
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Table Top Scale


Affordable and compact, simple yet rugged weighing scales, specially designed for use by retailers, shop keepers, households and small scale traders like grocery, poultry etc. These models with much higher accuracy are recommended for jewelers as silver series scales.


  • Remote display
  • RS 232 Interface
  • Thermal / TTF label Printer
  • Printer / label Printer (dot matrix)
  • Computer connectivity with software & networking

Model Capacity Readability Pan Size mm
SD2ST 2 kg 0.1 g 330x260
SD4ST 4 kg 0.2 g 330x260
SD10ST 10kg 0.5g 330x260
SD30ST 30kg 1.0g 330x260
SD40ST 40kg 2.0g 330x260
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Metal Detector

D-AEC Series metal detector can be used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, garment, hygienic products, electronics industry etc. This new generation of intelligent metal detector adopted digital intelligent technology, which works digitally and intelligently on metal detection. It is available with Automatic Rejection System with drop-leaf, Air blow, push & swing arm system. The automatic conveying system, reject system and control system can be customized according to production lines, which can enhance production efficiency.

As per need of Industry various type of Metal Detectors available are:
  • For Heavy-weight Products
  • For Lightweight Products
  • Digital intelligent metal detector with drop-leaf rejection system
  • Digital intelligent metal detector with air blow rejection system
  • Digital Intelligent Metal Detector with Push Lever Rejection System
  • Digital Intelligent Metal Detector with Pushing Board Rejection System
  • Digital Intelligent Metal Detector with Pneumatic Arm Rejection System
  • Double sensor digital intelligent metal detector
  • High sensitivity double sensor metal detector
  • Ramp type metal detector
  • Load-bearing metal detector
  • High Sensitivity Digital Intelligent Metal Detector
  • Metal Detector for Foil Aluminium Packing
  • Machine for missing deoxidizer
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Disc Finishing

Ideal for deburring of micro mechanical parts and for achieving a mirror finish.

  • Gap setting with rotation of the tumbler for a 0.035 mm setting.
  • Maximum velocity of rotation 450 rpm which is the highest in the Industry.
  • Complete polyurethane tumbler.
  • Long lasting steel ring instead of the conventional ceramic.
  • Feather touch keyboard for fast data entry.
  • LCD display for better visualization.
  • Memory capacity for 25 processing programs.
  • Date & Time display.
  • It shows the barrel no. and also highlights the barrel which is in the process.
  • Displays required processing time for each Barrel along with Running Time.
  • Through Menu, the PROCESSING TIME, FORWARD ROTATION TIME, REVERSE ROTATION TIME & SLOW END TIME can be set as per requirement.
  • With SLOW END TIME the Machine runs at Slow speed in last processing time period, to achieve fine polishing.
  • The container usage time can also be displayed.
  • Memory capacity for 25 processing programs.
  • Prominently displays the barrel number and the barrel in process.
  • Displays processing time and running time.

Type OD 9 OD 2x9 OD 3x9 OD 18 OD 2x18 OD 3x18 OD 36 OD 2x36 OD 3x36
Total capacity 9L 2*9L 3*9L 18L 2*18L 3*18L 36L 2*36L 3*36L
Maximal wokpiece (maximal) 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Barrel speed 0-450 rpm 0-450 rpm 0-450 rpm 0-450 rpm 0-450 rpm 0-450 rpm 0-400 rpm 0-400 rpm 0-400 rpm
Voltage 220 V/ 50-60
220 V/ 50-60 
220 V/ 50-60 
220 V/ 50-60
220 V/ 50-60 
220 V/ 50-60 
380 V/ 50-60
380 V/ 50-60 
380 V/ 50-60 
Power 0.37 
Motor speed 1340 
1380 rpm 1380 
Dimensions 606 x
660 x
972 x
660 x
1410 x
660 x
700 x
790 x
1160 x
790 x
1690 x
790 x
890 x
800 x
1490 x
800 x
2130 x
800 x
Weight 100kg 160kg 220kg 140kg 235kg 330kg 220kg 370kg 530kg

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Multi Head Weigher

Applicable for weighing of all types of small-sized / dosed, granular products, such as prepared herbal medicine, tea, seeds, MSG, chicken essence seasoning, coffee beans, chocolate beans, etc.

  • Professional digital weighing module for high precision and good stability.
  • Control system: MCU or PLC (optional).
  • Touch screen interface has different levels of authorized access; up to 16 different languages for choice; application software upgraded through USB.
  • Factory parameters recovery function; 99 preset product parameters to meet different parameter program requirements.
  • Weighing hopper able to discharge in turn to effectively prevent products from blocking.
  • Weighing and counting function to meet diverse needs from customers.
  • Real-time display of amplitude of each vibration pan as well as product weight in each hopper to better monitor the running status of the machine.
  • Machine body with SUS304/316 for option; IP65 dust and waterproof design.
  • Cleaning function: able to make the hoppers in opening state for easy daily cleaning and maintenance.
  • Modular design of control system for easy maintenance and cost-saving.
  • Specifically designed for small granular products with high precision and fast working speed.
  • Compact size for space saving.
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Platform Scales

Heavy capacity and rugged electronic weighing scales for chemical industries, wholesalers, grain merchants & various other industries.

Model Capacity Readability Pan Size mm
TD 60 SS 60 kg 10 gm 600 x 600
TD 60 MS 60 kg 10 gm 600 x 600
TD 120 SS 120 kg 20 g 450 x 550
TD 120 MS 120 kg 20 g 600 x 600
TD 150 SS 150 kg 50 g 450 x 550
TD 150 MS 150 kg 50 g 600 x 600
TD 300 SS 300 kg 50 g 600 x 600
TD 300 MS 300 kg 50 g 750 x 750
TD 500 SS 500 kg 100 g 600 x 600
TD 500 MS 500 kg 100 g 750 x 750
TD 1000 SS 1000 kg 200 g 900 x 900
TD 1000 MS 1000 kg 200 g 1.2 mtr X 1.2 mtr
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Gravity Slicers

The gravity slicers are designed for installation in small spaces, given the small overall dimensions, while offering, a great cutting capacity. They adapt perfectly to work in small and medium catering (bars, pubs) for the precision cutting of meats and cheeses of medium size, up to the end, without waste.

The continuous profile blade of these gravity slicers allows an absolute stability of the product guaranteeing a precise and accurate cut. The aluminum goods holder plate is equipped with sliding raceways that reduce friction.

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Milking Buckets

  • Milking bucket Plastic: 30-litre bucket; stainless steel: 25- or 30-litre bucket
  • Lid Plastic or stainless steel, suitable for different kinds of buckets With/without hooks to fix the pulsator
  • Lid Inlets Two or three depending on the number of animalsto be milked (one or two)
  • No. of milking clusters One or two cows / buffaloes / sheep / goats
  • Milking clusters Whole range of milking clusters available
  • Pulsator Specifically designed programmable pulsator Range of pneumatic or cordless electronic pulsators
  • Options For plastic bucket: choice of bottom colour (blue, orange, red or green)

Our Milking Buckets are affordable, efficient and low-cost solutions.

Our Milking Buckets are the ideal solution for milking small herds or animals in need of special care. Entirely made in Italy and with outstanding materials to guarantee durability and easy cleaning, buckets are available in different litre capacities and materials. We offer a wide and complete range of fully compatible components for milking buckets, allowing you to create a customised milking solution to perfectly suit your dairy. The operator can milk up to two animals at the same time, making the milking process faster and more efficient.


  • Entirely made in Italy.
  • Wide range of fully compatible components.
  • Equipped with specifically designed programmable pulsator.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Available for cows, sheep and goats.
  • We offer a wide choice of milking buckets forming the assembly, all guaranteed by a high-quality standard and a Forty-year experience.

    The assembly can come with different options and can be customized

    • Different kind of vacuum pumps according to the Dimension of the system
    • Pneumatic pulsatar;
    • 30 lt hard plastic stainless-steel milk bucket.
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Circular Vibrator


This is a universal machine used for all the wet processes of finishing-Roughing, Sanding and Polishing on jewelry parts, all ferrous alloys especially stainless steel.

The machine uses vibration effect that is transmitted to a polyurethane tank by an adjustable masses vibrator. Thus, the materials placed inside the tank gets three kinds of motion: centrifugal, helical and vibrant. Their combined action, together with water and abrasive materials (with Liquid compounds or paste) makes it possible to achieve superior levels of finishing.

Technical Details Mod. CV 5L CV 15L CV 30L CV 60L
Overall dimensions mm =450 - h=600 =600 - h=950 =800 - h=950 =900 - h=950
Stand dimensions mm 350 x 350 x 1000 h 350 x 350 x 1000 h 350 x 350 x 1000 h 350 x 350 x 1000 h
Weight Kg 50 113 205 260
Vibration intensity rpm 3000 3000 1500 1500
Intensity regulation   Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Timer hr 99 99 99 99
Vibration support   Vibration Dampers Vibration Dampers Medium springs Medium springs
Tank capacity Lt 5 16 33 60
Lid   Yes Yes Optional Optional
Installed power W 400 400 750 750
Power supply Volt 220 (50/60 Hz)
Single Phase
220 (50/60 Hz)
Single Phase
220 (50/60 Hz)
Single Phase
220 (50/60 Hz)
Single Phase

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Investment Cleaner

Starjet MF 110

Designed for the world jewelry, the machine is used for the washing of trees form the plaster casting. Machine Is constructed entirely of steel AlS1304.

Technical Details Mod. STARJET MF 110
Overall dimensions mm 900 x 700 x 1600 h
Work cabin dimensions mm 597 x 349 x 623
Adjustable max. operating pressure bar 110
Water maximum temperature inlet 60
Total power and absorption kw 2,2
Voltage volt 220-50 Hz
Single phase
Weight kg 130
Adjustable nozzle / Included

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Centrifugal Tumbler

Roll Fast

These are used mainly for comprehensive finish treatments.

Roughing, Grinding and Polishing of very small objects. These machines incorporate the spin speed of a main course with four containers which rotate around their axis, but in the opposite direction of the main course. This combination of movements, combined with the particular shape of the inner containers made of polyurethane [anti-wear and anti-aging] and the new "Swing System", provides a fine finish.

Technical Details U.M. ROLLFAST 2008
Overall dimensions mm 900 x 850 x 1500h
Tank capacity Lt 3, 5
Tanks n. 4
Motor power w 1500
Max motor speed rpm 1400
Reverse direction min every 15
Speed regulation   Yes
Power supply Volt 220 (50 hz)
Single phase
Weight kg 325

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Magnetic Shiner

Used mainly in jewelry and in dental machines, Magnetic Shiners are used for polishing of jewelry with stones and jewels that have small undercuts and cavities that are difficult to reach.

They are widely used in polishing of small parts and non-ferrous metals. The machine uses a strong magnetic field that brings fast, rotary movement inside a tank that contains water, a special compound and small stainless steel needles. The movement created is of cetrifugal, elliptical type that allows the needles to reach any point of the objects being treated.

Technical Details Mod. MG 15 MG 25 MG 35 MG50
Overall Dimensions mm 190 x 250 x 265 350 x 410 x 330 420 x 500 x 370 590 x 590 x 430
Tank Dimensions mm ø=150- h=160 ø=250- h=160 ø=350- h=160 ø=500- h=160
Weight Kg 10 30 45 85
Installed Power kw 1,1 2,7 4,5 5,0
Vibration Intensity rpm 1.400 2.800 2.800 1.700
Speed Regulation   n.a. Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Digital Timer hr 99 99 99 99
Reverse Rotation   n.a Every 5 min. Every 5 min. Every 5 min.
Max Capacity Material gr 300 800 1.100 3.000
Max Capacity Needless gr 150 250 700 1.500
Water Load Lt 0,75 3,0 6,0 12,0
Power Supply Volt 220 (50/60 Hz) Single phase 220 (50/60 Hz) Single phase 220 (50/60 Hz) Single phase 220 (50/60 Hz) Single phase
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Stainless Steel Needless

Stainless Steel Needless

Their particular shape is used in Magnetic Shiner machines only for the shining step, especially when there are internal surfaces impossible to reach by hand.

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Stainless Steel Balls

The steel quality of the stainless steel balls is AISI 420/C norm guaranteed against oxidation, when used with MF products. To be used in the vibration and rotation machines with water and surface-active compounds only for Me shining step.

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Stainless Steel Planet Gears

The steel quality of the stainless steel planet gears is AISI norm guaranteed against oxidation, when used with MF products. They are used when you need a penetration on the undulated shapes. To be used mixed with balls, needles and stubs in the vibration and rotation machines with water and surface-active compounds (VILUX).

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Granulated Walnut

Walnut shells of different dimensions for a different finishing grade. Used normal or impregnated with abrasive past or oil.

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Preformed Ceramic-Plastic

Preformed Ceramic-Plastic

Various grade of per-formed plastic and ceramic. Different forms and grades of abrasion for different abrasive effects on different materials.

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Abrasive Paste And Oils

Pastes at various grain and oils with different characteristics used in mixtures with abrasive products. Products suitable for tumbling to get effects of large and fine grinding or polishing.

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MACROBRILL is a product that, combined with the shining compounds suitable for each type of metal, has the remarkable advantage to eliminate the problem of oxidation that usually involves the traditional stainless steel balls AISI 420. With this product there is no transfer or oxidized metal during the process, therefore no more acid degreasing and a minor discharge of water to drain.

The remarkable hardness and the low specific gravity permit to obtain a very fine finish without the "orange peel" phenomenon that frequently involves the traditional treatments with stainless steel balls.

Another important characteristic of this material is that it allows the processing of very thin and fragile objects (i.e.: in the gold industry, the "gap"), assuring with one single step smoothing and shining without modifying the colour, emphasising the natural characteristics of the metal.

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Stainless Steel Cylinders And Stubs

Stainless Steel Cylinders and Stubs

This cylindrical shape is used when you need a penetration on right angles or undercut shapes. They are used mixed with balls, planet gears and stubs in the vibration and rotation machines with water and surface-active compounds for the shining step.

Delmer's Finishing Division has a number of machines for grinding, polishing, cleaning, degreasing and washing of the mechanical parts, and in general. Hardware and equipment.

In the field of Jewellery, these machines are used for fine surface finishing. washing and also cleaning of semi-finished plaster casting of the cylinders.

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Polishing Bench

Single or double place bench with suction system for dust recovery. Main technical features :

  • Strong metallic structure
  • Work surface in wood, lined with laminated placstic
  • Protection hood with recessed lamp and plexiglass panel
  • Large sucked air volume
  • Filters of suitable sizes (bag filters) fixed with a quick-release system
  • Emergency system for stop motor

Model N° place Sizes Voltage Power
PUL 10 1 90X66X120cm 230V/50Hz 0.70kW
PUL 20 2 135X66X120cm 230V/50Hz 0.96kW
Max Speed Speed regulation N filters Air flow
2800rpm 800 – 2800 rpm 5 600 m3/h
2800rpm 800 – 2800 rpm 10 2x600 m3/h
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  • Width 1, 20 mt.
  • Height 1, 90 mt
  • Weight 450 kg
  • 4 Motors 220V
  • lenght 2, 05 mt.

With the DELMERS motorized crush, manufactured in house using galvanized steel, for all the legs of the cow, you can complete treatment every 5 minutes.It ensures greater comfort and safety both the animal and the operator.The cows do not have time to move, shake and kicking.Cow knees are studied for their angles to avoid injuries to joints, tendons and ligaments while using this machine to suit different sizes of animals - big & small. The management of lifting of the struts is crucial for movement without excessive effort and harm


Features of DELMER Crush:

  • Containment cage door lock with anti-suffocation facility
  • Rack for locking the front of the animal
  • Attacks on three points
  • Accessories containment:
  • Winch for lifting of the hindlimb
  • Winch for lifting of the animal
  • Support for forelimbs
  • The entire surface is covered with rubber mat
  • Equipped with anti-tilt system
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Cows scratching themselves against any rough surface like barks of trees, water bowls, walls or fences is a natural instinct. Doing this increases their productivity. However, when in a barn, they are unable to do so and hence the low yield. A study conducted indicates that when cow brushes are used, they provide more milk - upto 1 kg per day and also reduced clinical conditions like mastitis.

Delmer is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electric cow brushes, developed and produced in 4 different models.


  • Increases animal welfare & reduces stress
  • Offers deep cleaning from head to toe, removes bacteria, parasites, old hair and skin scales
  • Low energy consumption and high on milk production
  • Being easy to install on wall or post, it is suitable for all sizes - big or small
  • Suitable for 50 to 60 cows & increases cow traffic
  • Increases blood circulation, lowers clinical conditions and hence the vet cost
  • Manufactured in our factories with under strict quality control norms
  • Made from strong, firm, galvanized steel structure suitable for heavy weighted or big cows
  • Big roll dimension, automatic start, stop and inbuilt animal safety device to prevent TAIL WRAP OVERLOAD
  • Alternating sense of rotation for a long duration of the roll, speed designed to make a friendly location for the cows.
  • Easy installation on a post or wall and no concrete or brickwork required
  • Saves energy - can be operated at low energy cost (0, 55)
  • Binding the installation of a residual corrent operated circuit-breaker
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  • Cluster weight 2, 274 kg
  • Claw capacity 150 cc
  • Milk output(inner/outer diameter) 13 × 19 mm
  • Milk inlet nipples(inner/outer diameter) 10 × 15 mm

Our Milking Clusters ensure gentle, efficient and comfortable milkings.

Milking clusters with the right combination of components for a given milking system significantly improve milking productivity and ensure comfortable milking for both operators and animals. We offer a wide selection of milking clusters to meet your specific requirements. Their ergonomic design makes them easy to handle, allowing safe and efficient milking with minimal operator effort. The combination of the different components has been specifically designed to provide a well-balanced andlightweight cluster, ensuring improved milking performance and preserving udder health.


  • Well-balanced and lightweight.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Increased milk flow outlet to prevent milk flow return.
  • Optimal vacuum stability.
  • Various configurations depending on animal breed and milk production.

The DL/PL milking cluster is the cost-effective solution for milking your small or mid-size herd. Suitable for milking buckets and milking trolleys

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  • Type Self-centering column design – Digital LC without JB
  • Type Digital
  • Make DELMER
  • Housing (Can) Material Alloy Steel
  • Rated Capacity 20, 30, 40 50Ton
  • Division C3 (3000 divisions)
  • Communication BPS 9600
  • Combined Error ±0.02% FS
  • Creep at 30mins ±0.02% FS
  • Operating Temp -30~+70℃
  • Excitation 9-12V Dc , Max Exc -20V
  • Safe Overload 150%
  • Ultimate Overload 300%
  • Combined Error < +/- 0.02%
  • IP Protect IP69K
  • Communication Mode RS 485
  • Tolerance on Rated out put Max. +/- 0.002%
  • Max Transmiting Dist 300mtr
  • Load Cell Cable SS Braided
Advantages - Featured
  • Finite element forcing structure analysis
  • Accurate temperature compensation
  • Hermetically Sealed Laser welded
  • Detail verification of IP Protection
  • Detail vacuum leaking test
  • Lighting Protection Up to 80000 Amp
  • No junction box connection Reliable transmission
  • Analysis & diagnostic for Temperature, Angle, Open enclosure, transmission signals etc.
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this oven has been designed for small castings up to a maximum of 1 kg of gold. Reduced consumption and ease of use make it ideal for shops or small workshops.

  • 230V single-phase power supply
  • 2.5 KW generator power
  • maximum temperature of 1200 C
  • thermocouple under the crucible
  • control through digital instrumentation with thermocouple or via potentiometer
  • crucible lifting by pneumatic cylinder
  • consumption of 3 lit / min of water for cooling

  Kg Kw A B H Kg
IFD 1 1 kg gold 2 55 x 50,5 x 50 48
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Vacuum Casting Machine

All New Phoenix Series Vacuum Casting Machines :

Our Engineers have put 3 decades of DELMER's experience in casting technology at work in the brand new Phoenix series. Machines are capable to exceed expectations of high quality production of investment casting process for non-ferrous and precious metals.

  • 230V three-phase or 380-400V three-phase power supply
  • generator power 5 KW or 10 KW
  • maximum temperature of 1300 C
  • vacuum pump of 25 m3 / h
  • management of 2 different pressures, both negative and positive
  • positive pressure up to 200 mbar and negative up to -990 mbar in the upper fusion chamber
  • positive pressure up to 200 mbar and negative up to -990 mbar in the lower chamber of the die
  • maximum cylinder-mold size D = 120 mm height H = 250mm
  • crucible-plug replacement time less than 3 minutes
  • melt cycle times from 4 to 5 minutes
  • the melting cycles are controlled by a touch panel, and the software is complete with:

a) possibility of programming up to 50 types of mergersb)management of alloy mixing during melting.c) management of the pressurization of the upper chamber after loading the materiald) storage of the merger datae) export with ethernet connection of the fusion data

  Kg Kw A B H kg
VCD 10 10 kg gold 10 58 x 70 x 123 190
VCD 5 3-5 kg gold 5 58 x 70 x 123 190
VCD 2 1- 0,5 Kg gold 2,5 58 x 70 x 123 190
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Gold Recovery Filtration Plant

We offer gold recovery filtration plant. Special features-customized filters as per customer's requirementfiltration of particles down to 0.2 u um.Different types of membranes.Closed loop system with the wet grinding.
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Automatic Crusching Mill

VMMA50 and MA70 is a series of automatic crushing mills dedicated to the crushing of materials of various kinds aimed at the recovery of metal residues.
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