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Industrial Ovens & Furnaces #553097

Mini Induction Melting Machines

Melting is a physical process that results in the phase transition of a substance from a solid to a liquid. Casting is a manufacturing proces by which a liquid material is usually poured into a mould and then allowed to solidify.
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Induction Melting Furnace


  • Medium frequency which gives high homogeneity of alloys due to stirring of the molten alloy.
  • The furnace controlled by Industry leading ARM-7 microcontroller.
  • 7inch color TFT with touch screen for easy access by user.
  • Programmable melting temperature (thro'touch screen)
  • Programmable power (thro'touch screen)
  • Automatic Fault detections display.
  • Improved power factor.
  • Fast melting

Specifications ID - 0.5 ID - 1.0 ID -2.0
Electrical power input 230V Single phase 230V Single phase 230V Single phase
Maximum furnace power 3kW 3kW 3kW
Useful capacity 500 gm 1 kg    2 kg
Operating frequency of converter <20KHz <20KHz <20KHz
Max.operating temperature 1200 deg C 1200 deg C 1200 deg C
Dimension (mm*mm*mm) 360 *525 *236 360 *525 *236 360 *525 *236
Weight 40 kg 40 kg 40 kg
Water supply requirement 8 It/min (20n deg C) min. Pressure 3bar, Max Pressure 6bar, Max temperature 30 deg C
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Burnout Furnace

This oven has been specifically designed for the annealing of gypsums in the production process of casting precious alloys.

The particular design, the special construction features and the tested work cycle make it an innovative and precise tool that offers the customer the possibility to achieve the objectives described below:

absolute homogeneity in the internal temperature, which determines a considerable improvement in the baking of the gypsum, with a maximum temperature of 850 C, on request up to 1000 C.

accuration in the insertion of the cylinders-molds, ease in the internal cleaning.

cooking process controlled by a touch panel, complete with:

  • a) nr. 50 cooking programs
  • b) cooking curves up to 20 steps.
  • c) management of the loading and unloading positioning of cylinders and dies
  • d) start with timer
  • e) storing cooking curves
  • f) export of cooking data

management of the automatic opening and closing of the fireplace during the cooking cycle _management of a resistance in the wax drainage pipe, which avoids the formation of plugs

  Cylinders D= 100 mm Kw A B H C Kg type
BFD-460 11 cylinders 7 113 x 119 x 183 74 330 rotative
BFD-560 20 cylinders 10 127 x 126 x 183 87 530 rotative
BFD-650 30 cylinders 12 141 x 146 x 189 111 720 rotative
BFD-750 38 cylinders 15 153 x 146 x 189 111 760 rotative
BFD-16-ST 16 cylinders 10 101 x 119 x 183 74 290 static
BFD-20-ST 20 cylinders 12 115 x 126 x 183 87 480 static
BFD-30-ST 30 cylinders 15 141 x 146 x 189 111 690 static
BFD-50-ST 50 cylinders 20 141 x 146 x 189 111 710 static
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Hardening Furnace

Hardening alloys furnace on inert atmosphere DHF.

This plant has been specially designed for hardening alloys used jeweler making.

The special design, the special construction features and tried work cycle make it an innovative and accurate instrument, that gives the client the opportunity to reach these objectives :

  • the good absolutely feature the same degree of hardness, considerably improving mechanical specifications avoiding any deformability during finishing processes and better resistance to wear.
  • superior result during the polishing process.
  • ensure the colours remains uniform of the parts treated, without oxidization.
  • completely automatic execution of the hardness is reached for each specific type of alloy.
  • the good can be laid on trays of perforated stainless steel.

modello model Nr.ripiani trays nr. Misure camera chamber diomensions dimensioni ingombro overall dimension potenza power Temp.Max Max temp. Peso weight
  nr. Kw mm A B C kw °C
DHF-1 6 300*300*400 750 980 1600 6,5 400 240
DFH-2 6 450*450*600 890 1200 1750 9,5 600 430
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