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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of EC medium pressure axial fans, Low-pressure centrifugal fans, Axial fan with integrated diffuser, AxiCool fans for evaporators and cooling units and RadiCal DC centrifugal fans

EC medium pressure axial fans

GreenTech EC technology in a new dimension: EC medium pressure axial fans Thanks to the new axial fans, our highly efficient GreenTech EC technology is now available for the first time for the medium pressure range. Not only does this create new possibilities, it also makes things easier. With the EC medium pressure axial fans from ebm-papst, you get … … a complete system, consisting of a motor, impeller and integrated variable speed drive. All from one source and ready configured. That means no extra components and simple commissioning. In addition, you can be sure that all legal requirements have been fulfilled in line with the Ecodesign Directive for fans. Standardised measurements and clear documentation are available. … high adaptability. Because different operating points can be set by way of speed adjustment. The system can also be mounted in any desired orientation. … high efficiency. This is ensured thanks to the GreenTech EC motor in combination with the integrated variable speed drive. … an integrated derating function. The perfect protection against overheating and mechanical overload. Medium pressure axial fans with GreenTech EC motors are used wherever high volume flows need to be moved against elevated pressures. Examples of this include shock freezers or cold storage facilities, as well as process cooling applications.     EC medium pressure axial fans: Top of the class in efficiency   50 Hz; According to IEC 60034-30 The legal requirements for energy efficiency are becoming increasingly strict. According to the Ecodesign Directive for motors (EU 640/2009), the minimum efficiency class IE2 is valid in Europe. The efficiency class IE3 must be fulfilled as of 2015. Similar legislation applies in other countries. In the USA, for example, the IE3 efficiency class (premium efficiency) is already obligatory. The good news is that GreenTech EC motors from ebm-papst already exceed the IE4 efficiency class (super premium efficiency) today. This gives you perfect planning security for many years to come. Efficient also means cost-effective. In addition, the fan speed can be adjusted to requirements, meaning that you only use the energy that you really need.   EC medium pressure axial fans: Continuously cost-effective The adjustment of the air flow to the current requirements is a decisive factor for a system’s energy consumption. For AC fans, this is often achieved by switching individual fans on or off. In contrast, GreenTech EC fans have an integrated variable speed drive, which can be used to adjust the air mass to requirements. When the fan speed n is reduced, the input power P e decreases drastically (P~n³). A simple sample calculation makes the enormous potential for savings clear: A system with four fans arranged in parallel consumes 40 kW in rated operation. If this system is operated over one year, with an average of half the time in the design point and the other half of the time at half the rated air flow, this results in energy savings of 65 MWh per year.

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Low-pressure centrifugal fans

Backward-curved fan blades with a rigid, hybrid design RadiCal centrifugal fans with backward-curved blades are the new standard in ventilation and air-conditioning. RadiCal features include both noise minimisation and a further decrease in energy consumption. The RadiCal impeller with backward-curved blades is made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic, enabling an aerodynamically optimised shape that cuts the noise level in half and reduces power requirements significantly. Optimised RadiCal impeller with backward-curved blades The designs for the impeller and the backward-curved blades were optimised with complex simulation models adjusted using measurements on prototypes. The result is an optimal, low-loss flow of air through the impeller without the drastic cross-sectional jumps that cause losses in the impeller. A uniform flow profile without laminar separation results in fewer noise sources and better acoustics. The plastic's good damping characteristics also help reduce noise emissions. The impellers are produced from a special composite material, in a single piece without joints. This makes a high circumferential speed possible, so the fan has a high power density. Even without special varnish, the impellers are highly corrosion-resistant, for example if exposed to salt water or salty air. Direct solar radiation has no damaging effects on the UV-resistant material.   Compact low-pressure series with miniaturised motor-electronics combinations GreenTech EC motors are used in the RadiCal low-pressure centrifugal fans. In terms of efficiency, they exceed legally mandated ErP limits. With these, up to 50% less energy consumption can be achieved in comparison with AC solutions. The motors in RadiCal low-pressure centrifugal fans have been miniaturised and are much more compact than their predecessors. With the current dimensions, easy and trouble-free replacement of existing AC solutions is possible at any time. The motor's heat management system also has an optimised design. The stator is completely encapsulated in high-performance plastic. Air inlets in the rotor guarantee perfect heat dissipation for the motor, resulting in a further considerable increase in efficiency. The high level of IP protection permits the use of these fans even in critical applications. The RadiCal with GreenTech EC motor features continuous control with a 0-10 V or PWM input signal. Versions with two fixed speed levels are available up to size 250 mm, with the higher speed providing a power reserve in comparison with the AC version. From size 250 mm, control via an RS-485 interface using the MODBUS RTU protocol is also possible.

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Axial fan with integrated diffuser

The best possible basis for your application. ebm-papst sets new standards in ventilation and air conditioning: Today’s heating systems call for new concepts based on renewable energy instead of fossil fuel. Which is why heat pumps are becoming ever more popular. Modern EC fans play an important role in ensuring that these run efficiently, economically and extremely quietly. The size 500 axial fans specially designed for use in outdoor heat pumps have been further optimized with regard to efficiency and noise level. Speed adjustment provides great flexibility, so your heat pump can operate efficiently without disturbing anyone in the vicinity. The axial fan with integrated diffuser thus creates ideal conditions for the heat pump as a whole to achieve a high coefficient of performance.   Strong performance – proven. All the advantages at a glance: Advanced system concept Perfectly matched components. Ready-to-connect Plug & Play unit. Top performance Up to 10 % increase in air performance, coupled with 3 dB(A) noise reduction. Innovative EC technology Enables the entire fan system to achieve 23 % higher efficiency than conventional solutions. Ideal conditions for the heat pump as a whole to achieve a high coefficient of performance.

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AxiCool fans for evaporators and cooling units

Setting tomorrow’s standards by keeping our eyes on the future today AxiCool represents a new level in the evaporator and air cooler market, thanks to the high system efficiency achieved through the perfect interaction of the individual components. With advantages for both the application and for operators, AxiCool offers even more: The compact axial fan features excellent air throw, easy handling, maximum operating safety, and economical operation. Exceptional design, ease of operation, and the sparing use of resources round off the spectrum of positive features. The AxiCool fans are based on the HyBlade® product range.   Customer benefits Future efficiency specifications are already surpassed today Up to 46 % less power consumption High efficiency figures even at part load Optimized cooling and defrosting cycles   top Targeted use of enormous air volume It’s your choice: AxiCool in AC or EC The axial fans of the AxiCool series were designed specially for use in evaporators and air coolers. The clever system solution can be installed both to draw air in and push air out. The AxiCool portfolio offers a selection of AC or energy-efficient GreenTech EC motors. Thanks to an efficiency that is significantly better than AC fans, EC fans reduce the heat transfer into the cold store, which is naturally a great advantage for cooling applications. At the same time, energy consumption is reduced. This way, the overall efficiency of the refrigerating plant can be increased further.

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RadiCal DC centrifugal fans

The RadiCal centrifugal fan for demanding applications At a glance: Air flow up to 1, 800 m³/h Pressure increase up to 800 Pa Patented diaphragm technology UL approval Compact design Robust, light, reliable Plug & play Long service life and maintenance-free Infinitely variable speed control ebm-papst has been an innovative development partner and technology trendsetter in the field of IT and telecommunications applications for many years. Whether it is a matter of cooling electronics in a corrosive environment with high temperatures or under fluctuating conditions with frequent changes in temperature and humidity: Our solutions can always be relied on to provide safe and efficient operation. This applies even to the most extreme situations, in monsoon regions for example. A robust design, reliability and energy efficiency are the key factors. That’s "SMART". Decades of refrigeration technology experience make ebm-papst ideally equipped to deal with these challenges. Our tried-and-tested product series have proved their outstanding ability to perform complex cooling tasks in thousands of standard and customized solutions. Expertise that has also gone into our RadiCal product range and is predestined to deal with the requirements of electronics cooling. Base stations permit mobile communication all over the world. ebm-papst fans keep the electronics at a steady low temperature and ensure reliable heat dissipation. This minimizes the risk of component failure and extends the system service life. Our fans have already provided evidence of their reliability under the toughest conditions: Installed in base stations in the tropics, in alpine regions, in deep valleys, at all temperatures and whatever the weather. For control cabinets and IT hardware such as network and storage systems, for routers, servers and many other applications – you can always rely on the expertise of the world’s most innovative supplier of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology. top Efficiency in a new dimension With RadiCal DC centrifugal fans, the external rotor motor is integrated into the impeller. Their compact design makes them suitable for even the most constricted installation spaces. The impeller forms a perfectly functioning unit together with the aerodynamically adapted inlet ring. Installation and connection could not be easier thanks to the plug & play concept

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Centrifugal fans with forward curved blades

Centrifugal fans with forward curved blades always require a spiral housing. Their characteristic features are a low noise level, relatively small air flow with a high increase in static pressure, and space-saving application. Energy savings, convenient control and low noise - Cylindrical rotor fans with GreenTech EC technology Saving energy is becoming an ever increasingly important topic these days. Especially when it comes to air-conditioning and ventilation technology, great potential savings can be achieved by using energy efficient fans. For this reason, motor and fan specialist ebm-papst has recognised the issue, and has developed a complete series of dual-inlet, direct-driven cylindrical rotor fans with efficient GreenTech EC technology. Without changing the design of the unit, this allows a conversion from a conventional fan with asynchronous motor to modern energy-saving technology. With integrated motor electronics, the EC fans can be easily speed controlled via a 0-10 V signal or by the use of a potentiometer. As an option up to three air flow values can be programmed in "Constant Flow" mode. This means that if the system resistance changes, for example due to polluted filters, the fan keeps the programmed air flow by changing the speed automatically. Depending on the motor type used, the double inlet fans with state-of-the-art EC technology cover almost every conceivable application area. You can choose between eleven sizes with drive outputs between 85 W and 3 kW. Thus a customised solution is available for virtually any application, including compact air handling units, air curtains, fan coil units, air heaters for factory buildings or as a cooling fan for forced cooling of power converters, generators or telecommunications systems.

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Unit Cooler axial fans

Compact system solution consisting of motor and impeller for evaporator and unit cooler applications Customer benefits High efficiency Flexibility during installation (also suitable for retrofitting) Plug & play solution Compact installation depth of only 68 mm Up to 30% lower energy consumption than with conventional AC fans thanks to its GreenTech EC motor Cool unit The new Unit Cooler energy conservation fan for evaporator applications sets new standards with its compact design and high efficiency thanks to GreenTech EC motor. And during installation, this plug & play solution delivers top flexibility, making it ideal for retrofitting.   Identical performance at 50 or 60 Hz. Efficient GreenTech EC external rotor motor. Airflow direction “A” 2 speed levels Completely assembled and balanced for reduced assembly and simplified handling Plug & play solution – Reduction in individual components Multi-mount design with 3 mounting bolt circles for flexible installation One-piece impeller in HyBlade technology Protection class II - no grounding cable required Simple connection with cable exit Protection class IP 54 Continued use of existing guard grill The fans exclusively designed for evaporator applications feature high efficiency, excellent reliability and long service lives. They were engineered as complete units. This integrated approach and the use of the GreenTech EC motor in conjunction with the proven HyBlade fan impeller add up to energy savings of up to 30% in comparison to evaporator fans with traditional AC motors. And the amount of steel and copper used is reduced by approx. 50%, compared to conventional solutions with internal rotor motors.   GreenTech EC motor The external rotor motor makes the energy conservation fan compact and it has a very shallow installation depth. The GreenTech EC motor used is the IP 54 version, making it equal to the robust requirements in the evaporator. Two speeds are offered as standard, and the needs-based speed selection function provides additional opportunities to save energy. The fan for evaporators is available in size 300 mm. Unit cooler axial fans - easy installation Assembly by means of one-piece mounting brackets is relatively easy because of the flexible mounting hole circles. This design ensures that the customer can retain the appearance of its existing application with a guard grill. Even in the case of retrofitting, the evaporator unit does not have to be disassembled.

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