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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Steam Boilers, Long Cut Pasta System, Short Cut Pasta System, Short Cut Pasta Storage Section and Steam Tube Baking Ovens Deck

Steam Boilers

Steam Boilers in UAE Encom is one of the most prominent supplier of  Steam Boilers in Ras Al-Khaimah UAE . High quality latest steam boilers of different models available for sale in United Arab Emirates. Encom has complete range of steam boilers for sale in UAE. Encom provides sale, services, repair and maintenance and also boilers parts in UAE at best market price. The steam boilers output range from 175 to 55, 000 kilograms per hour are available for a wide range of applications. Product dimensions and equipment levels are tailored to the customer’s individual needs, and a wide range of options and variants are available. The result: maximum energy efficiency, excellent conservation of resources and outstanding availability. The intelligent control technology of steam boilers ensures convenient, fully-automatic steam boiler operation. World’s Best Steam Boilers Encom is leading name in industrial thermal technologies from Pakistan is now prominent supplier of steam boilers in UAE. Encom provides sales and after sales services for complete boiler house equipment and has already installed/commissioned several steam boiler plants at some of the most prestigious industries with success. Benefits of Setting of steam Boiler House Efficiency  as high as 97% Gas Saving  as high as 22% Electricity Saving  as high as 40% Production Loss  0% Payback time  as low as 12-months

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Long Cut Pasta System

Ingredients mixing by rapid pre-mixer, which can be opened on two sides – for an easy cleaning and maintenance- without any tools. Double mixer with axial-rotor movement of shafts. Vacuum mixer separated from the double mixer by a new conception airlock capsulisme unit, to avoid blocks. Compression screws with a low number of revolutions to grant the best production capacity with the minimum dough damage. Spreader from 1 to 6 sticks, according to the production capacity; all movements are realized with independent motorizations, controlled by inverter and managed by PLC. 2000 – 2550 mm sticks, made in anodized aluminium with hooks-ends made in micro stainless steel fusion. Pre-dryer with sticks movement realized by chains. Three or five floors dryer with sticks movement realized by stainless steel racks. Fan system, divided into pre-dryer, dryer, stabilization, humidification and cooling sections. Singularly detectable radiant batteries tested at 30 bar with flanged connections. Internal Climate controlled by ROTRONIC probes. Gradual cooler, physically separated from the heated area. Insulating panels with high nonconducting power; they can be vertically opened by only one person. Stripper with sticks movement realized by independent motorizations, controlled by inverter and managed by PLC. Protection railways on dryers roofs with access ladders. Control electric panel board, realized according to the highest quality standards on the market. Highest level automation for the process control with PLC and supervision PC.

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Short Cut Pasta System

Ingredients mixing by rapid pre-mixer, which can be opened on two sides – for an easy cleaning and maintenance- without any tools. Double mixer with axial-rotor movement of shafts. Vacuum mixer separated from the double mixer by a new conception airlock capsulisme unit, to avoid blocks. Compression screw with a low number of revolutions to grant the best production capacity with the minimum dough damage. Flat or inclined cut system connected to the press and without supports on the floor, in order to make easier the cleaning under the cut area and the frontal access to the shaker pre-dryer. Stainless steel shaker pre-dryer with three floors, provided of a high fan and heating power, built to avoid the product leaking. Elevators with stainless steel buckets. Dryer built in one single unit (pre-dryer and dryer together) or with two different parts. Product transport inside the dryer, made by aluminium conveyors and stainless steel net to maximize the air passage. Singularly detectable radiant batteries tested at 30 bar with flanged connections. Internal Climate controlled by ROTRONIC probes. H class internal motorization of the dryer. Belt cooler, composed by the same high efficiency slats which are used in the dryer. Insulating panels with high nonconducting power; they can be vertically opened by only one person, on four dryer sides. Protection railways on dryers roofs with access ladders. Control electric panel board, realized according to the highest quality standards on the market. Highest level automation for the process control with PLC and supervision PC.

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Short Cut Pasta Storage Section

Short Cut Pasta Storage Section – Specifications PERSONALISED PROJECTS The storage plant is sized to satisfy fully the purchaser’s requirements as regards the stocking capacity as well as the loading and discharge systems. Therefore it is always a personalised project. LOADING The storage plant can receive pasta from one or more production lines having product capacity up to 6.000 kg/h with possibility to discharge each production line on each single cell. STORAGE The total storage capacity is determined by the combination between the storage capacity of one single cell and the total number of cells. DISCHARGE The storage system can feed one or more packaging lines with possibility to discharge each cell on each packaging machine. QUALITY FEATURES to avoid contamination by foreign bodies to avoid mixing of pasta shapes to avoid deposits of dust and/or product, making cleaning operations easier ease of access to areas of control and/or cleaning use of materials suitable for food contact

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Steam Tube Baking Ovens Deck

Upper chamber with electric resistances for independent baking Suitable for continuous baking Temperature stability Robust and low maintenance Features HEATING SYSTEM: – Upper chamber – armored electric resistances made of chromium-nickel. – Bottom chambers – it radiates heat through tubes with Ø 27x4mm, tested to a pressure of 800 kg/cm². Double security thermostat. Oven floors made of refractory materials. High visibility inner lighting (12 volts). Digital Control panels (option). Please contact us for further details about Ramalhos Baking Oven Anelec

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Baking Deck Ovens

Oven heated by recycled hot air. Features Oven heated by recycled hot air in a closed system. Versatile oven, unique for its capability of quick changes in operating temperatures, with a great reduction of time spent between baking of different products. Without loss of heat through the chimney. Double security thermostat. Ovens floor with 25mm thickness made of refractory materials. Oven’s door with tempered glass. High visibility inner lighting (12 volts). Heating by gas or fuel oil (burner not included). High capacity control steamer prepared for continuous operation. Burning chamber made with silica based refractory material which confers great endurance. The steaming system is easily accessible for maintenance.

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Escher Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixers

Fixed bowl spiral mixer with one motor. Two speeds, one-way bowl rotation, belt transmissions, manual controls or automatic version with electronic timers. Available with single-phase motor and inverter. The central part of the bowl is raised and rounded in order to increase the robustness of the bowl, to improve dough quality and to reduce mixing times. Silent and reliable mixer, designed for an intense use, it can satisfy the daily production needs of a small-medium bakery, a pizzeria or a Supermarket. Optional stainless steel finish, variable speed with inverter, independent bowl transmission. Please contact us for further details about Escher Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixers.

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Self Tipping Spiral Mixers

MT line Fixed bowl spiral mixer with two motors with hydraulic elevator which tips the dough into a divider or onto a table to either 1500 mm or 2000 mm. Two speeds Two motors Two way bowl rotation allowing to reverse the bowl in 1st speed Bowl jog facility Belt transmission Automatic timers Stainless steel bowl, spiral tool and breaker bar Optional stainless steel finish, touch screen, infrared temperature measurement, bowl scraper, beater for pastry dough MT Premium line Premium model specifically designed for intensive use and stiffer doughs. All the same features as the MT plus Premium drive system with a dual belt resulting in more power being delivered to the spiral tool and energy savings. Please contact us for further details about Escher Self-Tipping Spiral Mixers.

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Bottom Discharge Spiral Mixers

Mixer with a bottom discharge system. The dough is unloaded onto a conveyor belt or into a movable bowl. The mixing system may entail either an MD-Line spiral or dual tool (MDW-Line). This compact system features two or more series of mixers that feed the dough directly into the production lines, while an optional extension offers a system for letting the dough rest. The machine was designed with special attention paid to various aspects of hygiene and functionality. In particular, the cleaning of the bowl closing cap was a priority. The bowl transmission guarantees constant rpm to improve the quality of the dough. The same transmission was conceived to last longer and requires less maintenance compared to the classic clutch wheel transmissions used in this sector. The mixer is available with a series of optional accessories, like the Vario Drive System (VDS), which allows the user to regulate the speed of both the mixing tool and the bowl. Please contact us for further details about Escher Bottom Discharge Spiral Mixers.

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ESBL Bowl Lifters

The Bowl Lifters-Tippers range for artisan and industry is composed of two lines. ESBL Line:  this consists of two models, one with output on table and one with output on a standard divider. ESBL Industry Line:  includes a wider range of models, starting from the output on table up to 3.5 m height, with intermediate heights. The ESBL Industry Line has been designed for an industrial use and is equipped with a series of options for different applications: Bowl rotation system – with friction wheel or with Escher patented system Bowl scraper Safety grid Semi or fully automatic lifting – output – lowering Interface systems with feeding hoppers and systems afterwards Please contact us for further details about Escher ESBL Bowl Lifters – Tippers.

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ESBL Hoppers

The ESH line of feeding hoppers consists of two models: a version with a fixed position a version mounted on a translating  system This one can feed simultaneously more lines (it can also be equipped with a free position for cleaning), allowing a consistent level of dough on the lower divider and a higher efficiency in the production. Feeding hoppers are executed in stainless steel and their surfaces can be covered with Teflon. For cleaning purposes, surfaces are rounded without welds. The portioning system can be completely disassembled for cleaning operations. Oil nebulization system is an option. Translating hoppers are controlled by a PLC for the synchronization of the elevator, oiling system and output points. Feeding hoppers are manufactured in different dimensions and heights, according to the specifications of the production line. Please contact us for further details about Escher ESBL Hoppers.

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Stagnation Pressure Grid

Stagnation Pressure Grid Volume measurement of gaseous media in ducts, especially for combustion air for firing applications With a minimum of differential pressure loss, compared to the conventional technology Short length of inlet- and outlet-stretch for laminar flow. Long air-ducts are not required anymore Stainless steel material Basic temperature range up to 400 °C Free of maintenance for use in clean air application Rectangular and circular grid versions are available With increased dust particles loading, flushing back can be done (option) Connection to the Differential Pressure Transmitter by impulse piping or on customer‘s request

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Spiral Mixers with Removable Bowl

Our objective in developing the MR line was to create robust, compact mixers conceived for intensive use, suitable for all dough types (even stif ones), that did not require adjustments or maintenance over the years. Escher Mixers presents two MR lines of removable bowl mixers: MR Professional 80-300 Kg and MR Professional 350-500 Kg: with taper bowl locking and motion system. MR Premium: with trolley locking clamps and friction wheels for bowl motion. These new lines of removable bowl spiral mixers, while maintaining the high quality principles and levels of our mixing system, introduce important new high tech solutions. Have been improved: the bowl motion system _ Professional line; the bowl locking system _ Professional line; the head motion and closing system _ Professional e Premium line; the design of the frame and of the trolley _ Professional e Premium line. Please contact us for further details about Escher Spiral Mixers with Removable Bowls.

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Modular Baking Oven

Electric oven, compact and completely modular. Ideal for public viewing. Suitable for hotels and small bakeries / pastries. Oven is built according to the client’s specific needs. Features Chambers are completely independent with the possibility of overlapping up to 5 levels. Independent control of the top, bottom and front. Capacity per chamber: – 1|2|3 trays 75x45cm in size; – 4 trays 60×40 cm in size; – Chambers have the possibility of four usable heights: 16|21|26|31 cm. Innovative thermal insulation. System developed to minimize heat loss, while keeping the exterior of the oven at room temperature. Chamber built with reinforcement to support constant temperatures of 350°C or higher (pending request). Steam system is independent for each chamber. Water and steam connection in copper and stainless steel. Thermal shock possible through porcelain resistances for heating. System maintenance is easy. Stones are built with refractory material 25mm thick, and developed according to a specific formula which allows for greater longevity. Doors are robust, 30 mm thick, and made with double tempered glass. Functions for controlling top and bottom temperature, is unique in its segment with a portion of the power allocated to the door, adaptable according to oven use. Chamber lighting comes with the option of a timer in order to economize power. Possibility of turning off vaporizers individually when they are not necessary, with a simple press of a button, in order to economize power. Diagnosis of breakdowns. Warnings of preventative maintenance. LCD Electronic control panels with graphic LCD. Saving baking programs under the title of each recipe. Delayed start up system can be individually programmed in each chamber for each day of the week. DIGITAL Direct selection on the three digital displays. The digital displays indicate the top and bottom temperature and the baking time. Delayed start up system with the time countdown in each chamber. Steaming cabinet automatically controls heat and humidity and has tempered glass doors. Support structure with wheels. Cover with or without exhaust. Stones built with refractory material or steel plate. Vaporizers incorporated in each chamber or without steam system. Control Panels: – Analogical; – Digital; – LCD. Specification Usable height of chamber: 16 cm or 21 cm. Chambers from this model can be combined with chambers from Modulram Classic. This modem design consisting of simple and structured lines that favour the functionality and maintenance of the oven. Advanced economizing system that controls and rations energy consumption. Intelligently distributes the electrical power to the various areas of the oven, balancing it so that baking is uniform and effective. Recovering temperature is quite fast, even with low power consumption, by using the thermal mass accumulated. An innovative system for energy efficiency with tested results in the oven’s automatic and instantaneous reaction to the baking needs in progress. The control panels are equipped with the latest generation software system that constantly analyses the evolution of the temperature, adjusting the power used to ensure that the temperature selected is maintained. This new system allows for a single, uniform baking, reducing fluctuation in temperature to a minimum.

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Roasting Suckling Pigs Steam Tube Deck Oven

Especially designed for the roasting suckling pigs. Features – Annular tube system for uniform heat distribution by tube Ø 27x4mm, tested at a pressure of 840 kg/cm2. – Double security thermostat. – High visibility inner lighting (12 volts)   – The wood, with side furnace on the left or the right. – Gas or diesel fuel (burner not included). – Both systems alternately. Please contact us for further details about Ramalhos Baking Ovens Roasting Suckling Pigs Ramalhos – Roasting Suckling Pigs Steam Tube Deck Oven.

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Baking Convection Ovens

Features Fixed rack convection oven. Capacity for 1 rack with 18 trays. Turbines with multiple speeds and auto inversion for an even better baking. Integrated steam system with 4 escapes. Digital panel with the possibility to control 4 different phases during baking as well as storing 40 programs (analogical panel also available). High internal visibility due to illumination via easy to install 12 volt bulbs. Door with wide double paned glass. Specification Occupies less space while maintaining large baking capacity. Less mechanisms and mechanical parts. Less maintenance. Ease of loading and unloading rack. No need for a specific rack. Fast heating and temperature recuperation. Uniform temperature distribution. Efficient temperature insulation system. Low energy consumption. Ease of transportation and installation.

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Compact Flame Monitor

The compact flame monitor combines the flame sensor and switching amplifier in a cylindrical casing with an axial light emission opening.

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Kimo Measuring Instruments

KIMO  is a leading manufacturer of measuring instruments in the world and  ENCOM-FZE  is the preferred business partner of KIMO products in United Arab Emirates. KIMO designs and manufactures measuring instruments for the control and monitoring of the air in confined areas. The devices manufactured by KIMO are portable or stationary and realize measures to. Control the operation of heating, ventilation and cooling systems, allowing improved comfort each and reducing energy consumption. Contribute to the safety of persons controlling the environment to prevent the development or spread of germs, bacteria, gas, etc . in the food industry, laboratories, hospitals, nuclear. Control and maintain optimum storage conditions and manufacturing in industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, museums Meet many standards and reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

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thermal oil heaters

Encom  is one of the prominent supplier of   thermal   oil   heaters  (Intec Brand)  in the United Arab Emirates . INTEC Energy Systems  is one of the leading manufacturer of thermal oil heaters,  htm heaters and heater parts. Encom is the exclusive business partner of INTEC Energy System in UAE. Encom provides complete range of INTEC products. The INTEC thermal oil heaters are successfully used for process heat supply for industrial plants of different industries. The product range is complemented by accessories required, and other components such as steam and hot water systems.   Characteristic of INTEC facilities: Individual interpretation. the connected load and the available fuels The high efficiency, which has a high efficiency of energy utilization and consequently boost keeps operating costs low The environmental performance through low emissions INTEC Thermal Oil Heating System includes: Oil and natural gas-fired heaters with a capacity of 100-20, 000 kW Electric heaters for smaller output sizes Besides the usual fuels such as heavy oil, light oil and natural gas, solid fuels such as production waste and biomass can be used to generate process energy. Biomass fuels are burned depending on the consistency over dust burners or on the specially developed grate firing. match the heater developed combustion air preheat or economizer help to increase plant efficiency. Due to the rising price of fossil fuels win measures for increased efficiency increasingly importance. Additional investment costs pay back in a short time. Intec Waste Heat Boilers INTEC waste heat boiler, type: ETA For the use of exhaust heat, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, or other industrial processes with high exhaust temperatures INTEC’s product range includes tailor-made waste heat boiler: INTEC ETA  convection heat ex-changer run as smooth tube bundle in meander structure. Attached Soot blowers enable automatic cleaning of the heating surfaces during operation. INTEC ETA  heater with concentric coil wound on the use of exhaust heat from combustion engines and gas turbines for energy recovery in agricultural and marine applications INTEC ETA  feed heater with coiled tubing baskets n the use of radiant heat in the high temperature range As a steam generator, single-compartment design type WHR to 20.0 t / h As hot water boiler, single-compartment design type WHR-HW to 13.0 MW Please contact us for further details about INTEC Thermal Oil Heaters & Boilers.

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ITAL Pumps

Ital Pumps  is famous manufacturer of pumps, pumps burner and valves. More then 30 years ITAL Pump have been producing strong, generous, reliable hearts for oil burners and for all other kerosene and heavy oil systems.  Encom  is the business partner of Ital Pumps in  Dubai United Arab Emirates . Encom provides whole range of  ITAL Pumps Products in UAE . Currently Ital Pumps is able to compete with other well-known manufacturers of pumps offering quality and expertise. Ital Pumps Specification ITV pumps are positive displacement rotatory pumps with axial flow design suitable for different kinds of fluids: for light oil and heavy oil bunker oil. The pump sucks the oil from a tank, it passes through the inlet port and arrive at the 3 screws, which compressed it and send it to the outlet. The pump is equipped with a pressure relief valve with internal return, which limit the differential pressure into the pump and protect the pump in case of block of the outlet line. Standard version is 5 bar Relief valve. It is also available a special version RF2 with 10 bar set relief valve.

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