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Lockout Devices #5812014

Gate Valve Lockout

Gate Valve Lockout 10 GVL 254 mm to 355 mm (10 13 )

The Gate valve is a locking arrangement that is used to lock spindle and wheel of the gate valve when its closed and then locked by an authorized person to prevent injuries to the repairmen working at industrial areas, also its low in cost and safe to secure human error. Gate Valve Lockout is made by two parts these rotational valve covers can withstand in extreme weather conditions, resistant to cracking and abrasion that is valid for temperature range up to 46C to 177C. It Surrounds the valve hand-wheel to prevent from being turned and protect against accidental operations

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Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout

Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout UBL B TS

  • Safe & effective method for locking out Miniature Circuit Breakers.
  • The lockout can easily be installed with the aid of a screw driver or with the help of new dandy Twister Screw.
  • It can be used on single & multi pole breakers.
  • A Padlock on UBL should be applied to Lockout the MCB.
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Butterfly Valve Lockout

Butterfly Valve Lockout BFV 04

When slid into position the wedge on the slider section prevents the compression handle being squeezed, preventing operation of the valve. The holes on the slider have a staggered repeat which ensures hole will be tight when placed against the valve. Padlock is used in the hole which is tight to the valve as possible to ensure proper lockout. Hasp is also used some time when multiple locking is required with more than one lock on the lockout device.

  • Single universal size designed to lock all kinds of butterfly valves in the industries.
  • Resistant to cracking and abrasion. Highly resistant to solvent and other chemical products.
  • Made of strong polypropylene plastic. Fully dielectric (non-conductive)
  • They are resistant to extreme weather and temperature conditions suitable for outdoors.
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Large Circuit Breaker Lockout Round Handle LCB R

Lockout Safetyis great for locking out Large Circuit Breakers. It comes in two different models and offers great flexibility. This Circuit Breaker Lockout is also resistant to corrosion.

  • Safe and effective method for locking out Large Circuit Breakers
  • Fits on lever of Circuit Breakers up to 7.5 cm wide and 2.2 cm thick
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Can accommodate three safety padlocks with LCB R
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Settable Ball Valve Lockout -LSBVL SET (Large)

  • Used forPRECISELocking & closing / opening of the ball valves of various sizes and makes.
  • Constructed from super tough nylon and stainless steel to avoid corrosion. Designed to lock out quarter-turn valves of varying sizes and geometric handle dimensions ( round, square or flat ) up to 1-1/4 thick x 1-5/8 wide and various lengths. Valves can also be locked in the ON or Throttled positions for non lock-out applications.
  • Freeze the valve handle at an exact location.Attach a second Arm (Sold separately) to lock handle of 2 / 3 / 4 or 5 way Valves.
  • Best for all kinds of usage areas / pipelines gaseous, oils, liquids, air pressure pipes & valves etc
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Ball Valve Lockout

Ball Valve Lockout easy to use clamp over the valve lever preventing the valve from operating. BV-01 can lock the small size valves in the open or closed positions, whilst the larger BV-01 EX / BV-02 L can only be used in the closed position. These two piece, die section molded lockouts can be installed on most of the types of ball valves available internationally. Virtually indestructible finger friendly valve covers. Inner slider can be used for gripping the valve handle sleeves inside the cover. Once locked, they prevent valve handle from being turned. The strong polyurethane plastic make them resistant to cracking and abrasion. They are resistant to extreme weather temperature conditions. Available in 3 sizes. Non conductive

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