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We offer the best product range of Flip Top Closure Bags, Rollstock Bags, wicket bags, plain bags and Door Knob Bags.

Flip Top Closure Bags

Flip top closure bag has a flap that can be closed to fasten the bag shut, comparable to a sandwich plastic bag. A flip top closure plastic bag is often used in the clothing industry, packaging shirts, uniforms, sweaters and sleepwear. We can produce the flip to be in the back, front or over the bag, based on your custom requirements. As all other custom bags that we manufacture, it can be printed, sized and gauged as per your specifications.
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Rollstock Bags

Rollstock is film on a roll, manufactured for customers who wish to do the bagging themselves. Those sheetings are regularly used for machine fed equipment. We make those rolls customized for your exclusive use, custom print, film type, thickness and roll size.
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Wicket Bags

Here at Metropolitan, we manufacture wicket poly bags in accordance to our customers individualized specifications. Wicketed poly bags have a range of uses in many industries. A wicketed bag has 2 small holes that are hanging from 2 metal hooks and can be easily detached by pulling on the bag. Those bags are frequently used in high speed automatic packaging systems, semi-automatic bag openers or in manual production operations. We can produce wicketed bags in custom size wickets, custom print, size and gauge.
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Plain Bags

Plain, unprinted plastic bags can be made to order according to your custom request, in thicknessgauge and in bag size. We can manufacture polyethylene, polypropylene, high density, OPP Polyproplynene and coextruded film. There is a minimum quantity for a custom size bag order; the minimum depends on the size and thickness of the bags. A price break is given on bigger quantities.
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Door Knob Bags

Door knob handle bags have holes on the uppermost part of the bag. As its name insinuates, the hole is round, ideal for hanging this bag on door handles. This bag is different than the typical shopping bag; for it is side sealed and has, as above mentioned, a complete round circle as a hole. We customize door knob handle bags as per your requirements, as in custom color, size and thickness of the film.
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Staple Pack Bags

Stapled pack poly bag has a staple on the lip and is perforated below the lip for easy tearing. They are prepared as a bundle of bags, similar to a wicketed bag, but instead of wickets, there are staples that are holding the cluster of bags in place. If you so desire, we can have a chipboard or cardboard backing for added support. This type of bag is often used for packaging supplies. We custom manufacture those type of bags in any gauge, size and if you prefer we can also print the bags.
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Stock Bags

  • Style A 79
  • Size W x L 2 1/4 X 3
  • Gauge 1.50
  • Qty. / Ctn. 5, 000
  • Lbs. / Ctn 5
We stock many standard sizes of plain, unprinted, LDPE plastic bags. The minimum order for any stock size is 1, 000 bags per size. A significant price break is given for larger quantities. We usually package the bags 1, 000 per case, some sizes can be packaged to larger quantities to service your needs. We offer great prices on stock size bags, please click below to request a price quote.
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Reinforced Header Bags

A header bag commonly has a 1 to 2 inch of extra film at the top of the bag; it ordinarily has a hole in the center for easy display hanging. The seal beneath the header divides the top part or Header from the product in the bag below. We can manufacture Reinforced header bags as well. A reinforced header has extra film to make it durable for heavier products that it is essentially carrying, eliminating the risk of the bag tearing or sagging on the hook where it is displayed.
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