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Hand Tool #2953783

Dieless Crimp Head

  • Crimps up to 750 kcmil (MCM) cable.
  • Slim, ergonomic latching system allows tool access in tighter spaces.
  • 360 head rotation increases maneuverability.
  • Easy to use; no dies required.
  • Combine with other heads in the QuickChange system to maximize efficiency and productivity on the job site.

      LB. KG
52083   RE 6 Electrical Tool Case Only  11.3  5.1 
44693   18V Advanced Lithium 2.0Ah Battery  1.0  0.5 
44698   18V Advanced Lithium 4.0Ah Battery  1.5  0.7 
43458 RBC-20  Advanced Lithium Battery Charger (N. America)  1.8  0.8 
44798   Charger Replacement Cord (N. America)  0.3  0.1 
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Drum Cable Tools

  • Drop Head Auger - For cleaning back to back mounted fixtures e.g., sinks where cable needs to be led into down pipe.
  • Straight Auger - For use in exploring and breaking up stoppages or returning sample to surface to determine correct tool.
  • Funnel Auger - For use as second tool in line. Breaks up remains of stoppage left by straight auger.
  • Hook Auger - For heavy and dense root stoppages in pipes that require hooking and breaking up.
  • Retrieving Auger - For searching for cable which is broken or lost in line.
  • Spade Cutter - For following up after augers have been used and to open up floor drains.
  • Four Blade Saw Tooth Cutter - For blockages caused by hardened, glazed material such as chemical deposits.
  • Spiral Saw Tooth Cutter - For clearing any stoppage, roots, rags, sticks, etc.
  • Saw Tooth Cutter - For cleaning lines blocked heavily with roots. Unique design permits cutter to be removed from damaged pipe without locking.
  • Grease C Cutter - For grease blockage in lines leading from garbage disposal unit or waste pipe.
  • Grease Cutter - For lines which have become badly greased with detergents and have to be opened.
  • Spiral Bar Cutter - For main sewers blocked by roots, leaf debris, sticks, sawdust, cloth, and sacking.
  • Sharktooth Cutter - For use in cleaning pipes of general material clinging to pipe walls.Expanding Finish Cutters - For final removal of material adhering to walls and certain roots of fibrous nature.
  • Chain Knocker - For use when vigorous action is required for cleaning of scale in pipes and boiler tubes.
  • Flue Brush - For use for finish cleaning required of boiler tubes and heat exchangers.
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Compound Leverage Wrenches

  • The compound leverage wrench offers a unique design that multiplies the turning force applied to a pipe. Ideal for freeing locked couplings and joints frozen by age or damage. Replaceable jaws are hardened alloy steel.
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Inner Tube Core Barrel Wrench

  • Replaceable inserts - significantly extend the total life of the wrench
  • Specially engineered insert - surface maximizes grip strength while minimizing tube abrasion
  • Three jaw design - prevents tube distortion
  • Double torsion spring - prevents disengagement and allows single handed ratchet action

    LB. KG
46378 Inner Tube Core Barrel Wrench, Size N  6.80  3.10 
46363 Inner Tube Core Barrel Wrench, Size H  10.80  4.90 
46373 Inner Tube Core Barrel Wrench, Size B  6.15  2.79 
46368 Inner Tube Core Barrel Wrench, Size P  13.55  6.14 
    LB. KG
48323 Jaw Insert w/Screw, Size "N" (Pack of 3)  0.35  0.15 
48358 Jaw Insert w/Screw, Size "H" (Pack of 3)  0.45  0.20 
48713 Jaw Insert w/Screw, Size "B" (Pack of 3)  0.30  0.20 
48718 Jaw Insert w/Screw, Size "P" (Pack of 3)  0.90  0.40
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One Stop Wrench

  • The One Stop Wrench is two wrenches in one.
  • It provides the exact size wrench you need to install angle stops and compression couplings.

      IN. MM LB. KG
27023 2002  One Stop Wrench  0.73  0.3 
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