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LED Lights #5720947

Led Panel Light

  • LifeTime 40000 hrs
  • Light Angle 115degree
  • CCT WW (3000K) & DL (4500K) & CW (6300K)

These artistically crafted and technology effective fittings are a perfect replacement to traditional louvers. LED panel lights are a perfect replacement for most of the fluorescent luminaries. LED panel lights in Dubai are one of the best choices to bright up your office spaces, workstations with low cost. Munira Light brings to you a wide range of panel lights of different sizes and wattages that are ideal for Office and Home lighting.

Our goal is to offer cost-efficient, top quality panel light and we ensure timely delivery of the products we have to offer. We maintain a professional approach to serve all our customers.

These lights we offer are highly durable and available in different volts such as 110v, 220v and in a variety of sizes like 3030, 6060, 30120 etc.

Munira Lighting caters classy collection of LED panel lights which is specifically designed for various domestic and commercial uses. We bring to you highly sustainable products in the best possible designs. They are very elegant and are simple to install with possibility to install in different types of ceilings Our Panels are available in a variety of options for power drivers with Philips, Meanwell or our Highefficiency TUV driver. Combined with a warranty of 3 and 5 years, Munira LED Panel lights are your perfect choice of Panel Lights.


90-275 VAC

Indoor: IP20

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Candle Light

  • LifeTime 35000 hrs
  • Light Angle 180degree
  • CCT 3000k

The grandeur of chandeliers and the finesse of wall lights can be made economical and efficient with LED candle lights. The lights commonly used in such installations are massive energy guzzlers and they can be easily replaced with our LED E14 candle lights. They come with a dimming option, which adds to the aesthetics of the interiors.


240-265 VAC

50-60 Hz

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Led Bulb

Munira Lighting are Middle East Suppliers of LED Lights of various brands including their own home grown brand called Munira Lighting. We are asingle point source for all kinds of LED Lights in Dubai, Muscat (Oman), Doha (Qatar) and other middle east countries. We bring to you Munira Icepipe LED Bulbs for Internal and External Lights. These bulbs are especially made as a replacement for WaterProof and Airtight fittings. The high efficiency heatsink is made specifically to extend the life of the bulb when encased inside waterproof fittings or airtight fittings where there is no air circulation that usually helps in heat dissipation of the bulb thereby elongating the life of the fixture.


CRI>=85Ra & 83Ra

CCT: -40 to 60

Operational Temp: WW(3000K) & CW(5700K)

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  • LifeTime 35000 hrs
  • Light Angle 160degree
  • CCT 3000k

LED bulbs are capable of replacing traditional incandescent bulbs and also CFLs equal lumen output while consuming 50% less electricity. Available with E27 connector, equipped with an IC driven power driver and top quality LEDs, this A19 LED bulb is the ideal replacement for almost all domestic light fittings.

TheLED bulbblends with a lovely warm light or a shining cool white color with an exceptional durability. They offer instant, substantial energy savings while improving your home ambience. The LED light bulbs are cautiously packaged arrays of LEDs. These are solid state devices which manufacture light through a procedure known as electroluminescence. They make this happen by passing electrons across a very special gap within their internal construction that gives off photons when electrons enter the gap. These photons are the light we notice and are different color based on what materials are utilized to manufacture the LED. LED bulbs utilize arrays of multiple LEDs along with special reflectors to replicate the brilliance and patterns of standard lights in different shapes and sizes.

This technique not only produces much less heat, but it generates an equal amount of light for roughly 80% less energy than a conventional incandescent lamp. Without a glass bulb or a filament, a LED light bulb is also more long lasting than any incandescent can be, upto 25 times* longer.

Speaking of cost-efficient lighting, LEDs exceed CFL to a considerable extent. LEDs have a faster start time, work well in cold weather, and are substantially more long lasting as they are made from plastic instead of glass. Right from conventional bulbs to fluorescent bulbs, LEDs can replicate the same lighting conditions found in fluorescents while lasting longer and utilizing less energy. Moreover, All LEDs are RoHS compliant and do not utilize mercury, a claim that cant be made by fluorescent lamps.


85-265 VAC

50-60 Hz

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