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Our Complete range of products are Led Strip Light, Led Downlight, Led Panel Light, candle light and Led Tube Light.

Led Strip Light

  • LifeTime 35000 hrs
  • Light Angle 120degree
  • CCT 3000k

The most commonly found decorative LED flexible, flexile LED strip lights are available in different Lumen options and colors. LED strip lights are simple to install and can be adapted to different kinds of decorative ideas. For outdoor installations, you can select the waterproof type rather than the regular one. They are available in dimming choice if necessary. These strip lights are a perfect choice for outdoor illumination on decks, railings, driveways, walkways, gazebos, and other used indoors. The silicon based strip is waterproof for year round outdoor use and is designed to last years. These LED strip lights offer years of outdoor illumination on railings, gazebos, patios, decks, but also for indoors. Munira Lighting proffers a wide range of flexible LED strip lights with single color or color changing LED choices. These strip lights are an incredible optional light product that can improve the lighting ambience at home, commercial and retail applications. FEATURES    CRI>=80  12/24 VDC

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Led Downlight

In all high or low ceiling applications, LED down lights is fast replacing their traditional fluorescent counterparts. Available in different sizes and designs, these fittings can save half of your electricity charges. Along with this, you will also get consistent light spread, over work areas and passages. Due to pristine business policies and client oriented approach, Munira Lighting is today recognized as one of the popular business entities in the industry. With years of experience in this industry, we are a leading provider of LED lights. These are acquired from reputed manufacturers and are highly admired for their features such as long working life, high shock resistance and simple installation. We ensure complete customer satisfaction through these LED downlights we offer. We also feel that proud of the fact that we are consistently able to fulfill the requirements of our customers. With our domain proficiency, we are involved in rendering highly effective range of downlights for all kinds of requirements of our customers. Some of the notable attributes of our range are simple installation, high shock resistance, long durability, and many other features. You should check out our complete range of Office and Home Lighting today. Right from day one, we have been bringing the best downlights for our customers. We bring for you an extensive range of these downlights etc. We serve our clients all over the country and export markets. FEATURES Lumen output varies with the type of Lens and CCT selected  LifeTime: 35000 hrs  Light Angle: 140degree  CCT: 3000k  CRI>=75

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Led Panel Light

  • LifeTime 40000 hrs
  • Light Angle 115degree
  • CCT WW (3000K) & DL (4500K) & CW (6300K)

These artistically crafted and technology effective fittings are a perfect replacement to traditional louvers. LED panel lights are a perfect replacement for most of the fluorescent luminaries. LED panel lights in Dubai are one of the best choices to bright up your office spaces, workstations with low cost. Munira Light brings to you a wide range of panel lights of different sizes and wattages that are ideal for Office and Home lighting. Our goal is to offer cost-efficient, top quality panel light and we ensure timely delivery of the products we have to offer. We maintain a professional approach to serve all our customers. These lights we offer are highly durable and available in different volts such as 110v, 220v and in a variety of sizes like 30×30, 60×60, 30×120 etc. Munira Lighting caters classy collection of LED panel lights which is specifically designed for various domestic and commercial uses. We bring to you highly sustainable products in the best possible designs. They are very elegant and are simple to install with possibility to install in different types of ceilings Our Panels are available in a variety of options for power drivers with Philips, Meanwell or our Highefficiency TUV driver. Combined with a warranty of 3 and 5 years, Munira LED Panel lights are your perfect choice of Panel Lights.  CRI>=75  90-275 VAC  Indoor: IP20

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candle light

  • LifeTime 35000 hrs
  • Light Angle 180degree
  • CCT 3000k

The grandeur of chandeliers and the finesse of wall lights can be made economical and efficient with LED candle lights. The lights commonly used in such installations are massive energy guzzlers and they can be easily replaced with our LED E14 candle lights. They come with a dimming option, which adds to the aesthetics of the interiors.  CRI>=80  240-265 VAC  50-60 Hz

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Led Tube Light

  • LifeTime 50000 hrs
  • Light Angle 120degree
  • CCT 3000k

Munira Lighting LED Tube lights replace traditional fluorescent tube lights. Top quality LEDs with an isolated power drive to make sure that you get the low THD and high power factor you may be looking for. Munira Lighting came into existence to be one of the leading vendors of LED tube lights at the most competitive rates. We specialize in manufacturing top quality LED product range. The LED tube light we will offer you are manufactured under strict supervision and quality control process to ensure that the finished products are manufactured with true cultivation. Our LED lights are simple to integrate, energy effective and emphasized on bringing down the complete cost of your electricity and lighting. We are allegiant to respond actively according to market demands, and thereby delivering top quality products. Our reliable technical support and customized service make us the very best in this business. Tube lights are one of the most convenient types of lighting solutions that you can get for your home or office. The LED tube lights are a great way to save your money and also brightening your home. Our LED Tubes are available in all conventional sizes and wattages that replace conventional tubelights perfectly. Munira LED Tube lights are aimed at providing the perfect replacement product whilst providing a lifetime of upto 25 times* longer than conventional tube lights. A perfect way to save money and planet earth. CRI>=80    80-265 VAC

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corn light

  • LifeTime 35000 hrs
  • Light Angle 180degree
  • CCT: 2700k
  • Working Temperature -10℃ to +50℃

In their shape, they resemble stems of corn. That’s all there is to their name. LED corn lights are highly efficient alternatives to sodium lamps and other conventional fittings. These fittings comprise of powerful and efficient LED’s along with a built-in power supply to ensure exceptional performance. An integrated aluminium core dissipates heat effectively and optional E27 and E40 connectors provide installation options. CRI>=80

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Munira Lighting offers an exclusive range of light sensors for different areas and different applications. Lighting sensors are extremely beneficial in further lessening power consumption by isolating the areas that don’t need to be lit. Motion sensors and presence detection are available in high frequency and infrared technologies with wide range of choices such as passages, washrooms, high ceiling warehouses, offices or any other area that need independent lighting control. We are dealers of Steinel Motion and Presence sensors from Germany and other brands including Munira Lighting. Munira Lighting Sensors are an effective solution to reduce electrical consumption in areas where occupancy is not continuous. FEATURES Comes with an Optional Wireless Infrared Remote Control.  Various types of dimming controls are available for a variety of applications.

    IS 3360 360 Deg Motion Detectors 4M x 4M Presence Detectors
    IS 345 180 Deg Motion Detectors 8M x 8M Presence Detectors
    IS 345 MX 45 Deg Motion Detectors for LED HighBays 360 Deg Presence Detectors
    IS 345 MX 45 Deg Passage Motion Detectors Infrared 360 Deg Presence Detectors
    HF 3360 360 Deg HighFrequency Motion Detectors 45 Deg Passage Detectors
    IS 3180 180 Deg Wall Mounted Motion Detectors  
    IS D3360 360 Deg Staircase Motion Detectors

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LED Street Light

  • LifeTime: 50000 hrs
  • Light Angle 150degree
  • CCT 5000k
  • Working Temperature -40℃ to +55℃

With a modular pattern to dispel heat efficiently and an aluminum IP67 body, these fixtures are the ideal option for outdoor street light applications. Every fitting comes with a modifiable arm to set the angle you wish. They are as long lasting as they are simple to install. Armed with powerful accessories, they work at a power factor of more than 0.95. Munira is a renowned brand and known for the quality of the lighting products which includes these LED street lights we have to offer. We offer quality products at competitive prices which offer complete satisfaction to the people. Munira Lighting is the biggest retail of these LED street lights in Dubai. With years of experience in this industry, we dispatch numerous lighting fixtures regularly all over the country. Years of experience makes us the very best in this business. Just visit our website and check out this wide range of lights we have to offer. FEATURES   IP67  220-240 VAC  50-60 Hz CRI>=80

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Led Spot Light

Munira LED Spot lights, The halogen replacements not only save a huge amount of energy, but also maintain the color consistency and don’t need to be replaced as frequently as Halogens, with 25000 hours of lifetime. Munira Lighting is here to save your money on your LED home and office lighting! Our goal is to offer you with top quality discounts across a wide range of LED lighting products. Our products are manufactured according to high specifications. Experience bright light along with style! Our compact and sleek designed LED spot lights are utilized for directional lighting. It is purposely utilized for showcasing the product gallery in shop fitouts and low height lighting applications. Munira Lighting despoils graceful and a wide assortment of LED spot lights with different lighting impacts. We are continually evolving according to the requirements of our customers. Regardless of what kind of spot lights you are looking for, we at Munira Lighting are confident for having the experience, service locations and design solutions to fulfill all your requirements.   FEATURES LifeTime: 25000 hrs  CCT: 3000k  CRI>=80  220-240 VAC  12VAC

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  • LifeTime 35000 hrs

LED Handrail Lights can provide an excellent value addition to otherwise normal or boring Handrails. They serve the purpose of lighting up the staircase treads as well as give an aesthetic effect to the surroundings. Available in IP67 Aluminium and SS body, these can be installed on an existing handrail system as well as Indoor or Outdoor. FEATURES    CRI>=70  IP67  Operational Control: 350mA/500mA  3.2 V DC/ 3.4 V DC

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canopy light

Canopy lights are used for areas scuh as Petrol Stations, refineries, Chemical Factories and storage areas for the protection that they offer along with the high wattage options in a compact body. These IP67 fittings are ideal for safety reasons with an additional benefit of high luminance. The luminarie has a slim low profile design can mount on virtually any canopy/soffit and is the perfect upgrade solution – the high-performance LED fixtures not only outperform existing LED and MH solutions but also offer a low total cost of ownership.   FEATURES LifeTime: 50000 hrs  Light Angle: 120degree  CCT: 3000k  CRI>=70  Working Temperature: -10℃ to +50℃  IP67  100-240 VAC  50-60 Hz  Explosion Proof   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION   Canopy lights are used for areas scuh as Petrol Stations, refineries, Chemical Factories and storage areas for the protection that they offer along with the high wattage options in a compact body.

    EX1-40 40W 3750LM
    EX1-60 60W 5750LM
    EX1-80 80W 7930LM
    EX1-120 120W 11720M
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led highbay light

Munira Lighting are professional led light suppliers in dubai and are ME distributors of ICEPIPE LED Highbays which are the best in its class. Extrememly efficient heatsink and advanced electronics combine to make this powerhouse of a product that surpasses all expectations and needs of the toughest industrial appications. The heart of the fitting is the heatsink that is over 200 times more effective and efficient than regular heatsinks giving the LEDs a longer lifespan. Dual capacitor power drivers add life to the ICE-PIPE Highbays and ICE-PIPE Flood lights like no other. The Munira ICEPIPE led high-bay fitting is available in Frosted and clear lens with 2 CCT options for your optimal lighting requirements and is perfect for the middle east region. Invest in power saving and long life with Munira ICEPIPE LED Highbay and Flood Lights.  FEATURES  CRI>=83Ra  CCT: 3000K to 5700K  Operational Temp: -40 ℃ to 60 ℃

    CH-2000 – 80W 80W 9680 LM 121 Lm/w 82 Ra
    CH-2000 – 100W 100W 12400 LM 124 Lm/w 82 Ra
    CH-2000 – 130W L+ 130W 15600 LM 120 Lm/w 82 Ra
    CH2500 – 150W 150W 17250 LM 115 Lm/w 82 Ra
    CH2500 – 180W 180W 21780 LM 121 Lm/w 82 Ra
    CH2500 – 200W 200W 24000 LM 120 Lm/w 82 Ra
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Flood Light

FEATURES  CRI>=83Ra  CCT: 3000K to 5700K  Operational Temp: -40 ℃ to 60 ℃

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Led Bulb

Munira Lighting are Middle East Suppliers of LED Lights of various brands including their own home grown brand called Munira Lighting. We are a single point source for all kinds of LED Lights in Dubai, Muscat (Oman), Doha (Qatar) and other middle east countries. We bring to you Munira – Icepipe LED Bulbs for Internal and External Lights. These bulbs are especially made as a replacement for WaterProof and Airtight fittings. The high efficiency heatsink is made specifically to extend the life of the bulb when encased inside waterproof fittings or airtight fittings where there is no air circulation that usually helps in heat dissipation of the bulb thereby elongating the life of the fixture. FEATURES CRI>=85Ra & 83Ra  CCT: -40 ℃ to 60 ℃  Operational Temp: WW(3000K) & CW(5700K)

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Retrofit Steet Lamp

  • Input Voltage AC 100-277V 50~60Hz
  • Color 3000K/4000K/6000K
  • CRI >80Ra
  • Light Angle 120 Degree
  • PF >0.9

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bulkhead light

  • 30 W 2400-3000Lm
  • 40 W 3200-4000Lm
  • 50 W 4000-5000Lm
  • 60 W 4800-6000Lm
  • 70 W 5600-7000Lm
  • 80 W 6400-8000Lm
  • 90 W 7200-9000Lm
  • 100 W 8000-10000Lm

These robust styles of light are manufactured from cast aluminum. They are perfect for warehouse perimeter lighting, Walkways, wall lighting applications. Apart from actual Industrial applications, people also utilize these lights inside to bring a slight industrial feel into the home. Other than selling and deploying products to specialized lighting stores, independent electrical wholesalers and various chain stores, we also bring to our customers the best possible products to ensure complete satisfaction. We always make sure that all the bulkhead light requirements of our clients are duly fulfilled.  These wall mounted Bulkhead lights come with a 3 and 5 year warranty with an IP65 body that lasts as long as 50, 000 hours and more. Give us a shout for all your industrial lighting applications.   FEATURES PF>0.9  100-240 VAC  50-60 Hz

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  • LifeTime 35000 hrs
  • Light Angle 160degree
  • CCT 3000k

LED bulbs are capable of replacing traditional incandescent bulbs and also CFLs equal lumen output while consuming 50% less electricity. Available with E27 connector, equipped with an IC driven power driver and top quality LEDs, this A19 LED bulb is the ideal replacement for almost all domestic light fittings. The  LED bulb  blends with a lovely warm light or a shining cool white color with an exceptional durability. They offer instant, substantial energy savings while improving your home ambience. The LED light bulbs are cautiously packaged arrays of LEDs. These are solid state devices which manufacture light through a procedure known as “electroluminescence”. They make this happen by passing electrons across a very special gap within their internal construction that gives off photons when electrons enter the gap. These photons are the light we notice and are different color based on what materials are utilized to manufacture the LED. LED bulbs utilize arrays of multiple LEDs along with special reflectors to replicate the brilliance and patterns of standard lights in different shapes and sizes. This technique not only produces much less heat, but it generates an equal amount of light for roughly 80% less energy than a conventional incandescent lamp. Without a glass bulb or a filament, a LED light bulb is also more long lasting than any incandescent can be, upto 25 times* longer. Speaking of cost-efficient lighting, LEDs exceed CFL to a considerable extent. LEDs have a faster start time, work well in cold weather, and are substantially more long lasting as they are made from plastic instead of glass. Right from conventional bulbs to fluorescent bulbs, LEDs can replicate the same lighting conditions found in fluorescents while lasting longer and utilizing less energy. Moreover, All LED’s are RoHS compliant and do not utilize mercury, a claim that can’t be made by fluorescent lamps. CRI>=80  85-265 VAC  50-60 Hz

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Sensor For Drawer and Cupboard

Munira Infra-red sensor switch activates and switches the lights ON once the door opens and immediately stops the signal as soon as the door closes. These sensor switch as specially designed to be used in shelves and cupboards to provide hassle free lighting solution. Our sensors can be installed as either surface mounted or recessed depending on application. With the maximum output capacity of 25W for LED Lamps our sensor switch are an ideal solution for home and office designers.   FEATURES 220-240 VAC  50-60 Hz

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Tunnel Light

  • LifeTime 50000 hrs
  • Light Angle 140degree
  • CCT 3000k

Public lighting projects are in for a major facelift. With LED tunnel lights that can be relied upon for as long as 50, 000 hours, ensuring no maintenance costs and huge savings. They have a powerful heat sink to go with a high power factor. And they are built to withstand harsh conditions. It makes these lights an ideal replacement to conventional tunnel lights, better yet with a 5 year warranty and 5 star rating

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Munira DIY Kits are revolutionary micro generation kits containing everything you need to set up a portable solar panel with ease. It is an ideal for offices, sheds, summer houses, beach huts, caravans, school, college, home and more. Designed to supplement mains power or offer independence from the grid, they offer an easy way to do it yourselfsolar power. FEATURES Backup Time: Upto 52 hrs  Solar Panel: 2 X 10Wp  Power Storage Protection: Portable Power with 13Ah AGM Batteries  LED Light Port: 2X3W LED With Switch  USB Port: To Charge Phone  Tablets and Smart Phones  12V/10Amp DC Port: For Audio System  DC Fans Etc  AC Port: 100W AC Power Oulet

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led power driver

  • Input Voltage 80-250 VAC
  • Output Voltage 12V DC / 24V DC
  • Frequency Range: 50~60 Hz
  • Rated Protection IP20/ IP65/ IP67
  • Power Factor 0.9
  • Dimming Optional

Munira Lighting brings to you a wide range of LED driver for general lighting applications, display backlighting and waterproof applications. LED Power Drivers are available in Constant current and Dimmable options in a varied AC to DC Voltage range in a variety of Wattage options. High-brightness LED drivers are incorporated circuits that are optimized to effectively drive strings of high-brightness LEDs. Munira Lighting continually expanding portfolio comprises of products encompassing the complete range of effective switch-mode topologies and also some linear LED drivers. Munira Lighting proffers a wide range of LED Power driver that may be used for general-purpose, low-voltage architectural lighting applications. Munira Lighting offers a wide range of energy-effective LED drivers for general lighting, display backlighting, automotive, signage and traffic signals. Perfect for both parallel and series configurations, they allow high-efficiency, high-current precision, and low-noise and small-size solutions. Topologies comprise of buck regulator LED drivers, boost regulator LED drivers, offline LED drivers, and many more. We also represent brands like Philips, Tridonic, Meanwell . Our drivers are available in a host of output voltages like 12V, 24V, 36V for different applications with varied IP ratings like IP66, IP44, IP20, etc.

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Solar Street Light

  A ll the components are extremely reliable.  Solar panel usually has a life of over 30 years (crystalline types).  Inverter and charge controllers are also very reliable.  Batteries being deep cycle type would typically last 4-6 years after which they need replacement. Poles P oles are available in various sizes. Usually poles with 6meter height sufficient enough for 50W LED Light. Available in Range of: 3m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m , 12m Installation Arm & Brackets I nstallation accessories includes installation brackets on poles for mounting Solar PV and a single or dual arm for lights installation. Available in: Single Arm, Dual Arm, Sinlge Bracket, Double Bracket, Mid Level Bracket, Top Bracket BATTERY BOX B attery Box are used for storage and protection of battery bank. Battery box are of different sizes depending on the number of batteries used. Available in: PVC Battery BoxUnderground Battery Box, On Ground Battery Box

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safety light


LED Safety lights have very obvious and useful advantages over conventional Safety lights. Long Life, Low Maintenance, Low Voltage and Wattage requirements, better and consistent lighting. Also available with 3 hour battery backup. Our safety lights are sturdy and effective to meet your application needs. FEATURES 12-48 V DC  Operating Temp: -50 ℃ to +80 ℃

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Outdoors Illumination of buildings and structures not only accentuates its unique features but also sets the structure apart from its surroundings. LED Projection Lights and Wall Washers offer a perfect replacement with its lower power consumption, various Wattage, Lighting Angle and Color options. Combined with DMX control, Lighting desing options are various. An IP65 body makes it perfect for outdoor installations. FEATURES CRI>=70  PF/THD 0.95 /

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water proof lights

Dust Proof, Water Proof and Corrosion Proof, Three important factors for low maintenance fittings. Our Tri-Proof Fittings are made from ABS Plastic and Polycaronate lens with water-proof junctions, Stainless Steel body parts and Silicon Seals to provide the best in Tri-Proof LED Fitting. With a built in Aluminium PCB, These fittings provide an effective heat-sink ensuring longer LED life. FEATURES DUST PROOF  WATER PROOF  CORROSION PROOF  LifeTime: 50000 hrs  Light Angle: 110degree  CCT: 3000k  CRI>=80  IP65

    WP1-20 20W 1900 LM
    WP1-30 30W 2850 LM
    WP1-40 40W 3800 LM
    WP1-50 50W 4750 LM
    WP1-65 65W 6175 LM
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Led Track Light

  • LifeTime 35000 hrs
  • Light Angle 15~45degree
  • CCT 3000k~6000K

Track Lighting was never so easy with the Munira LED Track Lighting system. Offering flexible and easy to install products for the most effective use of track lighting in any room. Our track lights are versatile and adaptable and allow you to configure a lighting scheme that is custom made to meet your unique, individual needs. Track lighting is perfect for highlighting artwork, collections or architectural details, and it can also provide general or task illumination for an entire room. CRI>=85  100-240 VAC  50-60 Hz

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