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Hammer Union

  • Various hammer unions on base of different connections: thread connection type, welding type and H2S service unions.
  • The valve sizes ranged from 1" to 4", and Max working pressure from 1000Psi to 20000psi.
  • Clear color code for pressure identification and nameplate
  • Seal rings and gaskets made of high quality sealing compound for enhancing load-bearing capacity and sealing performance and service life.
  • Wing nuts and rigid ACME introduced for quick installation and dismantling without special tools.
  • The unions made in English dimensions, and seal rings are fully interchangeable with SPM or FMC equivalent products; Marks of size and pressure in wing nuts in die-forging model.
  • Spherical adapters machined by precision NC machines and LP thread machined by special cutting tools for ensuring high sealing performance; Wing nuts machined by NC machines with high strength and load-bearing capacity; Welding materials and welding grooves conform to API 16C; Unions for H2S environment strictly manufactured to NACE-MR0175 and API RP-14E.
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  • Hydraulic snubbing device provided with the hooks for well protecting the tool joint threads when stands are broken out.
  • The swing lock arm is provided with a robust and dependable lock.
  • The hooks conform to API Spec 8A /8C.
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Bullet Proof Camp

Bullet Poof Camps Characteristics:
Adopting container structure design, Riveting Bullet Proof steel plate in partition roof and wall, Providing emergency power and satellite emergency SOS device.
Be able to effectively protect personnel security of field construction staffs in the case of being attacked by stay bullet.

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Swivel Joints

  • Swivel joints with integral ball bearing, manufactured on the basis of technologies from FMC.
  • Various models of swivel joints available, suitable for normal or low temperature, or H2S environments, Sizes ranged from 1" to 4" and working pressure range from 2000psi20000psi.
  • Long and short radius swings available. Long radius swings can minimize fluid shock and has better performance of resistance for scouring and erosion. And short radius swivel joints for low pressure operation due to limited installation space.
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Trailer Mounted Camps

Our primary design requirement is to produce camps to deal with the ruggedness of its environment, having to withstand constant transportation in difficult off-road areas. All of our trailers are therefore designed to withstand this environment. Being designed around a rigid frame, which provides excellent support against torsional forces that these camps incur from being moved to off-road areas.
As with all our products we pride ourselves in providing excellent quality to our clients by paying attention to the detail of the fit-out and all details in the design stage. Our units are specifically designed for off-road use. Our windows are fixed, our doors are hinged in three places for stability and provided with wind break restrainers that do not break and all bolts are made of the hardwearing stainless steel and nylock type. All furniture is built-in and made from thicker than ordinary materials so that we can deliver a suitable product of high quality that will last.

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Assembly And Disassembly Camps

Assembly and Disassembly Camps Characteristics:
Patent Number: ZL 2007 2 0127056.3
Applying modular structure design
Low transportation cost, fixed, convenient and reliable
Fast field assembly, good thermal insulation and sand prevention
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Straight Joints

  • The straight joints are necessary parts for making up cementing pipe manifold and kill and choke manifolds.
  • High pressure straights provided in four types: pressure seal, non-pressure seal, integral type and welding type
  • Sizes for straights provided in 1" ID to 4"ID and working pressure from 1000psi to 15000psi
  • Available length of straight in 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, and 2.8m long.
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Manual Choke Valve

  • As trees and throttle production of the main components, mainly for the control of oil wells wellhead production, and its work-level pressure up to 10000 ps. Throttle-adjustable throttle and fixed throttle two types, adjustable hands to flow through the valve stem round led to adjust advance and retreat of mouth opening of the size of area to control, regulate production purposes. Through the replacement of fixed throttle to achieve Choke size control, regulate production purposes.
  • Fixed throttle valve and the valve cover oil used a zelaic connectivity, quickly and easily;
  • Stem thimble and Choke special carbide used in the manufacture kits, anti-corrosion, erosion-resistant;
  • The adjustable throttle valve design band stamped with the opening of protective plexi-glass signs can be seen everywhere Valve Rod arbitrary location when the actual expenditure pore size;
  • Round plastic hand for a 10, 000 Rotary, clockwise rotation of the Commissioner.
  • The valves conform to API Spec 6A
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Hydraulic Power Station

  • YZ air-cooled hydraulic power stations are specially designed to provide hydraulic source to power the hydraulic users on drilling rigs, such as power tongs, BOP handling equipment, hydraulic catheads and other hydraulic equipment and tools.
  • The stations integrated oil reservoir, hydraulic pump, explosion-proof AC motors, heat exhaust system, and oil pressure control and adjusting system, in a reliable oilfield skid.
  • Being cooled by air.
  • Suitable to working in various conditions such as desert, mountains, and swapping areas.
  • With features of small structure, easy operation, wide adjustable range and good heat releasing.
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Annular Bop

  • Type FHand FHZannular BOP available. Tapered packing element applicable to type FHBOP, and spherical packing element for type FHZBOP
  • Bonnet and body are connected by a wedge block, shorter piston stroke
  • Lift holes equipped with the bag BOPs for safety handling
  • Connection grooves lined with stainless steel
  • NPT 1" threaded ports available for connection with BOP control lines/hoses
  • Studded Top connection and fanged or studded bottom connection, optional H2S service and reliable sealing performance
  • Conforming to API Spec 16A
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  • The wash pipe and packing assembly is of cartridge type and can be replaced on the drill floor without disconnecting the rotary hose and the gooseneck.
  • A logging wire line opening provided at gooseneck
  • Swivel save sub furnished with 6 5/8 REG LH API connection, to connect with API Kelly;
  • Steel thread protector available.
  • 27Kw hydraulic motor driving mechanism provided on Model SL450S and SL 586 swivels
  • The swivels conforms to API Spec 8A /8C
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Hydraulic Cathead

  • The YM serial hydraulic cathead is designed to make up and break out the thread of drill string and casing string by companying with manual tongs.
  • Reliable and stable operation
  • Operation stroke and working speed continuously adjustable
  • Hydraulic hose assemblies completed.
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Manual Drill Pipe Tong

  • The Manual Tongs are used for makeup and breakout thread connections of drilling string, or casing and tubing by manual operation during drilling or workover. The tong is constructed by a number of lug jaws and pins with a long arm. By change of lugs or adjusting the pin position can alter the handling size of tong, to meet the pipe size to be handled.
  • All the main parts of the manual tongs are cast by vacuum method with special alloy steel, and then well heat treated. They possess the characteristics of lightweight, high toughness and strength, high torque rating, wide applicable range, easy for operation and reliable.
  • Conforming to API specification and API monogram is legally permitted to be used.
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BOP Close Unit

  • Different models of BOP close units available
  • Both electric and/or pneumatic pumps equipped, operated automatically
  • Driller'sconsole with controls available and remote control console furnished optionally
  • Alarming system available on the system
  • Conforming to API Spec 16A
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Kelly Joints

  • The Kelly offered are in types of square and hexagonal Kelly. Kelly joints are made from 4145H modified alloy bars that are well quenched and tempered. The hardness ranges from 285BHN to 341 BHN and the minimum impact value is 40ft-lbs per inch tested in condition of room temperature. Both ends and the drive section trepanned to provide true bores.
  • Thread protectors are furnished with the box and pin thread
  • Steel protection case provided for safe proper handling
  • The Kelly joints fully conforms to API Spec 7K and API monogram legally stamped.
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Swivel W/Kelly Spinner

  • Swivel with spinner is a combination of swivel and Kelly spinner, driven by air motor or hydraulic motor, with keyless connection between spinner and central pipe of swivel.
  • Designed and manufactured according to API Spec 8A.
  • Steel thread protector available
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Tubing Power Tong

  • TBG-seriestubing power tong is used for quick thread makeup /breakout operations for tubing string
  • Hydraulic powered
  • Reliable operation performance
  • Conforming to API Specification and API monogram permitted to be used
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Drilling Spool

  • Providing different grades and model of drilling spools and adapters in accordance with variable BOP stacks
  • The height of drilling spools ranged from 24to 26, and /or manufactured as per clients'order
  • The bore sizes ranged from 7 1/16up to 21 1/4, and working pressure from 2000psi to 10000psi
  • The side outlets of drilling spools from 2 9/16to 4 1/16
  • The connection grooves lined with stainless steel
  • The connection being made in studded, flanged, or clamp type, according to clients'order
  • The spools and adapters conforming to API Spec 6A
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Mud Valve

  • The mud valves are designed to make up of high pressure mud discharge lines from mud pump to standpipe on drilling rig, such as surface manifold and standpipe manifolds and other applications on high pressure pipe manifolds
  • Manually operated
  • Integrally forged valve body with features of high strength, load-bearing capacity and long service life
  • Valve plates and seats have high hardness, with reliable sealing performance
  • Low opening torque is needed while under pressure
  • Union or thread connections
  • Suitable for H2S service, oil based and water based drilling fluids
  • Reliable sealing and operation performance
  • Conforming to API Spec 6A and API monogram permitted to be stamped
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  • Main drum Lebus grooved for API drill line
  • The drawworks is furnished with roller bearings and alloy steel shafts.
  • Drive chains and sprockets lubricated by pressurized oil
  • The rim surface and Sprocket teeth contours are medium frequency induction hardened, having the good abrasion resistance and long service life.
  • All gear shift clutches are of involute-spline type.
  • Expendable parts have the good interchangeability.
  • Conform to API Spec 8A/8C, and API monogram stamped
Disk Break System:
  • Conventional band type brake equipped can be equipped with all the models of the drawwoks, and as option
  • And optionally, reliable hydraulic disc brake systems are available can be equipped with the drawworks with capacities of 280HP to 2100HP.
  • The main components of the disc brakes normally contain:
    • Brake disc plates
    • Safety brake calipers
    • Operation brake calipers Individual hydraulic power source station with power backup and operation stick equipped with disc brake system.
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Mud Pump

  • The mud pumps conform to API specifications
  • The pumps can be driven by AC/DC motors, chains and belts up to the drive system available on different rigs
  • Threaded valve covers
  • Nodular iron power frame, eccentric, connection rods, and crossheads
  • Double-row-spherical roller bearings carry eccentric
  • Double extended jackshaft carried on heavy-duty straight roller bearings
  • Dual roller bearing connecting rod
  • Heat-treated alloy steel main gears are bolted to the eccentric
  • Full splash lubrication, with oil pump to feed working parts
  • Heat-treated alloy steel, interchangeable fluid valve body
  • Replaceable-type element oil filter and oil pressure gauge
  • Plated piston rods
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Kill Manifold

  • The kill manifolds are skid mounted, consisting of manual gate valve, check valve, API flanges and pressure gauge.
  • The valves equipped with the kill manifolds have features of:
  • The manifolds manufactured, tested in compliance to API Spec 6A
  • 2000-15000PSI Work pressure
  • 2 9/16'' 4 1/16'' Nominal bore size
  • EE&FF Material grade
  • PSL3PSL4 Product GRADE
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Air Winch

  • Specially designed to be installed on monkey board for helping derrickman handle heavy drill stands
  • The air winches powered by piston-type air motor
  • Having advantages of compact structure, light weight, safe and easy to operate
  • Designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K Specification for Drilling Equipment.
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Fracturing Pump Equipment

The National 12th Five Year Major Science and Technology Special Project---Model 3000 fracturing truck, is equipped with STP3300 long stroke fracturing pump which is independently designed and developed by SJ, new generation control system and 140MPa high pressure manifold. The maximum output HP of fracturing truck is 3000HP and maximum working pressure is 140MPa. At present, it is the largest horsepower truck-mounted fracturing equipment in the world.Technical parameters of unit can meet operation requirements and demands of continuous operation, large loading and long time shale gas fracturing operation. Technical level, safety, reliability and automation are increased greatly. It can provide fracturing packages support for deep layer shale gas development.
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Choke Manifold

  • Chock/kill manifolds are important well control equipment to handle a kick and circulating it out of the bore hole, so as to resume pressure balance during a kick drilling operation.
  • The design and the manufacture of the manifolds are in accordance with API standards.
  • The valves provide small operation torque, reliable sealing, and excellent mechanical properties.
  • The major parts are specially heat treated, having good abrasion and corrosion resistance.
  • Gate valves, manual choke valves, hydraulically powered choke valves, and check valves, are normally used on the choke and kill manifolds
  • Pressure gauges are furnished with the manifolds
  • Pressure sensor and remote control connection port are available with the choke manifolds.
  • Various types of manifolds in different pressures and sizes are available for customers option.
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Air Hoist

  • XJFH series air hoists are normal lift equipment installed on the drill floor for handling drill string joints and other heavy tools.
  • The hoists consist of piston type air motor, transmission gearbox, drum, and pedal brake and hand brake.
  • Air powered, air source pressure ranged at 1MPa or 125psi
  • The hoistsinstallation is optional in flange, union, and skid
  • Reliable and safe operation performance
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Dead Line Anchor

  • Deadline Anchor is a mechanism that converts deadline pull force of a drilling rig into hydraulic pressure signal through a pressure sensor, and the pressure signal is transmitted to weight indicator that is normally located in driller cabin or on driller'sconsole.
  • Deadline anchor is one of the important components of weight indicating system. It is used together with weight indicator and recorder.
  • The deadline anchors conform to API Spec 8A and PAI monogram permitted to be used.
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Traveling Block

  • The side plates made of heavy steel provide a sufficient weight so that the drill line is kept taut when hoisting and lowering the empty elevator, facilitating the drum to wrap the line, speeding up the lowering of the unloaded tackle and prolonging the line service life.
  • Sheave grooves are medium-frequency induction hardened, prolonging the sheave service life.
  • The sheave groove size and the surface radius of the bail conform to API Spec 8A/8C
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Automatic Mixing System

The mixing tank has two connected agitating compartments. The mixed slurry in the first compartment will be mixed again in the second. The slurry in the second compartment will partly be sent downhole by a plunger pump, and partly back to high energy mixer to be mixed again.

The density of slurry is accurately controlled by a computer, which it is easy to operate; All job data are displayed in computer screen, and can be saved and downloaded. Real-time remote monitoring can be realized.
The system software is available both in English and Chinese, and measurement units can be changed from metric system to English system. The operators can perform simulation of mixing operation, thus training becomes convenient.
low pressure non-radioactive densitometer is used.

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Digital Display Mixing System

The digital display mixing system is a newly developed practical and economy-mixing device. Its mixing process (recirculating) is similar to that of automatic mixing system, but the density is manually controlled, which is different from automatic control in automatic mixing system. Its operation is easy and reliable. The real-time pressure, displacement and density of slurry can be acquired, displayed and downloaded.
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Fracturing Instrument Van

Fracturing instrument van is a major equipment of fracturing package, which can collect, show, and record the whole process of fracturing work. Several fracturing vans are controlled together. It can analyse and process fracturing working data. International standard couplings are used for data acquisition system with good interchangeability.Operation control instrument and computer monitoring analysis are all centralized in van compartment with air-condition.It can be operated comfortably and safely.Data collection and transmission control are all centralized so as to make several units work together.Network control system is available.

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Double Pump Trailer Mounted Cementing Unit

GJC100-30(70-30)T trailer-mounted cementing units are fitted with 3ZB-450 triplex plunger pump and two deck engines to provide power for two cementing pumps respectively. The hydraulic system is powered by an independent engine installed in the front, thus operation will be more stable and reliable. The units are equipped with ACM-III automatic mixing system which will produce high quality slurry.
Max. working pressure, psi(MPa): 14147(97.5)Max. working displacement, gpm(L/min): 792(3000)LxWxH in.(mm): 480 x 105 x 154(12190x2650x3900)Gross weight lb(kg): 61700(28000)Model of chassis: THT9360TD semi-trailerDeck engine: DDC6064-MK33x2(CAT engines will be used)Power, hp(kW): 450(336)@2100r/minFront engine: DDC6044-TK33Power hp(kW): 275(205)@2100r/minHydromechanical transmission: ALLISON HD4700 OFSPlunger pump assy: 3ZB-450x2Max. input power of each pump hp(kW):600(447)Plunger dia.: 4.5"(0114.3mm)+3"((D76.2mm) or 3.5"((D88.9mm)+4"(4)101.6mm)Mixing system: ACM-III automatic mixing system or Injection type mixing system

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Drill Collar Slip

The Drill collar slips are fallen into three models, that is, DSC-S, DSC-R, and DSC-L. The models can be used to handle drill collars with outer diameters from 3" OD to 14" OD

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Casing Power Tong

  • TQ-series casing tongs are widely used for making-up or breaking-out casing string from diameters 4 to 13 3/8.
  • Hydraulic powered
  • Reliable operation performance
  • Designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K and API monogram permitted to be stamped
  • Torque gauge equipped with
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Mechanical Compound

  • The mechanical compound transmission system is designed to be a key parts of the power drive system of mechanical drilling rigs.
  • The system is a chain drive transmission compound, consisting of sprockets, drives, universal drive shafts, shaft couplings, built-in lubrication system, and compound box structure.
  • It takes mechanical power from the rig main movers and distributes the mechanical power to drive drawworks, rotary table, and mud pumps.
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Rotary Drill Pipe Slip

  • SDS slips are designed for shallow hole drilling operation, SDML slips for drilling operations of medium depth wells , and SDXL slips are designed for deep well drilling operations.
  • The Rotary Slips designed to handling drill pipes with a size range from 2 3/8 OD to 5 1/2OD
  • Being classified as type Short (SDS), Medium (SDML), and Extra Long (SDXL) according to gripping length.
  • Conform to API Spec 8A/8C and API monogram legally stamped
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Crown Block

  • The retaining bar can prevent drill line from jumping out of and jumping off sheave grooves.
  • Sheave grooves are medium-frequency induction hardened, prolonging the sheave service life.
  • Sheave bearings are lubricated individually with the grease cup at the shaft end.
  • Sheaves and bearings of the crown block may be interchanged with those of the traveling block.
  • The crown clocks conform to API Spec 8A /4F.









Max. Hook Load















Wire line O.D.









1 1/8

1 1/8

1 1/4

1 1/8

1 1/2

1 5/8

Sheave O.D.















Sheave No.








Overall Dimensions

L/ mm








91 21/62

105  3/76

105  3/76

125  2/3

134  1/4

142 43/60









81 52/71

96 17/20

106  9/13

109 55/97

108 22/57

111  1/2









70 1/2

70 1/2

70 1/2

70 1/2

70 1/2

70 1/2

Approx. Weight















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Traveling Block/Hook

  • The integral traveling block and hook assembly is designed to be used on a small and medium capacity drilling rigs and workover rigs, with features of smaller overall dimensions and weight
  • The hook blocks conform to API Spec 8A/8C and API monogram permitted to be stamped.
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Rotary Table

  • The pinion and gear set is made of alloy steel.
  • Hosing API master busing and casing busing bowls
  • The pin drive is suitable for the roller bushing of API square Kelly or hexagonal Kelly, the long or short slip is used.
  • The rotary table features efficient lubrication and reliable sealing performance.
  • Conforms to API Spec 7K and API monogram permitted to be stamped
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Eddy Current Brake

  • The eddy brakes are necessary unit designed as assistant brake of drawwoks.
  • Air-cooled and water-cooled eddy current brakes available for 1000HP, 1500HP, 2000HP, 3000HP drawworks
  • The rotor and magnetic poles made of high quality magnetic materials, and subjected to proper heat treatment
  • The precious gap between rotor and magnetic pole ensures that there is contact and wearing action during operation
  • Power supply and control unit for the unit s provided as per client order.
  • Proved quality and reliable operation performance.
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Drill Pipe Power Tong

  • ZQ-serial drill pipe power tongs widely applied in making up and breaking out drill pipe threads
  • Designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K and API monogram permitted to be stamped
  • Hydraulic powered
  • Reliable and safe operation performance
  • Torque gauge and other auxiliary items fully completed
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Chicksan Loops

  • Chicksan loop is one of piping components of high pressure fluid discharge pipelines, water supply lines, well test lines, cementing slurry lines and other HP supply lines. A chicksan loop is composed of swivel joints and straight pipe joints, and unions.
  • Good connection performances of flexibility, stability, quick installation and easy dismantling.
  • Swing swivels featured in flexibility, shock-resistance, vibration-resistance and large displacement.
  • They are connected with wing unions, and have a good sealing performance. They can be easily and quickly tightened or dismantled, and stored and shipped conveniently.
  • Three types of hose loops are available: short radius flexible manifolds, long radius flexible manifolds, and integral type flexible manifolds.
  • Sizes provided in 1-1/2", 2", 3", and 4", length of chicksan loops provided up to Client requirements
  • Working pressure ranged from 5000psi to 15000psi, up to Client'soption.
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BOP Control Hose


The patented hose assemblies, specially designed for BOP control pipes, can normally work for five minutes when it is under the fire at a 1093? temperature, the pipe has no defects affecting the use. It can work normally for 20 minutes when it is under the fire at a 750? temperature, the pipe has no defects affecting the use. This product has passed the certification of ISO9000 Quality System.

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Casing Slip

Casing Slips can accommodate casing from 6 5/8" to 30" OD The multi-segment casing slips conform to API Spec 8A/8C, API monogram permitted to be stamped.

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Manual Casing Tong

  • Type Q340-762/35(133/8-30inch) casing tong is capable of making up or breaking out the screws of casing and casing couplings in drilling operation.
  • Conforming to API Spec 7K and API monogram permitted to be used
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Coiled Tubing Unit

Trucking Mounted / Trailer Mounted / Skid Mounted
Coiled tubing operation technology now is popular in the oil & gas industry, with operation depth up to 9000m, and gradually become a trend of workover technology. At present, 12.7114.3 mm coil tubings are available.
The preliminary coiled tubing units are used for fluid transmission in well washing, base medium acidizing and nitrogen lift. Now the coiled tubing technologies are extended to drilling, workover, logging, perforation and stimulations. The trend will be for fracturing, shallow well drilling, etc.
LGC230 coiled tubing units, suitable for 1"2" tubing, are used for well flushing, sand flushing, wax removing, acidizing, nitrogen injecting and fishing operations. The unit consists of main coil tubing unit, auxiliary unit and downhole tools.
Faster operation, higher efficiency, save 50% of workover time. Quicker installation and movement.Wider operation range. Besides conventional service, can be used for special downhole operations.Operation controls are centralized, highly automatic.Safe and reliable operation. The killing opration which can cause damage to oil reservoir will not be needed any more.

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Skid Mounted Camps

Skid Mounted Camps classified by their functions include: Accommodation camps, Project manager camp, Supervisor camps, Meeting rooms, Office rooms, Kitchens, Dining rooms, Freezer and Cold Storage house, Laundries, Shower rooms, Toilets, Gyms, Material and Tool houses, MCC house, Wellsite Duty rooms, Mud Lab rooms, Dog house and other functional camps used in living camps area and rig site working area.

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