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Blending Truck

The fracturing sand blender is a multi-purpose equipment with combined functions of a fracturing truck and a sand blender. It can be used for small-scale acidizing, fracturing, sand prevention and pressure testing independently or jointly with other equipment.
Suitable for small-scale fracturing and pressure testing in oilfields.Combined functions of a fracturing truck and a sand blender. It performs independently the function of sand feeding, blending, agitating and pumping.HP23 high energy blending and feeding device suitable for blending and pumping operations. Small footprint and light weight.Remote control technologies.

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Slurry Mixing Truck

HJC16 can continuously provide quality slurry in batch before cementing, and can automatically control the density of slurry. It mainly consists of chassis, power system, ACM-III automatic mixing system, mixing tank & agitating system, hydraulic system, air system, lubricating system and electrical system. Powered by a deck engine, the hydraulic system driven by a transfer case, will output power for three centrifugal pumps and agitating motor. The truck is mainly suitable for the cementing operation which needs high quality slurry.
Can continuously work and provide slurry in batch.Automatic and manual operation are both provided.Advanced density control, accurate ACM- slurry mixing system.Advanced mixing technology. High energy mixer, recirculating and impeller agitating will ensure stable quality slurry.Mixing tank is divided into two sections: mixing and equalizing, thus slurry quality is promoted.Non-radioactive densitometer for protection of personnel and environment.New style cement metering valve can avoid cement blocking.Convenient upgrading: users can easily upgrade to ACM-IV system.If automatic mixing system is removed, full manual mixing operation can be realized, which can save operation cost.Agitator installed in the mixing tank can prevent slurry sediment and caking.

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Double Pump Cementing Truck

GJC100-30 cementing trucks with double engine double pump are fitted with 3ZB- 450 plunger pump. They are featured by high pressure (maximum working pressure up to 14147psi(97.5Mpa), high displacement, even mixing and stability.
Benz 4143K/8x6 or Kenworth 6X6 chassisTwo Caterpillar 3406C enginesTwo Allison H D4700 OFS transmissionsTwo 3ZB-450S horizontal plungerPumps equipped with one fluid end for 3"(76.2mm) plunger and one for 4.5"(114.3mm)plunger

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Cementing Truck

SGJ600-21 cementing trucks are single engine single pump cementing units with high pressure and high displacement ratings. They are equipped with a 3ZB-450 triplex plunger pump, and can be independently used for cementing operations for medium and shallow wells.
North Benz ChassisDDC6064-MK33 engineEngine power: 450hp(336kW)Hydromechanical transmission3ZB-450 horizontal triplex plunger pumpPlunger diameter: 4-1/2" (114.3mm)Air control systemHydraulic control systemLubrication systemACM-III automatic mixing systemInstrument control systemSuction and discharge manifoldsOverpressure protection device

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Manifolds Truck

Fracturing manifold truck is used to carry and hoist manifolds during fracturing operations in oilfields. It mainly consists of truck chassis, hydraulic lifting arm, skid frame, high and low pressure manifold system, and hydraulic system. Manifold system can be designed and equipped as per customer's requirements.

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