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We offer the best product range of Film Faced Plywoods, flexible plywoods and veneer plywoods.

Film Faced Plywoods

Film faced  plywood  is lightweight, resistant to corrosion attack and water, easily combined with other materials and easy to clean and cut. Treating the film faced plywoods edges with waterproof paint makes it highly water-and wear-resistant. Due to its durability and easily handled surface it can be used in open environment in construction and building e.g. warehouses, railway wagons, floors and sidewalls of trucks etc. Coating the film faced plywood with high-quality import films ensures hardness and damage resistance. The surface of the film faced  plywood  is hygienic and resistant to strong detergents, which is important for farming constructions and storage of food products. It can be used in conditions of the high-temperature drop, the influence of moisture, detergent cleaning and provides protection against termites. Type-1-phenol formaldehyde glue(WBP) Type-2 -Urea formaldehyde glue(MR) Thickness & Size : 12 mm – 18 mm, 4’*8′ Orgin : Russia, Indonesia, China Usage : Construction 

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flexible plywoods

This flexible  plywood  panel is commonly called ‘Bendy plywood’ or ‘Flexi-ply’, and is used extensively in furniture and shop fitting, wherever curves are desirable, thus demanding a panel that is extremely flexible. Plywood with this flexible characteristic is manufactured from specially treated veneers, usually with a thinner central core veneer and two thicker ‘tenderized’ outer veneers. The special construction of particular species of veneers gives an unusually large degree of flexibility and offers a most cost-effective way of producing rounded columns and other curved structures of very small radius in rounded or S-shaped structures without water or the need for heat-forming. Flexible  Plywood  can be easily bent to shape. The arc formed by the bend is perpendicular to the grain direction of the face. The exact bending radii have to be determined in accordance with the type of surface finishing required and the extent of the surface to be treated. Long & Cross Grains Thickness & Size : 3 mm , 5 mm, 8mm/4’*8′ Origin : Malaysia, Canada

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veneer plywoods

Compared to wood, one of the primary advantages of using veneer is stability. While solid wood can be prone to warping and splitting, because veneer is made of thin layers of wood glued together, the chances of splitting or cracking are reduced. Further, the glue used provides additional strength, making the end result stronger than natural wood. Some projects built using wood veneer would not be possible to construct using solid lumber, owing to expansion and contraction caused by fluctuation of temperature and humidity. Another advantage of veneer is sustainability—furniture made with wood veneer uses less wood than the same piece of furniture made with solid wood. Further, veneer may also be more readily available than solid wood as exotic hardwood lumber can be scarce and very expensive. Face side laminated with quarter or crown cut natural veneer Teak, Mahagony, Sapele, Beech, White Ash, Oak, Cherry, Maple. Thickness : 4 mm Sizes : 3’*7′, 4’*8′ Origin : Malaysia, Taiwan

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