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Offshore Construction Vesse

  • Series (OCV)
4 x 1500 kWCP propellerDynamic Positioning applicationDiesel-electric driveL-driveTransverse thrusters are available for auxiliary or AUX usage, which is mostly applicable with merchant vessels to support harbour manoeuvring and mooring operations. Where the transverse thruster is part of a dynamic positioning (DP) system, the rating for DP use applies.
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Dynamic Positioning System

Wrtsil Dynamic Positioning is a world leader in providing the highest reliable technology in the DP Industry, with a focus on providing custom systems for the full spectrum of marine vessels.
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NACOS Platinum System

The Wrtsil NACOS Platinum system represents a unique combination of control systems for navigation, automation and dynamic positioning, as well as power and propulsion. By integrating all these functions into a single system, the vessel can be navigated, controlled and monitored from various onboard positions. The truly multi-functional operator stations enable unequalled flexibility and convenience.Wrtsil connects the dots to make you more competitive.Wrtsil NACOS Platinum is a cost-effective suite of electronic systems covering almost any area within ship automation, propulsion, navigation, power management, dynamic positioning and general alarm and control.
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Motor Controller Unit

The Wrtsil Motor Controller Unit is a module designed for local and remote control of starters. It is installed directly inside the starter to manage its operational logic reducing space and weight. The module can be connected to an external keyboard, in order to provide an user interface for local operability. Thanks to a redundant communication bus, Wrtsil Motor Controller Unit can be fully integrated with safety system or automation system able to command starters and retrieves information feedback, status or alarms without any needs to internally implement any logic for the starter control.
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Smart EP Level

The Wrtsil Smart-EP-Level is a complete and standalone Level Measuring Unit that utilizes electro-pneumatic technology to measure the level of any liquid media inside a tank. The hydrostatic pressure of a liquid is measured by introducing compressed air into the tank via a pipe. Signals corresponding to the pressure measured are used locally, or can be transmitted to a centralized system to assess the level measurement. The Wrtsil Smart-EP-Level can also process the measured pressure using pre-recorded tank data, and in this way can be used as a stand-alone level measuring device. The Smart-EP-Level generates a second and separate 4-20 mA signal that corresponds to the pressure measured, which can be used for local monitoring.
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Smart VS Level

The Wrtsil Smart VS Level sensor is a complete standalone level measuring unit specifically designed for the continuous monitoring of flooding in the dry compartments, bilges and void spaces of ships. It uses APSS Smart-VS-Level sensors to comply with the Safe Return to Port (SRtP) rules. The hydrostatic pressure of a liquid is directly measured by sensors that are in direct contact with the liquid, while the presence of liquid is independently detected by a float switch. The digital signals corresponding to the pressure measured and to the detection of liquid, each by an independent sensor, are either used locally or transmitted to a centralized system.
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Raffic Lights

The Traffic Light System consists of a single control unit and several alarm columns. The system is powered by two independents power supplies (230VAC from UPS) and it is fully redundant. Communication between the control unit and columns is based on power line communication technology. The Control Unit is installed in the ECR, it interfaces with an external alarm system, and has a native support for SRTP (Safe Return To Port). A local interfaceindication is available through an Alopex terminal installed on the ECR console. Thanks to the Alopex terminal, it is possible to see the systems status, to test alarms, and to perform a basic system configuration. The Control Unit allows communication with up to 96 units over different lines, and it is equipped with a local buzzer and sirens. All setup functions are protected by the use of a hardware key. The alarm columns are engineered for a maximum of 5 module indication, based on led technology visible over 290. Locally they are equipped with a test push-button for lamp-and sound testing, and with a LED indication for communication activities and power supply. Each column is equipped with fire box protection for cable integrity in the event of fire.
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Hamworthy Seismic Compressors

Our seismic compressors offer an integrated and compact solution to your high-pressure needs. Wrtsil Hamworthy seismic compressors feature a low lift concentric valve and generous inter-stage cooling to minimise the amount of absorbed power. This results in very high overall efficiency. Each machinery package includes a choice of drive, skid base and control system, and is engineered to suit your seismic requirements. The low unit noise and vibration improves reliability and reduces interference with survey results. Flexibility in vessel utilization is available to contractors and operators via the containerised option. Thanks to the easy access features and simple modular construction, it enables low and easy maintenance. A multiple unit control system provides local and remote operation of two or more compressors. Capacities from 35 to 1600 cfm (60 - 2718 m3hr)Working pressure 3000 psi g (207 bar)
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Hamworthy CNG Compressor Solutions

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a low-emission alternative to petrol, diesel, or propaneLPG and is significantly lower in price. It can be mixed with biogas produced from landfill, anaerobic digesters or waste water. All of these help to reduce harmful CO2 emissions and could, in certain applications, offer a carbon neutral solution. We offer biogas or natural gas compressor solutions for CNG refuelling stations to serve buses, trucks and other vehicles. Our offering covers a range of options, from a basic compressor block to a fully installed and commissioned CNG refuelling station that includes the compression module(s), cascade storage, priority panels and fuel dispensers. The units are designed to comply with European and International standards.
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Hamworthy Rig Tensioning Compressors

Our rig tensioning compressors and heave compensation compressor packages are fully integrated, lightweight, compact and engineered for the offshore environment. The combination of a 4 stage compressor, dryer, and filtration package with a contained cooling system, produces filtered and dry, high pressure air or gas suitable for riser tensioning and other offshore applications. The packages are designed to ensure that upgrades, refurbishment, and servicing can be easily carried out. We also offer high pressure nitrogen booster compressors, along with nitrogen generation systems, for riser tensioning, motion compensation, drill stream compensation and other applications. These units can be supplied as integrated packages, fully assembled, tested and ready for installation. The module also meets the requirements of the major marine classification societies.
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The advantages of fuel flexibility in a small unit, also used for generating set applications With the Wrtsil 20DF, Wrtsil is extending the benefits of dual fuel (DF) technology to cover the entire power range. The engine offers ship owners and operators a compact unit that brings all the advantages of fuel flexibility to auxiliary applications, such as generating sets or as the prime mover in smaller vessels. Based on the well proven and reliable Wrtsil 20 diesel engine introduced in the early 1990s, fuel flexibility means the engine can be optimized for constant speed generating sets, as well as variable speed mechanical drives, for main engine applications.
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Scrubber System Designs

Wrtsil has developed two kinds of standard scrubber designs to better meet the demands of our customers. Wrtsil can offer the conventional venturi scrubber design, as well as the more compact inline scrubber system. Both scrubber designs have benefits and drawbacks dependent on vessel type and layout, so its important to look at the specific project needs. Both designs can be utilized for open loop, closed loop and hybrid scrubber systems. A more detailed comparison of the two types of designs can be found in the presentation.
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NOx Reducer

The Wrtsil NOx Reducer (NOR) is an emission after-treatment system based on the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) reduction. The system is compliant with various NOx emission reduction needs, such as the IMO Tier III rules. The NOR is optimized and validated for Wrtsil medium speed engines in terms of reliability, flexibility and size. It is available for both newbuild and retrofits and is compatible for operation on both distillate and heavy fuel oils. The main component of the NOR installation is the Reactor with a soot blowing unit and the catalyst elements. Other modular essential parts of the NOR system are a Urea pump unit, a Urea dosing unit, an Urea Injection and mixing unit, an Air unit and the Control unit which controls the NOR operation by monitoring engine parameters. For the purpose of easy installation, several auxiliary units are centralized, so that same units can be utilized in case of multiple NOR installations.
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Serck Como Single Stage Desalination Systems

The Wrtsil Serck Como Single Stage Desalination (SSD) fresh water generator uses the process of vacuum distillation to remove the salt and other impurities from seawater and convert it into high quality, drinkable fresh water. Thanks to the low seawater flow the Wrtsil Serck Como SSD consumes a reduced amount of electricity. The system uses a vacuum distillation process that enables the use of low temperature heat. The generator utilises the waste heat from the main diesel engine or other alternative heat sources to evaporate the seawater. The technology is simple and has a modular design. The automated operation and low maintenance requirements enable continuous and user friendly handling.
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Hamworthy Membrane BioReactor Systems

Wrtsil Hamworthy MBR technology is based on biological degradation and membrane separation and allows for the treatment of grey and black water to satisfy the most stringent standards. The process produces the highest quality discharge without requiring any addition or generation of chemicals that are hazardous to the environment or ship operation. Effluent quality tests conducted by the US National Sanitary Foundation on Wrtsil Hamworthys MBR produced results exceeding the most stringent future legislative pollutant standards envisaged. The technology also achieved outstanding performance in Alaska under the scrutiny of the local authority, USCG and USEPA studies over the past seasons. We also supply smaller, more compact versions of our MBR systems. Wrtsil Hamworthy miniMBRs are ideal for use on smaller cruise and naval vessels, plus ferries with up to a 200 complement, as well as FPSOs and accommodation platforms.
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Gas Reformer Machine

The Wrtsil GasReformer enables the utilisation of gaseous side streams that either contain large amounts of heavier hydrocarbons or vary in their composition. Gases that were previously considered as waste can now be converted into a valuable resource of energy. Together with Wrtsil dual-fuel (DF) engines, this is the most efficient and flexible solution for utilising associated or stranded gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), LPG, boil-off gases (BOGs) or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) recovered from oil and gas industry.
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Cargo Handling For Small LNG Carriers

here is a growing demand for small-scale transportation of LNG to end users that are located in areas where pipelines are not feasible or economically viable. Typically, such end users are power generation plants, land based industries, and suppliers of LNG as fuel for vehicles or ships. Wrtsil has developed a Cargo Handling System, the design of which is based on the extensive experience that Wrtsil Gas Solutions has accumulated in delivering such systems for LPG, LEG and LNG carriers. The available scope includes: Cargo handling systemBoil-off gas handlingCargo tank design and complete tank deliveryShip designLNG fuel supply systemWe provide designs for small size LNG Carriers carrying LNG only, or Multi Gas Carriers able to carry all types of gas cargo. Typically these ships are between 4 000 and 40 000 m3.
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Multi Gas Carriers

The ethylene carrier segment has grown during the last years, from small size vessels to handy size, and now also includes a large-scale carrier purpose built for ethane trading. Wrtsil Gas Solutions has become the largest supplier of complete cargo handling systems for vessels in this segment, covering the whole range of sizes requested by the market today. These vessels are known for their flexibility and can trade multiple types of cargo, from gas to chemicals. Deliveries also include carriers with LNG capacity and dual-fuel propulsion. An increasing supply of ethane has created a new segment of shipping, namely the large scale trading of ethane as feedstock to the petrochemical industry. Wrtsil Gas Solutions supplies complete cargo handling systems to these very large ethane carriers.
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Moss Flue Gas

Flue gas systems are used to channel exhaust gases from a ships boiler uptake. Wrtsil Moss flue gas systems are vital systems to ensure a high level of safety for the vessels where they are installed. Consequently, product quality is always the number one priority. They are tailor made for use on board crude oil carriers and are designed based on compact modules, offering important savings in space and installation cost both for newbuildings and for retrofit on existing vessels. The system also uses a topping up generator making high inert gas quality possible by a purposeful designed combustion chamber.
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Moss Mult-Inert Systems

The Wrtsil Moss Mult-Inert system combines a flue gas system and an inert gas generator to offer maximum flexibility onboard product tankers transporting petroleum products. Wrtsil Moss Mult-Inert systems are vital systems ensuring a high level of safety for use onboard tankers intended to carry both crude oil and refined products, and combine into one compact unit where quality is the number one priority. The Wrtsil Moss Mult-Inert system can run as an inert gas generator or, when the boilers are in use, as a flue gas system. They are designed based on compact modules, offering important savings in space and installation cost for newbuild and retrofit vessels.
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Stern Tube Seals

The Wrtsil Enviroguard and Iceguard ranges have long been the standard for military applications and for sensitive, harsh environments The Wrtsil Enviroguard range is an environmentally friendly inboard sealing solution. These products are suitable for both blue water and abrasive water conditions. They are available in both metallic and composite materials. Following the acquisitions of John Crane - Lips and the brand names DSS - Deep Sea Seals and Lips by Wrtsil, the products Maneguard 1 & 2, Ecosafe 1, Maneseal MA, MD & M9 are renamed Wrtsil Enviroguard.
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Waterjet Seals

The Wrtsil Jetguard range is designed for waterjet input shafts, the Wrtsil Hubguard range is solely adapted for waterjet hubs. The Wrtsil Jetguard range consists of water lubricated face type sealing solutions, especially designed for waterjet input shafts. Available in both metallic and composite materials.
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Submarine Seals

The Wrtsil Diveguard range is a high pressure inboard sealing solution for submarines and other deepwater applications Wrtsil Diveguard water lubricated face type seals available in either single barrier (WSF1H-P-M) or double barrier options (WSF2H-P-M). Following the acquisitions of John Crane - Lips and the brand names DSS - Deep Sea Seals and Lips by Wrtsil, the product Manedive AD-C is renamed Wrtsil Diveguard.
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Transverse Thrusters

The combination of high thrust values with compact dimensions provides additional thrust for a wide range of vessels types. In auxiliary applications, transverse thrusters support the mooring or harbour operations of merchant cargo vessels. When applied in Dynamic Positioning systems, transverse thrusters extend the DP capability of, for example, offshore supply vessels.
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Retractable Thruster

Wrtsil Retractable Thrusters are available up to 6500 kW. The upper part of the range is covered by the WST-65RU retractable underwater mountable thruster, a thruster of which the outboard part can be exchanged under water to optimize maintenance when docking of the vessel is not possible. Wrtsil Modular Thrusters (LMT) with a modular and flexible design are the basis for the retractable thrusters up to 4500 kW.
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Steerable Thrusters

The Wrtsil Steerable Thruster (WST) has a light ice class capability and can be combined with high-speed engines up to 1800 rpm. Two nozzle types can be selected depending on customer requirements: a bollard pull nozzle or a nozzle optimised for free-sailing. The Wrtsil Steerable Thruster (WST) series replaces the Wrtsil LCT series for tugs and similar vessel types. For certain executions, such as L-drive layouts, the LCT type of thrusters can be offered on request.
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Modular Waterjets

  • High speed vessels; waterjets have better propulsion efficiency at ship speeds over 25-30 knots.
The modular design allows flexibility in the scope of supply. A compactly designed axial pump with excellent efficiency, cavitation and noise characteristics. High performance components in stainless steel to prevent wear and corrosion. The water lubricated bearing in the stator bowl provides an environmentally friendly solution. Water lubricated Face type sterntube seal with an optional inflatable emergency seal. Inboard mounted thrust bearing block, for increased life and easy maintenance. Tailor-made inlet design based on the shape and operational profile of the vessel.
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Controllable Pitch Propeller Systems

Wrtsil Controllable Pitch (WCP) propeller systems deliver excellent performance and efficiency, while minimizing noise and vibration levels A customised propulsion system tailored according to customer requirements A reliable propulsion solution for dynamic positioning (DP) and ice class applications Available with a pollution free stern tube arrangement The Wrtsil OPTI Design propeller methodology takes into consideration the full-scale interaction between the propeller and hull, thereby ensuring optimized efficiency
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Pump Room Systems

When offloading flammable liquid cargo, it must be done safely, smoothly and efficiently. With its 50 years of experience, Wrtsil has the know-how to optimise any kind of pump room system, from end-to end. For tankers carrying less than four different segregations, our pump room solution is optimal since the cargo pumps can take suction from any cargo tank. All wear components of our pump room installed equipment are easily accessible and can be replaced at sea, and the entire Wrtsil concept is maintenance friendly. Our expertly designed heavy duty centrifugal pumps are made of superior materials from own foundry. These are installed in the pump room together with our unique stripping system.
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Propulsion Control System

The Wrtsil Propulsion Control System (PCS) is a comprehensive system of control devices, displays, indicators and modules designed to suit all possible propulsion configurations of a modern ship. The human interface of Wrtsil PCS, ProTouch, is a complete system of levers and touch screen interfaces, that responds to market demands for modern and compact control devices. Wrtsil ProTouch has won the Red Dot Design Award, Best of the Best 2013. Benefits Touch screen technology for user friendly, intuitive operationSimple installation and commissioningCompact, space saving designFully customizable to fit all propulsion products and layoutsAlso available for retrofits
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Speed Gear

The Wrtsil 2-speed gear is designed to serve vessels having multiple operational modes or reduced transit speeds. These vessels can gain notable economic & environmental benefits:fishing vesselsrescue tugsoffshore support vesselsseismic support vessels All single screw vessels with redundant propulsion system (take me home system) will benefit from this gear type.Reducing the speed & increasing the pitch of the propeller procures greater propeller efficiency at reduced load.Less fuel consumed means that nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions are lowered. The Wrtsil 2-speed gear is available with a high degree of modularization in the 2 MW to 13 MW power range.
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Double Input Gear

Wrtsil double input, single stage reduction gears connect two engines to a single propeller shaft and cover a power range from 2, 000 to 25, 000 kW. The gears are available with a horizontal offset between the input shafts and output shaft to allow two (diesel) engines to be connected. Options: Clutches to disconnect the propeller from the main engine(s)A primary driven PTO, rotating whenever the engine is running or a secondary driven PTO, which rotates whenever the propeller is rotating.Combined power take-off power take-in (PTOPTI)
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Valves Remote Control System

The Wrtsil Valve Remote Control System has been developed for both cruise and merchant vessels, and is designed to control electro-hydraulic actuated valve systems. The system can be interfaced with an IAS (Integrated Automation System), with Mimic Diagram, and an Emergency Shut Down System (ESD). Our advanced technologies and many years of successful experience enable us to provide turnkey solutions, including valves bodies and actuators.
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Hamworthy High Pressure Air Compressors

ur compressors can be configured to suit a diverse range of high pressure applications for both air and other compressible gases. We offer a range of options, from a basic compressor block to a fully integrated compressor package solution for high pressure air or gas. We are also able to incorporate ancillary items, such as nitrogen generation and airgas driers, into the scope of supply. The units are designed to comply with European and other International standards for a range of industries and applications. We offer 2, 3 and 4 stage compressors with inlet pressures up to 7 bar g, and discharge pressures up to 350 bar g. The gas composition may be required to ensure correct compressor and material selection.AirArgonBiogasCarbon DioxideHeliumHelioxHydrogenMethaneNatural GasNitrogen (both compression and generation)
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Whether the audio system is for a small public venue or a huge show theatre, the sound must be clear, intelligible, and uniform throughout its intended range. We design and engineer high performance systems, including live entertainment audio, multi-roomzone audio distribution and processing, conferencing systems, paging and public address systems, plus background and foreground music, and more.
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Serck Como Multi Stage Flash Evaporators

The Wrtsil Serck Como multi-stage flash (MSF) evaporator is utilised for producing fresh water from seawater, well water or industrial water. A special advantage of the multi-stage flash technology is that the specific heat consumption (or thermal efficiency) can be continuously adapted to the individual requirements of each application. The produced distillate has a very low salt content which makes it suitable as technical water (e.g. boiler feed water). The distillate quality and quantity are independent from the seawater temperature which makes the MSF technology a reliable source for freshwater.
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Hamworthy Sewage Treatment Plants

The Wrtsil Hamworthy Super Trident sewage treatment plant is the cost-effective and safe answer to disposing of waste at sea, maintaining the quality of the worlds oceans. Our sewage treatment plants are certified to meet IMO MEPC 227(64) guidelines, which will be applicable to new ships from 1 January 2016. Optimised for the treatment of black and grey wastewater flows, and suitable for conventional gravity and vacuum fed collection systems, all plants are controlled automatically. This allows unattended operation, with reduced maintenance requirements and lower long-term operating costs. The systems are compact and modular in design, suitable for between-deck installations, and are adaptable to customer new build specifications.
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Integrated Automation System

Wrtsil Integrated Automation System (WIAS) is delivered as part of a Wrtsil Electrical & Automation solution. The primary design philosophy is reliability, safety, uptime, environmental aspects and cost efficiency. WIAS is a scalable, distributed and highly redundant system, developed with emphasis on ensuring a uniform operating philosophy and user interface for all Wrtsil and third-party ship systems. The system complies to requirements from all the major classification societies, including offshore requirements like DP2, DP3 and NAUT-OSV. Best possible operational economy is emphasized regarding use of fuel, personnel and building costs. WIAS acts as main alarm system for the vessel, and it monitors and controls other Wrtsil productssystems as well as ship utility systems like ballast, bilge, cargo, fuel, cooling etc.
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Stern Tubes

Oil & water lubricated stern tubes Wrtsil stern tube solutions are ready to install stern tubes as standards, but can be custom designed to fit the specific vessel and is assembles to the hull construction by means of resin chocking. The solutions are designed to meet each customer requirement and specification. Wrtsil standard stern tube assemblies are fitted with centrifugally cast white metal bearings or composite bearings depending on the application or lubricating medium. The solution encourages a fit-and-forget concept as bearings and all additional items are already fitted and installed upon delivery. The installation and alignment is a simple and swift procedure when compared to older traditional methods, allowing for significant reduction in installation time and resources.
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Water Quality Systems

Designed to provide filtered water for open and closed lubricated stern tube systems, providing impressive longevity of installed equipment Wrtsil Water Quality Systems increase the life of both seal and bearing products by filtering the water supply to required standards. A range of pumped and or filtered supply systems for open and closed water applications are available. WYS-M, WYS-MX, Open water filtration systems WQS-M, Closed water filtration systems
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Hydraulic Equipment

Shaft couplings, propeller nuts and shaft flange bolts designed for easy handling and trouble free operation Wrtsil hydraulic equipment includes varieties of shaft couplings, propeller nuts and shaft flange bolts. Hydraulic couplings provide a simple and quick way to connect shafts, eliminating the need for keyways, tapers or thrust rings. The hydraulic shaft coupling range consists of four design types: OHSM, OHSM-B and OHSM-V are flange couplings and connect a shaft to a gearbox, engine or another shaft. OHSN couplings are designed to connect two standard shafts.
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Midsize Water Jets

A compactly designed axial pump with excellent efficiency, cavitation and noise characteristics. The waterjet unit is completely pre-assembled, thereby reducing installation time. High performance components in stainless steel to prevent wear and corrosion. The water lubricated bearing in the stator bowl provides an environmentally friendly solution. Water lubricated Face type sterntube seal with an optional inflatable emergency seal. Inboard mounted thrust bearing block, for increased life and easy maintenance. Inboard hydraulics provide an environmental friendly solution, increased life and easy maintenance. Machinery controls integrated within the unit.
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Generating Sets

  • Cylinder output 160, 185 kW/cyl
  • Piston stroke 280 mm
A wide range of generating sets, comprising generator and diesel engine mounted on a common baseframe, are available for both service power generation and for diesel-electric propulsion. All generating sets listed are based on medium-speed diesel engines designed for operating on heavy fuel oil. The generating sets are resiliently mounted and the generator voltage can be selected in all cases except for the Auxpac generating sets, which are Low Voltage only. Larger diesel generators are delivered for separate mounting of the diesel engine and generator.
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USS Independence

The USS Independence (LCS 2) entered service in 2010. The vessel design is based on that of a high-speed trimaran. Wrtsil supplies two LJ 150E waterjets for the wing propulsion lines. Later vessels in the series are equipped with WLD 1500 SR waterjets on the wing propulsion lines and WLD 1720 SR waterjets on the centre propulsion lines. (photo courtesy of AUSTAL) In 2010 as the first of a series of initially ten. The vessel is capable of speeds in excess of 40 knots and can operate in water less than 20 feet deep. The USS Independence is an innovative combat ship designed to operate in shallow waters to counter challenging threats in coastal regions, specifically mines, submarines, and fast surface craft.
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USNS Spearhead

The vessel is equipped with four WLD 1400 SR waterjets. The unique Wrtsil axial jet technology was a decisive factor in the award of this order because its characteristics - low noise, ease of maintainability, agile manoeuvring, and rapid acceleration and docking - perfectly fit the requirements for missions involving the JHSV. These ships support the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Army with the intra-theatre manoeuvres of personnel, supplies and equipment, and will provide fast disaster relief capabilities.
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Natchan Rera Craft

The Natchan Rera started service in 2007. Engine power from the vessel is converted to thrust using a newly designed waterjet, the LJX 1500 SRI, from Wrtsil. The vessel sails at loaded speeds of approximately 40 knots. (photo courtesy of INCAT) While Incat's 112 metre vessel design can accommodate up to 1500 persons, the Natchan Rera's luxurious accommodation has been custom designed and laid out to cater for 800 persons in unprecedented levels of style and comfort.
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Since Wrtsil installed the composite Jetguard seals on all four of our water jet shafts we have travelled over 42, 000 nautical miles. The seals have responded well and at times, exceeding the vessels recommended wave height limits. To date all four seals remain leak-free. The Jetguard seals are achieving a greater success than expected and survived an extreme accidental test, says the companys representative.
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Poesia Cruise Ship

  • Series MSC
Delivered in 2008, the MSC Poesia, a cruise ship owned and operated by MSC Cruises, is equipped with Wrtsil 38 engines. She was built at the Aker Yards shipyard in St. Nazaire, France, and is a sister ship to the MSC Musica, the MSC Orchestra, and the MSC Magnifica.
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Our broadcast system offering includes production studios, control rooms, editing suites, transmission facilities, and broadcast cabling. We design systems for new projects and for upgrading existing ones, and always we deliver reliable, easy-to-operate, and high quality solutions, whatever the requirement.
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Dynamic Lighting System

The Dynamic Lighting concept provides a stunning visual effect to the ships exterior profile. The technology is based on the use of customised LED RGBW lighting devices, all of which are individually controlled to provide colour, movement and video effects. Wrtsil successfully supplied this special external lighting system for the new cruise ship Genting Dream which was delivered in October 2016. The lighting concept has been engineered and installed by Wrtsil in close cooperation with the owners team and the shipyard. This Dynamic Lighting concept will change the way people see a cruise ship arriving or departing the harbours of the world.
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