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Measuring Instruments & Equipment #5780657

Digital Indicator

Suitable for 4 . 20 mA current loops

Min/Max value memory

Linearisation with up to 10 programmable points

2 optional potential-free switch contacts

Minimal mounting depth: 25 mm without plug-in terminal

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Turbine Water Meter

Sizes: DN 40 DN 400

Hermetically Sealed Register (IP 68)

Patented Hydro Dynamically Balanced Rotor (DN 300)

Patented Symmetrical Calibration Adjustment (DN 300)

Register may be Rotated Through 360

High Overload Capability

Pattern Approved Removable Measuring Element

Powder Coating affords max. corrosion Protection

Not Affected by External Magnetic Fields

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Connection Head Digital Indicator

The compact local readout is extremely user-friendly. The large 4-digit LED digital display is easily readable from any direction due to the rotatable, inclined connecting head. The span is configured using dip switches and a potentiometer. The unit is loop-powered via the 4-20 mA transmitter so no spearate power supply is needed.

The connection head with built-in display can be fitted to a large variety of temperature assemblies and is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. The digital indicator DIH10 is used in machine and plant construction as well as chemical and petrochemical industries, and in all applications where it is necessary to display process data such as temperature locally at the process.

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Field-mount Indicators

The C160 is a highly versatile, 5-digit industrial display indicator, with the capability to measure and indicate temperature, pressure, flow, level and other process variables.

High visibility LED display

0.1 input measurement accuracy

IP66/NEMA4X wall-/pipe-mount weatherproof enclosure

Analog and relay outputs as standard

Totalizer and math functions

Universal process input with transmitter power supply

RS485/MODBUS serial communications

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Digital Indicator For Panel Mounting

Suitable for 4 . 20 mA current loops

Min/Max value memory

Linearisation with up to 10 programmable points

2 optional potential-free switch contacts

Minimal mounting depth: 25 mm without plug-in terminal

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Panel-mount Indicators

The ControlMaster CM15 is a feature-packed 1/8 DIN universal process indicator.

A crystal-clear, full-color, TFT display shows operators exactly the information they need to know and provides operation and configuration menus in full text making the CM15 intuitive to use and very quick to install and commission.

Available as a basic indication-only model, or enhanced through plug and play function keys and I/O modules, the CM15 offers totalization, level, math, logic, counter and alarm functions making it extremely flexible and able to solve many tricky application requirements.

Modbus and Ethernet communication options ensure easy integration and connectivity to supervisory or control systems.

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Advanced Circular Chart Recorder

The C1300 Advanced Circular Chart recorder combines established paper chart recording technology with the latest advances in electronic data collection, giving you more power than ever before to use your recorded data to its full potential.

Building on ABBs successful COMMANDER recorder range, and based on customer feedback, the C1300 features a host of new developments to provide a powerful and flexible data recorder for many industrial applications, but particularly water and waste water treatment.

High-definition backlit display

Simple-to-configure totalizers

Designed to survive - environmental protection to IP66 and NEMA 4X

Fully field-upgradeable - additional options easy-to-add

Configuration backup to PC

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Circular Chart Recorder

The C1900R is a fully programmable recorder for up to four process signals.

The C1900s straightforward operator controls and robust construction make it suitable for a variety of industrial environments.

Excellent standard facilities are complemented by a powerful range of options to give the flexibility to match your application.

1 to 4 pens

NEMA 4X/IP66 construction

Multiple 6-digit indicator panels

0.1% measurement accuracy

High noise immunity

RS485 MODBUS serial communications

Totalizer and math functions built-in

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Multipoint Strip Chart Recorder

The SR250B provides accurate and reliable recording of up to 12 process signals on a 250mm wide chart.

In-built text printing capabilities give clear annotation on the chart of time, date, scales and other process information.

The SR250B can be configured for a wide range of input types and chart speeds and is ideal for most industrial recording applications.

12-Channel recording on 250mm Chart

Universal process inputs

Clear text annotation on chart

MODBUS Serial communications

High clarity graphics display

Dust- and water-resistant front fascia IP65/NEMA 3

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