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Electronic Pressure Switch

Easily-readable, robust display

Intuitive and fast setup

Easy and flexible mounting configurations

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PVC Diaphragm Seal

Features a durable and flexible Teflon diaphragm seal, which serves as a protective barrier between the process fluid and instrument

High accuracy and dependability

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Flanged Diaphragm Seal Teflon

Continuous use seals - backing plate will prevent diaphragm from rupturing if pressure sensing instrument fails. Pressure will be held until instrument is replaced

Various sizes and housing materials available

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Diaphragm In-Line Seals

Plug-and-play" with no configuration necessary

Scale ranges from 0 25 mbar absolute pressure

Easy-to-read analogue display with nominal sizes 100 and 160

High overpressure safety, long service life due to metallic media chamber sealing

Media chamber protected against unauthorised access

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Adapter System For Measuring Instruments

Large selection of different process adapters for connection to the G1 hygienic connection

Measuring instrument and process adapters can be combined by the user

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Expansion Thermometer

Temperature display independent from measuring point

With capillary

Universally applicable

Plastic case for panel mounting

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Gas Actuated Thermometer

Dead space free

Hygienic design

Aseptic process connections

Material and surface finish quality in accordance with pharmaceutical industry directives and standards

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Bimetal Thermometer

Application ranges from -30 C .+250 C

Case and stem from stainless steel

Bimetal with zero point adjustment at the back of the case

Two independent measuring systems in one instrument (bimetal and Pt100)

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Bypass Level Indicator

The WIKA model BNA bypass level indicator consists of a stand pipe, which, as a communicating interface, is connected laterally to a vessel via 2 process connections (flanged, threaded or welded).

Through this type of arrangement, the level in the stand pipe corresponds to the level in the vessel.

The cylindrical float (with a permanent magnet system, mounted within the stand pipe) transmits the liquid level, contact free, to the outside via the magnetic roller display mounted on the stand pipe.

In this are fitted, at 10 mm intervals, red/white plastic or ceramic rollers with bar magnets.

Through the directional magnetic field of the permanent magnet system in the cylindrical float, the magnetic rollers, through the wall of the stand pipe, are turned through 180

For an increasing level from white to red; for a falling level from red to white.

Thus the bypass level indicator displays the level of a vessel without a power supply - visible as a red column.

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Bilge Level Switch

Simple and sturdy construction, consisting of float & guide tube, made of nonmagnetic material to achieve undisturbed magnetic flux.

Float is protected from turbulence, foreign particles by providing external slosh shield arrangement

The float has a magnetic system within it and moves freely along the guide tube, which contains hermetically sealed reed switch

Float follows liquid level & magnetically actuates the reed switch at defined position

The switch is provided with manual test lever to use to check operation

Provided with 10 mtrs of integral cable

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Capacitance Type Level Switch

The system is available in two versions - Integral (standalone) & Two Part.

In the integral system, the controller is integral with the probe.

In two part system, the controller is separate from the probe and can be mounted remotely.

The probe is top / side (inclined) mounted.

The measuring principle is based on the value of capacitance formed between the electrode & tank wall, which varies with the liquid level.

The capacitance is sensed and converted into voltage signal for relay actuation

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Compact Vibrating Fork Level Switch

The system is available in two versions - Integral (Standalone) &Two Part


In the integral system, the controller is integral with the sensing probe.

In two part system, the controller is separate from the probe and can be mounted remotely


The sensing probe is of rugged construction & available in two designs-standard & high temperature

The sensing probe is fitted with an enclosure at its top end, which holds the control electronics and its lower end holds a SS tuning fork, which vibrates at its mechanical resonance frequency of 120 Hz, created through a piezo crystal when in air.

However, when the tuning fork is covered with liquid / slurry, its vibrations get damped.

This is sensed by the control electronics, which changes the status of output relay contacts.

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Compact Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

The AT600 Magnetostrictive Transmitter is based on the Same Magnetostrictive Principle as the AT100 Model.

The AT600 is a Compact Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Transmitter is Designed to Mount Externally on the KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge or other Magnetic Level Gauges.

Designed to Mount Externally to K-TEK KM26 or Other Magnetic Level Gauge

High Resolution 4-20 mA Output

Simple Mounting and installation

No Process Piping or Valve Required

Very Compact Design

Suitable for High Temperature Applications

Calibrates Without Opening Enclosure

Stainless Steel Enclosure

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Electronic Level Switch

Award-winning in design and functionality

The successful design and the excellent functionality of the WIKA switch family were already confirmed by winning the iF product design award 2009forthe PSD-30 pressure switch.

The robust LED display has been designed using 9 mm high characters (the largest possible) and with a slight incline in orderto make reading the level as easy as possible from a long way off


A 14-segment display has been used, since it represents text very well.

The 3-key operation makes simple, intuitive menu navigation possible, with no need for additional assistance


The menu navigation is designed in accordance with the latest VDMA standard


The VDMA standard for fluid sensors (24574-4, part 4 -level switches) has the aim of considerably simplifying the use of level switches by standardising menu navigation and display.

The control keys have been designed as large as possible and are arranged ergonomically to ensure fast and easy adjustments


Operation without any additional assistance is made easierthrough the tactile feedback.

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Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

The MT5000 Series Guided Wave Radar transmitters feature a graphic display incorporated into an all digital electronics module.

Using this new format K-TEK has been able to add waveform screens to the modular electronics along with easy to follow multiple choice setup menus.

These menus can be changed to many different languages for easy commissioning throughout the world.

MT5000 Series Guided Wave Radar transmitters provide superior performance in tough applications.

Pulses of microwave energy are directed to the product surface using a rigid rod or flexible cable type probe.

This assembly has no moving parts and no loss of energy due to beam divergence.

Multiple coupler and probe types are available to accommodate applications such as knock out drums, feed water heaters, production vessels and separators.

316L stainless steel is the standard probe material however materials such as Hastelloy C-276 and Monel are available for use in acidic or caustic services.

Graphic Display with Waveform Screen

Widest Selection of Wetted Materials

Radar Signal Travels Along the Waveguide Eliminates False Echoes and Minimizes Signal Loss

No Moving Parts

Weak Signal Alarm

Lengths from 1 to 65 ft. / 0.3 to 19.8 meters

Total and Interface Level Measurement from a single process penetration

All Digital Electronics

2 Wire Loop Powered

Rigid, Flexible Cable & Coaxial Probes

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High Performance Laser Distance Level Sensor

The LM200 Laser is a laser-based distance measuring instrument used in process control systems.

The on-board microprocessor calculates distance by multiplying the speed of light by the time it takes for a laser pulse to travel from the instrument to a target and back.

The measuring laser uses invisible, infrared light.

There is a second, visible aiming laser to help with the alignment of the measuring laser.

The laser beams have very little divergence so that accurate targeting is easy even in silos or vessels that have internal structures.

Maintenance free, non-contact continuous level sensor

Range up to 190 m (623 ft) for level applications

Range up to 400 m (1312 ft) for positioning applications

Easy and intuitive setup

No calibration required

Continuous level monitoring for granular solid materials and opaque liquids

Measures solids and opaque liquids at any angle

Last Pulse Detection for Measurement with Light and Moderate Dust

Built-in laser pointer for accurate alignment in narrow or tall vessels

Auto-ranging to measure all levels

Available non condensing heated optics prevent condensation issues

No Beam Divergence = No False Echoes

Rugged and Robust Aluminum Enclosure

CSA, ATEX and IECEx potentially explosive atmosphere ratings

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Displacer Level Transmitter

Is an microcontroller based accurate & smart transmitter for level / interface level measurement of liquids. It converts buoyant force exerted by a displacer immersed in a liquid to a proportional current o/p of 4-20 mA

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Intrinsically Safe Level Probe

Pressure ranges from 0 . 100 mbar to 0 . 25 bar

Ex-protection EEx ia I/II C T6 according to ATEX

Applicable in all hazardous environments:

Gases and vapour: Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2

Dusts: Zone 20, Zone 21 and Zone 22

Maximum tensile strength of the cable 1000N

Ingress protection IP 68 (up to 300 m immersion depth)

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Flow Computer

The FLOG4 is an extremely accurate, reliable flow computer with the capability to measure and monitor gas flow in compliance with AGA, API and ISO standards.

These units are also expandable to provide additional communications and IO options


Backward compatibility is always of concern and this unit provides that as well


The internal sensors and electronics are direct replacements for existing FLOs


With low power, accuracy and system integrity built in, these devices are proven daily on thousands of sites.

Total flow products provide users the best opportunity for successful projects site by site or system by system.

The FLOG4 includes an Integrated high accuracy digital Muliti-Variable sensor (IMV) to measure both pressures and temperature


Two (2) versions of the sensor are available: one with differential pressure, static pressure and temperature for DP measurement applications, and one with static pressure and temperature for Linear measurement applications.

The IMV is housed inside the flow computer enclosure and is characterised and calibrated at Total flows factory


Multi-tube capability is available in each unit and is easily invoked with a few configuration changes and interface connection to external transducers, either digital or analog.

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Hand Test Pump Pneumatic

Areas of application: Test pumps are used in generating pressure for the testing, adjusting and calibrating of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments by means of comparative measurements.

These pressure tests can be carried out in laboratories, workshops or on site at the set measuring point.

Ease of operation: When the device under test and a suitably accurate reference measuring instrument are connected to the test pump, after actuating the pump, the same pressure will act on both measuring instruments.

Calibration or adjustment of the device under test can be carried out by comparing the two measured values at any pressure value


In order to enable the accurate generation of the measuring points, the test pump is fitted with a fine adjustment valve.

Easy handling: Despite its very compact size the CPP30 hand test pump enables simple and accurate test pressure generation up to a max. 35 bar


Vacuum generation down to max. -950 mbar is also possible through the change-over switch.

The maximum pressure or vacuum achievable depends on the attached test volume


The pump also has a fine adjustment valve to enable the precise setting of the pressure


The reference instrument is fitted directly to the top of the pump, and the device under test is connected via a connection tube (length 0.5 m) with G female thread, included in the test kit.

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Hand-held Multifunction Calibrator

Due to its versatility the hand-held multifunction calibrator Pascal series is ideally suited for on-field testing and calibration of industrial measuring instruments.

The typical application is the calibration of pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, pressure gauges, temperature probes and other measuring devices.

The calibration data are stored in the instruments memory.

The communication with a PC is used to remotely control the unit and to download the calibration reports.

The Pascal 100 is the most advanced portable multifunction calibrator for the measurement and simulation of the following parameters: relative and absolute pressure, electrical signals (mA, mV, V, ), temperature (TC, RTD), frequency and pulse.

In addition, there is the possibility to include an optional HART module which allows communication with HART instruments.

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Hand-Held Pressure Indicator

Extensive application possibilities: Stainless steel pressure sensors with measuring ranges up to 1, 000 bar are available for the model CPH6200 hand-held pressure indicator.

Therefore, it is particularly suitable as a test instrument for applications such as process technology, machine building etc.

The digital indicator automatically detects the measuring range of the connected pressure sensor and guarantees a highly accurate pressure measurement.

Functionality: The CPH6200 can be used for measuring both overpressure and absolute pressure. Differential pressure measurement is possible with the 2-channel version CPH6200-S2, and two connected model CPT6200 reference pressure sensors. Selectable pressure units here are bar, mbar, psi, Pa, kPa, MPa, mmHg or inHg


An integrated data logger and various other functions such as Min, Max, Hold, Tare, Zero point adjustment, Alarm, Power-Off, Peak value detection (1, 000 measurements/s), Average value filter, etc. ensure that the CPH6200 can be used for many different applications.

Complete test and service cases: For maintenance and service applications, various service case systems are available.

These include service cases with or without pressure generation, rechargeable battery, battery charger, connection adapter, etc.

Software: In addition to the GSoft data-logger evaluation software for the tabular and graphical representation of the logger data, EasyCal Light calibration software for calibration functions is also available.

Certified accuracy: For each reference pressure sensor, the accuracy for the complete measuring chain is certified by a factory calibration certificate which accompanies the instrument

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Precision Loop Calibrator

General: The Precision Loop Calibrator CEP1000 provides significantly extended performance when compared to any competitive calibrator


With an accuracy of 0.015 of reading, with 0.001 mA resolution, the CEP1000 has the highest accuracy in its class


Features such as a ERROR function, which eliminates manual error calculation and allows the display of the actual versus ideal error at any calibration point, put the CEP1000 way beyond similar instruments.

The CEP1000 can simulate, power, and measure two-wire transmitters. With automatic Step and Ramp functions, the CEP1000 enables remote calibration of 4 . 20 mA devices.

Intuitive Handling: A handful of clearly marked keys provide access to the full functionality of the unit


A pair of cursor keys allows rapid selection of the decade to be modified, while a large knob allows precise and rapid adjustment to any value needed


A single MODE key cycles through and selects the source, simulate, and measure modes.

Powerful Features: The CEP1000 provides innovative, powerful features to make your calibration job easier.

To enable remote calibration of devices and processes, the CEP1000 features automatic STEP and RAMP output modes, which automate either a discrete 4-8-12-16-20-16-12-8-4 mA stair step output, or two speeds of a linear 4-20-4 mA ramp output, respectively


To further aid remote calibration, the CEP1000 features a Minimum/Maximum value recall function


Holding the ERROR key while turning the large knob provides instant feedback of the difference between the ideal and actual current values


Instant verification of whether the device is within its accuracy range is provided. The LOOP POWER key supports a 24 V supply power


In addition an integrated 250 ? HART resistor facilitates calibration of HART devices.

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Process Calibrator Current Voltage

Output current: 20 mA

Output voltage: 10 V

Output: simulation transmitter

Output: power supply current loop

Resolution current: 0, 001 mA

Resolution voltage: 1 mV

Accuracy current: 0, 05% of set value/ 4 A

Accuracy voltage: 0, 05% of set value / 2 mV

Supply: 9 V battery

Contained in delivery: transportation case, 1 set measuring cable

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Field Signal Indicator

The 695FI Field Signal Indicators represent an easy-to-install solution to display important process variables.

Digital LCD or analog meter allows to select the proper indication

Programmable meter and HART configurator combines signal display with password protected

configuration capabilities for transmitter management

Rugged, compact, lightweight, enclosure to IP67 enables installation in industrial environments

Compatible with all 4-20 mA, 2-wire systems

Square root signal characterisation allows measurements linearization

Comprehensive certification approvals give high applicability in plant hazardous areas

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Attachable Indicator For Transmitters With Switch Contact

The model A-AI-2 attachable indicator is the ideal solution for an on-site display with additional switching functionality for simple signalling or control processes.

With its simple mounting and open programmability via the easily accessible push-buttons, it can also be retrofitted quickly to a pressure transmitter which is already operating.

The display is loop-powered, and so no additional power supply is needed. The 7 mm high LED display ensures good readability, even in poor lighting conditions.

The display settings and the functions of the switch contacts are set via a logically-structured menu. With the assistance of two activatable filters, short spikes can be suppressed and thus the display and the switch response damped.

The switch contacts feature open collector outputs that can be used for both min/max alarms and for simple on/off control.

With its robust and compact plastic case, the indicator fulfills the ingress protection IP 65 and is thus suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Control Relay

Contact protection relays are used in type 821 contact devices.

They increase the switching reliability and switching capacity of electromechanical contact devices and lower their contact voltage.

Undesired switching operations of contact devices caused by vibrations are significantly reduced by a drop-out delay of 0.5 sec.

On the side of the contact they operate with a lower control voltage, however, on the output side they can be highly loaded.

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LED Attachable Indicator With Switching Outputs

The model A-AS-1 attachable indicator is the ideal solution for displaying the measured pressure locally, and simultaneously transmitting the signal.

The seven-millimetre high, red LED display offers good readability

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Control Unit

The WIKA inductive contact device is a contact-free device.

Basically, it consists of an initiator, located on the nominal value pointer, including its fully potted electronics and mechanical construction with a movable control vane.

The control vane is moved by the instrument pointer

The initiator is supplied with DC voltage.

If the control vane moves into the clearance of the initiator, its internal resistance increases (= activated state / the initiator has high-resistance).

The change in the current rating arising from this is the input signal for the switching amplifier of the control device

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Field Mount Digital Controller

The C310 wall / pipe-mount universal process controller is a highly versatile single-loop controller packaged in a robust fieldmounting housing.

No need to fit an expensive instrument panel when installing or upgrading process equipment.

The C310 can be rapidly commissioned by simply fixing it to any flat surface or pipe and making the electrical connections via the cable entry glands on the underside of the unit.

The instrument has extensive control and i/o capabilities fitted as standard, allowing it to be rapidly configured for almost any application.

With IP66/NEMA4X water/dust protection the C310 can be mounted right next to your process, no matter how harsh the environment.

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Magnetic Quick Connector

Patented magnetic quick connector, magWIK

A robust design with unbreakable insulation.

Connects to all magnetic screws and contacts.

Suitable for plug connectors with a 2 mm . Via optional adapter1) also applicable for plugs with 4 mm

The magnetic connector enables the positive and negative contacts to be connected simultaneously.

If the magnetic connector is split, then the positive and negative contacts can also be connected one after the other, or connected to separated points

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Panel Mount Controllers

The ControlMaster CM30 is a highly versatile, universal 1/4 DIN PID process controller.

Detailed process information is presented clearly on the CM30's full-color TFT display and an intuitive operator interface simplifies configuration and operation.

Highly scalable in both hardware and software functionality, a CM30 can be specified easily to meet the needs of virtually any process control application simple or advanced.

Powerful control functions such as adaptive control, math, logic and totalization provide problem-solving flexibility and make the CM30 suitable for a wide range of process applications.

Fully configurable via the easy-to-navigate front panel menus or PC configuration software, the CM30 can be commissioned rapidly and then tuned via the advanced auto tune capability.

MODBUS, and Ethernet communication options ensure easy integration into a control system.

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Temperature Controller

Control characteristic adjustable (PID-Fuzzy, PID, PD, ON/OFF)

Integrated auto-tuning function

Control output optionally relay, logic level or 4 . 20 mA

Multi-function input for Pt100 and thermocouples

Optionally with 2nd alarm output or serial interface

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Advanced Process Recorder

The SR250A is a 250mm strip chart recorder providing accurate and reliable recording of up to 24 channels.

The SR250A also provides a range of advanced processing capabilities such as flow totalization, math blocks, logic equations, configurable displays and full message printing


The SR250A can be supplied for panel mounting or for portable use.

The front facia, rated IP65 (NEMA 3), is resistant to hosedown and dusty environments

24-Channel recording on 250mm Chart

Universal process inputs

Totalizers, maths and logic equations

MODBUS Serial communications

Unique Cue/Review incident analysis

High clarity graphics display

Dust- and water-resistant front fascia to IP65/NEMA 3

PC memory card data storage

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Equal Union Cross

The Alco Valves Groups range of approved accessories ensure that the fittings offer lasting optimum performance in the field. By installing genuine Alco Valves Group parts, customers can be assured that products are restored to the same exacting standards as were originally purchased.

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Female Elbow, Tees And Crosses

Connection sizes: 1/8 NPT, 1/4 NPT, 3/8 NPT, 1/2 NPT, 3/4 NPT, 1 NPT

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Elbows, Tees & Crosses / Street Elbow

Connection sizes: 1/16 NPT, 1/8 NPT, 1/4 NPT, 3/8 NPT, 1/2 NPT, 3/4 NPT, 1 NPT.

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Hex Female Cap Fitting

Connection sizes: 1/8 NPT, 1/4 NPT, 3/8 NPT, 1/2 NPT, 3/4 NPT, 1 NPT.

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Reducing Coupling

End Connection Types: NPT / BSP / BSPT

Connection sizes: 1/4 , 3/4 , 1/2 , 1/2 , 1/2 , 3/4 , 3/4" , 1" , 1"

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Over Pressure Protectors

Size: " NPT M x F.

Set pressure: 2.5 bar to 200 bars

Maximum pressure: 400 BAR

As the name indicates, this device saves instruments from the over pressure.

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Pressure Gauge Snubbers

With the help of variable orifice, these gauge snubbers protect pressure gauges by reducing fluctuations.

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Instrument Mounting Brackets

Adapter Process connection G B / G and NPT per EN 837-1 from brass, steel or stainless steel 1.4571

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In-Line Filters

They avoid plugging of small gauge pressure entries and capillary throttles

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Attachable Indicator For Transmitters

Indication range: -1999 . 9999

Attachable to transmitter with 4 . 20 mA output and angular connector to DIN 175301-803 A

Scalable on-site without external tools

Ingress protection IP 65

Ex version II 2G Ex ia/ib IIC/IIB T4 (model A-IAI-1)

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The VIATOR USB HART Interface is a PC communication link to HART networks for commissioning, servicing, calibrating, or acquiring data from any HART instrument or transmitter.

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Pressure Gauge Rubber Covers

For radial and back entry gauges

The cover must be fitted prior to assembly of gauge and regulator.

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Sealings For Pressure Measuring

It is already well known that screwing in pressure measuring instruments, valves and other fittings using the usual flat gasket from soft metal or non-ferrous metals often presents difficulties.

These contact seals for static sealing surfaces achieve their effect through a high-enough surface pressure between the two threaded connections.

The sealings are used to seal the process connections on pressure measuring instruments at measuring points and connection components in process equipment and piping assemblies (e.g. valves, shut-off valves, syphons, connectors, overload protection devices).

They prevent the accidental leakage of gaseous or liquid media into the environment.

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Double Ferrule Stainless Steel Compression Fittings

Double Ferrule Stainless Steel Compression Fittings have been designed and developed to meet the demands for reliability and high precision standards. The Alco-Lok range includes Imperial and Metric sizes (see data sheets for all sizes).

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High Pressure Tubes

Maximator offers a line of cold drawn thick wall tubing, with flow areas to compliment the high pressure valves and fittings.

This tubing is made under strict manufacturing and quality control standards and inspections, with dimensional tolerances to match the requirements of the high pressure coned and threaded connections.

The standard materials are 304 and 316 stainless steels.

Other materials may be provided on special request, depending on the specific material, diameters and lengths.

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Process Recorder

The SR100B provides accurate and reliable recording of 3 or 6 process signals on a 100mm wide chart.

In-built text printing capabilities give clear annotation on the chart of time, date, scales and channel identifiers.

The SR100B can be supplied preconfigured for the signal types and ranges you specify when ordering.

All configurations can be adjusted on-site by means of the front panel keys or ABB's PC Configurator.

3- or 6- traces

High clarity display

Available preconfigured to your requirements

2-Wire transmitter power supply as standard

Dust and water resistant front fascia to IP65/NEMA 3

Six relay font size outputs

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