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We offer the best product range of Acrylic Duct Sealent, BTU Meter Box, Laminar Flow Panel and Airmaster Rubber Insulation.

Acrylic Duct Sealent

Product Description   Air master 32-17 Duct sealent its an economical high performance, water based duct sealent designed for use in high, medium and low velocity duct system. It is environmentally safe and contains no hazardous ingredient. Air master 32-17 has a creamy consistency that allows for execellent coverage. It cure to tough, tack-fre exible sealent that can withstand handling and with vibration. Air master 32-17 provides execellent strength, Fexibility and resistance to heat and cold, forming a seal against air leakage. Available with Gray & White colour.

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BTU Meter Box

METER BOX    Every District Cooling Systems uses BTU Meter Boxes to safeguard flow measuring instruments. Construction Features: Air Master BTU Meter box is fabricated from prime grade galvanized steels sheets with minimum thickness of 1.00 mm, using high quality CNC machines. Modular construction with ease of installation at any confined space with ease. Provision for chilled water pipes with slots of various diameters. Allows air circulation and visibility, while ensuring security. Lockable hinged or removable door for ease of maintenance and taking readings. Surface Finish Options: Galvanized Powder Coated Application: BTU meter is used for accurate measurements of the thermal energy of chilled water consumption in British thermal units (BTU), a basic measure of thermal energy for commercial and Residential buildings. It is an ideal choice to integrate with a wide range of applications in HVAC, heating/cooling energy distribution and other applications such as:   Energy management systems. Building management systems. BTU sub-metering systems. Chiller Management System

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Laminar Flow Panel

  • Frame High quality extruded aluminium profile with 30 mm flange width as standard.
  • Perforated panel: 0.8 mm thick galvanized perforated steel sheet.

Product Description Laminar Flow panels are commonly used in specialised applications like operation theatres, clean rooms, laboratories and so on . Nowadays, such products find its applications in manufacturing industries as well. Clean air from the diffuser falls smoothly on the product in a Laminar pattern thus forming a barrier between room air. For this reason such products  are used in the electronics industry and Diary industry.  Here the supply air is not mixed with the room air to a great extent. The return is generally from the lower areas of the room in order to prevent mixing.   This product may or may not be supplied with HEPA filters based on clients choice.   Frame is fabricated from high quality extruded aluminium profiles with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity. Perforated panel is fixed to the frame by screws. Panel can be removed easily by loosening the screws. This provision makes it easy for maintenance when used with a  HEPA filter Laminar flow panels are supplied with an inbuilt plenum box. Air master laminar flow panels used for a low velocity, evenly distributed, down word throw. Mostly used in operation theatres. Standard finishes: Powder coated color finish RAL 9010. Powder coated color finish as per other RAL color codes available.

  • Model Size Quantity Finish
    ALP Specify ceiling module size mm x mm Specify in numbers B = RAL 9010
    C = Other RAL colors
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Airmaster Rubber Insulation

Product Description Airmaster sheet & Roll insulation is used to retard heat transmission and control condensation from chilled-water and refrigeration systems. It also eeciently reduces heat transfer for hot water plumbing and liquid-heating and dual-temperature piping. airmaster sheet & Rolls is ideal for applications in :   Duct work Large piping and fittings Tanks Vessels Curved and irregular surfaces and all types of fitting covers

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