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Audiology Equipments #250582

Audiometer MM-ADM002 PC

All the technology of a digital 2 channels clinical audiometer in only 250 g. You can perform audiometry test directly on your PC display, save on your database and print when necessary. Audiolab audiometer greatly simplifies masking operations. By selecting tracking function the device transmits to the collateral head phone the noise intensity according to the relative rule.
The difference between tone and masking is already pre-set in the table and its values are freely modifiable by the operator.

Moreover the complete and innovative database system, due to real time preview of examination, allows immediate vision of the entire diagnostic process performed on the patient. You can easily overlap an existing audiogram to a previously selected one from the relative list.
Pc not included.
Specification :
Clinical audiometer two channels (EN 60645-1) Type 1 A-E (EN 60645-1 - EN 60645-2) - Type 2 A-E (ANSI S 3.6)Number of channels: 2, identical and independentOutput: AC R - AC L - AC R+L - BC R-L - FF R+L, Masking contralateral with AC, BC, FFPure tone frequencies: AC: 125 - 8000 Hz, BC:250 - 8000 Hz, FF: 125 - 8000 Hz, Intensity range (1000 Hz) - 10 + 120 dB HlMaximum output level: Pure Tone 1, 000 Hz, Transducer TDH49, Db HL 120, NBM 95, Transducer ER3A, Db HL 115, NBM 95, Transducer B71, Db HL 75, Transducer FF, Db HL 100, NBM 95Speech audiometry: Transducer TDH49, Db HL 100, NBM 95, Transducer ER3A, Db HL 100, NBM 95, Transducer FF, Db HL 100, NBM 95Vocal material: List of the words installed into internal flash memory and Ch1 - Ch2 independent inputs, CD1, CD2 two separate VU-Meters, masking noise SM and WM.Signal mode: Normal ON - Normal OFF Continuous pulsed, Warble - frequency modulated +/- 5% rate 5 Hz period 250 ms, ABLB SISI with increment 1-2-3-4-5 dB, DECAY TEST, BEKESY, PAT REPONSE, TALK BACK, TALK FORWARD, Digital output for control Peep-ShowAccuracy: Resolution 16 Bit, Precision +/- 50 ppm, Stability +/- 100 ppm, Distorsion 100 dB, Power supply: USB portDimensions: 9, 5 (w) x 15, 7 (d) x 3 (h)Weight 260 g (excluding batteries and accessories)
Standard accessories :
Head phone TDH 49Radio EAR B.71 bone vibratorPatient response buttonUSB cableCD with softwareOperating manual
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MM-ADM001 Audiometer

MM-ADM001 audiometers have a microprocessor allowing simple and quick measure audition levels. All the operations can be made by a membrane keyboard and visualized on an alphanumeric LCD display of 16 characters.
Specification :
Air conduction phonesContinuous tonePulse toneSignal indicatorMasking noiseBone conductionBone vibratorPatient responseLCD displayChannels: oneMasking noise: White noiseLevel range = 30 to 80 dB SPLLevels increments = 5 dBPower supply: 220 V 50/60 Hz, 15 WDimensions: 342x246x95 mmWeight: 2, 5 KgNorm: UNE 20-613, IEC 601.1Frequency, Hz: 250; 500; 1000; 2000; 3000; 4000; 6000; 8000Max. pure tone ac, dB HL: 90; 105; 105; 105; 105; 105; 90; 80Max. pure tone bc, dB HL: 40; 50; 50; 50; 50; 50; -; -Min. pure tone ac/bc, dB HL: -10; -10; -10; -10; -10; -10; -10; -10Level increments, dB HL: 5; 5; 5; 5; 5; 5; 5; 5Frequency accuracy: 3% at all frequenciesLevels accuracy: 3 dB
Standard Accessories :
Air conduction phonesBone conduction phonePatient response switchTest results pad (100 sheet)Pen (red, blue)User manual (English, Italian, Spanish)
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Mm-adm003 Audiometer

We offer Mm-adm003 Audiometer.
Features :
mm-adm003 is a revolutionary two-channel audiometer.the entire system is controlled by digital signal processor (dsp) for reliable, quick and easy audiometric exploration of hearing thresholds and screening tests, such as suprathreshold pure tone was developed with standard criteria of both national institutions such as the une and international
specification :
advanced digital technology based on dspcalculation of hearing loss and diagnosisinternal database > 1000 testssuprathreshold testshigh frequencymusical frequenciesautomatic maskingconnectivity with other management systems (emr - electronic medical record)customizable settings
dsp digital technology :
a digital signal processor that uses an optimized microprocessor for applications that require very high-speed numerical operations. The processor is capable of working with multiple data in parallel, while its design and specific instructions are ideal for digital processing, features that distinguish a dsp from other types of processors.
Signals :
pure tones (continuous, pulse, alternate)frequency modulationamplitude modulationspeech noisenarrow band noisewhite noise
communications :
one of the great qualities of the mm-adm003 is a communications system with other equipment that allows it to :
print directly to a usb printertransfer information from the unit's internal database to a pccommunicate with a pc in real timeexport patient tests to other management systems (emr)update the unit's internal firmware using the appropriate software, communications can be established through two different channels: usb (standard) and rs232c serial (optional)
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