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Laboratory Equipments

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of MM-MRC001 Micro Refrigerated Centrifuge, Transport Infant Incubator, Infant Incubator Mm-ic004, MM-WB001 Laboratory Water Bath and Mm-lc002 Laboratory Centrifuge

MM-MRC001 Micro Refrigerated Centrifuge

Features :
Brushless motor, no carbon dust pollution, unnecessary to maintain, Microprocessor control, digital display which indicates the speed, time, RCF in operation, speed raising and reducing quickly, operate simplyAutomatic rotor identification function.
Electronic lock, the lid can open in order to protect the operator in operationOver speed and imbalance protection, the centrifuge will stop automatically when the above situation happened3 tiers protection steel cover, 10 kinds of program stored in the memory, 10 kinds of accelerating and decelerating speed for your choice, safe and reliable
Specifications :
Max speed: 16, 000 rminTemperature range: -2040Noise: 58dBAMax RCF: 20600*gTemperature accuracy: 1Dimension: 570*570*365mmRotor identification: AutomaticSpeed accuracy: 50rmin
Capacity: 6*100mlWeight: Weight 82kgTime range: 099minPower: AC220V110V, 50HZ60HZ, 15A
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Transport Infant Incubator

We are offering transport infant incubator
introduction :
this unit is used for transporting the newborn babies between sickrooms or hospitals; ac power and dc power can be used alternatively and the device can be connected with power 12v or 24v. Air-temp or skin-temp servo-controlled by micro-computer; double walls hood could prevent heat losing from hood and prevent the influence to the incubator from exterior heat resource; quite operation windows can reduce the disturbance to the baby during nursing with oxygen cylinder and oxygen supply system;; touch switch panel with led digital display, set-temp, skin-temp, real-temp, storage battery voltage are displayed separately; indicated electricity-offer mode; night light, luminescence design; seven self-checking alarms with audible and visible; heating power rate indicates 0-100%; shockproof and adjustable stand with cylinder and three steps height.

features :
air mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computeruse ac power and dc power alternatively, dc 12v or dc 24v power on the ambulanceset temperature, air temperature, baby temperature and internal battery voltage can be displayed separatelyfailure alarm indicationdouble wall acrylic glass hood with side door so that the bassinet can be pulled out from itnatural air flow humiditythe height of whole unit can be adjustedwith oxygen cylinder and oxygen supply configurationobservation lamp.
standard configure:
main body include (hood, controller, bassinet, internal battery and observation lamp)oxygen cylindersoxygen supply systeminfant bedskin temperature sensori.v. Polemattressadjustable standoptional configuration : >370 override temperature mode

technical specification :
power supply : ac220v230v.50hz/60 hzdc power : dc12v or dc24vpower input : 400vaair temperature control range.2537skin temperature control range.3437skin sensor precision : 0.3temperature variability : 1.0uniformity of bed temperature: 1.5 (bed is on level position)continue working time (environmental temperature 15.control temperature 36).90min(1pc of storage battery)noise inside hood : 55db (a), environment noise: 45db
alarming :
over-temp alarmtemperature deviation alarmmotor fan failed alarmsensor alarmpower failure alarm
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Infant Incubator Mm-ic004

We are offering Infant Incubator Mm-ic004. durable, reliable and especially safe infant equipment because we understand the needs of small soul and cater them some special care through our infant care equipment. our vision of infant equipment is considerable for extra care for infants which can be availed at very reasonable prices. customers are also eased with the availability of the infant radiant warmer to meet the varied requisites. in addition, we are the preeminent infant incubators manufacturers suppliers, reputed at global level.
tow control modes: air mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computerthe information can be stored, consulted and indicated by the lcd display screenhumidity and oxygen concentration display and servo control.the air circle with outlet in both front and back>37c temperature set functiondouble wall hood, air circulation system in the way of air outlet from front and backx-ray cassette under the bassinetembedded integrated sensor module, integrated water reservoir in the shape of drawerinclination of bassinet is adjustableinclination of bassinet is adjustablethe height of whole unit can be adjustedfailure alarm indicationrs-232 connectorweighing system and monitor shelf are optional
standard configuration
baby compartment, main body, vertical height adjustment stand (vha stand), the controller, i.v. pole and shelfweighing system and monitor shelf are optional
power supply: ac220v-230v/50hzmax power output: 1300vamode of control: air mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computerair temperature control range: 25c-37c, (override mode: 37-39c)baby temperature control range: 34-37c, (override mode: 37-38c)accuracy of skin temperature sensor: 0.3ctemperature variability: 0.5ctemperature uniformity: 0.8c (mattress is on the horizontal position)inclination of the bassinet: 8noise inside hood: 55db (a) (environment noise45db(a))failure alarm: over-temperature alarm, temperature deviation alarm, sensor alarm, motor fan failed alarm, power failure alarm, sensor box position alarm, tank position alarm, system alarm and so onhumidity display range: 0%rh99%rhhumidity control range: 0%rh90%rhaccuracy of humidity: 10%rhindication range of oxygen concentration: 0%99%control range of oxygen concentration: 20%60%accuracy of oxygen concentration: 3%range of weight: 100-8000gresolution for weight indication: 1gaccuracy of weight: 1%
environmental temperature
operating range: 20c30c (set temperature should be higher 3c than the environment temperature)ambient air movement rate: 0.3m/s
each unit is packed as two cartonssize (main body): 111cm x 71cm x 88.8cm, (cabinet): 103cm x 70cm x 83cmgross weight (main body): 70kg, (cabinet): 80kg.
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MM-WB001 Laboratory Water Bath

We offer Laboratory Water Bath.
Economy utility bath are safe and easy to useStainless steel tank and epoxy coated exterior are corrosion resistantPID control with digital LED display shows set & actual temperatureOver temp, protection cut-off providers built-in safety
Capacity & Sizes:
6.2 Liter Chamber size (WxDxH) 295x145x145 mm11 Liter Chamber size (WxDxH) 240x300x150 mm22 Liter Chamber size (WxDxH) 500x290x150 mm
Temp range: Amb. +5 to 100C , +/- 0.1C at 37CTimer: Digital / 48hr or continuous Material: Stainless steel + Powder coated steel plateSafety device: over temp. protector, over current breakerControl & display: Digital PID & LED displayElectric power: 220 VAC, 50/60Hz
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Mm-lc002 Laboratory Centrifuge

use the dc brushless motor, microprocessor control, digital display, rcf display transferable.use the advanced rotor automatic identification system, electronic lock, over speed and imbalance protection, safe and reliablev.

MAX RCF 2380*g
MAX Speed4000r/min
MAX capacity 8tube*15ml (swing rotor)
Power AC220V 50HZ 5A
Dimension 324*260*180mm
Rotor identificationAutomatic identification
Weight 15KG
Time range 0~99min
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Mm-lc001 Hemotoctrite Centrifuge

table-top high speed capillary vessel centrifuge.widely used in micro blood and micro liquid separation.

MAX Speed12000r/min
MAX capacity 2 tube
Power AC220V 50HZ 3A
Dimension 300*260*180mm
Weight 12KG
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Mm-coi001 Co2 Incubator

We are offering mm-coi001 co2 incubator.
Introduction :
co2 incubator is not only an advanced instrument for cultivation of cells, tissues and bacteria, but also key equipment for immunology, oncology, genetics and bioengineering. It is widely applicable for research and production of microorganisms, agricultural science and pharmacology.
Features :
customized design, micro-processor control, stainless-steel chamber, semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning.can sterilize circulatory air and the cell in humid tray by ultraviolet lamp which locate the back of box.equipped with microorganism hepa filter can filter the atomy larger than 0.3 um, filter efficiency more than warm system can heat up the inner door, avoid the condensed water produce that reduce the possible of microbial contaminationwith circulating fan speed auto-control system, avoid the volatilization of sample when the fan speed is too fastindependent alarm system for temperature-limiting ensures experiments run safely and no accident would happenover-temperature warning and alarmdoor open time too long alarmrs-485 connector and communication software (option)humidity display (option)
specifications :
electrical requirements: 220v 50hz (110v 60hz option)input power: 500wheating method: air-jacketedtemperature range: rt+5 50octemperature control: 0.1octemperature stability: +- 0.3occo2 range: 020% (air-adjusting type)co2 recovery:
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MM-IC001 Infant Incubator With Phototherapy Unit

Servo-controlled by micro-computer; quite operation windows can reduce the disturbance to the baby during nursing; inclination of the bassinet can be adjusted, touch switch panel with LED digital display, set-temp, real-temp are displayed separately; multiply self-checking alarms with audible and visible; heating power rate indicates 0-100%; whole aluminum water tank, and it can be filled with water or discharge; blue light radiant box can give the baby jaundice phototherapy treatment when keeping warm on baby with blue light timer; RS 232 connector, data output.

Standard Configure:
Hood, infant bed, temperature controller, skin temperature sensor, water tank, air filter, blue light radiant box, Guardrail, I.V. Pole, cabinet.
Technical Specification:
Power supply : AC220V50HZPower input: 600VAAir Temperature control range 25C37CSkin Temperature control range 4C37CSensor precision: 0.3CChanging of temperature: 0.5CUniformity of temperature: 0.8CTemperature rising time: 30minNoise level: 55dBAInclination of bassinet: 05Average radiation of blue light: 500W/cm2Timing range of blue light timer 09999 hour 59 minutesAccumulative error of blue light timing0.002%
Audible and visible alarm indication, and it can indicate the real temperature and cut off the power supply of heater (except for the low deviation alarm), meanwhile, the skin temperature indication window can indicate the alarm code. For the alarm 1-6, the relevant light is on, and for the alarm 7, all alarming lights are on; all alarm sound can be cancelled except for the power failure alarm and the system alarm.
Over-temp alarm: when the air temperature control 38, skin temperature control40Upper Deviation alarm: air temperature control +3.0, skin temperature control +1.0Lower Deviation alarm: air temperature control -3.0, skin temperature control -1.0Sensor alarm: when the sensor is disconnected, open circuit, short circuit or put on the wrong place;Fan alarm: when the fan is blocked, speed 1000rpm or stop working. Power failure alarm: when there is no power or the power cord is disconnected.System alarm: when there is E2ROM malfunction inside of temperature controller.
Gross Weight80KgNet Weight68KgMeasurement1085mm640mm915mm
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