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  2. Refrigerator 7 Products available
  3. Medical Equipment & Supplies 6 Products available
  4. Medical & Hospital Furniture 5 Products available
  5. Eye Care & Surgery Equipment 3 Products available
  6. Sterilizers 5 Products available
  7. Hospital Bed 5 Products available
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Medical Gas System

We are professional medical gas system designers and suppliers with high technology specialize in supply, install, design, Quality test and sales of medical gas systems for hospitals and medical centers.

We can supply all standers such as (UK, French, European, US) and all items match the international standards. We supply advanced technology, with strict & scientific quality control system.

We specialized in Turn-key projects because we provide network design for medical gas system.

Our Medical Gas System include the following
  • Medical Compressed Air Plant
  • Medical Bed Head Unit
  • Rectactable Pendant
  • Rigid Pendant
  • Multi Movement Pendant
  • Automatic Manifold Control System
  • Oxygen Automatic Manifold
  • Medical 4 Bar Automatic Manifold
  • N2o Automatic Manifold
  • Oxgen ESM
  • MA4 ESM
  • N2O ESM
  • Air Pump
  • Emergency Standby Manifold
  • Area Valve Service Unit (AVSU)
  • Duplex AGSS Plant
  • terminal units
  • Local Area Alarm system
  • Medical Gas Plant Alarm
  • Medical Gas & Vacuum Terminal Unit
  • Medical Vacuum Plant
  • Copper Pip Fitting all sizes
  • wall Mounted Oxygen Outlet
  • wall Mounted Medical Air Outlet (MA4) Outlet
  • wall Mounted N2O Outlet
  • Wall Mounted VAC Outlet (Vacuum Outlet)
  • Wall Mounted AGSS Outlet
  • Lockable line Valve
  • Gas Cylinder O2
  • Gas Cylinder N2O
  • Gas Cylinder Air
  • Oxygen flow-meters with humidifier
  • Vacuum Regulators
  • Valve and Connection

    • Our services include the following
      • Turn-key projects for Medical gas system
      • Medical gas system Network and points Design
      • Installation for Medical gas system
      • QC test for Medical

        • .
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Dental Equipment

We are professional dental equipment suppliers with high technology specialize in the development production and sales of dental chairs and dental equipment and various dental accessories We supply advanced technology, strict &scientific quality control system.

We specialized in Turn-key projects for dental centers and dental clinics and Maintenance contracts and Preventive maintenance (PM) for dental clinics, dental centers and equipments. Also we provide Maintenance of dental chairs and dental equipments

Our dental equipments include the following
  • Full dental chairs and dental units
  • Digital dental panoramic x-ray system
  • Light cure and dental LED curing lights
  • Amalgamator
  • Ultrasonic scaler
  • Intra oral camera (Dental camera) with monitor
  • Teeth whiting system
  • Dental autoclave steam sterilizer system with or without vacuum
  • Dental x-ray wall mount or mobile type
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Dental air compressor
  • High speed hand piece and low speed hand piece NSK and other brands
  • Dental stool
  • Dental x-ray film processor
  • Dental cabinet
  • Apex locator
  • Dental suction system
  • Dental surgical instruments stainless steel
  • Dental materials
  • Dental disposable supplies

Our dental services include the following
  • Turn-key projects for dental centers and dental clinics
  • Maintenance contracts and Preventive maintenance (PM) for dental clinics and dental centers
  • Maintenance of dental chairs and dental equipments
  • Installation of dental chairs and dental equipments
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We are Ambulance manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai and UAE .We designs, manufacture and supply various types of Ambulances according to the latest version Standards. We supply and fix the equipments as per your requests or as per international standard requirements, we can refit all kinds of ambulances, such as Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, GMC, Toyota, Volvo, Nissan, Ford, Hyundai and etc.

We have a vision to manufacture quality ambulances at affordable cost. Our vision is to cover the entire UAE, GCC, Middle East, Africa and also to succeed globally We supply fully turnkey new ambulances ready to use and we are supplying the ambulances according to the international standards in terms of partition wall, air condition, doors, fire extinguisher, electrical system, color, lamps, alarms, oxygen, interior installations, warnings, medical equipments and etc.
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Mm-clia001 Auto Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer (clia

features :
international market: clia has been put into operation in 1980s, which is widely used in clinical application. it is in the maturity state at present, its margin and growth rate are much higher and the system have the following features:
reaction principle: enzyme chemiluminescence or direct chemiluminescencemarker: enzyme or luminescence materialsolid carrier: microplate, magnetic particles, reaction cuvettemeasuring procession: adding sample, incubation, lavaging, adding luminescence liquidmeasuring precision: quantitativetesting items: wide rangeradiation: nonecv: < 3%calibration: 2 points calibration, cost-effective
test parameters :

reproductive endocrinology
fshestradiol 2lhprolactinprogesteronetestosterone
tumor markers
thyroid hormones
total t3total t4free t3free t4tsh
infectious disease
specification :
throughput: 120 test/hour
reagent position: 24, place 24 kinds of reagents at the same timereagent-frozen function: optional
one-time loading volume of reaction cuvette and sample tube: 180continuous loading sample and reaction cuvette: availablereagent bar code: available:reagent remainder warning: available
automatic dilution: availablesolid phase: coated microplate/tubeluminescent pattern: enzymic chemiluminescencecalibration pattern: two or whole point, put calibration serum at the sample positionincubation temperature: 371csample volume: 10150 ulworking pattern: batch handling, emergencysystem initiation time: < 15 minuetsambient temperature: 18 c -30 chumidity: 20%-80%power source: 110v/220v10 50hz1hz
performance characteristics :
pipeline systembar code scanningreagent recognitionliquid-level detectioninsert emergency randomlyquality control management
sample incubation module :
37 c constant-temperature environment, plus vibratory mixing at the same time to guarantees the uniformity of the response and the rapidity
waste handling module :
handling solid-phase and liquid waste separately, conforms to the environmental protection standard and the stipulation of processing dumps pollutants of the hospital
fluid supply module :
can store up common reagents which the instrument needs and also do automatic control, monitor, prompt renewal reagent stock
photon count module :
using pmt single photon enhanced single photon counting
the main parts of the instrument

handling module :
sample and reaction cuvette position: 180 positions, either sample tube or reaction cuvette can be settledbar code reading: laser bar code reader can read original tube and reaction cuvette bar codesample replacement: sample can be increased and replaced at anytimeemergency sample positions: 10
reagent area :
reagent position: 24reagent replacement: reagent can be replaced, increased or reduced at anytimereagent shift: all reagents and positions can be shiftedreagent bar code reading: laser bar code readerreagent mixing: automatically carries on when it is used in the machine or after a period of timereagent pre-handling: nonreagent warm-up: non
aspiration unit :
liquid-level induction: availableaspiration process: perform corresponding aspiration program as per different reagent instructed by software
system control operators module :
computer: brand computerinput method: the keyboard, the mouse, bar code scanner of graspsdisplay device: screen 15" monitoroutput way: laser printer, rs232 output terminalstock examination: sample monitor, reagent monitor, using up monitorcomputation of the sample quantity: automaticthe prompt of wrong and reports to the police: man-machine dialogue formmaintenance operation: automatic vegetable unitary direction operation
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Mm-nce001 Nucleic Acid Extraction System (nucleic Acid Separ

We are offering icu ventilator mm-v004.
nucleic acid extraction system is a high-tech instrument based on magnetic separation technology, which is high-automatic, high-speed, reliable results, easy-operation. Nucleic acid extraction system allow to use 96 plate format and up to 32 samples per run with pre-defined application programs in the fields of scientific research, genomics and proteomics, cdc, food safety, forensics, etc.

Nucleic acid extraction system enable you to process any sample proteins, dna and rna from virtually any source including blood, cell cultures, tissue cultured, soil and faeces, etc.
full color large screen display: touch-control operation interface, easy operationhigh speed purification: operation time saved, 30-60mins per run; high throughput, up to 32 sample per runaccurate control: built-in smart computer, stable automatic controlself-disinfection: uv lightsopen reagents: magnetic particle based purification kitsecurity and reliable: intelligence operation, no chemical injuryresults: high reproducibilitycontaminations control: no sample cross contamination, no reagent cross-overpowerful software features: powerful program editing function to meet your reagent need
specifications :
sample capacity: 20l-1000lcapacity samples per run: 1-32collection efficiency of the magnetic particle: 95%plate types: 96 deep well platesensitive of purification: 102 copy positive rate95%accuracy between wells: cv3%
magnetic rod: 32temperature control range: 25-80
mixed-mode: multi-mode, multi speed-stagemagnetic particle size: 1moperation interface: touch-control operationstorage capacity: 500 programs (15 pre-defined)communication interface: usb (optional)program-managed: create, edit, delete, program modedisinterfection: uv lighttime-consuming: 30-60min per runnetwork communication: ethernet (optional)dimensions: 40cm47cm42 cm
weight: 27kgpower supply: 110-240v 50hz60hz
operation temperature: 10-40humidity: 80%.
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Mm-ltf001 Low Temperature Freezers- Deep Freezers

We offer mm-ltf001 low temperature freezers (deep freezers).
Temperature range :
we can provide many kinds of temperature range for the deep freezers to suit all requirements and uses as following:
-10 -25-10 -30-10 -40-10 -60-10 -70-10 -80-10 -86
capacity range :
we can provide many kinds of capacity & sizes range for the deep freezers to suit all requirements and uses as following:
for -10 -25: 120l, 170l, 200l, 250l, 300l, 400l, 560lfor -10 -30: 120l, 170l, 200l, 250l, 300l, 400l, 560lfor -10 -40: 120l, 170l, 200l, 250l, 300l, 400l, 560lfor -10 -60: 120l, 200l, 250l, 300lfor -10 -70: 120l, 200l, 250lfor -10 -80: 120l, 200lfor -10 -86: 120l
precise temperature control system:
the worldwide famous high-accuracy computer-controlled temperature system with original binding can maintain the temperature constancy in the box precisely. The temperature set-value can be adjusted, and the temperature display precision is 0.1, the resolution is 0.1 and the adjusting increment is 0.1. The value is to be displayed through three-digital high-brightness figure.the system has special high-resolution temperature calibrating function. The calibrating increment is 0.1.
24-hours tracing, recording and printing system (optional)
the imported temperature recording and printing system. There are four precise temperature sensors (two sensors for some systems) inside the box and two temperature indicators outside the box, which are to display the temperature of upper and lower point, for users to supervise the temperature at each operating states in the box. The display precision--resolution is 0.1. the distinguished power-off memory function can hold and store huge temperature data and information permanently.the temperature printing has password protection function, which can prevent illegally printing of the temperature fluctuation information.5-ways alarm system: including 2 sound alarm devices with 220v power supply, 2 light alarm devices with 220v power supply and one remote signal alarm apparatus (optional), consisting the super complementary supervision system.the data management software is available for one or more temperature signals changescommunicate with pc through rs-232 interface to examine the temperature curve diagnosis diagram of one or more refrigerators and display the data sheet. The data and images can be stored, inquired and printed (optional).
Safe control system :
keyboard lock, password protection function, and method against missing-adjustment of the operating parameter;setting of the alarm temperature range.7 system failure alarms (high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensors failure alarm, door-opening alarm, electricity failure alarm, low back-up battery alarm, low voltage alarm). Code display of the failure position (some machines have all these seven alarms); three alarm ways (buzzer alarm, flashing alarm, remote signal alarm)the starting delay function due to self-checking and the interval protection function between temporary stop and start can ensure the reliable operation; the system can record the condition of the maximum and the minimum temperature inside the box automatically without recording paper. with the specially designed function, the system can operate under the state of sensor failure or the state of numerical disturbance safely and automatically. the operating parameter display function can ensure that the system is under supervision by operator and with security and stability. Equipped with remote alarm interface; the distinguished operating parameter of the temperature control system can separate the operator menu from the supervisor menu, which can locate the respective responsibility of the operating parameter and the article storage. The inbuilt lithium accumulator can keep displaying the temperature inside the box and can keep the light and sound alarm available for 72 hours after electricity failure.
Refrigeration system :
import and adopt the original binding germany danfoss high-performance compressorgermany ebm heat elimination fanimport and adopt the japanese matsushita vaporizer (cooling pipeline inside the box)
fluoride-free refrigeration system for environmental protection to make green products and create green world.
Humanization design :
the large-screen design is easy for observation.the safe lock design can prevent missing-opening. Wide voltage band is available the refrigerator body is made of high-quality structural steel plate, which is treated with advanced phosphate rot-proof spray coating processing. The surface color is soft.
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X-ray Radiographic Machine

  • Country of Origin India

The system is the cost-effective solution for all routine fluoroscopic and radiographic examinations. The easy-to-use controls will make your room highly effective and suitable for your everyday fluoroscopy applications The system comes with high frequency generator ranging 40 or 50kW, high performance X-ray tubes and an under table bucky with floor mounted or ceiling suspended tube stand to extend the application to general radiography studies. It is quite enough to satisfy all the needs of a primary diagnostic X-ray room. A tomography column is also available to further extend the scope of application of your diagnostic room. The system is the right choice for all routine fluoroscopic and radiographic examinations. Its modular design allows several possible configurations to fit every need of a primary diagnostic X-ray room. It features a motorized tilting movement between +90 degree (vertical) and -15 degree (trendelemburg) with automatic stop at limits. The system comes equipped with an innovative multi-format Spot Film Device for cassettes ranging in size from 18cm x 24cm to 35cm x 43cm - the ideal configuration form film based exposures with subdivisions in both directions up to 4 on1. Series acquisition can be performed up to a maximum of 4 exposures in 4 seconds, and "one-hand cassette loading" in each table position makes easy cassette insertion. Ceiling suspended tube stand is designed for a wide range of movement for 4 directions with electromagnetic locks. Large dual LED display and counterbalanced spring type provides complete protection and easy operation. The system tilting table slides 2 different ways to support patient positioning for proper fluoroscopic use. The table top endures more than 200kg weight with smooth operation. The extensive travel range of the spot film device, together with the longitudinal and transverse movement of the flat tabletop, provides a true head-to-toe examination area. Features : Microcontroller and computer integration deliver reliability and accurate exposure parameter management.APR operating mode with 288 examinations distributed across 8 anatomical regions.Simple and user-friendly technique reprogramming on site.Special CPU program manages and controls tube filament functioning and stable X-ray exposure performance. Manual override technology permits the operator to modify the recommended kV, mA and time.Sophisticated self-diagnostic capability and descriptive error messaged allow for fast and well-defined initial diagnostics.Compact display console is ideally suited for small control rooms. Comprehensive service program provides accurate troubleshooting and minimize downtime.Automatic Exposure Control can support either four solid state detectors or ion chambers. (Option)Automatic Brightness Stabilizer produces optimal fluoroscopic images. (Option)Supports one or two x-ray tubes in either radiographic or radiographic and fluoroscopic mode.

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Emergency Ventilator

We are offering technique parameters :
ventilation mode: pcvsimvpsva/csimvspontpeepventilation frequency: 4-99bpmsimv ventilation frequency: 1-40bpminspiration time: 0.2-6stidal volume: 50-2000mlpressure triggering: -20 to 20cmh2ooxygen concentration: 40%airway safety pressure: 100cmh2opeep: 0-20cmh2o, ipap:20-60cmh2ogas supply pressure: 0.28-0.6mpaac power supply: ac100-250v, 50-60hzon-board power supply: dc12vworking noise: < 60dbweight of the ventilator: 4kgdimension of the ventilator: 300x270x130mm
monitoring of parameters :
tidal volumeminute ventilation volumei:e ratiototal frequencyspont frequencytrigger indicatorpeak airway pressureairway pressure waveformspeep pressurerecharge indicatorac & dc indicator
audio and visual alarms :
high airway pressure: 0-80cmh2olow airway pressure: 0-20cmh2ohigh minute ventilation volume: 6-30l/minlow minute ventilation volume: 1-16l/minhigh tidal volume: 300-1500mllow tidal volume: 50-800mlac power offlow batterylow gas supply pressureapneapipeline fall off
accessories :
oxygen cylindermasklaryngoscopeendotrachealpipesuction unitmouth openeroxygen refill fittingoxygen supply extension pipewrenchhard case.
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Mm-ope011 Automatic Computer Perimeter

function :
yellow spot examination functioncentral 30 degree examinationquadrant field examinationperimeter 90 degree field examinationglaucoma examinationexamination of scope of physiological blind spotuser defined examination of scopevideoing eye position monitor of imageblind spot indicated eye position monitorcentral eye position defined vision
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MM-FD001 Fetal Doppler

Our company is enlisted amidst the most reliable Fetal Heart Doppler Manufacturers and Suppliers renowned at the international level. The materials used in the manufacturing of the Fetal Doppler are of optimum quality that assists in the clear listing of the heartbeats of the fetus in the womb of the mother. Additionally, the Fetal Heartbeat Doppler is easy to maintain, use and get satisfactory result with no time. Customers are also eased with the availability of the Fetal Doppler in varied specifications to meet the requirements.
Specification :
LCD display with backlight, can be used in any illumination conditions.High sensitivity probe with 2.0 MHz in continuous wave.Accurate and reliable FHR detection with clear sound.Ergonomic design, portable and convenience.Built-in speaker.Automatically power off.Multi-displaying of FHR: number, battery status indicator, voice intensity indicator.Building-in rechargeable battery and AC recharger.Dimension: 330x230x70mmG. weight: 1.0 KGS
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Open Mri Systems

We are offering mm-mri002 open mri systems

specification :

magnet system :
  • you can choose any of the following magnet types: 0.2t, 0.3t, 0.35t, 0.4t, 0.5t open mri systems)
  • open permanent magnet, eddy current free & self-temperature control
  • self-temperature control system
  • shell
  • locating system

magnet :
  • type: permanent magnet, eddy current free, open c type & self-temperature control
  • field homogeneity:
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MM-X001 X-Ray Radiography System

This system is a compact, cost-efficient Radiography workplace based on a cassette catapult bucky. As a reliable, easy-to-use solution, It is especially suited for all acquisitions of skeletal radiography of the recumbent and seated patient :
Orthopedic diagnosticsTrauma, routine and ER diagnosticsThorax diagnostics
The simple-to-use system minimizes training time, allows efficient workflow and speeds up your patient throughput.

The system consists of a patient table with floating tabletop, a catapult Bucky and an integrated tube support with tube assembly and collimator. It is prepared for use with film-cassette or phosphor storage acquisition systems.

The floating tabletop provides transverse movements of 13 cm and longitudinal movements of 58 cm (one end to the other) with a fixed table height of 68 cm. Obese patients are imaged with ease, with a high table weight capacity of up to 200 kg (450 Ibs).

The tube assembly stand is integrated into the system with tube assembly and collimator for vertical, oblique, horizontal and lateral acquisitions. The high-frequency X-ray generator works with multi-pulse waveform. This enables high data accuracy, precise reproducibility, and short exposure times.

The combination with the optional Bucky wall stand broadens the wide application spectrum of the system. The catapult Bucky is equipped with an oscillating grid for high image quality and provides height adjustment for convenient system handling. Of course the workplace features automatic exposure control.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and operator friendly controls, the system is very easy to use. The system minimizes training efforts and keeps your patient throughput flowing.

Patients up to 190cm (75 inches) in body height can be imaged from head to toe without repositioning. The high table weight capacity of up to 200kg allows convenient patient positioning for patients of all sizes. The cassette tray with single-handed operation is suitable for right-hand or left-hand loading with cassette centering to optimize image quality. The tube can be rotated for cross-table exposures while chest radiography can be easily performed on a Wall Bucky stand.

The system offers high quality for limited budgets. The high quality system offers good value with its feature-rich operations and wide clinical imaging applications.

The integration of its generator into the table requires minimal room space and also facilitates and accelerates the installation. Therefore the system is specifically designed to provide a high degree of flexibility even in small rooms. The system is a cost-efficient, all-in-one X-ray room solution one with the potential to bring new momentum into your daily medical imaging business.

Strong performance through the Compact Features.

Combining years of experience with innovative design and reliable technology, the system sets new standards in radiography. This system is a secure investment for the future, providing optimal ease of use and cost-effective solutions for the modern hospital or private practice.

All routine exposures with patients lying on the table, sitting or standing. Optimal image quality at the lowest possible dose. Easy, ergonomic one-hand operation of the entire system.High patient throughput with minimal staff requirements. Patient weight up to 150 kg, unrestricted ;
227kg with restricted positioning of the tabletop and cassette tray.
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MM-EMG001 Electrode Junction Box

  • Country of Origin India
  • Type Junction Box
  • Shape Square
  • Application Shipping, Pharmaceutical, Hospital

features : professional hardware technology. its performance is credible and steady.multi processing unit parallel dispose technology, which makes data collection and graphics display more rapid it has 4 channels, which satisfies different work models in the clinic emg examination.low noise, high cmrr, montage programmable electrode junction box. independently programmable stimulators allow sophisticated examinations.professional electromygram operation space, shortcut and steady.intraoperative monitor capability.high speed and completely self-motion data collection and analysis, more niceties and more rapid with electrical stimulus, voice stimulus and light stimulus.usb 2.0 connection to pc or laptop function : emg testscs testmcs testf wave testh reflex testblink reflex testrns testbaep testvep testsep test

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Ent Treatment Unit

We are offering ent treatment unit
its designed multipurpose treatment unit which is widely used in e.n.t treatment unit in which the required tools for spray, vent& anti-fog function to be used for the medical examination & treatment of ears, nose and throat are installed.this model equipped with a microscope with vision system.
suction system has the superioty of powerful suction under low noise with oilless type two-head motor. Suction pressure level can be adjusted by suction pressure control valve and oil change is not the customer's request, oil motor can be equipped. anti-fog system would stop automatically by the time setting control installed can be used with ent chair, micro scope, monitor, view box, computer and visual can be used with ent chair, micro scope, monitor, view box, computer and visual system. it can be operated and controlled by the switch in the control panel providing the easy and comfort treatment. top board made by white artificial marble gives the comfortability and high class atmosphere without erosion.suction system equipped with double overflow prevention structure provides the safety from sewage. Suction bottle made by glass is not eroded by sewage and the rubber cork prevents sewage stench. the high tech design gives easy-installation and maintenance , flexibility of space and convenient patients-treatment.spray, suction and vent pressure can be controlled by each valve for the required level. e.n.t chair operated full- automatically for the function of position setting (up, down, lie, rise, rotation) according to the purpose of ear, nose and throat treatment or operation. It is fully automatic oil pressure examination chair which is generally used in e.n.t and medicine part.
ent chair specification:
up, down, lie, rise, and chair rotation(rear board angle with 90 180 degrees) will be done by full- automation mechanism.arm rest can be rotated 360 degrees, giving the comfortability to patients when getting on and down.chair can be controlled by the switch in ent unit.head rest made from stainless steel mold is so solid and has semi-permanent life time without shaking, sinking & erosion.covered by high frequency are so strong, endurable from scratch, not sewage easily, which makes the patient's stability.foot switch equipped basically has the function to operate the chair simply can be rotated 360 degrees by automation system.long stroke supports the convenient treatment for children and adults with the best condition.oil-pressure system adopted has semi-permanent life time.
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Quantitative Real Time Pcr System

introduction :
qpcr (polymerase chain reaction) gives you a choice of quantitative methods for gene expression. Real-time pcr is very useful and important for life science research and curative evaluation, and it is innovative and pioneering products in lab. For the prevention, diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring of diseases.

heating & cooling unit
applying the advantages of thermoelectric (te, peltier effect) module makes temperature change rapidly and uniform. Hot-lid design permits oil-free operation.

features :
  • optical unit
    • an array of led collimates to corresponding wells.high-light and long-lived led excitation light source does not need maintenance or preheating.
    • pmt fluorescence detection offers high sensitivity, broad dynamic range and low crosstalk.
    • an array of detecting coaxial optical fibers focus on each wells bottom ensure minimal light loss.
      • operation system and application software
        • application software interface is friendly windows style, monitoring real-time amplification plots and data analysis during a pcr run.
        • supply software package of medical case and database management and plot display
          • quantification
            • after quantitative analysis for the standard sample, the instrument will get a standard curve of ct value related to copy number.
            • comparing the ct value of unknown sample with standard curve, the instrument can calculate the original copy number of unknown sample by quantitative analysis.
            • the system has a wide linear detecting range, which can detect 10110 copiesml.

                  • specification :
                    • profiles: 1-9
                    • repetitions: 1-99
                    • set times: 1-9999 sec
                    • profile linkage: yes
                    • reagents: fam, sybr green i, joe, hex, vic, (various fluorescence pcr reagents , such as taqman probe, etc
                    • sample capacity: 48 0.2ml or 36 0.2ml
                    • sample handing: thick-walled 0.2ml pcr tubes
                    • sample volume: 20-100l
                    • wavelength of exciting fluorescence: 495nm, 535nm
                    • wavelength of fluorescence detection: 525nm, 555nm
                    • monochromator device: filter, made in usa
                    • photo detector: pmt (photomultipier tube), made in japan
                    • heatingcooling device: te peltier (thermoelectric peltier effect module), made in japan
                    • quantitative accuracy: r0.990, cv3%
                    • heating rate: 3sec
                    • cooling rate: 2sec
                    • thermal range: 4.0-99.0
                    • thermal accuracy: 0.5
                    • thermal uniformity: 0.5
                    • system interfaces: rs-232c serial interface, bi-directional
                    • computer operating system: windows 2000xp
                    • power supply: ac220v110v, 50hz60hz
                    • power:
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Mm-e006 Ecg 6 Channel

features :
six channel interpretive digital ecg machine
design of all digital, digital filtering, auto baseline adjustment320x240 graphic lcd, 5.7 inch screenhigh resolution hotspot output system, simultaneous ecg wave, lead, paper speed, gain, analyze report and etc detailed datamultiple printing mode (manual, auto, ref. lead)built in rs232 interface , (usb is optional)128 patients save/copy/communicationpaper size: 112mmx20/30msimultaneous 12 leadsac/dc power , built in rechargeable lithium battery, hidden handledesign of modularization, (under ecg workstation) if connect with computer , can save ecg record
specification :
lead: standard 12 leadslead acquisition: synchronously 12 leadsdata acquisition: 18bit/1000hzrecord mode: manual mode; auto1; auto2; auto3filter: ac, emg, drift filter
cmrr: 100db(with ac filter)input circuit: floating; protection circuit against defibrillator effect
input circuit current: 0.1ainput impedance: 2.5mpatient current leakage: 10acalibrating voltage: 1mv2voltage tolerance: 500mv?time constant: 3.2sfrequency response: 0.05 150hznoise level: 15vp-psensitivity valve: 20vinter-channelinterference: 0.5mmpaper speed: 2550mm/s(3 sensitivity: auto2.551020 mm/mvrecording mode: thermal array printingpaper specification: 112mmx30mrolllcd display: 320x240 graphic lcd, display status & waveformsafety classification: iec60601-1 class i, type cfac power supply: 110v/220v/110230v50/60hz1hz40vadc power supply: 14.4v(2000mah) rechargeable li-ion battery.
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Mm-en001 Ent Unit

its exemplary sized model which is widely used in e.n.t and family medicine.e.n.t treatment unit in which the requires tools for spray, vent &anti-fog function to be used for the medical examination & treatment of ear, nose and throat are installed.
suction system has the superioty of powerful suction under low noise with oilless type two- head motor. suction pressure level can be adjusted by suction pressure control valve and oil change is not required. by the customer's request, oil motor can be equipped. anti-fog system installed insideit can be used with ent chair and visual system. it can be operated and controlled by the switch in the control panel providing the easy and comfort treatmenttop board made by white artificial marble gives the comfortability and high class atmosphere without erosion.suction system equipped with double overflow prevention structure provides the safety from sewage. suction bottle made by glass is not eroded by sewage and the rubber cork prevents sewage stench.the high tech design gives easy-installation and maintenance , flexibility of space and convenient patients-treatment.spray, suction and vent pressure can be controlled by each valve for the required levele.n.t chair operated full- automatically for the function of position setting (up, down, lie, rise, rotation) according to the purpose of ear, nose and throat treatment or operation. it is fully automatic oil pressure examination chair which is generally used in e.n.t and medicine part.
ent chair specification:
up, down, lie, rise, and chair rotation(rear board angle with 90 180 degrees) will be done by full- automation mechanism.arm rest can be rotated 360 degrees, giving the comfortability to patients when getting on and down.chair can be controlled by the switch in ent unithead rest made from stainless steel mold is so solid and has semi-permanent life time without shaking, sinking & erosion.covered by high frequency are so strong, endurable from scratch, not sewage easily, which makes the patient's stability.foot switch equipped basically has the function to operate the chair simply can be rotated 360 degrees by automation systemlong stroke supports the convenient treatment for children and adults with the best condition.oil-pressure system adopted has semi-permanent life time.
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Fetal Doppler MM-FD002

The MM-FD002 is a handheld Doppler can meet routine examination requirement of obstetricians, midwives, and pregnant women. It is a high performance model with FHR in TFT Color LCD display: Fetal heart rates, bar graph, and heart beat waveform color screen display. It has three heart rate processing modes: real-time FHR display mode averaged FHR display mode and manual mode. Both of the models have audio output, and can connect with earphone or recorder with audio input. MM-FD002 has a slim, power saving and interchangeable ultrasound probe.
Features :
Beautiful shape, portable, easy to operateThe probe has bending structure which is easy to operate.Fetal heart rate value , bar graph and heart beat waveform color screen displayAlarming in red when the fetal heart rate range is out of the normal range Real-time FHR display mode, averaged FH display mode, and manual modeBattery status indicator Built-in speakerCan connect with earphone or recorder with audio input2 pieces of standard 1.5V alkaline battery available which can work no less than 8 hoursWorking System: Continuous running equipmentSuitable Using Range: Suitable for use after the 12th week of pregnancyProbe: Prevent from water splashing, degree of protection: IPX4Safety features
Physical Characteristic :
Size: 135mm (Length) 92mm (Width) 29 (Height) mmWeight: About 245g (including batteries)
FHR Performance :
FHR Measuring Range: 50240BPM (BPM: beat per minute)Resolution: 1BPMAccuracy: 2BPMPower consumption:
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Lcd Touch Screen Electrosurgical Unit

LCD touch screen model, which provide the user a much vivid operation condition.

Four Output Modes :
Pure cutBlend cutPoint coagBipolar coag
Features :
Pure cut : with maximum output power, applicable for any tissue for cuttingBlend Cut : applicable to any tissue with slight homeostasis effectPoint Coag : suitable to single bleeding point or small area of bleedingBipolar Coag : Minimize damage to tissue by limiting the amount of tissue involved in the electrosurgical circuit.
Specification :
Pure cut.100W.Load 300)Blend cut.80W.load 300.Point coag.60W.300.Bipolar coag.50W.100.
Application :
Applicable for general surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, urologic surgery, cerebral surgery, microsurgery, ENT surgery and etc.
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Bone Densitometry

We are offering bone densitometry
it is a bed-type central bone densitometer using the most advanced dual x-ray energy absorptionmetery (dxa) technology for clinical and research purposes.

the system is a high performance and cost effective solution for general bone densitometry.

ap spinefemurdual femurforearm
ap spine : < 1% cvfemur : < 1% cv
patient results summary
bmd (mg/cm2)bmc (mg)t-score and z-scoresbmd (mg/cm2) for l1-l4 and femurnhanes reference datatrend function
scan time
ap spine : < 2minfemur : < 2minone stop dual site scan (spine & femur , l&r femur) < 4min
software platform
tempo, window xpauto analysiseasy operation
system specifications
scanner description : dexa(dual energy x-ray absorptiometry)scan method : pencil beam90kv peak(k-edge filtered dual energy)detector system : czt(cdznte) detectorradiation dose : < 1.0 mremactive scan area : 1100mm x 500mmphysical dimensions : 2100(l) x1048(h) x 1240(l) : mmweight: < 150kgrecommended dedicated floor space : 2.5m x 2.5 moperating temperature : 1530 crelative environmental relative humidity : 2080%input power : 110/220vac(10%) 1.5a, 50/60hz
quality control
automated qa programquality control phantom
system configuration
computer setwindow xplcd 19 inch monitordesk top computerpc tablecolor inkjet printer
qa phantomap spine-positioning and femur-positioning pad
operation manualservice manual
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Lcd Touch Screen Electrosurgical Unit

We are offering lcd touch screen electrosurgical unit
features :
touch screen operationpatient plate conductivity monitoringsystem ( pp - cms )accessories contact detection duringplug - in and operationmultiplemodes - 1 pure cut, 1 precise cut5 blend, 3 endocut, 2 spray, 2 fulgurate1 desiccate, 1 bi-cut, and 2 bi-coag modes100 programs memorymanufactured and tested : iec 601-1 / en 60601-1

description :
patient plate conductivity monitoring system (pp - cms)

the advanced monitoring system gives a real time indication of the quality of the conductivity via the patient plate. There are 3 indicators. H = high contact and good conductivity. M = medium contact and medium conductivity. L = low contact and poor conductivity. This feature enables the monitoring of contact quality and hence significantly reduces the chances of plate failure resulting in burns.accessories contact detection during plug in and operation

accessories are detected during plug in and indicator for the footswitch turns red with words fs indicating that the same are ready for operation. During press mode the indicator turns greed showing which mode has been activated, reducing chances of wrong mode operation.multiple modes for superior functionality

multiple modes - 2 cut modes, 5 blend modes, 3 endocut modes, 2 spray modes, 2 fulgurate modes, 1 desiccate mode, 1 bi-cut mode, 2 bi-coag mode and 1 seal mode for all types of procedures and all types of desired settings for superior performance.100 programs memory
100 program memory to save all desired settings for all different cases. Recall on program selection
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Mm-e012a Ecg 12 Channel

the most sophisticated range of ecg machine (electrocardiogram machine) is presented by arabian gulf t.s.s. the company is one of the most dominating names for interpretive ecg machine manufacturers and suppliers in medical sector. ecg machines are available in various editions having different features on the other hand the premium screen attached with it ensures the accurate visibility, positive and in a second result through its fast speed and performance and installed with advanced and imported technology. furthermore it is well furnished superior tracing facility and convenient copy button lets you to generate portable ecg machine copies in various formats you want. this has been counted as the most economical product among other products range offered by arabian gulf. with the strong back up we have established ourselves as one of the eminent dealers of ecg machines in the market.
features :
complete digital filtering, avoiding baseline drift, ac, emg interference 12 channel ecg5.7 inch high-resolution foldable screen usb interface for patient records transmission ethernet and rs-232 interface connection to pc built-in rechargeable lithium batterysleep/wake up mode for saving energy and extending lcd life various report formats to meet different needs arrhythmia automatic detection and recording100 internal digital ecg records storage interpretation tested with authoritative cse database (option)heart rate variability (hrv) analysisoptional: software for data management on pcoptional: trolley and cable bracketwaveforms and auto-diagnosis results preview
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MM-AMT001 Autopsy Table

We are offering Autopsy Table
Introduction :
Autopsy table is mounted to central support column and is made entirely from stainless steel (material no. 1.4301-ANSI 304) through a three-piece, Removable, perforated rest area, all unsanitary odors are safely vacuumed away.The table is to be connected to the side-mounted ventilation system, which has a minimum capacity of 1000m /h.Central support column with 1 access doorFour buttons (power, water, grinder, suction)Two basins (one is with grinder for waste water and scrap, the other is for safe removal of all odors and waste water separately)2m shower hose with hand sprinkler2 taps mixing cold and warm water (one is manual, the other is with sensor)

Specification :
Dimension: L*W*H (2600*750*900mm)Carrying capacity: max 200kgsDeadweight: approx 250kgsMaterial: stainless steel, material 1.4301-ANSI 304
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Mm-ope018 Trial Lens Set With Trail Frame

Features :
Reasonable configure & high precisionSupplied with metal alloy trail frameFull aperture 36.5mm and reduced aperture 25mm are available Multi specifications with shiny, frosted and color metallic rims and color plastic rimsAluminum case, black leather case and wooden case are available
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Mm-mri001 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Products 1.5t

We are offering Mm-mri001 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Products 1.5t. our mri 1.5t offers the latest in mr technological advances at affordable pricing.
our mri 1.5t meets all diagnostic challenges with a full spectrum of clinical packages and pulse sequences, and its combined specifications rank it as one of the top high-end mri systems consist of an advanced proprietary 16-32 channel spectrometer and components produced by the industry's leading manufacturers from around the world.

the short bore, 60cm diameter 1.5t magnet is supplied by intermagnetics. their magnets are synonymous with high integrity, high homogeneity and reliability. the magnets are drop shipped directly to our customers thereby providing quick delivery after manufacturing the machine.

rf system
our mri 1.5t has virtually no limitations in its digital rf subsystem. every aspect of the rf chain has been enhanced to offer increased snr and image quality. the system provides excellent rf power and uniformity for all types of image acquisitions.
to maximize performance we distributes its rf via an advanced proprietary 16-32 channel spectrometer. this single component has enabled exponential enhancement in quality of our rf coil technology.
we currently offer a full array of coils to meet the imaging needs of our customers. a unique feature of our mri 1.5t is the ability to upgrade economically fro our 4 channel system to 8 and 16 channel architecture and beyond.

coil options : body / head / ctl / torso / knee / wrist / shoulder / neuron-vascular / lumber / peripheral vascular.

diffusion imaging
imaging method to detect diffusion difference between tissues by maximizing weak signal difference from diffusion. as t1 or t2 relaxation time decides signal strength in general mr image, diffusing level gives an effect on signal strength in diffusion imaging

parallel imaging
using the multi-coils (ctl coils) for parallel acquisition. ctl spine coil provided exquisite anatomical detail in this axial and sagittal spine image.

gess-fe imaging
gess-fe (true-fisp) is technique to combine each data set from performing fisp and psif in sequence. this method produces high s/n and resoluation. this methode can produce strong t2 weighted image in short time period.
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Automatic Double Channels Syringe Pump

We are offering automatic double channels syringe pump.features:
multi-channels (double-channels), sub-rate injectionfour kinds of injection modes: rate mode, time mode, body weight mode, link mode.innovative design of outer appearance gives a strong sense of science and technologydouble cpu makes the process of injection safer and more reliable.brand-new stm32 arm-cortex m3 plat-form, optimized circuit design, operation rate more faster and stablethe use of tft color lcd makes the screen display more menu, easy operation; functions fully meet the clinical demand.ample and user-friendly indicator information; accurate and complete alarm information to ensure safe injection.aluminum alloy base, integrative pump device makes more smooth operation and easier installation and maintenance.


Maximum injection rate1500 ml/h (Different syringes have different maximum flow rate.)
Injection flow rate range5 ml injector: 0.1.100ml/h 10 ml injector: 0.1.200 ml/h 20 ml injector: 0.1.400 ml/h 30 ml injector: 0.1.600 ml/h 50 ml injector: 0.1.1500 ml/h
Injection increment0.1
Bolus rate5 ml injector: 100ml/h 10 ml injector: 200 ml/h 20 ml injector: 400 ml/h 30 ml injector: adjustable from 400.600 ml/h 50 ml injector: adjustable from 400.1500ml/h
Injection mode selection1. Rate mode; 2. Time mode; 3. Body Weight mode; 4. Link mode
Rate modeRate: 0.1.1500.0ml/h (maximum value depends on the injector specifications)
Time modeTime: 1minute.2000 minutes. Volume limit: 0.1ml.999.9 ml
Body Weight modeWeight: 0.1.300.0 kg Drug: 0.1.999.9 mg Volume: 0.1.999.9 ml Dose: 0.1.9999.9 (restricted to unit, drug, solution, weight and injector specification). Unit: mg/kg/h, ug/kg/min
KVO rate Adjustable range: 0.5.0ml/h (begin the KVO function under the occlusion situation); Setting value as 0 to cancel the KVO function when it is unnecessary in use.
Water-proof gradeIPX1
Injection pressureThe maximum pressure is 300 kpa, occlusion alarm pressure gate value is 40kPa.160kPa, when pressure value is minimum, injection rate is 5ml/h, the longest alarm time is 10 minutes.
Preset volume scope0.1.999.9 ml
Preset time scope0.2000 minutes
Accumulated injection volume display0.1.999.9 ml
Injection accuracy±5.
Power supply100V-240V., 50Hz,±1Hz, 30VA
BatteryRechargeable lithium polymer battery, 7.4V, 1600mAh
Maximum power consumption10VA, running more than 2 hours at the rate of 5ml/h after being fully charged.
Battery chargeWhen double-channel syringe pump is connected to AC power and the power is on, the battery will charge automatically. (about 8.14 hours to recharge fully)
FusesT 2AL 250V
Displayed and indicated informationInjection rate, accumulated volume, syringe specification, battery capacity, bed No., AC power indicator, operation indication, etc.
State indication informationStop, injection, bolus, KVO ( If KVO rate is set as 0, it doesn't display KVO when occlusion alarm occurs)
Alarm functionsNear completion, Over, occlusion, disengage, low battery, abnormal 1, abnormal 2, abnormal 3, abnormal 4, serious low battery
Size of the outer shell320 mmx110 mmx200mm.(length x width x height)
ClassificationClass, Type BF
Outer shell materialABS Plastic
Operating conditionEnvironment temperature:.5.40, air pressure: (86.106) kPa, relative humidity: <80%
Storage conditionEnvironment temperature:.40.55, air pressure: (50.106) kPa, relative humidity: <95%. No poisonous gas and well ventilation
Applicable syringesNational standard syringes: 5ml, 10 ml, 20 ml, 30ml, 50 ml
StandardsGB9706.1-2007, GB 9706.27-2005, ISO7886-1:1993, GB9969.1-1998, GB/T14710.1993, GB191-2008, YY0466-2003
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Mm-fgm001 Fluorescent Microscope

We are offering mm-fgm001 fluorescent microscope.
Features :
excellent fluorescent image with high resolution fluorescent objectives.protect the light leak with advanced lamp housing.widely used in venereal disease examination and immuneless diagnosis.perfect image with infinite plan fluorescent objectivemore stable power supply, digital display and timer
specifications :
optical system: infinite optical systemviewing head: compensation free trinocular head inclined at 30interpupillary distance 48-75mmeyepiece: extra wide field eyepiece ew1022nosepiece: backward quintuple nosepieceobjective infinite plan achromatic objective: 4, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100xinfinite plan fluorescent objective: 4, 10, 20, 40, 100condenser: swing condenser na 0.9 0.25focusing: coaxial coarse & fine adjustment, fine division 0.001mmstage: double layers mechanical stage 185142 7555 mmkohler illumination: external illumination, aspherical collector, halogen lamp6v 30wreflected light source: blue excitation (460490nm), blue one excitation (460495nm), green excitation (510550nm), ultraviolet excitation (330385nm), violet excitation (400410nm)lamp: 100w hbo ultra hi-voltage spherical mercury lampprotection barrier: barrier to resist the ultraviolet lightpower supplier: power supplier nfp-1, 220v 110v interchangeable , digital displayimmersion oil: fluorescent free oil
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Mm-dho001 Dna Hybridization Oven

We are offering mm-dho001 dna hybridization oven.
Features :
door with glass window to view insidespeed and temperature with digital displaytimer function with 999h, m, s
specifications :
temperature range : ambient +5 to 80temperature accuracy : 0.1temperature control : pid controllertemperature display : led digital displayrotation speed : 6 to50 r.p.mrotation capacity : 8 max.(4 supplied)shaker speed : 6 to 120 r.p.m.shaker type : rotation + orbitalshaker capacity : carry 6kgstimer rotation : 999h 999m 999smaterial inside : stainless steel sus 304material outside : powder paintingdimensions platform : 310x210mmdimensions inner : 350x250x425mmdimensions overall : 440x375x660 mmpower voltage : 110 v 60 hz 220v 60hzamps : 1.1 0.5weight : 33kg
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Mm-fms001 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

We are offering mm-fms001 fluorescence spectrophotometer.
Application :
fluorescent spectrophotometry is a kind of modern spectrophotometry with high sensitivity and selectivity. It can offer the information of excitation & emission spectrum, light emitting intensity & life, fluorescence polarization etc. And a wide linear range of operating curve, so that it has become an important means involved in trace analysis

it can be applied to the fields below :
medical & clinical tests-clinical analysis of biogenic testing materialpharmaceutics & pharmacology-natural pharmacon analysis, pharmaceutical quality control and pharmacon metabolism researchbiochemistry-minute quantity substance measurement in biological bodyfood industry-measurement of trace components in foodpollutant analysis-air pollution, environmental hygiene detection, food pollutants etcorganic & inorganic chemistry-analysis of trace components which cannot be measured with absorptive spectrophotometry
features :
special light source with high brightness and long service life, avoiding the interference of high-voltage impulse to the instrument caused by lamp time longer service life than high-pressure xenon lamp and high-pressure mercury lamp.low noise and high sensitivity with well performed hamamatsu photomultiplier. Best instrumental sn can reach to 1x10-9ml(quinine slufate).good thermal stability, can be used in the relatively abominable environment
specifications :
wavelength range: ex360600nm (with 365nm interference filters), em360650nm (with c-t monochromator)wavelength accuracy: em 2nmsensitivity: 1x10-9 (quinine sulfate)linearity error: 3.0%wavelength reproducibility: em= 1nm
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Mm-pt001 Patient Structure Trolley

We offer Mm-pt001 Patient Structure Trolley.
standard features:
the whole uses the high-quality stainless steel welding to become, which is reliable and smooth. steel system hand operated, the guide screw has the limit protective device, may between willfully adjust highly in 680-900mm.the whole is composed by the stretcher and the chassis two parts, the stretcher may leave the chassis, the stretcher has the self-locking type guard rail, the surface uses the high-quality leather surface intension high density sponge, the back may need to adjust according to the patient, enables the patient to achieve the most comfortable body posture.matches 4 high-level static sounds to circle the trundle moisture-proof, impels nimbly, applies the brake reliably. matches the stainless steel iv pole, convenient and applied.the product has been assessed and conforms to the following standards:
gb/t 19001-2000 idt iso 9001:2000.
size: 1950650680/900mmpacking specification:2000725575mmn.w:101.50kgg.w:112.50kg
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MM-CT001 CT Scan (Dual-Slice Spiral)

Advanced technologies, superior image quality, the best price ratio to performance. Exceptional image qualityPowerful spiral scanning abilityAbundant software functionsComprehensive servicesLarge 70 cm gantry apertureTow Images per second acquisitionSub-second image reconstructionLarge capacity 4.0 MHU X-ray tubeMaximum 80 seconds continues scanning .Comprehensive application package to meet all clinical requirement.
Super High Speed GOS Detector:
Real dual slices 2x10 mmThe absorptivity rate of the X-ray reaches 99.98%Response speed is 40% higher than that of other materials.Images acquired from high-speed and longer spiral scanning techniques and of higher quality and more consistent than other materials.
Large Capacity Metal Tube:
Heat storage capacity: 4.OMHUHeat dissipation rate: 840KHU/minDouble focal pointHighly efficient and proven endurance.
Specialized High Voltage Generator:
High powerSmall size and weightPatented regulation technologyTube current and voltage are controlled in more effective and accurate manner.
The Magic Of Digital Technology High Quality 3D Imaging

Integrated or independent 3D image workstation with various 3D reconstruction functions (MPR, CMPR, MIP/MinIP, SSD, VR, VE and CTA) offers a package of comprehensive tols for physicans.

A Variety of Software Functions:
Beam hardening compensation High resolution scanningMotion artifacts reductionVolume artifacts reductionAdaptive streak artifacts reductionMetal artifacts reductionLung intensificationPerfusionAdvanced noise reduction
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Mm-bca001 Coagulometer 1 Channel

we are engrossed in exporting world class analytical laboratory test equipment all over the world. a huge assortment of medical laboratory equipment is available that encompasses equipments that are long lasting and ready to give positive and transparent result of any diagnoses or research. helpful in research and testing, this analytical laboratory equipment has made their own corner in the market due to their durability and performance. these are portable and advance in use. several new methods have been introduced for making them easy in their operations. specifically, these are made up of finest raw material which makes them unbeatable in terms of quality. any kind of testing related to medical sector can be pursued through this analytical laboratory equipment. significantly we are particularities in exporting chemistry lab equipment with some special specification. we are one of the popular laboratory equipment exporters, renowned at the international level.
specification :
1-channel analyzer with optical clot detection1 test position with 5 cuvettes for sample preparation at 37c2 positions for reagent
test items :
physical data :
dimension: 250mm x 250mm x 112mm (l*w*h)input/output: built-in thermal printer with paper 57mm widthrs-232 serial port supports external printerdisplay: 192*64 graphical lcd power requirement: 220vac10% 60w
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Mm-lt001 Linen Trolley

standard features:
the trolley is made of stainless steel, which is reliable, smooth and elegant.the right side with three platform boards, but the left one with a refuse sack, which are convenient and applied.the trolley is equipped with four truckles which can be braked respectively, and when in static state, it is stable. the product has been assessed and conforms to the following standards: gb/t 19001-2000 idt iso 9001:2000.
size: 950500900mm packing specification:980530800mmn.w:18.00kgg.w:21.00kg
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Mm-ca001 Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer

We offer Mm-ca001 Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer. features :
up to 250 test items7 wavelengths optic system avoiding outer disturbance(wavelength: 340-700nm)open reagentlow carryoverreaction curve display
method :
kinetic, end-point, linearity end-point, non-linearity end-point, absorbency, sample blank, multi-standards, velocity, calculation, fixed time, bichromatic etc.
wavelength range :
7 wavelengths optic system avoiding outer disturbance, wavelength range: 340 nm-700 nm;filter wavelengths: 340, 380, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 630nm + 1 free positionwavelength precision: 2nm
quality control :
quality control for all tests, statistic and print quality control parameters automatically with qc curves; program: add or delete test items easily according to the condition, modify the test parameters;display dynamic curves at real time, visually react the process;dormant automatically for the lamp to prolong its lifespan;input 8 standard curves at most in testing with multi-standard method; open reagent;
specifications :
test items: 250flow cell: quartz flow cell 32ulwith both shipping and cuvette systemlamp: philip 6v 10wmeasurement range: 02.5absresolution: 0.001 abs(display), 0.0001 abs (calculation)temperature control: peltier 37c30c25c0.1crepeatability:
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Mm-x009 Portable X-ray System

We offer Portable X-ray System.
Specification :
maximum rating for fluoroscopy : 75kvp 35ma (un-continuous use)maximum rating for radiography : 75kvp 10ma 6sec, (interval time 3 minutes)routine fluoroscopy condition : 65kvp 3mapower supply : ac220v, 50hz or 110v, 60hzcurrent for fluoroscopy : 2a (un-continuous);current for radiography : 6a (instantaneous)total filtration : 2.5mmalrange of movement : up-down: 220mm , left-right: 130mmtube turning angle : vertical 360 c, horizontal: 320 cdimension : 50*31*17cmweight : 25kg
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Digital X-ray System (dr System Mm-x005)

Benefits :
Wonder machine for versatile purposes with superior image qualityIdeal & fast imaging processingSpace efficiency & simple/easy maintenance console & safetyErgonomic & fully automatic system designRapid turn-around for patient flowAdvanced management software of radiology departmentProven componentsHigh resolution images for all diagnostic needsGreat price & performance
Description :

Superior Diagnostic Image Quality : The digital radiographic technology through its digital flat panel detector enables you to preview images in just a second after x-ray exposure. This allows you to check the image soon enough, thus making examinations much faster resulting in more patients throughput. It guarantees a superb diagnostic image quality with less X-Ray dosage.
Features :
The electric lift and rotatable newly designed U-shaped frame can meet the photographic requirements of different standing and lying positions. The U-shaped design can make the operation much more convenient and flexible
The world leading 1700 pixels digital CCD detector can help you get the high-definition imagesThe leading domestic high power compact high frequency X-ray generator and high frequency power inverter makes the machine much more compact and more convenient without the extra high-voltage generator and cableNewly designed photographic bed used specially for the U-shaped arm X-ray machine. The bed floating and electromagnetic lock design makes it convenient for the accurate position of the lying patient.Specially designed working station for DR adopts all-digital intelligent touchable LCD control system which is graphic and real color. This system makes the operation easier and more convenientApply different photographic parameters according to the human characteristics, such as multi-site, multi-position, multi-body shape, adult and children etc. The parameters can be modified and stored at will and make the operation more convenientThe high quality high frequency high-voltage X-ray generator and high frequency power inverter can produce high-definition and good contrast images by high quality radiation and low doseThe application of the KV and MA digital closed-loop control technology and the real time control of the microprocessor ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the doseThe multiple automatic protection features and fault tips ensure safety during the operation processSupport Dicom 3.0High quality battery is available for the power supply. Normally, about 200 exposures are available after the battery is fully charged. The image quality is stable and reliable without the effect of the net power
Usage :
Orthopedics : osteopathy, diaplasis, nailingSurgery : removing foreign body, cardiac catheter, implanting pace maker, interventional therapy, partial radiography, local photography, and other work.
Specifications :

High Frequency X-ray Machine :
PowerOutput :25KWInverterFrequency :40KHzDual-focus x-ray tube :Smallfocus:0.6Largefocus:1.3Thespeedoftherotaryanode :3000rpmTubeVoltage :40125KvTubeCurrent :200mAmAs :0.4360mAsPower Supply : 380V 50HZ (220V 50HZ is also available)
Digital Detector :
Type of detector : CCD Digital DetectorField of view : 17*17 InchPixel : 4K*4KSpatial resolution : :3.0LP/mmLimit of spatial resolution : 4.6LP/mmPixel size : 108umGrayscale output : 14bitImaging time : 7s
System Control :
Console : processing software of image and word, X-ray synchronous control software, and movement control software
Digital image processing system :
Image after processing : Tissue equalization, W/L adjustment, ROL, black/white reversion, image De-noise, smoothing, sharpening, fake color, edge recovery, shadow compensation, filtering nuclei, single window, double window, tetra window, movement, right 90 rotating, left 90 rotating, level mirror image, vertical mirror image, magnifier, zoom, reposition, layer information, word mark, graphic mark, length measurement, angle measurement, rectangle measurement, rectangle area, ellipse length, ellipse areaDocument processing : Dicom SCU, Dicom query, Dicom print, format switch, CD-RW
Mechanical structure performance :

U-arm :
Vertical lifting range : 450mm-1700mm (motorizedcontrol)Movement range of distance between focus and screen : 1000mm-1800mm (motorizedcontrol)Rotating range : -40+130 (motorizedcontrol)
Photography Bed :
Size of bed surface : 2000mm x 650mmHeight of bed surface : 720mmLaterally movement bed surface : 200mm (100mm, electromagnetic lock)Lengthways movement of bed surface : 100mm (50mm, electromagneticlock)
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Urine Chemistry Analyzer

We are offering mm-ua001 urine chemistry analyzer.
easy-to-operate & compactopen reagent stripcold light source with long shelf lifeautomatic calibration makes more accuratetests save automatically after power offmemory: 1000 samples, 11000 testslarge lcd display
test items: ph, nitrite, protein, ascorbic acid, glucose, bilirubin, blood, urobilinogen , ketone, specific gravity, leukocyte method: dual-wavelength reflectance photometrydisplay: large 240*128 graphic lcd with function to adjust screens angelthroughput: up to 120 tests per hourprinter: inner thermal printer & port for external printerwavelength: 450nm550nm650nmmemory: 1000 samples, 11000 teststest mode: normal mode, continuous modepower requirement: 220vac10% 50wworking environment: temperature: 10-30 humidity: 20%-80%dimension: 360mm x 282mm x 115mm(l*w*h)weight: 6kg
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Mm-et001 Emergency Crash Trolley

standard features:
the trolley is made of plastic-spray, which is reliable, smooth and elegant.the trolley is equipped with four truckles which can be braked respectively.on the one side of the trolley, there is a barrel for waste as an accessories.with 8 drawers, in every one there are many solid grids designed suitably to put medicine.the product has been assessed and conforms to the following standards:
gb/t 19001-2000 idt iso 9001:2000.
size : 6504201020mmpacking specification: 7504701020mm
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Electrosurgical Unit

We are offering electrosurgical unit
its hf electrosurgical unit can be used to execute monopolar and bipolar surgery in the many fields of application where high precision and reliability are essential, as in the endoscopic surgery.

easy to use
graphic icons allow an easy selection of the operation mode.
All operating conditions and selected output controls are represented by bright digital indications.

the monopolar cut can be performed by pure sine current to obtain an incision with a minimum damage for the adjacent tissues and sure recovery for first intention.
Two different modalities of modulation allow to reduce bleeding during monopolar cut. In the bipolar modality the cut can be effected with pure sine current.

when the surgical action requires the obliteration of a blood vessel the availability of currents with different coagulative powers enables this type of work both with monopolar and bipolar surgery.

when it is necessary to cause a superficial necrosis of wide areas, protecting the deeper tissues, a special coagulant current that dehydrates the superficial layer of the tissue and reduces the possibility of damage those beneath is available for the operation.

output control
output power levels are adjustable by through incremental encoders that allow the exact pre-sets and repetition of the values.

the output function is linearized and controlled by ultra-modern electronic micro-controllers which will interrupt power if any alarm condition happens.

safety of use
circuits dedicated to the safety of operator and patient are the priority. This ensure the leakage current is kept well under the values by the international requirements, under every output condition. Monopolar and bipolar output circuits are completely floating and the use of the defibrillator is allowed while the reference plate patient is connected.

uses all solid state electronic circuits and is made with interchangeable units for a fast and effective maintenance. Automatic control circuits protect the units from damage also in case of repeated improper use.

include all standard accessories include foot control
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Electrolyte Analyzer

We are offering electrolyte analyzer
technical specification :
technology: ise ( ion selectivity electrode) measurement of tco2 by pressure methodsample: serum/plasma/whole blood/urine/csfsample volume: 80-150ulreagent volume: 1mlthroughput: 60 samples/hourprinter: inner thermal printerdisplay: large lcd storage: up to 1000 testsinterface: rs-232working conditions: temperature: 15-30humidity: 20%--80%power requirement: 220av 10%, 50/60 hz, 80w
consumption :
electrodeise electrodeparameters: k+, na+, cl- , ca++, ph, tco2, tca, ag, kt
reagent :
standard reagent a&b 410/90 mlstandard reagent c 410mlq.c solution 80mlcleaning solution 80mltco2 standard solution 80mlelectrode filler 10mlref. Electrode filler 10ml

Measure Precision

K+0.01-99.0058.012 months
Na+1.0-999.058.08 months
Cl-1.0-999.056.08 months
Ca++0.01-9.928.08 months
Li+0.01-9.956.08 months
PH3.50-10.8058.012 months
Ref//36 months
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Mm-mr001 Elisa Reader 8 Channel

8-channel optical measuring systemoptional single/double wavelength analysisextensive onboard data analysisvariable speeds linear shakingcutoff and call criterialarge storage for 2500 resultstouch screen, large lcd display
detection method: absorbancemicroplate types: 96-well plate (u, v or flat-bottom)measuring system: 8-channel optical systemreading speed: 12s single wavelength, 30s double wavelengthlight source: tungsten halogen, 12v/20w, >2000 hourswavelength: 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630 nm, 4 free positions for additional filtersonboard software: 42 user-programmable protocolsreading range: 0.001-3.500absmeasurement range: 0.001-2.500absphotometric accuracy:
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MM-VD002 Tabletop Vascular Doppler

Features :
li>Detect the blood stream status of arterial/venous by 8.0MHz, detect the blood flow average velocity, detect the result of finger/toes and part of body's vein anatomies operation.LCD can display the instant blood flow average, wave form intensity and the detecting result of the blood stream synchronouslyInfrared port can transmit the data to computer.Built-in printer with high precision can print monitoring blood stream graphics synchronouslyRS-232 port can connect the unit with a computer and store the data
Specifications :
Ultrasonic frequency: 8.0MHz10% (5.0MHz for option)Speed measuring range: 0--100cm/sSpeed measuring error: < 20%comparative errorThe bloodstream average is obtained according to upper graphics of the three former pulse beatingGraphic display range:0--60cm/sHumidity: 80%orking temperature: 10-40Atmospheric pressure: 86--106kPaPower consuming: < 20WCharging indication: yellow for charging, green for full-chargeOutput impedance: Blood stream speed 5K, acceleration 5K, audio Doppler blood stream1KOutput signal: bloodstream speed, bloodstream intensity, blood stream soundTransmit graphics: sine waveAudio band width: 200Hz--7000HzOutput: loudspeaker single track earphone jackGain:> 100dBEquivalent noise :
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Mm-ro Water Purify Unit (ro System)

We are offering Mm-ro Water Purify Unit (ro System).
function :
the water purify unit or known as water treatment unit or ro system or dialyzer is necessary equipment for the hemodialysis therapy. it adopts the world-class inverse-infiltration membrane with an impurity reduction rate of up to 99.4%. and it is made of the softener, active carbon, inverse infiltration, water tank, accessories, etc. even one front filter is equipped to facilitate automatic inverse washing and regeneration.

specification :
multiple filtration cores (deep filter core, rolling filter core, etc.) with best pollution prevention and filtration.the water purify unit combines the softener, active carbon, inverse infiltration, water tank and accessories into realize integration and standardization.the water purify unit applies the stabilizing pump, fully automatic recoil softening device and regenerating device.the water purify unit is accessible to the hemodialysis unit to facilitate sterilization.the water purify unit adopts multi-level sterilization.multiple materials were supplied which is easy to clean and regeneration.
our company acts as an agent of all kinds of import, homemade water purify, with the strong technical strength to establish the center of hemodialysis, we could efficiently supply the after service of water purify unit as installation, machine testing and maintenance.

process introduction :
thepre-treatment device of system is equipped with sand filter, carbon filter, and softener. the sand filter is mainly used for removing granule impurity and big molecule organic compound, humic acid and other colloid. carbon filter is mainly used for absorbing small molecule organic compound. softener is mainly used for softening water by replacing ca+ ma+ from water. the original water reach quality standard of ro water after pre-treatment by three classed. the ro inverse-infiltration membrane adopts import-brands compound membrane with a salt reduction rate of up to 99.5% and up to 97-99% for the whole machine, which can reduce bacteria, virus thermal source impurity. the sterilization of u.v and 0.2 u precision filter assure water with non-bacterial. with automatic plc, the water purity is equipped with multilayer protraction device which is easy to operate safely.

main technical parameter :
input water requirementthe original water is tap water which pressure0.20mpaconductivity300ms/cm, and the water quality should accord with gb57492water standardph:5.5-7.5copper:0.1mg/1cond.10ms/cmchloride:0.1mg/lcyanide0.001mg/lead0.005mg/lthe best pressure of ro: 0.8-1.2mpathe max pressure of ro: 1.4mpa.
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Mm-ope008 Auto Chart Projector

No of chars: 31 Charts.Projection distance: 2.57.0m (5m standars).Tilting Angle: 10 up , 10 down.Halogen Lamp: 6v 20w , 2500hrs lifetime.Chart selection speed: Average 0.3sec.Auto power off: 510 mints after.Power source: AC220240v/110130v, 50/60Hz.Net weight: 6kg.Dimensions: 265x64x195mm.
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Automatic Digital View Tester Digital Phoropter Mm-ope016

MM-OPE016 is divided into main body and keyboard. The main body contains fours parts. And for the keyboard, it has two parts: the color LCD102 touch-controlled screen and the buttons. You can just press one button to start the test; it is really easy to operate. The machine also contains the memory system, it stores all the testing process you setup before, and then just press one key all will start and finish automatically. If you have any problems or questions on how to operate the machine, just press the HELP key, and then the machine will tell you how to go forward on the screen. It is simple and convenient, and everyone can use it.
Specifications :
With touch screen color keyboardSPH:-19.00D+16.5 D.-29.00D+26.50D( CYL:0.00D-6.00D.0.00D-8.75D(0.25D) AX:0180.(1 .5INCREMENTS) 0180.(1 .5I TS)NCREMENP.D: 4880mm (can be converge) 4880mm (can be converge)Auto cross cylinder lens (XC): 0.5D Auxiliary lenses: Occluder Pinhole plate(1mm)Red/Green filter.Polarizing filters (Right eye:135)Polarizing filters (left eye:45)P.D check lens.0.50D cross cylinder lens.+2.00D Lenses for retinoscopeRemote control system.Auto-Off function: Auto sign off 3minutes.LCD(4x128) Red maddox Rod(right eye H)
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Mm-es001 Esr Analyzer

random accessup to 30 tubes can be scanned simultaneouslythroughput: 60 samples /hour temperature compensation refer to 18c automaticallyesr curve display and print-outtouch screen , large lcd displayinternal thermal recorder
area of application: erythrocyte sedimentation rate analysismeasuring principle: infrared barrierreading channel: 30loading capability: up to 30 samples at a timeloading pattern: randommeasuring time: 30 minutes or 60 minutes selectablethroughput: up to 60 samples per houranalysis result: in westergren esr value (mm/1h)temperature compensation: refer to 18c automaticallyreading resolution: 0.2mmreproducibility: < 0.3% or 2mm/1hresult resolution: 1mm/1hblood level range: 50mm64mmdisplay: lcd screen with backlightinput: touch screeninterface: rs-232 serial portprint: internal thermal recorderpower supply: ac 220v/110v 10%, 50/60/hzpower: 50w
operation conditions :
temperature: 15c32chumidity: 85%dimension: 400mm300mm200mm(lwh)net weight: 11.5kg
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Digital Eeg 32 Channels

we are offering Superior Technology EEG Machine is produced by us at unbeatable price which are made to provide you a positive result of your diagnose. Our work determination and dedication towards our work has made us capable to compete with our competitors in this competitive market. Our vision is concerned to provide you the best quality medical machines. Our primary motive is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing them world class EEG Biofeedback Machine and digital EEG Machine which are quite unique in function, potable, durable and high in performance. These are electronically operated with their advanced functions which helps to get the accurate result of diagnose. We are listed amidst the distinguished Digital EEG Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers in the international market.

Specification :
Standard 32-channel amplifierThe latest intelligent digital EEG amplifier, which integrates electrode box, amplifier, filter, A/D.Digital signal transmission enhances the ant jamming ability. 10/20 international standard system supports special electrodes, the combination of 13 kinds of standardleads can be selected (hardware) at real time or changed when uploading (software), support: A1, A2, A1+A2, A1A2Resistance is displayed in the electrode box and tested in the acquisition course, so that the physician canadjust the electrode in time.USB interface, coupled with a laptop computer form a portable EEG systemECG and RESPControl flashlight automatically and manuallyThe amplitude and frequency of EEG can be measuredBEAM, power spectrum, and all kinds of trend graphThe EEG database management, supporting MO or CD-RW archiving The special isolation transformer and optical cable ensure security
Optional function :
Video monitor systemSleep module, ECG, EOG, SpO2, EMG, RESP
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MM-MBR001 Mortuary Refrigerator (1 Body)

Features :
High accuracy computerized temperature control system is adopted to keep the temperature inside the refrigerator body accurate and stable at -1010 C 3-digits high brightness numerical code display, the set value of temperature can be trimmed within a range of -1010C, the temperature accuracy and resolution ratio are all 0.1CAn unique high resolution ratio temperature calibration function, the set point can be adjusted and corrected with a correctness range of 5C and a correctness increment of 0.5C24 hours follow up reading and printing system (option)The large screen digital display is convenient for observingSafe control systemSafe door lock design can prevent from randomly openingHigh efficiency compressorsThe temperature can be set personally by the users according to the demandsEnvironmental protection
Specification :
1 Body Mortuary FreezerLowest temperature reached15Tray size: 1900x600x360 mm Ac: Single phase 220V 50HZ Overall size: 7705702450 mmWeight: 100 Kg
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MM-X003 C-Arm X-Ray Unit

We offer C-Arm X-Ray Unit.
Deliver your best working environment.
You're looking for better alternatives in surgery.

More specialized, minimally invasive procedures that help people recover faster. Cardiac procedures. Bolus Chasing. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm repair. For these and other complex lengthy procedures has designed the machine. With the imaging clarity and power that helps you do your best work yet.

This sophisticated powerhouse comes with a 6" or 9" image intensifier to handle the most advanced interventions, as well as all routine and specialized procedures:
Normal surgical examsNeurosurgical exams Urological exams Pain management Orthopedic exams
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Mm-ha001 Hematology Analyzer 23 Parameters

parameters :
wbc, lymph, mid, gran, lymph%, mid%, gran%, rbc, hgb, hct, mcv, mch, mchc, rdw-sd, rdw-cv, plt, mpv, pdw, pct, wbc histogram, rbc histogram, plt histogram, p-lcr.
principles :
electrical resistance for counting and sft method for hemoglobin.
specification :
23 parameters, with 3 part wbc differentialaperture diameter 70m10 ul sampler volume memory for 30, 000 results including histograms throughput : 35 samples/hour automatic and manual calibrationautomatic dilution when power on/off high voltage cleaning after each measurementqc method: x-b , l-j , sd, cv


ParameterLinearity rangePrecision
WBC0.5~99.9 x 10 9 /LCV < 2.0%
RBC0.2~9.99 x 10 12/LCV < 1.5%
HGB1.0~299.9 g/LCV < 1.5%
MCV40-200 fLCV < 0.5%
PLT0~999x10 9/LCV < 4.0%
Carryover :
  • WBC< 0.5% , RBC<0.5% , HGB<0.5% , PLT < 2%
Working mode:
  • Single counting pathway+ Independent HGB detection system
Operating Environment :
  • Temperature 15℃ 30℃
  • Humidity 10% 85%
Printout :
  • Thermal recorder, printer
  • Optional external printer
Power Requirement :
  • 175-265V 50/60HZ
Dimension :
  • 390×460×400 mm (W*D*H)
Net Weight :
  • 20 Kg
Optional :
  • Throughput : 60 samples/hour
  • Printer
  • Bar code scanner
Consumption :
  • Lyse
  • Diluent
  • Rinse
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