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Computer Monitor

Our Complete range of products are MM-C002 Patient Monitor, Fetal Monitor Mm-fm001, Patient Monitor MM-C003, MM-C005 Capnography Monitor (EtCO2 Monitor) and Patient Monitor.

Patient Monitor

We are offering patient monitor parameters three parameters : nibp, spo2, pulse rate features compact, light, easy for carrying and handling.large bright led display of measurement, easy to read.unique character and icon display of information, easy for setting and and review of nibp and spo2 data up to 800–in rechargeable li-battery for 10 working hours.low battery power indicator.automatic and visual alarm.external printer availabledimension : 200x205x95mmnet weight : 1.1kggross weight : 2.9kgpackage size : 360x330x175mmv standard packing list nibp & spo2 patient monitor main unitadult finger spo2 sensoradult nibp cuffnibp extension tubeac power adaptor  selectable accessory child finger/toe spo2 sensorchild nibp cuffprinter.

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MM-C002 Patient Monitor

MM-C002 with fantastic design and excellent performance, and is a multi-functional, portable patient monitor, which can be widely used in clinical districts of hospital, like internal, Surgery, operation room, ICUs, CCUs. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient. It can support more optional functions of 12-lead ECG, IBP, Nellcor SpO2, EtCO2, ICG, and multi-gas/O2. Features : User-friendly Interface MM-C002 has simple and clear interfaces. The user can choose various display screens according to the different environment, like standard interface, big font interface and short trend interface, etc. The color of waveforms and parameters can be changed for different clinical requirements. Excellent Performance MM-C002 use individual module design, which is convenient for maintenance and upgrade. The inner structure consists of high quality ECG Module, SpO2 Module, NIBP Module, Main Control Module and Power Supply Module, etc. Super Reliability MM-C002’s design and production strictly comply with the CE standards. The safety, stability and durability of the product are well guaranteed. We use high quality "medical level" material and control each manufacture process seriously. Furthermore, we take more than 10 days aging inspection for testing the reliability. Rich Clinical Information MM-C002 owns excellent software processing technique, including arrhythmia analysis, pacemaker analysis, oxyCRG, S-T segment analysis, drug dose calculation etc. The user can get the required information for clinic decision-making promptly. Power-off Protection MM-C002 can save 24 hours' full data, alarm recall and trend graphic after power failure. It can provide you powerful information protection. Alarm System MM-C002 has 3-level intellectualized light/voice alarm, breath asphyxia alarm and alarm recall function. It can transfer the change of illness accurately and timely. It can also replay and analysis the patient status in time. Nurse Call System MM-C002's nurse call system can alarm with the patient monitor at the same time. It can transfer the abnormal patient situation in time. Patient Information System MM-C002 has powerful information system, which supports patient information input, multi- language selection, 120 hours' trend graphic storage and review. It can meet the requirements of clinic analysis and data management. Network System MM-C002 use Ethernet, support wire and wireless network. It can set up maximum 128 units' central monitoring system. Standard Configuration: ECG/HRSPO2NIBPRespirationTemperaturePulse Optional Configuration Nellcor SPO212-led ECGIBPEtCO2ICGAnesthesia GasCF CardNurse Call SystemBuilt-in RecorderTrolleyWall RackSpecial Accessories Neonatal and Pediatric Patient Physical Specification: Weight: 6kgDimension: 320mm x 170mm x 280mm

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Fetal Monitor Mm-fm001

We are offering Fetal Monitor Mm-fm001. features : 10.2” inch large-screen color tft display, digital display and waveform oscilloscope of twins heart rate (fhr) and uterine constriction pressure (toco) value. independent user friendly interface with menu function setting, unique rotary button control design, portable and convenient.self-definition of multi-event marks.directly viewing 1:1 scale of display and print-out waveform.folding thermal array printer with high resolution, easy paper loading, paper empty auto detection and printing head over-heating protection7-wafer impulse ultrasound transducer, configured with special hr self correlation reading algorithm to ensure correct and reliable fetal heart rate (fhr) measurement. highly sensitive, wide scope pressure transducer ensures to achieve effective measurement of uterine constriction pressure (toco).fetal movement auto detection.signal intensity indication ensures effective transducer power failure protection and reliable rechargeable li-ion battery can realize continual monitoring capacity, convenient and ease of use. convenient for hospital informatization .management and for data analysis of fetal central monitor system.meets the standard iec60601-1, 1988, classⅰ, type b with special protection from electroshock, safe and reliable in use.

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Patient Monitor MM-C003

Features : Standard parameter: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP, PR12.1 large-screen color TFT displayBuilt in high capacity battery, up to 4 hours working tine7- lead ECG waveforms display , big fonts observational interfaceReviewable ECG waveforms, maximum 240 hours reviewing graphic trendsDigital SPO2 technique, precise measurement for weal perfusion and finger shakingArrhythmia and S-T segment analysis and pacemaker detectionProtection against interference from defibrillation and electrosurgical unitApplicable to ICU, CCU, operation, adult, pediatric and neonatal patients Specification : ECGFull lead: I, II, III, AVL, AVR, AVF and VGain 5mm/mV, 10mm/mV, 15mm/mV, 20mm/mV and 25mm/mVScanning speed: Changeable with three grades of 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s and 50mm/sBand width :0.05Hz-100Hz(3dB)Heart rate:Scope: 15 times/minute to 300 times/minutesAccuracy: ±1 time/minuteVariation of heart beat LORENZE drawing: Analysis on heart beat data for the current 5 minutes with histogram during RR period. Arrhythmia :Twenty kinds of common abnormal ECG can be analyzed, with ECG data of 1000 times of arrhythmia kept and with 10 seconds kept for each time.Accuracy: Error rate SpO2 Detection scope: 0%-100%Accuracy : ±1% 90%-100% ±2% 70%-89% NIBP Theory Electric oscillator Cuff gassing time less than 15 secondsFirst-time gassing pressure: dynamic state 24kPa 180 mmHgManual selection: 9.3kPa 70 mmHg13.3kPa 100 mmHg16.0kPa120 mmHg18.6kPa 140 mmHg20.0kPa 150 mmHg21.3kPa 160 mmHgAutomatic detection period: 1 minute to 240 minutesStop size1 min1 min -10min, 5min(10 min -30min), 10min(30 min -90min) and 30min90 min -240minDetection scope: Systolic blood pressure: 4kPa -34kPa(30mmHg -255mmHg)Diastolic pressure: 2kPa -29.3kPa(15mmHg -220mmHg)Mean pressure : 2.7kPa31.3kPa 20mmHg235mmHgDetection accuracy Static pressure: ±3mmHgPulse rate: ±2% Resp Chest impedance method or concentration of carbon dioxide at end of respiration Scope of chest impedance method 0 time/minute – 100 minutes/minutePrecision of chest impedance method 1 time/minuteDetection scope of carbon oxygen at end of respiration 3mmHg-75mmHg 0.4%vol-9.9%volDetection scope of respiration rate: 2 times/minute ->60 times/minute including babyDetection precision of respiration rate: ±1 time/minute TempSingle/double path Type : Vascular/surface temperatureScope: 20C50CAccuracy : ±0.2 C Invasive blood pressure (selected mating) Single/double path Type: direct and continuous detection Scope: -6.67kPa(-50mmHg)—46.67kPa(350mmHg)Precision: below 13.33kPa(100mmHg) ±0.27kPa(2mmHg) 13.33kPa(100mmHg) above ±2%Frequency responseDC-12HzInput resistance: not less than 500kΩSensitivity of sensor: 5μV/V/mmHgMotivation voltage5V (DC)Accuracy of sensor: ±2Isolation voltage: 4 kV Invasive blood pressure (selected mating) Single/double path Type: direct and continuous detection Scope: -6.67kPa(-50mmHg)—46.67kPa(350mmHg)Precision: below 13.33kPa(100mmHg) ±0.27kPa(2mmHg) 13.33kPa(100mmHg) above ±2%Frequency response:DC-12HzInput resistance: not less than 500kΩSensitivity of sensor: 5μV/V/mmHgMotivation voltage 5V (DC)Accuracy of sensor: ±2Isolation voltage: 4 kV

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MM-C005 Capnography Monitor (EtCO2 Monitor)

Introduction MM-C005 uses infrared technology instead of the traditional way of extracting blood and measuring oxygen saturation as an option. The multi-function design provides users not only with information in terms of oxygen saturation and pulse rate, but also measuring value of EtCO2 and respiration. The MM-C005 is a portable and desktop selectable monitor which allows continuous and instantaneous monitoring, simultaneously displaying the waveform of SpO2 and EtCO2 traces. It offers users high level accuracy and real time response. The screen shows the detected values and the trend menu displays all result on a large LCD screen with real-time recall function. Moreover, values of all measuring values are continually measured from a period of 1 minute to 60 minutes, and the trend can be saved by memory for 200 hours. As long as the instrument detects a single beat of pulse, it makes sound through the speaker. The speaker also provides users different tone according to different levels of oxygen saturation. Each amount of pulse, oxygen saturation, EtCO2, and respiration level are controllable through setting preserved limit values.  When measuring values exceed limit range, the alarm system will release a voice message. The alarm system will keep working even in the mute condition. All of the measuring data can be transited to PC by the software through the USB port. Also, the MM-C005 provides users a comfortable operating environment through a menu list on the screen. The light weight and portable design makes MM-C005 suitable for more extensive purposes. It is not only applicable for hospitals, but also useful for clinical surgery, ambulance system and personal home-care applications. Additionally, even if the power is shut down on display, the preserved time and memory setting still continue to operate using power from built-in rechargeable batteries for around 2 hours (around 4 hours while the backlight is off). Furthermore, there are several sizes of optional sensors, for users needs from neonate to adult. MM-C005 is essential part for every emergency and anesthesiology system. Features: Large LCD display with high resolution backlightDisplay: EtCO2, SpO2, Pulse, Respiration, SpO2 & EtCO2 waveformUp to 200 hours of on screen trendingPhysiological curve display in real timeAC/DC power supply selectableConnection to PC by USB interface Standard Accessories Main unitFilter cartridgeSampling tubeAirway adapterReusable finger probe for adultPower cable Optional Accessories Pediatric probeInfant probeTongue clip probeNasal cannula tubeSampling tube Optional Software that has the following features Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea and DisordersAnalysis and management of patient dataStatistics of the EtCO2 / Respiration / SpO2 / Pulse distributionAnalysis of the physiological curvesContact to PC by USB Specification Measuring Range EtCO2 range: 0 mmHg to 50 mmHgRespiration range: 0- 99 bpm (breath per minute)Saturation range:0%-100%Pulse rate range:30 bpm-250 bpm Display Oxygen saturation, EtCO2 trace, pulse rate with LCD display Contrast Adjustable Sound Volume adjustable Memory 200hrs, 12 sec. / time Accuracy EtCO2 accuracy:±5% between 80%-100%Respiration accuracy:±1 %SpO2 accuracy:±2% between 80%-100%Pulse accuracy:±1% of full scale Operating Temperature 0°C-55°C, (32°F-131°F) Power Requirement Main supply: AC 100V/60Hz or 220V/50HzBattery Pack: Built-in 7.2V 1800mA rechargeable battery Battery Operating Time Max. operating time: Approx. 6 hours Dimension 160(W)x230(L)x140(H) mm Weight 2200 g

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Patient Monitor

We are offering mm-c004 modular type patient monitor. features : 6 standard parameters: ecg, resp, nibp, spo2, 2-temp, pr/hr, etco2, 2ibp and recorder, ag, bis, co, ob/gyn (toco, fhr, fm) are optional patient range: neonate, pediatric, and adult patients touch screen 15"high resolution 1024 x 768 color tft lcd display real time s-t segment analysis (15 types), drug calculation (15 types), pace-maker detection. indication of incorrect manipulation and malfunction analysis. patient info input management function multi-lead ecg waveforms display in phase. large volume of tabular and graphic trends information easy to recall. capture dynamic waveforms. efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and hf knife. up to 6 hours working capacity of built-in rechargeable 2 battery. performance specifications : display : 15"color tft touch screen rolling and refreshing waveform display resolution: 1024x768 standard display multi channels display trace : 6 waveforms sweep speed: 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s indicator : power/battery indicator light qrs beep and alarm sound battery : rechargeable lead acid cell, 12v/4ah max.24 hours for charging, 3 hours for continuous working trend time : above 256 hours alarm : user-adjustable high , medium and low limits 3-level audible and visual alarm recorder : built-in , thermal array plethysmogram waveform: 2 channels record mode: manual, on alarm, time-defined recording width: 50mm printing speed: 25mm/s recording type: frozen waveform record nibp recall record trend table recordalarm record fixed- time record ecg : lead mode: 5 –leads (r, l, f, n, c) lead selection: i, ii, iii, avr, avl, avf, v waveform: 2 and 6 channel selectable gain selection: 0.25mm/mv, 0.5mm/mv, 1 mm/mv, 2 mm/mv sweep speed: 12.5mm/s;25mm/s;50mm/s heart rate range: adult: 15~300bpm;neonate:/pediatric: 15~350bpm accuracy: ±1bpm or ±1%, whichever is greater resolution: 1bpm filter: surgery mode :1~20hz monitor mode: 0.5~40hz diagnostic mode:0.05~130hz scaling signal: 1mv, ±3% protection: withstand 4000vac/50 voltage isolation against electrosurgical interference and defibrillation alarm range: 15~350bpm s-t segment detection: measurement range:-2.0mv~ +2.0mv alarm range: -2.0mv~ +2.0mv accuracy: -0.8mv ~+0.8mv error: ±0.02mv arrhythmia analysis: yes. 15types nibp : method: digital automatic oscillometric operation mode: manual/automatic/continuous auto measurement time: adjustable(1~480min) measurement unit: mmhg/kpa selectable measurement types: systolic, diastolic, mean measurement range: range of systolic pressure: adult: 40~270mmhg pediatric:40~200mmhg neonate: 40~135mmhg range of mean pressure: adult: 20~235mmhg pediatric:20~165mmhg neonate: 20~110mmhg range of diastolic pressure: adult: 10~215mmhg pediatric:10~150mmhg neonate: 10~100mmhg over-pressure protection: double safety protection resolution: 1mm hg alarm: systolic, diastolic, mean spo2 : measurement range: 0~100% resolution: 1% accuracy: ±2%(70-100%);0-69% unspecified alarm range: 0~100% pulse rate: range: 20~300bpm solution: 1bpm error: ±1bpm or ±2%, whichever is greater respiration : method: thoracic impedance measurement range: adult : 7~120rpm; neonate/pediatric: 7~150rpm apnea alarm: yes, 10~40s solution : 1rpm accuracy: ±2rpm temperature : compatible probe: ysi or cyf measurement range: 0~50 c resolution: 0.1 c accuracy: ±0.1 c channel: dual-channel, provide t1;t2, dt refreshing time: about 1s average measuring time: 70rmp) respiration time:

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