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Lab Instrument

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Gradient Thermal Cycler, Mm-pcr001 Pcr Thermal Cycler and Gel Documentation System

Gradient Thermal Cycler

application : the gradient thermal cycler is a pcr device used in molecular biological research and diagnostics. Based on the general function of standard pcr product, the gradient pcr is further enhanced by thermal gradient technology. It’s thermal gradient module allows simultaneous incubation at up to 12 different annealing temperatures, to optimizing reactions in a single run and improve efficiency of your research. features : powerful gradient temperature control, wide range of temperature gradient flexible settings, multi-files linking, stable and reproducible results advanced peltier technology, precise and rapid temperature changes universal block module fitted with various tubes and amount adjustable heated lid to prevent reagent evaporation optional temperature control mode to achieve the best results power-off protection, picking up interrupted program on restart automatically specification : sample capacity: 0.2ml×96 wells, 0.5ml×77 wells pcr tubes, pcr microplate temperature control: thermo-block & sim-tube mode programmable temperature range: 4 to 99 heatingcooling rate: 2.0sec(average) sample volume: 10 to 80ul temperature accuracy: ±0.3 temperature uniformity: ±0.3(within30 sec of arrival 90) gradient capability: 12row (horizontal) gradient spread: 0 to 30 gradient temperature range: 30-99 program number: 1-200 number of linkage files: 1-9 program segment: 1-6 number of temperature steps: 1-16 number of cycles: 1-99 hold time: 1sec to 99 min 59 sec or indefinitely temperature increments decrements: 0 to 30 tm calculator: yes lid temperature: 105±0.3 power-off protection: yes dimensions (l×w×h): 29cm×24cm×25cm weight: 7kg operating conditions: 5 to 35, ≤80% rel. Humidity voltagefrequency: ac220×(1±10%)v, ×(1±10%)hz

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Mm-pcr001 Pcr Thermal Cycler

We are offering mm-pcr001 pcr thermal cycler. Features : high quality & durable premium peltier parts, extending life time of the machinelarge 5.7” color high resolution display with step-based graphic representation of protocols, accelerating the programming procedurefast ramping rate, saving experiment timeoutstanding block uniformity, producing best possible resultglobal adaptable switch power, increasing safely & reliabilitybuilt-in usb port, enabling unlimited protocol transactions specifications : heating and cooling technology : newest generation peliter_basedblock capacity : 96wells×0.2ml+77wells×0.5mlsample capacity : 0.2ml pcr tubes, 0.5ml pcr tubes, 8 strips, 12 stripslcd display : 5.7” diagonal illuminated color display (320×240 pixel, 256 color)usb flash drive : unlimited with usb flash drive expansionports : usb2.0 host and rs232in_situ function : available with a set of additional in-situ plateblock temperature range : 0℃100℃max. Block heating rate : up to 3℃secmax. Block cooling rate: up to 2℃secblock uniformity : ≤±0.2℃30 sec after reach temperature point set.block accuracy : ≤±0.2℃35℃-100℃display resolution : 0.1℃mode of temperature control : sim-tube & block moderamping rate adjustable : yesmemory : 120 programs installed, unlimited with usb flash drive expansionmax. Step : 30 steps multiple nesting cycle availablemax. Cycle : 60000time incrementdecrement : 1120 sec, long pcr availabletemp. Incrementdecrement : 0.110.0℃, touchdown pcr availableauto pause : yesauto restart : yeshold at 4℃ : yes, foreverrunning time display : yesreal time display : yes, battery bufferedheight of heated lid : fully adjustable lid, accomodates a wide range of pcr tubes and platesheated lid temperature : 30 c105 c adjustableauto shut-off : when block temp. Is below 30℃ or after finish runningdimension l×w×h : 335×240×270mmnet weight : 9.8kgs

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Gel Documentation System

We are offering gel documentation system. Introduction : gel documentation system offers scientists a new system that is easy to operate with simple and intuitive software. It works obligatory with a computer under windows operating system and the camera can be thoroughly controlled by the also allows very precise optimization of the image prior to printing or is ideal for research environments with a large number of users and can satisfy the demanding requirements in the area of quantitative and qualitative analysis of electrophoresis gels. Features : various choice of ccd camera with reasonable pricece certificated, more reliableincreased sensitivity and dynamic rangecamera fully enclosed in darkroom, free form dust and shakefully automatic control panel of camera and illuminators, easy operation fully automatic control through software with pcprotecting from uv irradiation with the design of auto shutoff uv lights when open the door. Build-in overhead white light, durable led reflectionslide out tray hold uv trans-illuminator and trans-white converter platesstandard uv trans-illuminator wavelength 312nm, 254365 optionalepi-uv optional (254312365nm) easy to change filter, as it positioned at the top of the darkroomlcd screen to make easier object position and focus powerful software have the function of capture , edit , analysis and database configuration : dark room10bit, 1.4m pixels monochrome ccd camera built-in trans-illuminator6x motorized zoomf-590 interference filter1394 card and cablers232 serial cablepower supply cable software and manual software introduction the software of the gel imaging system configured with the system is a sophisticated package provides comprehensive tools for image capture and analysis of gels. Capabilities include: image capture : compatible with win98me2000xp, full automatic control of the camera, zoom, image capture and the illuminator automatic focusing, real time previewingcapture of image under different formats (tiff, bitmap, jpeg, gif) image edit : zoom in or out image infinitelypositive or negative imagerotation, vertical or horizontal mirrors, inversioncut, copy, crop and paste functionsbrightness and contrast adjustment, background subtractionchange of picture formatsadd marks or comment without assistance of other softwarethe image data graph can be printed image analysis : automatic identification of bands and lanesadd or delete any band , adjust or move any lanecalculation of volume, area and intensitycalculation of molecular weight and bpcolony counting image database : create different database according to user , easy to manage amounts of the gel images find the wanted image by capture time or image typeexport your analysis results(including total amount analysis, molecular weight analysis and light density analysis ) to word, excel compatible fileprinting image and report specification : camera: digital ccd camerapixel resolution: 768 x 582pixel size (um v*h): 8.3*8.3 bit depth: 8 bitpc interface: bnc

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