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Medical Pumps #250582

MM-SIP001 Automatic Syringe Pump

We are offering Automatic Syringe Pump Three kinds of mode: Rate, Body Weight, TimeAccept 5, 10, 20, 30, 50ml syringeDouble CPUBig LCD display
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Automatic Four Channels Syringe Pump

We are offering automatic four channels syringe pump.features:four channels, sub-rate injection.four kinds of injection modes: rate mode, time mode, body weight mode, link mode.innovative design of outer appearance gives a strong sense of science and technology.double cpu makes the process of injection safer and more reliable.brand-new stm32 arm-cortex m3 plat-form, optimized circuit design, operation rate more faster and stable.the use of tft color lcd makes the screen display more menu, easy operation; functions fully meet the clinical demand.ample and user-friendly indicator information; accurate and complete alarm information to ensure safe injection.aluminum alloy base, integrative pump device makes more smooth operation and easier installation and maintenance.


Maximum injection rate1500ml/h (Different injectors have different maximum rate.)
Range of flow rate5ml injector: 0.1-100ml/h
10ml injector: 0.1-200ml/h
20ml injector: 0.1-400ml/h
30ml injector: 0.1-600ml/h
50ml injector: 0.1-1500ml/h
Injection increment0.1ml/h
Bolus rate5ml injector: 100ml/h
10ml injector: 200ml/h
20ml injector: 400ml/h
30ml injector: 400-600ml/h
50ml injector: 400-1500ml/h
Injection mode selection1. Rate mode 2. Time mode 3. Body Weight mode
Rate modeSpeed: 0.1-1500ml/h (maximum value depends on the injector specifications)
Time modeTime:1-2000 minutes
Accumulated injection volume: 0.1-999.9ml
Body Weight modeWeight: 0.1-300.0kg
Drug: 0.1-999.9(mg)
Volume: 0.1-999.9ml
Dose: 0.1-9999.9(restricted to unit, drug, solution, weight and injector specification).
Unit: mg/kg/h, ug/kg/min
KVO rateAdjustable range: 0.1ml/h-5.0ml/h (begin the KVO function under the occlusion situation) ; pressing STOP key to cancel the KVO function when it is unnecessary in use.
IP gradeIP21
Injection pressureThe maximum pressure is 0.3Mpa, Occlusion alarm pressure value is 40kPa-160kPa when pressure value is minimum, injection rate is 25ml/h, the longest alarm time is 10 minutes. When pressure value is minimum, injection rate is 5ml/h, the longest alarm time is 10 minutes.
Preset volume0.1ml-9999.9ml
Preset time0-99 hours, 0-59 minutes
Accumulated injection volume0.1ml-9999.9ml
Power supplyAC 100-220V,50/60Hz
BatteryRechargeable lithium polymer battery, 7.4 V, 1600mAh.
Maximum power consumption25VA, running more than 2 hours at the rate of 25ml/h after being fully charged.
Battery chargeWhen syringe pump is connected to AC power, the battery will automatically recharge. (about 8-14 hours to recharge fully.)
Displayed informationFlow rate; accumulated injection volume; injector specification; battery capacity; bed No.; AC power indicator, operation indication, etc.
State indication informationStop, inject, bolus, KVO (stop flashing, the other indicators flash by turns.)
Alarm informationnear completion, Over, occlusion, low battery, abnormal 1 (communications failure), abnormal 2 (pump stuck), abnormal 3 (wrong parameter), volume limited alarm, no AC power
Maximum size of the outer shell288x130x122 mm ( lengthx width x height )
Maximum weight<3.0kg
ClassificationClassII, Type BF
Shell materialABS plastic
Operating conditionsEnvironment temperature 5-40, air pressure 80kPa -106kPa,relative humidity 80%
Storage conditionsEnvironment temperature -40-55, air pressure 50kPa -106kPa,relative humidity 95%
Applicable syringes5ml.10 ml.20 ml.30ml.50 ml syringes
Electrical safetyIn accordance with the stipulation of GB9706.1-1995
Applied standardsAccording to the stipulation of YZB/Yue 001-2008

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MM-SIP002 Infusion Pump

Features :door-free structure design. It makes it easier and more convenient to operate. Pull up the handle, and put in the injection tube from the middle. Then pull down the handle. Whether the tube is in its place or not will be automatically indicated. Press the startup button to start the infusion.Unique infusion supervision function. Key in a bed number and the infusion supervision management system at the nurse station will simultaneously display the infusion progress or alarm information of the patient of this bed number. This realizes the dream of giving the patient an accurate infusion while supervising his infusion.The unique door-free infusion pump completely prevents infusion tube from deviation, thus enabling a safe infusion process. Air detector and pressure sensor can precisely detect tube air bubbles and blocking situation followed with an immediate alarm signal. Technical parameters Maximum size of outer shell: 120x140x190mm Maximum weight:
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