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Drill & Boring Equipments

Our offered Product range includes Magnetic Drilling Machine, drill sharpening machine, Low profile magnetic drilling machine, Battery powered magnetic drill and Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machine.

Magnetic Drilling Machine

Technical data ANNULAR CUTTERS: ø 12 – 35 mm TWIST DRILLS: ø 1 – 13 mm HEIGHT: 293 – 383 mm WIDTH : 80MM , LENGTH : 160MM MAX STROKE: 210 mm WEIGHT: 10, 5 kg MAGNET: (L x W ): 165 x 80 MAGNET FORCE: 10000 N MOTOR POWER: 1100 W SPEED : 595U/min/r.p.m SPINDLE: 19, 05 mm Weldon VOLTAGE: 110 – 120 V / 50-60 Hz 220 – 240 V / 50-60 Hz

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drill sharpening machine

Annular cutter resharpening ( regrinding machine ) Part number : ERM.3 The economical drill sharpening machine ERM.3 is suitable for re-sharpening HSS / cobalt annular cutters easily. LENGTH 480 mm WIDTH 300 mm HEIGHT 320 mm MOTOR POWER 130 Watt WEIGHT 28 kg SOUND LEVEL GRINDING DISC DIAMETER 125 mm BORE 10 mm RPM 2800 min-1 SPINDLE 19, 05 mm Weldon   31, 75 mm Weldon AVAILABLE 110 – 130 V / 50 – 60 Hz   220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz

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Low profile magnetic drilling machine

Low profile magnetic drilling machine From Euroboor BV.Holland Part number: Eco.35F This handy ” low profile magnetic drilling machine ” with 21 cm height  able to drilling in low height areas of steel structures. The best features of over load protection and cool lock release for both forward reverse drilling functions enables steel workers to finish the job easily. Specifications ANNULAR CORE CUTTERS : ø 12 – 35 mm LENGTH : 285 mm WIDTH : 101 mm HEIGHT : 210 mm STROKE : 55 mm WEIGHT : 10 kg ELECTRO MAGNET (L x B) : 165 x 80 mm MAGNETIC FORCE : 1500 kg POWER : 1100 W SPEED (no load) : 650 min-1 SPEED (load 1100 W) : 390 min-1 SPINDLE : 19, 05 mm Weldon VOLTAGE : 110 – 120 V / 50-60 Hz : 220 – 240 V / 50-60 Hz

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Battery powered magnetic drill

Battery powered magnetic drill Part number: EBM.360   Blackestone supplies Battery operated Mag Drill in UAE, the whole middle-east and East Africa. The EBM.360, battery powered magnetic drilling machine with a unique electromagnet,  a lot of safety features,  compact and lightweight. It is fast and smart in drilling , with high battery life (37 V / 7, 6 Ah Li-lon) and quick charging features. LED-indicators shows the battery life which guarantees full safety. The machine automatically stops when the battery power is too low, still the magnet holds on the material and give warning sound to the user. The unique EBM.360 rapidly cuts through material up to 2’’ thick. The powerful enhanced motor is designed to squeeze every ounce of performance from the strong Lithium-Ion power pack.

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Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machine

Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machine up to 50mm drilling capacity Fein KBM50 Auto Fully automatic,  Lightweight  2-speed Machine. Saves time and money in the workshop and on the construction site. Saves time and money when producing a large number of holes thanks to the digitally controlled drill feed. Thanks to reproducible and timed drilling times, working hours for commissioned and serial work can be planned. Universal work, such as tapping in manual tool mode thanks to clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation and MT3 interface. FEIN high-power motor with stable speed. Electronic speed setting. High magnetic holding force. Convenient magnetic holding force display. Integrated coolant tank. Tilt sensor. Controls which can be clearly seen.  

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Pneumatic Magnetic Drill

Blackestone Supplies ATEAX certified Pneumatic Magnetic drilling machine in Middle-east as per the request. AB-4300 is safe to use in hazardous areas and with Annular cutter capacity of 52MM.Pressurized coolant system lubricates cutter and reduces risk of sparking. It can also use with 16MM twist drill and powerful 1.6HP motor gives Long drill stroke up to 10 1/4″.   Safe and Reliable:  Inherently safer than electromagnetic drills in hazardous atmospheres and wet environments where electricity requires “hot work permits” •  ATEX classified •  Industry’s first completely air-operated magnetic drill – NO ELECTRICITY! •  Fail-safe permanent magnet is activated “on” and “off” by air  pressure; in the event of a loss of air flow, the magnet will not disengage •  1600 lbs. magnet holding strength

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