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  1. Roll Forming & Bending Machines 2 Products / Services available
  2. Oil and Lubricants 2 Products / Services available
  3. Drill & Boring Equipments 6 Products / Services available
  4. Electric Cutting Tools 2 Products / Services available
  5. Saws, Chainsaws & Saw Blades 1 Products / Services available
  6. Magnet 3 Products / Services available
  7. Magnetic Separators 1 Products / Services available
  8. Lifting Magnets 1 Products / Services available
  9. Surface Finishing Machines 2 Products / Services available
  10. Material Handling Equipments 1 Products / Services available
  11. Laboratory Microscope 1 Products / Services available
  12. Spectrometers 2 Products / Services available
  13. Meteorological & Weather Instruments 1 Products / Services available
  14. Testing Equipments 1 Products / Services available
  15. Power Saws 1 Products / Services available
  16. Wheelchair Accessories 1 Products / Services available
  17. Other Products 4 Products available

Other Products / Services

Our product range comtains a wide range of Roll Groover, certified reference materials, Testing & Measuring Equipment and Automated Rectifier Controllers

Roll Groover

Roll Groover  (with ‘power drive’ or without ‘Power drive’) Capacity : 2 inch -12inch schedule 10steel, stainless steel, PVC 2 Inch -8 Inch schedule 40steel, stainless steel, PVC 2-1/2 Inch – 6 Inch Schedule 80PVC

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certified reference materials

The Analytical Standards have been produced under guidelines of ISO and the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM) Reference Material (RM) – A Reference Material is sufficiently homogeneous and stable with respect to one or more specified properties, which has been established to be fit for its intended use in a measurement process Notes: 1: RM is a generic term 2: Properties can be quantitative or qualitative, e.g. identity of substances or species 3: Uses include calibration of measurement systems, assessment of measurement procedures, assigning values to other materials & quality control 4: A single RM cannot be used for both calibration and validation of results in the same measurement procedure 5: International Vocabulary of Metrology – Basic and General Concepts and Associated Terms has an analogous definition (VIM – ISO/IEC Guide 99:2007, 5.13), but restricts the term “measurement” to apply to quantitative values and not to qualitative properties. However, Note 3 of ISO/IEC Guide 99:2007, 5.13, specifically includes the concept of qualitative attributes, called “nominal properties”. (ISO Guide 30:1992/Amd 1:2008) Certified Reference Material (CRM) – Reference material characterized by a metrologically valid procedure for one or more specified properties, accompanied by a certificate that provides the value of the specified property, its associated uncertainty, and a statement of metrological traceability Notes: 1: The concept of value includes qualitative attributes such as identity or sequence. Uncertainties for such attributes may be expressed as probabilities. 2: Metrologically valid procedures for the production and certification of reference materials are given in, among others, ISO Guides 34 and 35. 3: ISO Guide 31 gives guidance on the contents of certificates. 4: VIM has an analogous definition (ISO/IEC Guide 99:2007, 5.14). (ISO Guide 30:1992/Amd 1:2008) Reference Material Certificate – Document accompanying a certified reference material stating one or more property values and their uncertainties, and confirming that the necessary procedures have been carried out to ensure their validity and traceability. (ISO Guide 30: 1992) Reference Material Producer Technically competent body (organization or company, public or private) that is fully responsible for project planning and management, assignment of and decisions on property values, authorization of property values and issue of the certificate or other statements for the reference materials it produces. (ISO Guide 34: 2000)

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Testing & Measuring Equipment

Blackestone Supplies All kind of testing & measuring equipment, such as Multi-meter, Clamp meter, A-meter, Audio analyzer, Capacitance meter, Distortion-meter, Electricity meter, Frequency counter, Elcometer, LCR meter, Microwave power meter, Network analyzer, Ohmmeter, Oscilloscope, Psophometer, Q meter, Signal analyzer, Signal generator, Spectrum analyser, Sweep generator, Transistor tester, Tube tester, Watt-meter, Voltmeter, VU meter. Infrared Thermometer, laser level etc…

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Automated Rectifier Controllers

Blackestone supply  Automated Rectifier Controllers ; ‘AU (Automatic Release) Rectifier Controller Series” in UAE and other middle east countries.  AU Series Rectifier Controllers, with solid state circuitry, provide the rapid cycling and quick, clean release necessary for high speed automated magnetic equipment. Ideal for robotics or “pick and place” applications. D.C. magnet control is accomplished by means of an A.C. input signal or pilot switch. The pilot switch or signal source can be a considerable distance from the rectifier without introducing a voltage drop in the magnet circuit. A SPST switch, limit switch, or PLC output can be used to operate the rectifier. When a manual switch is used, operator judgment is not required to “Time Out” the release cycle because the cycle is completely automatic. An adjustable, timed pulse of reverse current to the magnet effectively releases the load.

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