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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Electric Lifting Magnet, Electrically Operated Permanent Magnets and battery operated lifting magnets.

Electric Lifting Magnet

FEATURES: As the Electric Magnetic Lifter Systems is useful in wide range for lift the Material, such as steel plates, workpiece, machine parts, molds iron material etc.. The above items can be use alone like as ELD-S, ELD-S (Single type), and also can be combine many piece of lifter together in use like as ELC, ELD. These Electric Lifter systems must be cooperate continual electric power to operate. The lifter working rate at 50% Effective Duts by cycle of repeating to electrify for 5 minutes and to pause for 5 minutes. These type can be cooperate the robot and connect in computer program for pick up and down the workpiece, such as CNC machine. Easy to operate and increase working efficient very much. Round Lifting Electromagnets are intended to lift solid, compact material such as billets, steel plate, bars, forgings, etc. Standard units are not intended for handling scrap or small parts. Can be used individually or in multiples on a spreader bar. Consult factory for these applications. Rectifier controllers can be mounted on magnets #EM-6 thru #EM-20. A remote control switch with 6′-0″ cord is optional on all units with rectifiers. Lifting capacities shown are for low carbon steel at magnetic saturation with a surface finish equivalent to cold rolled steel. All ratings include a 2:1 safety factor. Do not exceed rated capacity. The capacity available from From 1000 LBS (453.56 KGS)  up to 12000 LBS (5443.11Kgs)  and Supply can done in 110 volt as well as 220 volts as per the requirements.

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Electrically Operated Permanent Magnets

PEMR PermElec Momentary Release Holding Magnets, Manufactured in USA Features of Electrically Operated Permanent Magnets: Permanent magnets are always in the hold condition without using electricity. Electromagnet is energized with D.C. voltage “momentarily” to release the magnet. Apply voltage to release the magnet. Remove voltage and the magnet returns to hold condition.

  • PEMR-075 3/4″ dia. 7/8″ #8-32 x 3/16 central 1/2″ 11 12
    PEMR-125 1-1/4″ dia. 1-1/4″ #10-32 x 1/4 central 5/8″ 19 50
    PEMR-200 2″ dia. 1-3/4″ #1/4-20 x 3/8 central 1-3/16″ 25 125
    PEMR-300 3″ dia. 1-7/8″ (2) 1/4-20 x 3/8″ 7/8″ 1-3/8″ 40 250
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battery operated lifting magnets

Versatile, Compact and Fully Portable : All Battery Operated Lift Magnets are manufactured in USA, versatile, compact and fully portable. Their self contained power source allows them to be operated anywhere – inside or outside the plant. Chains and slings are unnecessary. Operation of these magnets does not depend on an electric power source. Additional Features: Heavy duty On-Off Release Switch located in front and recessed for safety, yet easy to reach. A Safe Charge Indicator tells at a glance the charge condition of the battery. Built-In Battery Charger plugs into any 115 Volt A.C. outlet. All Units are available with optional Remote Control using a heavy duty, hand held drum switch on a 6′-0″ cord. (Must be specified at time of order.) Battery Lifts are complete with a 12 volt charger, automotive type battery and charger cable.

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