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Transmitter Device #6319137

Flow Transmitter / Pulse Divider


The electronic module Type 8022 operates either as a flow transmitter (only with sensors pulse Low Power version Type 8020, 8030, 8070) or as a pulse divider (with all versions of sensors of Type 8020, 8030, 8070). The module operates the output of the sensors, displays the flow value and converts it to the signal output in mA or pulse. In operation as a flow transmitter, the frequency signal of the sensor is converted in a 4 20 mA signal (2-wire operation). In operation as a pulse divider, the input frequency is converted into an adjustable output frequency. The use of the display unit allows the switching between the two modes.

  • Microprocessor-controlled electronics
  • 2-wire (4-20 mA)/3-wire (NPN/PNP) operation
  • Pluggable to flow sensor 8020, 8030 or 8070
  • Removable display unit
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Pressure & Level Transmitter


The pressure and level transmitter PASCAL Level, type series CI 1200., has been specially designed for pressure measurement with diaphragm seals. The extremely reduced temperature error allows the use of diaphragm seals with minimum nominal sizes (even with negligible vessel contents). With the help of parameterizating table functions, the output signal can be adapted to suit the geometrical shape of the vessel. Zero-point and span settings can be easily checked and adjusted under all process conditions thus avoiding costly calibration on a test bench.

  • Graphic display with key input
  • Parameterization on the tx or optional HART
  • 00.16 mWC up to 0160 mWC
  • Turndown up to 20:1
  • 420 mA, 2-wire circuitry, HART (option)
  • Accuracy 0.2 %, 0.1 % (option)
  • Ex: II 1/2G EEx ia/ib, IIC T4/T5/T6
  • EMC NAMUR 21 and valid EC directives
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Differential Pressure Transmitter


PASCAL DELTA P is a user friendly, intelligent, microprocessor-based, 2-wire pressure transmitter. A menu driven, integrated graphics display allows you to assign parameters in a fast and easy manner. One important benefit is the ability to choose your measuring range and trim without having to remove the device. You can select a bar graph or percentage value readout as well as the measured-value display. You also have the possibility of displaying the output current. The pressure transmitter PASCAL DELTA P is ideally suited for level measurements and filter monitoring.

  • Microprocessor 2-wire pressure transmitter
  • Graphic display & key input
  • Settings on tx or optional HART protocol
  • Turndown 10:1
  • Measuring ranges 100 mbar up to 16 bar
  • Accuracy 0.2 %
  • Output signal: 420 mA, 2-wire circuitry
  • Protection: IP 67
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Humidity / Temperature Transmitters


The SEM160i is a low cost single/dual channel RH and temperature transmitter for industrial and BMS/HVAC applications. The unit can be supplied in single or dual channel (two wire (4 to 20) A) versions, the single channel version has a thermistor (optional Pt100) mounted in the sensor tip for direct temperature sensing by users. A USB HID interface is provided for user configuration using USB Speed-Link configuration software, allowing the user to select signal source and range for each channel. The dual channel version has four switch set ranges for easy onsite configuration. The four ranges can be programmed individually to the customers requirement off site via the configuration software. Single point alignment is provided for both temperature and humidity ranges. The configuration software also provides data readings together with a basic logger function for diagnostics. Wall and Duct mount versions are available.


  • Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point and Delta Temperature Measurement
  • (4 to 20) mA Loop Powered Output
  • Duct and Wall Mount Versions
  • Switch to select pre stored configuration on dual channel version
  • Direct temperature sensor measurement in ohms (Standard Thermistor Optional Pt100)
  • Single and Dual Channel Versions
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