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Coupling #6241427

Bauer Coupling

  • Material Carbon Steel

Bauer Coupling is built of lightweight aluminum with brass pin-lug nut for long lasting durability. Suction Hose style assures strength and reliability. Can be used with hoses capable of handling water or other liquids, providing increased adaptability. Will require clamps to attach hose. Available in sizes 1-1/2-6 as Female, Male and Coupling Set.

General Uses of Bauer Coupling:

Bauer couplingprovide a quick and easy way to join many lengths of hose together. Low pressure liquid transfer, suction and discharge. Fitting styles include: shank couplings, suction couplings, pin lug couplings, garden hose couplings, and other shank fittings not meeting the specific requirements of the other categories. This category does not include cam & groove, ground joint or universal fittings.


Pressure ratings only apply to non-toxic and non-combustible liquids; careful consideration must be given to dangerous or volatile liquids.

Unusual ends other than NPT, NPSM or NPSH threaded parts may also effect pressure ratings, consult manufacturers of those connections and/or accessories for pressure ratings. This section may also apply to menders or other shank style fittings.

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Wing Nut Coupling

Wing Nut is designed for industrial applications that require couplings to be connected and disconnected under pressure with little to no fluid loss. Wet-line couplers are commonly used on live bed / dump trailer wet-line hydraulic systems and other heavy duty applications.


Thread together latch provides connect under pressure capability and vibration resistance. Includes body and tip. Heavy duty, thread-to-connect design can be connected under pressure, with little or no spillage.

Wing Nut Coupling Features

Wing nut coupling brass body coupler and nipple prevents corrosion

Heavy-duty steel sleeve and wing nut

Nitrileseal with Teflon backup

3000 PSI working pressure rating

3/4 NPT Female Pipe Thread

Used For

Oil well equipments

Heavy equipments

Live bed trailers

Sand and salt spreaders

Mobile drilling rigs

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Dual Pass Coupler

Dual Pass Coupler provide instant tubing connections.Widely applicable for hose connection of pneumatic devices and air piping at plants, etc.It has a 1/4 port on the bottom for you to connect this item into your air line. Dual Pass Couplers areonly used for industrial automatic apparatus and can not be applied on any medicinal equipment.

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Misting Couplings

  • Diameter 3/8"
  • Operating Pressure 70 Bar
  • Materials Stainless Steel, Brass

The misting couplings are made of brass with nickel plating and connect nylon tubing. The locking occurs under pressure, the greater the pressure the harder they lock.The unique design ofRN misting couplingsallows them to be easily removed, replaced, or re-installed any time after the initial installation. No special tools or crimping procedures are required.

Misting Couplings in misting system

Misting System describes a whole range of outdoor cooling methods that use a fine spray of water.These systems are known by a number of terms including fogging systems or Spray Cooling.They can all reduce dust and odors in the area, as well as static electricity and the presence of flying insects. They can even help regulate humidity so are terrific for plants greenhouses, atriums, courtyards, etc. And they can cool you without getting you wet. There are some thatcanget you wet, though.

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Data Sheet

The most efficient placement for a mist system is around a perimeter of an outdoor area. In addition this will form a mist cooling curtain.

For mist systems mounted 8-ft to 10-ft above the ground position the nozzles 24-in apart. Therefore if the misting system is mounted higher, make shorter nozzle spacing by cutting it with PVC cutter or utility blade.

Predetermine your mist system location and where it will attach to the water source. Furthermore we recommend that the system is mounted on the bottom of your supporting structure.

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