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Industrial Valves #6241427

Brass Gate Valve


Featuring brass construction and twist handle operation, gate valves are designed to control water flow, allowing water isolation and pipes/taps to be shut off at the point of the gate valve.

Brass gate valve maintenance

Screw the packaging gland properly when leakage occurs stem and to tighten in 1/8 to 1/4 turn increments until leak stops.


Do not disassemble valve while under pressure nor with entrapped hazardous fluids therein.

Threaded End Gate Valve
  1. Make sure all surfaces are clear and free of debris on the piping connection.
  2. Use teflon tape or approved sealant is recommended.
  3. Prepare two smooth-jawed adjustable wrenches when installing the valve. A loosely fitting pipe wrench can distort the valve and causes a leak.
  4. Apply one wrench on the hex nearest the joint being tightened to prevent breaking the seal between the end cap and body of the valve.
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Flow Control Valve Without Check


Bolev Single Acting Check Valveused to adjusting flow rate at a pipe line, very compact, accurate and easy to use.

Double Flow Control Valve Features:

Double flow control valves has BSP (ISO 228) thread;heat treated Carbon Steel needle, long life, wear resistance;accurate flow control;lockable adjusting knob;one way flow control valve, other way free flow;check valve burst pressure 0.5bar;mounting nuts available on additional order.

Control valves, or called: throttle valve, it is only a flow control needle valve which designed without check valve, it can control flow rate at both direction, very good to regulating hydraulic flow in a system. It has following characteristics:
1. heat treated needle, wear resistance, long working life;
2. precise machined needle, accurate adjusting;
3. compact and safe
4. easy to use;
5. lockable adjusting knob;
6. mounting nuts available on additional order;

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Straight Check Valve

Full Ports One Way Air Check ValveFeatures

Made of brass material, have corrosion resistance and good flexibility.

Fittings connected securely and high voltage capability high, tightness and repetition is good, easy installation and maintenance, job security and reliability.

Applicable medium: oil, water, gas and other non-corrosive or corrosive media.


Use for boiler and pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, machinery, food and other industries.

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Brass Swing Check Valve

  • Material Brass
  • Size 1/2"–4”
  • Working Medium General oil, Gas & Water applications
  • Nominal Pressure 600 psi WOG
  • Working Temperature t≤100° C

Brass swing check valveskeeps fluids from backing up into the water supply and prevents backflow from wells and boiler systems. This check valve is lead free and suitable for all potable water supply installations. It is constructed of brass for strength and durability.


Brass Swing Check Valve have a screwed cap, swing type disc and integral seat. They prevent backflow while offering full flow performance with a minimum of turbulence or pressure loss. Recommended for residential and commercial applications.

Brass Swing Check Valve Features

RN brass swing check valve prevents backflow by automatically closing when fluid reverses direction.

Swing checks may be installed in horizontal positions (or vertical with flow moving up)

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Brass Vertical Check Valve

  • Material Brass
  • Working Medium Water, Oil, Gas
  • Nominal Pressure 1.0MPa
  • Working Temperature t≤100° C

Brass Vertical Check Valves are made for back flow prevention. The internal spring creates a fast and firm seal, while regulating the valves cracking pressure at 5 lbs.


Suitable for full range of liquids and gas

Oil resistant, resistant to corrosion

For checking control valve, prevent water, gas, oil reflux;

Able to discharge sewage and gas, environmentally friendly and durable.

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Brass Foot Valve

  • Material Brass
  • Nominal Pressure 1.0MPa
  • Working Medium Water, Oil, Gas
  • Working Temperature t≤100° C

Suitable for suction lines on top-offtake tanks (where an anti-siphon valve is not present). These valves are often used in dispensing pump systems, particularly with Centrifugal pumps, to prevent the pump from de-priming during rest. Suitable for use with water, Oil, Diesel, and many other none toxic acid free fluids. The check valves are uni-directional; in the sense that they manage the flow in one direction only, which is indicated by the arrow on the body. The valves are composed by a spring, a little valve and a couple of parts made of brass (body and end-adapter) which contain them and that are assembled by means of threat and a sealed material to obtain their aim.

Brass Foot ValveFeatures

Foot valve

Suitable for the suction lift of water oil and not corrosive fluids

Installation is recommended only in vertical position

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Pneumatic One Way Air Flow Control Valve

Allows air flow to be precisely controlled in line. Great for controlling air cylinders or actuators by allowing you to set the spped of operation. Always use on the exhause line to avoid stick and slip. Allows full flow of air in one direction (going into actuator) and restriction (set by adjusting needle) on the exhaust.

Pneumatic One Way Air Flow Control Valve Features

Pneumatic One Way Air Flow Control Valve has one way valve, flow control valve;

Use for control the air flow of the air system;

Port size: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2;

Small, and also compact structure;

Allows air to exhaust and cut off air flow. The adjustment screw is both sensitive and precise;

Can be mounted in various position to facilitate installation and application.

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Solenoid Valve Pilot Acting

Solenoid ValveMaintenance Notice

When installation should pay attention to the arrow on the valve which shall be consistent with the flow direction;

The valve should be installed vertically up;

The pipe can not have reverse pressure.

Before installation should be thoroughly clean the pipe.

A filter should be install in front of the valve.

The supply voltage should 15%-10% of the rated voltage

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