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Hose Pipes #6241427

Hydraulic Rubber Hose

  • Hose I.D. (mm) 1/4" up to 1.1/4"
  • Working pressure 30 – 110 Bar
  • Temperature Continuous: -40°C to +120°C
  • Brand Name HYDROFLEX

HydroflexHydraulic Rubber Hose R3 convey hydraulic fluid to or among hydraulic components, valves, actuators, and tools. Furthermore, it is typically flexible, often reinforced, and usually with several layers of reinforcement. Hydraulic systems frequently operate at high or very high pressures. Finally dimensions, performance specifications, construction options, and features are important parameters to consider when searching for hydraulic hose.

Construction options for hydraulic hose include reinforced, coiled, corrugated, or convoluted. Reinforced hose is constructed with some element of reinforcement styles include textile braid, wire braid, wire helix, and other designs in many ply or layer configurations.

The most commonly use primary materials for hydraulic rubber hose include elastomers, fluoropolymers and silicone, thermoplastics, metal, and composite. Similarly you can select elastomeric or rubber hydraulic hose for their flexibility. Also fluoropolymer hose offer good flex life, superior chemical, and corrosion resistance. It can also handle high temperatures. Finally thermoplastic hydraulic hose offer tight minimum bed radius.

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Hydraulic Rubber HoseR3 hose structureconsist of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover


Black, oil resistant synthetic rubber


Two high tensile textile braids


High quality black synthetic rubber, that makes hose resistant to abrasion, corrosion, weather, ozone, cut, oil and aging.

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Thermoplastic Hose

  • Working Pressure 210 – 70 Bar
  • Hose I.D. (inch) 1/8" – 1. 1/4"
  • Temperature Range -40°C to +100°C
  • Norms SAE 100 R7 – EN 855

Hydroflex R7 thermoplastic hose has medium pressure hydraulic lines70to210 Bar.Hose is suitable for Hydraulic application with increased resistance to abrasion. For use with petroleum, synthetic or water based fluids in Hydraulic systems.It is also suitable for Agricultural machinery, Earthmoving, Articulating & Telescopic booms and Material handling equipments. Can be used for industrial gases and other applications, please consult manufacturer.

General Information

Thermoplastic hoses are common in both mobile and industrial equipment, and they are widely used in medium-to-high pressure hydraulic applications. Related products are often specified for handling compressed air and other gases, transporting chemicals, and in water-cleaning and paint-spray operations.

Like its rubber counterpart, thermoplastic hydraulic hose typically has an inner tube, one or more layers of reinforcement, and a protective cover. Where they differ, as the name implies, is in the materials of construction.

Thermoplastic hose also generally has one or two reinforcing layers that provide needed strength and adequate pressure-holding ability. The reinforcement layers usually have a braided construction, made from materials like polyester, polyamide or aramid fibers, or steel wire.

For users, thermoplastic hose offers a number of benefits over rubber hydraulic hose. As mentioned above, these products can be formulated to easily handle extreme temperatures and environmental attack that would prematurely degrade rubber hoses.

The tube typically has a smooth internal surface that permits highly efficient flow and reduces flow losses. It also tends to offer low expansion even at maximum working pressure. And the plastic tube resists erosion, which helps maintain overall system cleanliness.Another benefit is that during the production process, thermoplastic hose has a self-supporting inner tube that is cured without a mandrel. (In contrast, rubber hose is manufactured on an internal mandrel that provides support and maintains tube dimensions during processing, and it must be subsequently removed.) Therefore, thermoplastic hose can be made in extremely long lengths. Some special offshore applications take advantage of continuous hose in lengths of up to 8, 000 meters.

HydroflexR7thermoplastic hose structureis composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover.


High quality hydraulic fluids resistant thermoplastic


High tensile textile reinforcement


High quality weather and hydraulic fluids resistant thermoplastic

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Agricultural Spray Hose

  • Sizes 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch
  • Lenght 100 m / roll

This is popular high pressure agricultural spray hose for use with insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, water, air, and certainly other light chemical solutions. They are high quality hoses that are commonly seen in nurseries, orchards, also on spraying and lawn care equipment. Its ribbed cover reduces dragging friction and prolongs life.


Economically priced;

Ribbed cover for reduced drag and increased flexibility;

In addition pin-pricked cover vents vapor helps prevent ballooning;

Light weight easily coiled after use;

Longitudinal reinforcing yarns enhance coupling retention and reduce elongation under pressure;

Chemical resistance of quality PVC for the transfer or spraying of wettable powder type chemicals;

Not recommended for use with emulsifiable chemicals based on hydrocarbon carriers;


Finally, it is a one-piece lengths.


Excellent quality agricultural spray hose made with premium quality PVC compounds. It also ideally suits for lawn and ornamental spray applications using wettable powder chemicals. It is certainly not recommended for high pressure tree spray applications.

Lawn spraying

Agricultural spraying

Vineyard spraying

Nursery spraying

Also Building washdown

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Teflon Hose

This particularTeflonHoseRN brand crimp ferrule is designed for Teflon hose

RN crimp ferrules are typically used in applications where a safe, more durable and reliable clamping method is preferred over band clamps or strapping. When installed properly, RN crimp ferrules provides a 360 uninterrupted compression around the hose and results in a clean attachment with no protrusions. RN ferrules have smooth, beveled edges and are available in stainless steel or zinc plated carbon steel. They are to be installed with a hydraulic crimper and can be used on most hose shank couplings on the market.


RN Crimp Ferrules are chosen based on the length of the coupling barb and the actual hose outside diameter. Ferrule must fit snug over the cover of the hose prior to crimping.

As a general rule, ferrule should be about 1/4 shorter than the barb if the ferrule is longer than the barb it will start to compromise the structure if the hose is bent near the coupling, and if the ferrule is too short then the barb will dig into the tube and lead to premature failure therefore it is important to choose the proper length.

SPECIAL NOTE:As with hose and couplings, crimp ferrules are subject to maximum pressures, temperatures, and mechanical forces like end-pull. As a rule, the higher the temperature, the lower the maximum pressure rating for crimp ferrules. Normal operating conditions are -40F to 70/F, above that the crimp ferrule integrity will diminish.

Temperature is affected by both the media and the environment. Critical application hoses must always be tested or certified prior to field use.

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Plug Hose

Quick connector to hose barb. Great for attaching a male quick connect to the end of air hose. Simply slide the hose over the end of the hose barb and clamp on.


Quick couplers has one touch quick coupler and two touch quick coupler; As material, there are steel quick coupler, brass quick coupler, Coupler has two parts, one is socket, the other is plug, socket is usually check valve. quick coupler can be used for air tools, air compressors, air blow gun, spray gun. So its also called air tools kits, air tools couplers, air tools accessories, pneumatic tools coupler, air tools coupling, air compressor accessories, air compressor kits, air compressor coupler.


Air compressors, Pneumatic air tools and hoses, Water lines, Grease guns, Cleaning equipment, Paint applicators, Drop-down air lines, Blow guns, Paint applicators


Manual sleeve, single shut off quick couplings.

High flow steel valves with minimal pressure drop for efficient performance

Sleeve guard helps to prevent accidental disconnection when in use

Optional sleeve-lock adds protection against accidental disconnection

Stainless steel springs, locking balls and brass valves are also offered for corrosion resistance

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PU Spring Hose

PU Spring Hoseis extremely light in weight, flexible like rubber over wide range of temperature and due to its good resistance to oil, shock & abrasion enable the user safe and easy manipulation of the machinery.

PU Spring Hose General Description

PU Spring Hoseis extremely light in weight, flexible like rubber over wide range of temperature and due to its good resistance to oil, shock & abrasion enable the user safe and easy manipulation of the machinery.This tube is far more durable than standard rubber & PVC hoses, having longer service life and excellent flexibility.


Precised designs

High quality

Long lasting

Low maintenance

Learn more aboutpneumatic tubesthat Centre Point Hydraulic can supply! Contact us on 04 885 6150



Also textile;




Finally pneumatic control system.

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Reinforced Metal Corrugated Hose

Reinforced Metal Corrugatedhose is used for transport of different types of gases and corrosive substances. Has high flexibility. Works in a wide temperature range. Supplied with fittings on the ends.Stainless steel hose, high pressure a flexible conduit means for bending and transporting liquid or gaseous media at temperatures from -273 C to + 650 C and an operating pressure of 350Bar to absolute vacuum as well as to compensate for temperature and rigid mounting strain pipelines.Sleeves are efficient in such working environments as air, vacuum, water with a chloride content of not more than 12 mg / l; ethyl alcohol, petrochemicals and environments, for which the use of the sleeves is allowed by the manufacturer.

Metal Corrugated Hose General Information

Use metal corrugated hose in high pressure applications, for everything from air and water to natural gas, and molten sulfur.Corrugated metal hose consist from a metal strip thats rolled and welded together, with corrugations with reason to increase exibility. The corrugations are available in annular or helical patterns. Annular corrugations are parallel and independent of one another.

They are more common than helical corrugations as theyre generally more exible. Helical patterns consist of a single corrugation that runs around the entire length of the hose, and better allow liquid to drain from the hose. Add single or double layer metal braids to the exterior of corrugated hose to increase the pressure rating which can exceed 3, 000 PSI. Also use corrugated hoses in high pressure applications involving uids or gasses.

Temperature Adjustment Factors

In general, the strength and therefore the pressure rating of metal hose decreases as the temperature increases. Thus, as the operating temperature of a metal hose assembly increases, the maximum allowable working pressure of the assembly decreases.

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